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The design documents of a simple 2-storey rural house have been completed for Mr. Thanh. This flat-roofed tube house cost 700 million rough to build. Also finishing depending on the level of materials is quite good but decorative. This 7x15m house design drawing is built on 10m horizontal land. And if you have a large land in the city, you can choose this 7m front house design.

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  • How to build a beautiful villa on the street with 1 ground 2 floors, 7m wide, Mr. Guest

Pictures of 2-storey rural houses with cheap roofs 2022

Beautiful model house 1 ground floor, width 7m, beautifully designed in modern style. Optimizing the garden with open space with a floor construction area of ​​100m2. Modern 2-storey mini garden villa architecture with beautiful 7M facade. Anh Thanh owns a land area 10 across, 28 meters deep. But behind is cut a rectangular box for sale to neighbors. So the area of ​​the land is not completely diagonal in the countryside. However, Mr. Thanh wants to design a simple modern house with a width of 7m across. The other two sides leave a path to plant flowers in the waterfall garden. Like the design of a simple 2-storey mini garden villa. Beautiful flat roof architecture filled with friendly green space

Model of 2-storey rural house 700 million VND
Simple rural 2-storey house facade 7m wide, 3-bedroom facade built on land 10m wide, Korean-style architecture

In addition to the Korean-style 2-storey house model, 1 ground floor and 1 floor above. Please refer to the samples of 2-storey Thai roof houses in the countryside in the section beautiful house 2 floors of your own company but choose

Advice on building a simple 2-storey rural house 700 million VND

When talking about house types modern modern rural countryside afternoon 7m 8m wide. First of all, we must determine the direction of the house and the surrounding space. According to the preference of the open architecture thanks to the lines of the sunshade. As well as the architectural shape of a simple and youthful modern house. The second is the arrangement of functional layout using sophisticated and scientific interior. White tone colors combined with aluminum and glass interior materials. With light but durable 2-skin bricks, the space is both beautiful and harmonious.

  • House style 2 floors 3 rooms in the countryside 4 bedrooms roof Nhat Anh Minh
  • 3-storey tube house with 7m street frontage, modern architecture, Ms. Loan
Simple 2-storey house with 3 bedrooms in the countryside
Simple rural 2-storey house facade with modern flat roof Mr. Thanh

Design plan of a rural 2-storey house of 100m2 with a width of 7m

The model of a townhouse with a width of 7m and 2 floors is designed according to asymmetrical rules. With harmonized proportions integrated front and wide yard. There is a car park on one side of the garden design as a compromise. Add more charm to the house. The highlight of this simple 2-storey rural house design with a more novel idea. Compared to other beautiful rural 1-storey garden designs. It is behind the design of the mini-resort relaxation area to receive guests. Outdoor fishing is possible to isolate and relax to escape the Covid 19 epidemic. On the side, the designer of the waterfall murmurs mini miniatures. In order to increase the closeness of nature, stairs. Adding slate helps to bring cool air to radiate heat to the interior space

Floor plan of a simple 2 storey house 7x15 in the countryside
Design plan of 2-storey rural house 100m2 across by 7m on 240m2 wide land behind the back font

Ground plan for building a simple rural 2-storey house 7×15

The utility of the 2-storey rural house model 700 million width 7mx15m. The design plan has all 3 bedrooms 1 bedroom 100m2 built. In which, due to a limited budget, Mr. Thanh wanted to design a beautiful rectangular box-shaped house. Korean style 2-storey house with flat roof has 1 shared bathroom on each floor. Not designing a bedroom with a self-contained WC like other 7m frontage house designs. Please refer to the floor plan of the house 7m wide and 15m long on a land of 240m2 in Mr. THANH’s hometown as follows:

House design 7m frontage
The design plan of a 2-storey house 7x15m in a simple rural area costs about 700 million raw parts, Mr. Thanh

Information on the cost of building a model of a 2-storey rural house 700 million VND

According to the needs of his family, Mr. Thanh has 700 million VND in the immediate future, while the furniture is gradually purchased. So it is necessary to build a simple 2-storey rural house about 85m2 to 90m2. You need a NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME Architect, we design a 2-storey rural house with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. He had his cousin build for him and buy the materials himself. With the current cost of local daily labor in 2020. Also about 350 thousand / day to 400 thousand / day cheaper than the city.

Simple rural 2-storey house drawing 2020
Design plan of 2-storey rural house with 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room on the first floor

More description of the model of 2-storey rural house 700 million VND

In addition, the 2-storey house model with 7m frontage, 1 ground floor and 1 floor also has a large living room. Design 1 connecting kitchen and dining room, the worship room is located at the outside. Perspective of the front of the house design is 7mx15m, view in the Southeast direction. Cung Thien Y helps the host and members to have good health. The principle of feng shui, the destiny of harmony and dignity. Fits well with the hexagram of Ly – Tang Thach Moc – Dong quartet – Quarter of the year 1973

2 storey house design southeast direction 7x15
Construction drawing of a 2-storey rural house model 700 million 3 bedrooms Mr. Thanh

Design drawing of a 2-storey rural house 7x15m

This modern 85m2 mini villa construction area includes both a lobby and a flat roof. The single footing design is very solid. Model house 1 ground floor, 1 floor, 3 bedrooms, 7m frontage, corrugated iron roof architecture. Also known as a beautiful 2-storey box house 85m2 Each floor has an area of ​​85m2. The total coverage of the earthenware is 100m2 excluding the small landscape garden. The overall height of the horizontal house design is 7m, 2 floors, more than 8m in modern style. How to calculate from the foundation to the top of the roof

House design 7m frontage
Design drawing of 2-storey rural house with modern flat roof 7×15 covering more than 100m2 Mr. Thanh

Drawing of a simple 2-storey rural house with 700 million sections

The side from the angle below is the vertical 7×15 tube house. Design from front to back for Mr. Thanh’s family. Architectural part of modern house 1 ground 1 floor, we send more view of construction drawing of the side. If you have land with a frontage of 7m, please refer to the drawings tube house design 2 simple floors 2020.

