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5 mẫu thiết kế nhà ống lệch tầng 4x15m 1 tỷ năm 2022

Sample tube house design 4x15m difference in floor after building for Ms. Thuong has been completed. The house has a 2-storey flat roof style with a terrace. Please refer to the model of a townhouse with 4m frontage, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, 60m2 terrace to build both cheap and beautiful modern.

Design model of a split-floor pipe house 4x15m
Picture of a 4m wide tube house with modern street frontage 1 ground 2 floors 60m2 terrace area 4x15m Ms. Thuong in Da Nang

Image of a townhouse with a 4x15m difference in floor space, Ms. Thuong

Beautiful tube house model 60m2, construction size in which the ground floor is 4x14m. But starting from the 2nd floor, the townhouse model has a 4x15m difference due to the balcony. The facade of the modern townhouse is 4m, designed to be 3m deep inside, leaving the parking lot and gate. The paint color of the beautiful townhouse in Da Nang is designed in white and blue tones. To make the architecture gentle and pure but more comfortable

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townhouse with split floor 4x15m
3D image of 4m off-floor pipe house design, construction area 4x15m = 60m2

Model of a modern townhouse with 1 ground floor 2 floors, 4x15m terrace, optimized flat roof, split floor type. The method of building a modern split-storey house KTT is usually optimal with 4 types. Usually, the architecture of beautiful small tube houses with narrow area is used. Or you can build a townhouse with a business floor with a mezzanine in the middle.

A few notes when building a modern split-floor tube house today

Through the survey, when customers call, they need advice on building a modern 4m or 5m split-level pipe house. However, you do not know how to arrange the space of the house with different floors. Good financial things to prepare to build a townhouse with a facade of 4m 5m are usually higher. Compared to normal townhouses, there is no floor difference.

There are beautiful types of split-storey houses that you should understand as follows

  • Split-storey house architecture with a mezzanine in the middle
  • Building a house with a 4m floor split with a garage for sale and a low base outside
  • Split-level tube house with stairs close to the wall 1.3m along the ground from outside to inside
  • Floor plan with kitchen 2 to 3 steps higher than living room on 1st floor
  • The plan of the 2nd floor and the tum is not equal. That is, from the lobby of the stairs upstairs, step 3 new steps into the bedroom..
Design drawing of a 4x15m . split-floor tube house
The floor plan of the townhouse is 4x15m, the ground floor is designed with a skylight in the middle.

Architectural drawing of a house with a 4x15m split on the floor of Ms. Thuong’s floor

The floor plan of the house is 4x15m, designed according to the request of Ms. Thuong. Her family only has 2 children, so she needs to build a house with a 4m frontage. Looking at the floor plan of a modern townhouse on the first floor. You see that bedroom 1 is designed to be 30cm higher and 3 steps higher than bedroom 2 behind. Moreover, in addition to the beautiful 4x15m house space, there are skylights and stairs. Behind the corner of bedroom 2, there is an additional skylight for more light.

Design of a split-floor house 4x15m 2
Floor plan of modern 4x15m tube house with split floor design with 2 skylights Ms. Thuong

Drawing of the attic floor of a house with a frontage of 4m

Thuong is very fond of a simple 60m2 house with 1 ground floor 2 floors with green space. So, the tum floor plan of a house with a 4m frontage is cheap. Outside, there is an additional terrace of 12m2 ie 4x3m wide. This area is the main purpose for her to plant trees in combination with mini miniatures. She wishes to rest up here in the evening or on Sunday to enjoy the cool breeze. At the same time, relax and enjoy the view of the whole city “worth living” here

Drawing of townhouse with 4m . frontage
The space of the townhouse has a 4x15m split on the tum floor with 1 worship room, 1 storage room, and a rear room

Drawing of a house with a 4x15m roof floor

Roof of modern split-level tube house 4x15m, concrete roof architectural structure. The top behind the design of the 60m2 split-floor house has

  • Location of the solar battery Solar
  • The position of the glass roof to get light for the skylight
  • The location of the 1,500 Liter water tank provides domestic water.
Drawing of a house with a split floor 4x15m
Construction site of a 4x15m flat roof townhouse for Ms. Thuong in Da Nang

