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4 mẫu nhà phố tân cổ điển 3 tầng đẹp hiện đại kiểu 2022

Sample neoclassical facade 3 floors, 1 beautiful tum built on land with 4.5m frontage and 24m length. Built according to neoclassical townhouse architecture, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, 1 terrace. My architect designed with milky white tones, flat roofs with hidden skylights. Please refer to the sample neoclassical facade house 4 bedrooms 1 worship room. The ground floor has a 4.5m wide horizontal garage of Mr. Hai and Mrs. Duyen’s family with the following information

Perspective of neoclassical tube house 4.5m frontage 1 ground floor 3 terraces

Model house with 4.5m wide frontage neoclassical design with a construction floor area of ​​80m2. The ground floor has a yard and an indoor car garage because the land is up to 24m2 long to the back. The facades on both sides of the beautiful townhouse’s walls on the ground floor are clad with lime-yellow clouded granite. The front yard is designed to be 5m wide for parking outside. The main gate is designed with an artistic steel door painted in electrostatic black. The two sides of the drawing of a 3.5-storey pipe house gate with a 4.5m frontage have two superficial cylinders. The main gate is 3.6m wide, comfortable for cars to come in and out

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Model townhouse 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace 4.5m
Perspective of the house neoclassical facade 4.5m . frontage

The floor plan of the 3-panel townhouse with an area of ​​​​80m2 is optimal according to the architecture neoclassical facade house beautiful white. The 2nd and 3rd floor areas are designed with powder-coated steel frame railings with soft artistic patterns, not rough. Or use tempered glass frame railing. Bancony designed the outside of the first floor to be 1.6m wide and 1.5m inside. On both sides of the house, the frontage is 1 ground floor, 2 floors, and a terrace is designed with opposite columns and additional lights. The night turns up very romantic and luxurious

Pictures of neoclassical townhouses following the flight of birds

The design of a beautiful 3-storey house with a width of 4.5m is designed with a flat roof behind for energy tanks and water tanks. Particularly outside the architectural drawings of this 1 ground floor 2 storey townhouse, this terrace is poured into the roof and made of reinforced concrete with hollow white slats. Purpose to hang orchid pots and beautiful mini garden miniatures outside

3-storey house design 1 tum street 4.5m
Picture neoclassical townhouse 3 floors 1 tum terrace 4.5m frontage Mr. Hai

Send more facade architecture brothers and sisters neoclassical townhouse beautiful 3.5 floors 4.5m wide Mr. Hai below. So that you can refer to the perspective of a 3.5-storey 4.5x18m flat roof house with a skylight square to get more cool wind and natural light from above. Just absorb the cooking smell for the kitchen space on the ground floor. Structural drawing of a 3-storey 1 tum townhouse with a septum roof that collects water to the rear of the house. Escape to the sunny yard because there is still more than 1m left behind

Design space of a 3.5-storey neoclassical house Mr. Hai

The design size of the semi-classical townhouse is 4.5x18m, designed in the Southeast direction. The location of the kitchen is designed to be located in the West, facing the North of Luc Sat Palace, looking to the East. According to the image of this 80m2 3-storey tube house, it is more suitable for the layout of the space for the owner to be more suitable for Dong Tu Trach par Kim – Thuy or Moc. Because depending on whether the neighbor’s land has been built high or vacant. Besides, if the land is not suitable, you can neutralize the kitchen feng shui.

Floor plan of semi-classical townhouse with frontage 4.5mx18m
Design floor neoclassical house 3.5 floors on ground floor with elevator car garage

Drawing of a 3-storey neoclassical Thai roof townhouse with 6 bedrooms

Check out more beautiful architecture 1 ground floor 2 floors with 6 other new bedrooms. Corresponds to the land 5.5m or 6m wide. To know more about the expertise of the architect my company has just designed and built for a client recently

please go to the front office for 3 years, 5m long
Model of 3-storey townhouse with Thai roof, area of ​​​​5 × 20, designed with 6 bedrooms, completed by Mr. Nhan, Ca Mau city

Architectural drawing of a 3-storey neoclassical townhouse 4.5m

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Living space model townhouse 1 ground 2 floors 1 terrace Mr. Hai designed the layout and structure of the rooms inside as follows

  • Ground floor 80m2 with front yard, garage, living room, stairs, kitchen, toilet and rear sundeck
  • First floor: Building area 85m2. 1 master bedroom, 1 common bedroom, 2 bathrooms, balcony
  • 2nd floor: The same design as the 2nd floor plan below the construction floor area is also 85m2
  • Tum floor: 1 worship room, 1 gym room, corner for washing machine and terrace, storage.
Neoclassical house design 3 floors 1 tum
Architectural drawing of neoclassical townhouse 3 floors 1 tum 2nd floor area 4.5×19.6m 85m2 floor

Explain more about the modern 3-storey classic house style

Model of 3-storey neoclassical townhouse, beautifully designed, with a facade of harmonious proportions. Modern languages ​​have omitted reliefs or elaborate details. Classic house style with beautiful facade 4.5m, 4-leaf door design and Xingfa aluminum and glass system. Help get more light from outside for 2 upstairs bedrooms. Beautiful semi-classical townhouse architecture 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace has a compact, compact and majestic shape

Nha Pho Tan has 3 to 1 tum
Perspective of modern 3-storey semi-classical house design style view 3 of Mr. Hai’s house

Need to build a 2.5-storey townhouse with a hot modern frontage. Optimum has the top worship room and drying yard. The ground floor has 1 bedroom and the 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms. Then see Phuong’s house HERE

Refer to other beautiful neoclassical 3.5-storey townhouses 4m 5m 6m

After nearly 10 years of establishment of the company up to now. New Beautiful House has always been trusted by many customers. The products of beautiful townhouses and villas are highly appreciated by architects and engineers in the industry. By creativity according to the owner’s finance and land. Besides drawing and construction, the owner introduced many new customers.

