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Below is one of the modern 2-sided slanted-roof townhouses. Design and build for Mr. Chau in Cam Le district. Please refer to the article and updated information in 2021 to prepare to build in 2022

  • Model of a townhouse with 2 fronts, open and airy business corners, Mr. Trinh
  • Model of a townhouse with 2 facades, 3 floors, Thai neoclassical style, Mr. Manh
  • Models of European-style townhouses with classic facades of Mr. Sieu

Perspective image of a townhouse with 2 facades in Da Nang

Sample Beautiful house with 2 frontages and 2 floors has a construction area of ​​6 widths and lengths of 23m, type of land lot with frontage with corner flaps. In which the official construction area is 5x17m. Leave a 5m front yard for cars and small green plants. And 1m on the side along the front to build a security fence as well as a clear path. Designs townhouses 1 ground floor 1 second floor modern facade Mr. Chau. Is one of the modern tube house architecture with skewed roof. Using new materials such as ceramic stone, powder coating, wood insulation. Tempered glass system helps to save part of the cost of building cheap houses for investors.

townhouse with 2 fronts, open space
Views of a modern 5×17 2-facade tube house model with airy architecture Mr. Chau Cam Le

Information on building a house with 2 modern facades 5×17

  • Design project of modern 2-facade tube house according to feng shui
  • Investor: Nguyen Minh Chau
  • Overall lot area: 138m2
  • Construction area 85m2 2 floors 2 frontage
  • Total construction area: 220m2
  • Design: Architect Phong
  • Branch office: Hoang Xuan Nhi – Hai Chau – Da Nang
  • Year of construction design update: 2021
  • Construction time 3.5 months
  • Feng shui houses in the southwest direction

Perspective of a model house with 2 facades and 2 floors in Da Nang

Model of 2-storey house with beautiful frontage with an area of ​​​​5x17m has a construction cost of 1.3 billion. In which, the finishing part includes 830 million for basic construction such as rough construction, water supply and drainage system. The remaining electricity for lighting is 120 million for interior use. Note that this price applies to labor and house construction prices in Da Nang city. If you build a package house in Ho Chi Minh City, there will be little difference. That is higher because Saigon currently has the highest labor cost in the country.

Model of a townhouse with 2 modern facades with 2 floors, 5x17m, southwest direction

Advice on building a corner house with 2 frontages of 85m2 according to feng shui

Model house with 2 facades and 2 floors has a difference in color tones according to the feng shui age of Dinh Dau 1957. Menh Hoa – Fire at the foot of the mountain belongs to Tu Trach west. Should choose the paint color of the beautiful 85m2 2-storey tube house in favor of dark red-brown color. And many green trees mean the same color – Wood gives birth to Fire.

Pictures of townhouse design with 2 beautiful corner facades

The design direction of the tube house with 2 facades 5×17 is in the direction of the main façade towards the Southwest. Thien Y Palace is very good for health, layout corner house design with 2 facades modern style. Scale of 1 ground floor 1 floor 5×17 corner house with 2 fronts for all rooms. According to the size of the hole and feng shui standards. Because Mr. Tuan is one of those special believers who are very passionate about feng shui.

Model house 2 beautiful frontage 5m long 17m
Model of a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with 2 European-style facades with many green trees Mr. Chau Cam Le Da Nang

3D perspective image of house design with 2 frontages with 5x17m corner flaps. The scale of 1 ground floor 1 floor 5×17 is illustrated by the architect with a bit of “dusty cardboard”, light brown color with a few green trees at each angle. Create cool architecture to reduce noise and dust.

  • >> See more beautiful 2 story house model Thai roof both living and doing business in 2021

How to design a cheap but airy 2-facade townhouse

Beautiful 2-storey house model with an area of ​​​​5x17m street facing towards simple architecture. Created for the most cost-effective but with enough space to use. The front side of the 2-storey townhouse facing the West must leave a margin of 1m backward. Access is allowed but cannot be built according to the drawings of a 2-storey house with permission from Cam Le district. Should be used as a green corridor running from front to back is paved with stone. The clean arc shape creates ventilation

2 frontage townhouse corridor
View of the townhouse corridor from front to back to the west

Horizontal image of a house with two facades with skewed roofs in Da Nang

At the entrance to the kitchen, the West facade has a small side gate. With this path, homeowners can leave more motorbikes and convenient in and out. Note that for a 2-facade tube house like this, you don’t have a fence. It is advisable to build a block but should use fences surrounded by steel or iron frames, but ensure security so that when eating in the kitchen area, you can look out and get wind and cool light for the space inside. .

Image of a modern two-facade townhouse
Horizontal view of a 2-storey townhouse with 5×17 frontage Mr. Minh

How to design the garden of a 2-storey house with 2 fronts of Mr. Chau

Model of 2-storey townhouse with beautiful frontage designed in the front yard in addition to function. To have a 7-seat Fortuner car and plant trees. There are also water tanks and mini miniatures that have the effect of radiating heat. It is possible to design more small rockeries like Tam Phong. Or Song Phong enjoys elegant pleasures in old age to create a lighter feeling

Green space in modern townhouse
Decorate a small yard corner for townhouses
Small landscape space in the garden of the tube house
Greening 2-storey house 2 front street corner lot

The utility of the beautiful 2-facade house model has 2 master bedrooms. There are shared toilets in each private room and a spare bedroom. Behind for guests from time to time in Quang Tri to play Space. The remaining design has an additional worship room upstairs. Kitchen interior design spacious design. Particularly located in Hoa Hai Palace in the East, but looking in the direction of Cat Main West, Phuc Vi Palace.