Building a 2-storey house in the countryside 700 million VND
Drawing of a simple construction of a house with a ground floor and a floor in the countryside, Mr. Thanh

More information about modern 2-storey rural house model 700 million

This is a drawing of a simple 2-storey 3-bedroom Korean-style house. Use many cool tempered glass panels to relax and escape the current epidemic. The cost of building a 2-storey rural house model is 700 million to 800 million. If the construction floor area is about 80m2 to 85m, it is enough.

Design drawing of 7m horizontal house, 2 floors, 3 bedrooms
Slice drawing of stairs of 2-storey rural house 7x15m

Describe more about the architecture of a cheap 7x15m house with 1 ground floor 1 floor in the countryside

The ground floor of a beautiful modern 2-storey house with a width of 7m, Mr. Thanh. The design has a clearance height of nearly 3.6m and the second floor is 3.3m higher. Feng shui 3 steps of the front lobby, there are three steps leading to the hall. One side has a ceramic stone wall blocking the sun from the north. The front of the house has a modern 7m wide design with a tempered glass balcony. High quality 12 cup blue tone does not warp and withstands force as well as rain and sun

House design drawing 7x15
The design of a simple 7×15 house with 1 ground floor 1 floor covering the construction side

Comment on a simple 2-storey rural house model Mr. Thanh

A simple 2-storey rural house model with a frontage of 7m x 15m covering the whole lobby, suitable for a family of 4 members. The modern house design style above has a construction area of ​​85m2 1 floor. Including the lobby according to the modern mini-villa architecture. Profile drawing of a 2-storey house with a width of 7m and a length of 28m in a rural countryside has a construction cost of about 700-800 million. An amount of money is just enough to quickly own a beautiful house with a ground floor and a floor with a width of 7m like Mr. Thanh. The front and back yards are airy, modern style in line with the current saving trend

2-storey rural house with flat roof
Overview of a simple 2-storey rural house with flat roof with 3 bedrooms and 1 room worshiping Mr. Thanh

Beautiful house models 1 ground floor 1 floor 80m2 to 85m2 beautiful in other countryside

The above is one of the modern architectural styles of tube houses with skylights. In addition to the model of a beautiful house with 1 ground floor and 1 floor in the hometown of Mr. and Mrs. Thanh. New Beautiful House is pleased to send a model of a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 85m2 with Thai roof. The design has 5 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 1 living room, kitchen and dining room in the complete house. Picture of this 2-storey square house being built for Mr. Hoang. Siblings see more here for more information

Model of 2-storey square house 10x10m 5 bedrooms
Design drawing of a square house with 2 floors, Thai roof, 5 bedrooms, beautiful modern design
  • See more house models Thai roof 2-storey villa Another beautiful french architecture of our construction company

House design 70m2 3 bedrooms 2 floors costs about 700 million other

The profile of Mr. Thanh’s 2 storey house 7×15 above is a Korean style house. Including the costs incurred, the construction is more than 700 million because that is the price of raw construction and labor. If you like the outside, there is a small landscaped terrace. Then see the drawing of a simple 2-storey house in the countryside with 3 bedrooms, Mr. Tu. See the article on the design drawing of a 2-storey house 7×10 Mr. Tu in the section housing design My company’s new category

Model house 7x10 3 bedrooms
Design of a 2-storey house 7×10 3 bedrooms 1 worshiping room northeast direction suitable for Binh Thin age 1976 Mr Tu

Connect to build a beautiful 2-storey house in the countryside with corrugated iron roof or tile roof 2022

The cost of building a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 7×15 with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room is about 700 million single foundations. As for pressing piles or ice foundations as well as reinforced concrete roofs, it will be about 800 million in 2022. Modern style 2-storey garden house in the above countryside applies to the time of cCOVID 19 2020. The cost includes labor and materials. such as cement, steel, bricks.. The best today.

The design of a house with 7m frontage has a duplex shape for street land

House design 7m frontage
If your land has 1 street frontage. Then choose the design option of a house with 7m frontage

Note that all the 2-storey house models I sent this picture have detailed drawings. Need to consult my alo 0975 945 433 for more advice. See more 5m 6m . horizontal house models here if the land is more beautiful horizontally.

Models of level 4 2-storey villa-style houses in the countryside with U-shaped roofs

Villa-style 2-storey house model
Model of 2-storey house with tiled roof in the countryside 100m2, Ms. Tu
Biet collection 2, 4, 4, 2018
Picture of a model house with 3 rooms and 2 floors with modern Thai roof in Mr. Vu’s countryside

More details about the design of the house with 7m wide frontage 2 floors 3 bedrooms in the countryside. Please call 0975 945 433 immediately during office hours. To know and receive specific advice on the idea of ​​​​building a simple but beautiful 2-storey house in the countryside. Modern airy architecture, the space of a box-shaped house like Mr. Thanh’s house. Because it is suitable for financial interests, feng shui young families have 1 to 2 children.

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