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11 mẫu nhà vườn mái Nhật đẹp dưỡng già ở quê mới nhất 2022

You are wondering to find one of the beautiful Japanese roof garden models that are not outdated. Construction area ranges from 150m2 to 200m2, traditional feng shui architecture with tile roof combined with Neo Classic contemporary style. Built on a large land like an eco-resort villa in the countryside. Please read the article and follow the advice of your NEW BEAUTY

Model of Japanese roof garden house with Mediterranean style 170m2 Mrs Lan

Lan’s beautiful 1-storey house model is designed according to the architecture of a 4-level Mediterranean-style garden villa. The usable area is 170 square meters. Compared with the models of Thai rooftop garden, the trend of building modern European-style Japanese roof houses is HOT in Vietnam for the reason that

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  • The wall built more than 200mm thick is very cool
  • Tiled roof architecture certainly never goes out of fashion
  • Suitable for tropical climate with 2 rainy seasons in Vietnam
  • The investment cost to build a modern garden villa in the Mediterranean is about 2 billion
  • Investment finance to build a resort villa suitable for a large family in the countryside
  • The first view of the Japanese and Lan’s 1-storey villa is as follows
Pictures of beautiful Japanese roof houses 2022
Perspective of a beautiful 1-storey Japanese roof garden model with an area of ​​170m2 Mrs. Lan built on low land in the countryside 2022

Information on the design of the new Japanese and Lan’s 1-storey villa

The design of a Japanese-style 4-level garden villa has a 3-part scale with a cube shape. The concept of the NEW BEAUTIFUL house is a semi-classical, modern red-tile roof. Not too much detail. Space included

  • Interior of neoclassical living room 32m2 wide
  • Church room 8m2
  • 3 bedrooms in which there is a master bedroom of 22m2 for Ms. Lan
  • 2 shared and private bathrooms
  • The kitchen space is more than 28m2 in the back
  • Storage space can take advantage of the spare bedroom when guests stay
Beautiful Japanese roof ground house 2022
Picture of a 1-storey Japanese-style villa with neoclassical style, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 2 bathrooms, 170m2 wide, Ms. Lan

Perspective of the frontage of a beautiful 3-room Japanese roof garden house in the countryside 170m2

The model of a 1-storey Japanese roof garden house is optimized for 3-room indentation. In which, the central hall is designed with a large roof and uses a 4-leaf natural wooden door. If you don’t like wooden furniture, you can use 2 layers of thick tempered glass painted with fake wood wings that are still beautiful. Clear height from 0 to the ceiling of this beautiful Japanese roof garden is 4m. The total height of the architecture is 7.8m including the roof but not including the foundation.

One-storey villa with Japanese roof in the countryside 2022
The image of a Japanese-style 3-room ground floor house designed according to European Mediterranean architecture is not outdated

Views of beautiful Japanese roof garden models in the countryside

In terms of architecture of the New Beautiful House, the design drawing of this country house with a beautiful garden is a 4-ground level house. Also known as a 1-storey Japanese garden house. Note that when building a house in the countryside with low land, you need to level the ground and pour more soil to raise the foundation by 75cm or 1m. The purpose is for the house to be taller and taller when the construction is completed. The second is to prevent flooding or in front of the road they make the road higher than their house. Sending you and your friends the perspective of the garden villa house with its own bathroom, toilet and dining room behind Ms. Lan

Pictures of beautiful Japanese 4-roof houses in 2023
Perspective of a 4-level Japanese roof garden house built on low ground, so the solution to raise the foundation is high and cool

Views of a Japanese-style 1-storey garden villa model of Ms. Lan

Keep the house open and open the windows around the open space. The architect of the New Beautiful House design consulting joint stock company advises you to build in the middle of the land because

  • The design area of ​​​​the mini garden villa is 20x50m . wide
  • Construction size 13x16m = 200m2 cover
  • Total floor area and roof foundation = 400m2
  • The pictures of the small landscape design of the garden of the 1-storey Japanese roof villa with beautiful night view are as follows
Japanese-style garden landscape
Image of Japanese-style garden design, right angle of the ecological Japanese roof villa, Ms. Lan
3D image of a Japanese-style house with 1 floor
Small relaxing corner in front of the corner of Lan’s Japanese-style garden house
Japanese garden design
The landscape of a beautiful Japanese roof garden house with a path around is cool and eco-resort

Design unit price for building a Japanese roof garden villa in the second quarter of 2022

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For the complete deployment of both the garden, the fence, and the feng shui architecture. Complete electrical and plumbing drawings. New Beautiful House Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company, I still receive 120k / m2. That is like the sample profile of the Japanese-style garden villa Ms. Lan above. If you only need technical drawings, you will receive 100 thousand/m2. Like this model

New beautiful house design unit price in 2022
Model of a 1-storey Japanese roof villa with an area of ​​​​150m2, design price 15 million VND
3 bedroom Japanese roof house design
Floor plan design of 4-level Japanese roof house, 12m wide, 14m deep

The latest beautiful Japanese roof garden models

This is a design drawing of a garden villa house 180m2 wide, 9m wide, 20m2 deep. The design has a private worship room and a 32m2 living room. Connected to the kitchen and mini bar. The project parameters of this neoclassical Japanese roof house architectural drawing project are as follows

  • Design project to build a Japanese roof garden villa with tiled roofs
  • Area 15m long 45m
  • Design area: 9x20m
  • Function 1 master bedroom, kitchen living room, 2 normal bedrooms
  • A large bathroom and toilet
Japanese roof floor plan 9x20m
The layout of the garden villa house level 4 1 floor 180m2 Mr. Hieu
Beautiful garden house in the countryside 9x20m
Picture of a 3-bedroom Japanese-style garden villa with an area of ​​​​9×20 open space Mr. Hieu