Floor plan of the house with 2 frontages 5x17m
The interior space of the tube house 5×17 on the first floor is designed according to feng shui southwest direction

How to build a two-storey townhouse with two facades 85m2

The beautiful 2-storey townhouse model 85m2 has a dining table space located in the center of the house to get light. Through the window and the lobby on both sides, the side facade looks out onto the street. The interior of the living room of the townhouse with 2 beautiful facades is 22m2 wide. There is a TV and a fish tank designed with a sofa table in the living room. The quiet bedroom at the back is 14m2 wide with a shared bathroom for Mr. Chau and his wife. There is also a shared bathroom on the entire floor.

Floor plan 2nd floor house 2 floors 2 money
The design of the floor space of a modern house with 2 fronts of open space

Description of the house plan 1 ground floor 1 floor 85m2 2 floors Mr. Chau

The design plan of a beautiful corner house with 2 floors and 2 fronts on the first floor has an 8m2 worship room. The space has 1 master bedroom for husband and wife with a self-contained toilet. A library reading room, a rear common room with 1 bedroom and a balcony with steel frame and tempered glass. The right side of the 2nd floor has a cool ventilation space.

Picture of a 2-storey house with 5m frontage of Thai Anh Binh roof

The model of a Thai-roofed house with 2 facades, Mr. Binh has just completed construction. For your reference, click on this article: Design consultation for house with 2 facades, 2 floors, Thai roof 5m modern. There is also furniture inside

Modern two-storey house with two facades
Picture of a house with two facades, Thai roof, 2 floors, modern style, Mr. Binh

Model house 2 frontage 5m sloping roof Ms. Thiet

This modern sloping roof house is uniquely designed with a roof down to the side of the road. Design and build for Ms. Thiet’s house, 1 ground floor 1 floor architecture. Please refer to the drawing of this beautiful 2-storey 2-storey house with a sloping roof. By accessing the article: => Modern beautiful sloping roof house model, simple and airy design to build in 2021

House architecture with 2 beautiful frontages 5x17m
Picture of a townhouse with 2 frontages of 5×17.5m, modern architecture, beautiful sloping roof, just designed for the new Thiet and her husband

Pictures of townhouses with 2 other beautiful business fronts

The rest now, you must be very confused, why not perspective 3D images of a white house with 2 facades for elegance. Because the owner, Mr. Chau, likes this color for closeness and matches with his color, it is important that the owner likes it. And if you design a house with 2 corner facades like this for the owner of destiny or Kim, the white color scheme is not too difficult.

Residential design cum coffee business
Perspective of house with 2 beautiful facades, designed for both living and modern business, Mr. Lam’s overview

And if you and your friends need more to build a house for both living and trading in Mr. Lam’s coffee, see the sample:

  • =>>> Perspective House design with 2 beautiful facades for business Modern cheap Mr. Lam Tren

Perspective of modern Japanese-style house with 2 facades 85m2

With the design of the house with 2 frontages 5×17, corner lot style as well as the optimal way of sun and wind direction. Integrated green space saving tempered glass with open space. Same as feng shui age 1957 as above. In addition, there is a model of a 7×14 double-façade townhouse, Ms. Thuy, with a modern Japanese roof style like

House with 2 frontages about 1 billion VND
Model house with 2 facades 7×13 Japanese roof style modern style 1 ground floor 1 floor Thuy and her husband

Information on the design of a modern 2-facade Japanese-style house 7x14m

This 2-facade house drawing is designed for Thuy, husband and wife, children. The design below has 1 living room kitchen and 2 bedrooms, 1 common living room and 1 worship room. There are 3 toilets for the top and bottom. The size of this two-sided townhouse is 7x14m, or about 85m2 per floor.

House 1 ground floor 1 floor 2 frontage
Modern house model 7m wide, 14m deep, 2 floors, Thuy

Information about the branch that designs and builds 2-front townhouses in the central provinces

Our construction company in Da Nang branch specializes in designing and building interior packages in the central provinces.. The head office is Saigon and the North is Hanoi. Technology 4.0, so we work in group zalo. Hope you read the article carefully and the more you look at it, the more you can recognize it townhouse with 2 fronts Beautiful 1 ground floor 1 modern 3 models above.

Japanese-style house with 2 floors
Perspective of townhouse with 2 frontages at night with a romantic front yard

Call 0975 945 433 to send more architectural styles of townhouses with two slanted fronts, trapezoidal corners or rear hatches. Long and short, different styles. Because of these beautiful copyrighted 2-storey 2 facade models a lot. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME DESIGN Consulting Joint Stock Company thanks you for your interest in monitoring and cooperation over the past 11 years.

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