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A beautiful European-style garden house model 1 back was built last year. Now we update the construction price and the views of Mr. Thang’s house for you to refer to the style of this beautiful garden house.

Area to build a European-style garden house and cost

European-style garden house with modern villa style in the countryside has a beautiful 1-storey European garden with a total area of ​​250m2. Construction cost is about 1.7 billion roof tiles. A beautiful modern 1-storey house model designed by a new beautiful house design company for Mr. Thang’s family

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Beautiful garden house model 1 floor 4 bedrooms
Pictures of beautiful U-shaped European-style garden villas, Mr. Thang

Moreover, he is a civil engineer and local contractor for many years. So we only design and self-build photos. Mr. Thang’s European style garden villa. Beautiful duplex villa architecture designed on a land of 1000m2. We invite you to read the next news

The need to build a European-style garden house today

The house and the garden have long been a perfect combination. Not only famous in the modern East and West. Including Vietnam in particular. Most of the beautiful European-style garden houses are often designed with miniatures such as swimming pools, aquariums, and resort huts.

Facade of a European-style single-storey villa
Beautiful European-style garden house, Mr. Thang, looking from the street frontage

From thousands of years ago, the model of single-storey European-style garden house Thuan Viet. It is also likened to a fairyland where feudal lords rested. The high-class people love the space of the Koi pond hut. Combined with a rockery, a mother’s waterfall, or a rocking mountain..

Beautiful 1-storey garden house with 3 to 4 bedrooms is a lot

Not only in Vietnam but also in Asian countries. The trend is very fond of beautiful 1-storey garden house designs with 3 to 4 bedrooms and a rural church. The surrounding architecture has a European garden with high aesthetics. Valuable modern architectural art. Natural landscape is harmonized by the use of green fences. With a large lawn, interwoven with flowers. If the land is smaller, click to see the house 1 ground floor 1 floor 120m2 4 bedrooms 8x15m wide. Designed for Mr. Phuong on 8×22 horizontal land, leaving the front yard nearly 6m. Click view The most beautiful 2-storey villa model in the countryside this mini style

The 2nd most beautiful article in Vietnam
Review the views of the most beautiful 2-storey villa model in Vietnam last year, costing about 2 billion VND

European style 1-storey garden villa

Model of a 4-level European-style garden villa with tiled roof for Mr. Thang. Designed by the Architects of the NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME JSC, we designed it for 110k/m2 overall with a garden. The architectural concept combines both design styles with Eastern philosophy. Western inheritance blends together. In which, the main style in the design of beautiful garden houses is Asian design style. Appears a lot in the arrangement of space according to feng shui.

How to design a beautiful European-style 1-storey garden house

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A very important element in this beautiful European-style single-storey garden house design by Mr. Thang 250m2. It is to create a path around the open space. The surrounding environment is charmingly painted on the premises of the land plot assigned by the investor.

Beautiful garden house design 2021
Beautiful garden house model 1 floor 4 bedrooms 250m2 from the southwest to

The facade and paint color of the European garden house are suitable for par Moc or Thuy

European style 1-storey villa with outstanding construction architecture. Green Japanese tile roof feng shui. The idea and layout of the garden space is somewhat more spacious. Around there are many shade trees combined with small decorative green flower beds. Has a canopy height of less than 1m like beautiful small garden miniatures.

House level 4 3 bedrooms 1 beautiful worship room in 2019
Facade Model of Thai roof house 1 floor 3 bedrooms 1 worship room is designed with a width of 8.5m and a length of 17m with a beautiful European-style garden, Ms. Huong
Floor plan of 1-storey house with 3 bedrooms 8.5x17m
Drawing of a house with 1 floor, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room, frontage 8.5m, length 17m for space

How to design a European style garden house

Way beautiful garden design There are many blends of beautiful modern 1-storey house details. European style architecture with green vegetation. The walkway combines the natural climate belts that are centrally located. Surrounded by a garden, including a yard sufficient for living, parking for cars.. The side is designed with a small landscaped green area including flower beds. A small landscape of a rockery is located symmetrically with a hexagonal hut. Relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery at 2 different corners of the plot.

Pictures of houses with other beautiful European gardens

The model of a beautiful 1-storey garden house is designed not only for the garden, the wall, the side gate. But the type of planning also has a unique difference in the image of a beautiful garden. The inside of the fence is covered with red bricks with white painted borders. The main gate fence is designed with a steel frame for ventilation. In order to show the beauty of the living space of Mr. Thang’s family outside for everyone to see.

The most beautiful level 4 garden house model in 2018
European garden design for a beautiful Villa 1 floor 250m2 Mr. Thang

Sample beautiful level 4 house European garden style 250m2 is a combination. Of 2 architectural parts built side by side. A parallel U-shaped main block. Almost like the U-shaped European style garden villas we introduced. The idea of ​​placing it next to it is a small rectangular block to get the extra floor space needed. The overall shape is also more beautiful. The base of the wall is covered with gray tangled stone. The wall is painted white and covered with pale yellow stone. The roof system of the cake is covered with green tiles in the color of the feng shui Manh Moc. The design of a beautiful 1-storey garden house is very familiar and is loved by many investors.

