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5 bộ Bản vẽ thiết kế nhà phố 7x20m mặt tiền hiện đại 2022

Sample townhouse design 7x20m Designed on a campus with an area of ​​​​7m wide, a street plot of more than 20m wide, with a modern architectural style of tube houses, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, and outdoor terrace.

Image of 7x20m townhouse design with green architectural terrace

Located in Dong Hai resettlement area, Da Nang city, Mr. Tuan. And the family needs to build a modern villa on a 3-storey street with a frontage of 7m. Need 7 bedrooms and a front yard to have a miniature car, please refer to the 3D perspective and design 7m wide townhouse x 20m rear open space

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Design of dental office 7x20m
Beautiful townhouse with 7m frontage, young open space of Mr. Tuan in Ngu Hanh Son

Perspective information on the design of a modern 3-storey townhouse 7x20m

Beautiful house design 7x20m designed according to open space preferences. Good translation until 2022, applying green architectural style. In the house, there is a small landscaped rockery, the Koi fish pond on the roof has a very creative skylight. Model of 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 7m is optimized with lots of friendly green trees. Look at the youthful 7x20m house design with pots of vines. Incorporating decorative greenery both helps to release oxygen, which is good for health, and limits dust.

Beautiful 7x20m townhouse building

  • 7x20m townhouse design project
  • Architecture: 3-storey modern mini garden villa
  • Host: Anh Tuan
  • Address: Dong Hai Resettlement Area – Ngu Hanh Son – Da Nang
  • Floor plan for building a house with an area of ​​​​7x20m
  • Total construction floor area: 420m2
  • Investment cost: 1.4 billion to 1.8 billion VND
  • Design time: 1 month
  • Construction time: 5 months
  • Design: Architect Thanh
Custom design 7x20m
Front of modern 3-storey townhouse villa area 7x20m

Exterior of the beautiful townhouse 7x20m

The model of a townhouse with a frontage of 7m 3 floors is designed in a straight line language using a lot of tempered glass. Outside the balcony uses powder-coated steel frame sunshades. Exterior model of modern mini-villa house 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace painted white durable color of paint line with outstanding outdoor waterproofing ability Dulux Weathershield is currently a prestigious high-end paint line by consulting company to build beautiful houses of Vietnam. Our company when working with customers advises not to choose.

Design consultation for house 7x20m 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace so that it is airy

Model of a townhouse with a frontage of 7m in the resettlement area Mr. Tuan has built. In which, on the ground floor, the entire space is for the seating area. And mini garden landscape with indoor fountain. Outside the entrance gate on one side is for a 3.6m wide car garage for the yard. The other one is on the right, looking at the 7m-wide drawing of the house, which is designed for a green planting area that radiates shade.

Mat Bang Nha Pho 7x20m
The ground floor space of the house is 7m wide and 20m deep on the ground floor

The layout of the beautiful house design 7x20m on the ground floor

The ground floor space of the townhouse 7x20m is arranged with 2 living rooms and a connected kitchen. Adopted by CNC partition with beautiful wooden bar table. The position of the stairs is 7m in front of the house, close to one side of the corner, close to the wall. To optimize the larger living space according to the modern split-level tube house architecture.

House 1 ground floor 1 floor L shape
Beautiful 2-storey house models 7m wide with different designs and different ideas are available. If you need a model, call me 0975 945 433

Looking at the above 7x20m townhouse floor plan, there will certainly be a lot of favorites when the current townhouse is narrow and hot, it is necessary to have an area of ​​​​heating water tanks and green trees in the house floor like that will create a feeling of closeness. lighter. The floor plan of the house is 7m wide if you need a bedroom for the elderly, we can also design it.

How to build a townhouse with an area of ​​​​7x20m with 7 bedrooms, Mr. Tuan

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There is a slight difference in the usable space of Mr. Tuan’s house, which is the floor where he needs to arrange 3 bedrooms for his wife and 2 children, in which there is a very large master bedroom and each room has a spacious master bedroom. private self-contained toilet. As for the top 3rd floor area of ​​the beautiful house design 7x20m, you want to do business for tenants to earn extra income, in which, 4 bedrooms are arranged with private shared toilets.

Mat Bang Nha Pho 7x20m 2 tang
Construction drawing of a house with an area of ​​​​7x20m for both living and doing business, Mr. Tuan

The beauty of the design drawing of a 7x20m townhouse located in the water direction

Looking closely at the 7x20m townhouse design plan for the 1st + 2nd floors, you can also feel it. Because outside there is a balcony of 2.2m wide. And each floor has a terrace area for relaxing outdoor tea. Every morning when the dawn is rosy, wake up. You can enjoy the tea ceremony and watch the peaceful and romantic Tra River in the mountains. Or at dusk in the evening. You can enjoy the cool breeze and watch the young couples bustling back and forth on the street.

