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13 kiểu nhà một lầu một trệt S = 100m2 đến 120m ở nông thôn

The designs of a beautiful 5-bedroom house on the ground floor in the countryside of Mr. Phuc. Design drawing in the style of a modern 2-storey villa with a mini garden of about 120m2 each. The compact designs are in harmony with the green nature, so there are few high-rise designs

Perspective of a one-story, ground-floor house with cake roof style U view 1

The ground floor villa has a very small 2 storey house with 5 bedrooms. Another part is due to the large construction area of ​​single-storey or 120m2 villa one ground floor one floor 8m 9m. It is easy to achieve a usable area of ​​180m2 to 200m2 of use or more. To comfortably put in the necessary functions of use. Particularly for this house with 1 floor, 1 ground floor,

Model villa with one ground floor and one floor with beautiful tile roof 120m2
One-storey house with 5 bedrooms, modern tiled roof style, Mr. Phuc Dien

Request to design a beautiful one-storey villa in the countryside

A sample garden villa The scale of a ground floor and a floor is definitely indispensable. It is the choice of Thai roof to enhance the neat beauty of Thuan Viet. The design is close to the green garden setting, better heat resistance. Because a garden house will be built in an open land in the countryside. Especially the 2 floors with a large area of ​​​​sun exposure. Moreover, Thai roof houses help insulate heat, do not retain heat like flat roofs.

Front of one-storey rural villa
Image of a modern house with 5 bedrooms with tiled roofs in the countryside with a frontage of 9m

Requirements to build a 5-bedroom house with garden villa style 9x16m

The design of a 120m2 mini villa with a ground floor and a floor needs to have a modern European style. Use of 5 bedrooms, common living room. Does not require the design of a church room or a garage. Construction size, facade width 9m, length 15.5m to fit the family’s garden plot

Those are the most basic construction design requirements of Mr. Phuc Dien. When assigned to the architect, the company designed a beautiful house to implement the idea of ​​​​a garden villa. The building block is very clear. The two facades above are large and solid square roofs.

How to design the roof of a villa with a ground floor and a tiled roof

The ground floor of the modern European-style one-ground, one-story villa is surrounded by a Thai roof, one ground floor and one floor.

Drawing of a beautiful one-story roof in the countryside

The size is also very large because on the 2nd floor the floor area is smaller than a part of the previous area covered with the tile roof. Type of house with one floor, one ground floor, Thai green and black roof. The ceiling is painted brown imitation wood, the main roof is designed with luxurious Conwood paneling. Architecture projects modern villa 1 ground floor 1 floor in the countryside. There are highlights and highlights from the door system design. And the ventilation duct brings light into the room space.

Drawing of the roof of a single-storey villa
Architectural drawing of the roof 1 ground floor 1 floor 120m2 tiled 9×16 5 bedrooms

How to get light for a villa with one ground floor and one floor tile roof 120m2

The model of a modern single-storey garden villa is special in that: There are windows or doors with 2 ventilation boxes on both sides, increasing the door width. The wooden ventilation boxes are attached to the door size, striking wood brown color. The design is combined with an inner glass layer to increase the ability to get light. And can take the wind actively when needed. Get cool ventilation but can still limit the view to create privacy for members to use inside.

How to design a standard-sized one-storey house door

Not only are there ventilation boxes in the doors, the versions of the 4 wings themselves are not equal. Door design size is 2480mm x 2910mm wide. For a beautiful model of a house with a ground floor and a floor in the countryside, there are 2 ventilation cells. These cells are in larger size black tone steel. Placed in very necessary positions, both cells are designed to ventilate and get light from the entrance facade.

Create an atrium for a one-floor, one-story villa with tiled roofs

On the ground floor of this 120m2 villa, this 1 ground floor 1 floor has a low height of 1 floor located right next to the main door, the 2nd box pulls 2 floors high at the side of the stairs to get light and ventilation for the stairs on both 2. Upstairs, this box can get light on the stairs because the stairs are designed to be exposed to the outside.

Drawing of a house with a ground floor and a tiled roof
With a brown wooden door design, it sets the tone for a beautiful 2-storey garden house design, on a more prominent, gentle white background.

Increase green space for 120m2 garden villa with beautiful tiled roof

The model of a beautiful single-storey villa has a lot of small green flower pots placed at the base of the wall on the window. In addition, there is a design of an overhead garden with green trees in combination with sightseeing. Land lot for Mr. Phuc Dien to build a 2-storey Thai roof villa. It’s also not too large, so the 5-bedroom house is optimized for 120m2 of floor space. The landscape of the garden is neatly planned with a green lobby. Distinguish the location of the playground combined with the surrounding parking lot. The architect designed rows of decorative small trees and more vivid miniatures for this small garden.

Drawing of a house with a ground floor and a floor
Drawing of a one-story house with a ground floor, modern Japanese roof, 9m wide and 16m long, Mr. Dien

How to create a one-ground, one-story villa in the countryside

A garden villa design with a ground floor and a floor of 120m2 is not only suitable for construction in rural areas but also in the city. You just need a plot of land slightly larger than the construction size to have a reasonable amount of light.