Hurry up and make money 4.5m beautiful 4 tang Binh Dinh
Model townhouse with 4.5m frontage, semi-classical architecture with 3.5-storey Thai roof, Mr. Khiem, district 6
Let's go home soon, beautiful cheese 4.5
Ground floor plan, 4.5m frontage, semi-classical Thai roof house architecture, Mr. Khiem District 6 60m2

Please refer to the design drawing of a semi-classical semi-classical house with Thai roof 4.5m frontage. Finished construction, have a complete drawing at this link to see them

Beautiful classic street house styles in 2021

Projects of the design consulting joint stock company NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME have also been present in 60/64 provinces of Vietnam. Including categories such as neoclassical house with 3 floors, 1 tum or more. The style of townhouses with 2 facades in French classical style. Or beautiful 3-storey neoclassical house models 5m to 6m wide.

Model of 3-storey townhouse 1 tum 5x20m beautifully designed
Build a modern 3.5-storey townhouse with a frontage of 5m x 20m in 2020 for Mr. Hung’s family

You can refer to the architectural styles of beautiful semi-classical townhouses in 2021. In the section beautiful townhouse model 3 4 floors with skylight. Attached is a drawing of the layout of the inside of the uncovered gull. This is rare when other companies don’t give but only 1-2 perspectives.

Beautiful French neoclassical townhouse 5.5m 3 floors
The latest image of the beautiful 2020 townhouse of Mr. Nguyen Nhu Ly’s family
5.5m horizontal design
Construction drawing of a house 5.5m wide and 16m long with a ground floor selling Ms. Ly’s business

Overview of the beautiful neoclassical townhouse Mr. Hai

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Beautiful house model 3.5 storey 4.5m frontage completed by Team New Beautiful House within 15 days. In charge of design documents for the house with 4.5m frontage with elevator is Architect Phuong. This modern, modern flat roof house has a construction time of 4.5 months if the weather is favorable.

3-storey neoclassical townhouse architecture
Sample overview neoclassical facade house beautiful 80m wide 4.5m long 18m Mr. Hai

The cost of the rough part of the 3-storey neoclassical house Mr. Hai

Total floor area for construction of design documents neoclassical facade house 80m2 is 350m2. Estimated cost to build a townhouse with 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace 4.5m wide is 1.8 billion. In that case, if you build it yourself, it will be more economical and your company will supervise. Or assign your company to work as workers to complete the raw part costing 3.4 million/m2. That is, my company received about 1.2 billion. The reason is because now the epidemic situation and iron and steel increase as well as scarce labor

European style townhouse
See the facade of the European-style townhouse Mr. Sieu both lives and operates an office in Thuan An Binh Duong

Refer to the types of French architectural tube houses with 5m 6m . facade

And furniture such as tables and chairs, cabinets, handrails for stairs. There are also sanitary equipment.. you buy your company to work for. Because each family member usually likes each style. Just go to a furniture store to refer to and choose. Note that your company includes drawings of construction permits and completion procedures.

European townhouse model
Modern beautiful European-style 4.5m-wide houses up to 6m by Mr. Sieu, Mr. Ngan Bien Hoa, Mr. Dong, Mr. Thap

Other beautiful neoclassical 3-storey tube house designs 1 ground floor 2 other floors

I updated one of the new beautiful house styles with 5m classic townhouse style. By Architect Thanh, my company has just painted for her family. There is a decorative facade of a 3-storey European tube house with a flat roof, similar to version 1. Hai’s house, and Duyen’s house above. The goal is to help you have more choices according to your preferences. But cleverly choose to build a house for the coming 2021

House 5x15 3 floors
Picture of 3-storey tube house with 5m frontage in neoclassical style, simple and modern street front, Ms. Be
Beautiful European house 5m 3 floors
Model of beautiful 3-storey tube house 5m wide with semi-classical style roof on Ms. Be street view 2

The utility of using a 5m2 street house, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, European-style flat roofs of the family 5×15, is built as follows:

  • Ground floor 1 guest, 1 kitchen next to the stairs and 1 bedroom with toilet
  • 1st floor, 1 bedroom, 1 common living room overlaps the kitchen in the middle on the ground floor – the last WC
  • 2nd floor: 1 worship room, 1 bedroom and a drying yard behind 1 wc

Other beautiful classic 2 3 storey townhouses

In addition, please refer to: The Beautiful 3-storey tube house model to the other 6 floors of my company recently created. If you have a 4.5m-wide adjacent house and need a neoclassical house with a Thai roof, see this article

Need to send more photo plans to build a house, remember to help me. There is a hotline number on the web. Wishing you a very happy start of the week.!

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