Model of a 1-storey Japanese roof-top villa with 4 bedrooms and 1 bedroom worshiping Nhien

Due to this article too many images will load very heavy when accessing. So I send you the floor plan and perspective of a 5-room Japanese roof garden villa with 4 bedrooms. The beauty of this drawing of a beautiful Japanese 1-storey house is that it has an atrium. That means you sit in the living room looking up at the magnificent ceiling at the ceiling chandelier. This is one of the garden houses with 5 Japanese roofs, 300m2 wide. Suitable for large family members. However, the construction cost is over 1.8 billion VND

Japanese roof house 1 floor 4 bedrooms
Model of a 1-storey Japanese roof-top villa with 4 bedrooms and 1 bedroom worshiping Nhien

In case you have a cost of about 1 billion, you need to build a 1-storey 4-bedroom 4-room garden house. I have a profile of a beautiful Japanese roof house in this countryside. Please click ACCESS AT THIS LINK to view the profile of this 160m2 three-room Japanese-style ground floor house.

House 1 floor 4 bedrooms 2019
Pictures of 1-storey villa with 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 3 modern rural spaces, 1 billion Mr. Manh

Drawing of a 2-storey Japanese roof house in Mr. Hai’s countryside

With an investment cost of about 2 to 3 billion, it is necessary to build a 2-storey Japanese roof house with 4 bedrooms and 1 worship room. There is a garage with an area of ​​​​nearly 320m2. In which the living room is 35m to 40m wide. Then SEE ALSO the drawing of Hai’s house designed to be built in the countryside as shown in the picture

Rural Japanese 2-storey garden villa
Model of a Japanese roof house with 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 1 modern worshiping room of Mr. Phi – 3d perspective night view

Beautifully designed Japanese roof garden houses

Send you more models of modern Japanese roof garden houses that have been done. As well as the design documents of the 1-storey neoclassical Japanese roof villa that has been constructed. For example, this model of a Japanese single-storey house with 3 rooms with an area of ​​​​130m2 costs about 1 billion

What a beautiful funeral
Model of a 4-level house with Japanese roof, 1 pavilion, 3 indented spaces. Tile in the countryside 140m2
Floor plan of Japanese roof house 2022
The floor plan of the Japanese roof house is 140m2 wide, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room
  • If you like the above plan and perspective, click this link

Drawing of 4-level house with Japanese roof and 2 bedrooms, Uncle Hai

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Uncle Hai built this Japanese roof garden house to rest. Design a moderate space to avoid waste and need 2 bedrooms and 1 worship room. The land is large, but the need to build a 4-roof Japanese house with 2 bedrooms is 120m2. But need a solid structure, 220cm thick wall of tiles. You need to build this small beautiful Japanese-style garden house SEE THIS DRAWING DRAW HAI built for retirement

beautiful house 120m2
Model level 4 house style mini villa 1 floor 120m2 2 bedrooms beautiful roof of Uncle Hai Japanese style tiled roof

Two documents to build a Japanese roof tile house in the countryside 200m2 wide

Below are 2 profiles of neoclassical Japanese style tile roof mini garden villas. This white lacquer house has a wide design in the European Mediterranean garden style. The second model is a beautiful 4-bedroom house with a 1-storey Japanese roof villa. You save the picture and call Mr. Ban – Deputy Director of our NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME design joint stock company. To send the floor plan drawing for reference

Drawing of a 1-storey 3-bedroom villa in the countryside
Picture of a beautiful neoclassical one-story villa with modern European architecture, Mediterranean style, garden with tiled roof, Nhat Anh Hao
Model of a beautiful garden house in the countryside 2021
The latest model of a beautiful 4-bedroom house in a modern suburban area is now painted for Mr
  • View the profile of the 4-bedroom Japanese 1-storey villa house Mr. Noi

Connect to build a beautiful Japanese roof garden villa in the countryside

Note that there are still 17 drawings of Japanese-style houses with 7m wide and 8m 2 floors. As well as the garden house models with 1 floor level 4, size 9x16m or 10x17m .. other Western style. Depending on the year of birth, the direction of the land to build the house is wide or narrow. Feng shui of the worship room and the kitchen is set up correctly. Around landscape architecture, mini aquariums radiate heat.. Please call Mr. Ban to present design needs. My boss, deputy director, got the information and sent me a sample of a Japanese-style house with a European-style country house. Financially fit. Thank you.!

Let's have a meeting
Picture of a beautiful frontage house in the countryside with 4 bedrooms, Japanese roof style, integrated with the most beautiful neoclassical European style in the countryside, the golden ratio, Nhung Binh Duong 200m2
  • View the design profile of the garden villa in the neoclassical European countryside of Japan, Ms. Nhung
Beautiful Japanese roof garden villa in the countryside
Picture of a beautiful 3-room Japanese roof garden house model 170m2, Ms. Lan this article adds
Japanese style garden house
Additional pictures of the garden of the 3-room house with Japanese roofs in Lan’s hometown
Japanese style home garden design
Beautifully designed Japanese-style home garden image, Ms. Lan, unit price 120k/m2 full price
Japanese-style ground floor garden house
Rear view of the Japanese-style garden house architecture in 2022

Hopefully, the enthusiasm of the NEW BEAUTIFUL TEAM brothers will receive a reasonable cost design. Beautiful Japanese-style garden landscape architectural drawings that are not outdated. Beautiful 4-level eco-resort architecture in the countryside. Note that my team received designs and sent documents to both foreign countries and 63 provinces. If you are interested in creative expertise, please contact the Deputy Director of your company. Best regards.!

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