The trend of building beautiful garden villas with 1 ground floor 1 floor

This is also the recent trend of building beautiful modern Japanese roof style single-storey villas. More and more popular with the giants. Create a relaxing space, green space between urban areas. A place where you can relax every day instead of just relaxing on weekends. Own green space of a single-storey house design. Part of helping to improve the health of the family. At the same time creating a common space of the whole living area in the suburbs of the city. But the investment cost is about 2 billion you need to consider.

2-storey mini villa in 2021
The latest beautiful 2-storey house models in 2020 are currently under construction

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  • 15 models of beautiful villas with 1 floor, 1 ground floor, large and small, recently completed

How to build a villa-style one-storey house in Saigon

Please consult the architects to balance the cost with the living space you have. Typical for this trend are recent new urban areas such as Vinhome, Phu My Hung, and many other urban areas right in the city, all of which have garden villas for families to choose from.

A one-story, one-ground house in the suburbs of Saigon urban area
How to build a villa-style one-storey house in Saigon

How to build a beautiful villa with the current trend of 2022 Japanese roof

In some places, the management unit government also has regulations on the percentage of construction land on the total area of ​​​​the lot. Helping to ensure that each family has its own garden, creating green space, especially in the new rural area. If you already have land, the investment cost of a one-storey house design in the city is not too large. Many design options for townhouses with green gardens are suitable for different prices.

The cost of completing a one-ground, one-story brick-roofed villa in the suburbs

The cost to build a model of a house with a ground floor and a floor in the countryside in the fourth quarter of 2021 is estimated in the range of 1.5 billion to 1.8 billion dong, committed materials with a pretty good code attached. It is completely possible to build a quality garden house with a ground floor and a floor. Note when building a model house garden house on the ground floor of 120m2 right in the suburbs. Because of the small land size, the garden area needs to be clearly and fully planned. Small landscape of green trees is compact but still has to ensure the function of bringing green space. Take advantage of the fence walls to plant trees, choose trees that grow small, green all year round. see more Model of a mini villa with 1 ground floor, 1 floor, A-shaped roof, 9 meters wide, 16 meters long Mr. Dan. Southwest feng shui

let's clean a tret
Model house 1 ground floor 1 floor 9x16m designed in the southwest direction for Mr. Dan’s family 4 bedrooms on the ground floor 2 and above 2

On the ground floor plan 1 ground floor 1 floor villa The largest floor area is 120m2, the first floor has a floor area of ​​100m2, due to the reduction of construction size and a part is designed as a sightseeing terrace. European-style luxury villa design right behind the main foyer is the inner foyer, placing the living room furniture in the direction of opening to the left, the total area of ​​​​the living room and the foyer is 36m2.

Dimensional drawing of 120m2 garden house, one ground floor, one floor, 2 bedrooms

This is the floor plan of Phuc Dien’s house designed on request with 2 bedrooms on the ground floor

Plan of the first floor of the house, one ground and one floor

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From the front hall of a beautiful 2-storey house in the countryside 120m2, go in and put it opposite the stairs to the floor. Design connecting the space of the stair hall. And the foyer in the kitchen + dining table is large for many members to use. The ground floor design has up to 2 self-contained bedrooms. The area of ​​each room is 16m2 and 17m2 respectively, excluding toilets. The shared bathroom is located next to the stairs to the back.

2nd floor modern one-story house with 3 bedrooms

The floor plan of the house with tiled roof 1st floor, 1st floor, Mr. Dien optimally has 3 bedrooms and 1 large common room. Can it be customized into a worship room or a terrace?

Drawing of 2nd floor garden villa 1 ground 1 floor
Drawing of a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 5 bedrooms is rare for the upper floor of Mr. Dien’s house

2 floor design Thai rooftop house 120m2 keep the 2 following bedrooms. And the design of the shared toilet, the stair hall is the design of the common room. In front, the area is reduced to only 1 regular bedroom, designed with a small terrace. You can see more of Ha’s one-story, one-ground house with a terrace on one side in the article

Single-storey house with a floor area of ​​8m
Model of a house with one ground floor and one floor with beautiful tiled roof 2 floors 8×16 Mr. Ha in Bien Hoa city

Overview of the one-story, one-ground, five-bedroom house model, Mr. Phuc

Layout of the premises in the direction of taking the stair hall as the center connecting to the rooms. Design full of light and cool wind from the stairs. The way to divide to the entire required floor area is very optimal. Using this Su to move back and forth is also easier than flexible functions. Conceptual design makes good use of the ability to get light according to the design of 2 facades. Also, invite you to see more

Build a house with 1 ground floor and 1 floor in Binh Duong
The cost of building a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor with beautiful Thai roof of Mr. Duc Binh Duong’s family

Modern European beauty one-storey one-storey villa give you a suitable use area, divided into 2 floors evenly and beautifully. Designed to serve a family of 3 generations, it can easily accommodate up to 10 members. Construction in the city or in the countryside is suitable, contact us immediately at the hotline 0975 945 433 to get a complete design document drawing according to the current unit price.

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