Picture of a European-style 1-storey garden house design behind

European style 1-storey garden villa model with 4 bedrooms. Around the landscape, there is a beautiful garden that is shaped differently with many roof systems. Picture of a U-shaped European garden house. Let’s explore the back of a beautiful European garden house

Beautiful garden house model 2021
The rear view of a European-style 1-storey garden house

View from the main facade of the beautiful garden house 4 bedrooms 1 church. You will see the sophistication and elegance exuded between the lobby space. The steps leading up to the stone wall, on both sides, are supported by two large square pillars. Bright white paint shows the perfect beauty, perfect in every detail. Different from the size of other beautiful small garden designs, it is not massive. Like the beautiful garden villas with modern Thai roof 1 floor 300m2, Mr. Mung.

Beautiful European-style single-storey villa architecture

However, the architectural design of a 1-storey villa with a European garden of 250m2. It also shows the level of serenity. Unlike modern 1-storey garden houses with flat roofs or Thai roofs. The ecological balance of the landscape is gentle but still affirms its own beauty.

The most beautiful garden house model in the countryside
Model of a single-storey garden villa of 250m2 designed in the main direction of the South

Beautiful modern European 1-storey house style

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Model of a beautiful modern European 1-storey house with 4 bedrooms and 1 bedroom worshiping Mr. Thang in the countryside. This 1-storey resort villa is really close to sympathies. Help living members always have relaxation. The design of the garden villa has a cube shape calculated with the golden ratio. Different from the European garden house models with a beautiful veranda. Because of optimizing the ability to get light and air circulation. Create a full panoramic view for each different function room. If you have less financial resources, choose this 1-storey neoclassical house

House blueprints
Drawing of a 4-level house with 2 beautiful bedrooms 9x20m, 1 story European style architecture, Mr. Tung built for his parents in the countryside

Design drawing of a European-style 1-storey garden house

Construction design drawings have real uses and combine very detailed drawings. For example, the chimney and the air inlet on the porch are cold. There are many cheap garden house designs that are simply built for decoration only. On the whole, the location of the building architecture is suitable for feng shui. While helping to ensure the corridor moves around. How to divide the yard to serve the needs of outdoor activities when needed. The yard is not too narrow, there is still a light corridor in the back.

The layout of the living room of the house level 4
Floor plan of level 4 house with 2 bedrooms and 48m2 large living room facing Southeast

Spatial Beautiful European style garden villa 1 floor 250m2

When designing or building a house with a beautiful European-style garden, the length from the main door to the wall must be ensured. The front is always longer from the gable to the ornamental rear fence. Create a feeling of spaciousness, catching wind and cool natural air. One-storey garden villas or models with large floor areas. Then the U-shaped duplex villa block gives the best light ability. The garden space is functionally arranged and easy to move around.

Plan of villa 1 floor 4 bedrooms
Villa floor plan of 250m2 has 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 1 living room and 1 dining table to the right of Mr. Thang

See a sample of a 2-and-a-half-storey European-style villa Mr. Khanh

On the design plan of the level 4 garden villa, it is as beautiful as the context shown. The style of Mr. Thang’s garden villa consists of 4 bedrooms located in 2 wings on both sides of the U shape, and in the middle, the design of the small worship room and the living room is the main theme. Correspondingly, the remaining rectangular design has a kitchen + dining table and a common toilet. If you need the style of a 2-storey garden villa, 1 tum 150m2. Then there is a house model european style villa Khanh looks like this

European style villa design
The villa designs in European neoclassical style Mr. Khanh Hanoi

See the models of 1-storey 4-bedroom Japanese roof garden houses

The design almost separates the large kitchen space. The way of living does not affect the rooms as the living room always requires a clean, fresh scent. This is also a way to design in accordance with the living habits of our forefathers that have existed for a long time. This is also a European-style 1-storey garden house with 4 bedrooms, Mr. Manh. Last year’s design documents include a private room. You see a sample of a 1-storey 4-bedroom house with 160m2 Mr. Manh Then see the post here same picture

Model 1 floor 4 bedroom house
Facade of a beautiful 1-storey 4-bedroom garden house in Mr. Manh’s countryside

Other models of beautiful garden villas 1 to 3 floors in European style

In addition to the European-style villas with tiled roofs. Recently, my company also has other models of villas with architecture from 1 floor to 3 floors of 250m2 such as

Desire new beautiful home design company Always send to you for reference. Choose to build beautiful garden houses that update new trends in 2021 and are not outdated. The size is attached for your reference to the design of a beautiful 1-storey garden villa. Depending on the land position and according to the actual needs of the family, the feng shui world. Which has the most beautiful European-style garden design. For more information, please contact phone number 0975 945 433 to send more new HOT models. Financial consultant estimates that prepare and see the design land for you. Close.!

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