Beautiful house frontage 7m 3 floors
Picture of a 3-storey house with 7m frontage, modern Thai roof, semi-classical style

Send you more beautiful models of 3-storey house with 7m frontage with garage outside. The idea of ​​​​building on land with a width of 15m. But the owner built one side of the uncle Nam Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh. Love the architecture of this 3-storey 7x20m villa with neoclassical Thai roofs in the Central region. Please see the profile of beautiful townhouse Quy Nhon and choose more

Finally, the cost of building a modern house with an area of ​​​​7 × 20 3 floors, Mr

Currently, there are many ways to calculate square meters of construction floors of many different companies. As with the North, it is often calculated according to the contracted part. The overall floor plan of the townhouse as well as the architecture. The South often calculates details for the foundation, roof and each plan. In the Central region, some construction companies often calculate the unit price of the package multiplied by the square meter of construction floor.

The house has a beautiful basement
Front of modern 3-storey townhouse 7m designed with basement for parking 1 basement 1 ground 3 floors terrace built by my company for Ms. Dung’s family

How to calculate square meter to build a house in the South for reference price

If you are still confused or confused about how to calculate m2. Including for workers, iron floors and walls all. The full article of our company can be consulted at: How to calculate square meter The latest housing construction floor in the third quarter of 2021

Expenses incurred when building a beautiful house 7×20 after the epidemic 2022

In general, no matter how the square meter of construction floor is calculated, the price difference is not much. Second, in the South and Central region, the price of building a house after the epidemic. Higher than other regions. Third, the company’s price for building townhouses or villas is higher. Compared to the local general contractor due to the cost of transportation, tax.. is usually higher and calculates 0.3% coefficient. Compared to the normal way of building houses in the countryside.

Beautiful house 7x20m 2 floors 4 bedrooms
Photo of a beautiful 7x20m townhouse design by Toan in Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province over the years and newly built covid 19 epidemic

Groundbreaking image of 3-storey mini villa 7x20m

Although this is a model of a mini townhouse 7x20m 1 ground 2 floors. But if you build a facade on an inter-village road with a 7-meter-wide townhouse architecture like this, it’s fine too.

7x20 square meter mill
Groundbreaking image of Mr. Tuan’s house in Ngu Hanh Son Da Nang

The cost of building a beautiful 7x20m townhouse in Da Nang

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Model of a beautiful house with 3 floors with a frontage of 7m by the design company to build a house in Da Nang. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE we accept turnkey construction 1 square meter 3.5 million/m2. For the construction of the rough part, both labor and materials are needed, while the basic interior decoration is purchased by the homeowner. See the house 7x19m 3 floors Thai Mr. Hieu has an elegant color, the letter L 1 on the right is the same as the picture. CLICK HERE to access THIS LINK if you like the modern french decor in HANOI VIETNAM

Model house frontage 7m
Model of a 3-storey house with a frontage of 7m and 17m in European style, Mr. Hieu Hanoi

The cost of designing a modern 7-meter townhouse with a 3-storey frontage

The total value of the raw part is nearly 1.5 billion, equivalent to a total floor area of ​​440m2. Calculate the coefficient of generation of the complete roof foundation. In addition, if you need to build a beautiful house with 1 ground floor 2 floors, another architectural terrace with a garage for sale, a basement, a large yard with a floor area of ​​​​over 100m2, about 7x14m, with front and back yards, please refer to Mr. Nguyen Hoai Phong’s house in Phu My Hung, district. 7 at:

Beautiful 7×20 townhouse designs 1 ground floor 1 flat roof

The design of a 3-storey townhouse 7x20m has a cost of about 1.5 billion. Highly responsive in terms of architectural aesthetics and modern space TREND 20202. Eco-utility is both airy, light and business on the 1st floor. Or even the 2 upper floors for vacation rental if the epidemic is good. I send you a model of a 7m wide tube house with a garage for Ms. Loan. The land is nearly 7x20m wide, but according to the regulations, only 7x12m or 13m can be built. Because the drawing is only for permission

Model of 2-storey house with 7m garage
Model house frontage 7m long 15m with garage but built 7×12 Ms. Loan

Design message to build beautiful townhouses in Da Nang at cheap prices

The article on how to build a house with an area of ​​​​7x20m, style 1 ground 2 floors, 7m front terrace, Mr. Tuan. Construction in Da Nang would also like to close here. Note the article on International Labor Day May 1, 2021 this year. Best wishes to you and your relatives and employees of the Da Nang branch company. Happy holidays and new energy prepare for the present new construction luggage.

beautiful townhouse 1 ground 2 floors 7m
Model of a 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 7m wide, mini L-shaped, airy, Mr. Guest

House information 7x20m 3 floors neoclassical Thai roof

If the land is 7x20m wide, it is also possible to design an L-shaped townhouse on the side with an open corridor. Red tile architecture in neoclassical style is as old as this KHANG’s house. CLICK HERE to choose this L-shaped 7x20m townhouse design

front house 3 is very beautiful in style
Perspective of 3-storey villa with Thai roof with 7m frontage fence with neoclassical garage

Information about beautiful new townhouse design company 2022

Note that after 11 years of establishment and growth from a one-member limited company, it has now expanded to branches in Hanoi, Binh Duong, Ba Ria, Bien Hoa, Vinh long.. Operating in the form of a share shareholder. . Now, the NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE design consulting joint stock company specializes in designing and constructing a package of civil works such as beautiful townhouses and villas. Design of motels, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes.. Contemporary interior design Luxury.. Headquarter in Saigon. Please refer to more. Close.!

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