Notes when designing a 4x15m 2 storey house with a terrace

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The design of a 2-storey tube house with 1 tum 60m2 is a type of townhouse with different floors on both sides. Located in the 4th style as shown above of the beautiful modern split-storey house models. Because of raising the 2nd floor floor higher to allow ventilation. Therefore, the cost of building a townhouse with a 4m difference is higher than that of ordinary townhouses. You should consider carefully

Design model of a 4x15m split-level tube house, view 3
Image of modern 4-meter split-level house architecture, Ms. Thuong’s view from the bird’s-eye view

Advice on how to build a beautiful modern 4x15m cheap house

Second, building a cheap split-storey house is not for everyone. Labor to build split-storey houses has a higher cost because it takes more time. More expensive concrete materials, more difficult to build than other modern 4x15m tube house models. That’s why you should consider it. Depending on business purposes or if you have a garage or narrow land, you should build a house with a well-ventilated floor

Modern tube house 1 ground floor 1 floor 4m
Picture of 2-storey tube house with 4m frontage, simple but beautiful, Mr. Hai

Construction drawing of a 3-storey 4m wide tube house with a ground floor for trading

This is a townhouse with a 4m frontage with a ground floor for trading projects. This house also has an area of ​​4x15m, if you don’t sell yourself to park your car and change the rolling door on the ground floor, it’s ok. Press here see the layout If you like the facade of the 3-storey tube house, Mr. Dung Hanoi built it last year

house model 70m2 3 floors 4m . wide
Picture of a 3-storey 4×15 tube house designed with a garage Mr. Dung Gia Lam Hanoi, the cost is about 1 billion to 1.2 billion

New beautiful 2 3 4 storey house designs with different floors

Currently on the Internet there are many pictures of house facades from 4m to 5m full. These beautiful split-storey houses are not necessarily the right houses with different floors. Because just looking at the outside of the 3D image does not say anything. Maybe the construction company took the pictures online. Then headline the view sentence, for example: Models of houses with different floors make it difficult to take your eyes off. Or: Fall in love with the top 5 most beautiful 4x15m split-floor tube house designs of all time. That’s not right, brothers and sisters, but you have to look at the detailed drawings inside.

Model house with 5x20m floor split 1 ground floor 2 floors Mr. Phuoc’s terrace

This is a model house with 5m frontage, designed with 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room. There is also a common room on the 2nd floor. Model house with 5x20m difference in floor design has 1 bedroom for the elderly on the ground floor. . Please refer to the sample profile details split floor house 5x20m 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace. Dimensional drawing of the house with the scale and the internal vertical axis

House split floor 5x20m
Picture of a modern split-storey house of Mr. Phuoc’s family in Da Nang, which has been built with an area of ​​​​5x20m, view 2

The model of the house with a 4×12 floor split, Mr. Vuong Binh Tan

This is a design drawing of a 3-storey tube house with a 4m frontage that has been built. Copyright of Mr. Vuong’s family, Binh Tan District, Saigon. In which, the drawing of a house with a floor difference of 4m x 12m has 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. Because the overall land is 4x14m horizontal, but the license for construction is only 40m2. Forced to leave the grid corridor and separate. Please refer to the detailed floor plan model house split floor 4×12 with the picture below

House with split floor facade 4m
The plan to build a 3-storey tube house with modern style 4×12 on 4×15 land with open floor plan Mr. Vuong

See the drawing of a townhouse with 4x15m split floors 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 2 floors 1 terrace

This is a model of a modern, airy, low-cost tube house. The facade of the ground floor of the townhouse has a 4x15m difference with the use of Austdoor rolling doors. Design drawing of 4-storey house 4x15m with garage inside. We have included a full size drawing of a 4x15m split-floor house in detail such as the dimensions of the floors. Interior 3D views + house images. Cross-sectional drawing of a house with a simple mezzanine, you can see more at the link HERE

Design of a 4-storey house 4x15m
Image of Mr. Giap’s simple 4-meter frontage split-floor house design in Binh Tan district

Models of 4x16m off-floor houses, Ms. Dao Hanoi

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Our new beautiful house design consulting joint stock company currently has 3 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hanoi. Operating in the form of shares. It is very convenient to contact customers in 3 transaction regions to view construction land.

Picture of house with 4m frontage, Ms. Dao

The following profile of Ms. Dao’s house in Hanoi is also one of the drawings of a simple flat-roof house. See model house split floor 4x16m the beauty of this family if you like it.

Model house with split floor 4x16m
Modern split-storey house with 4m2 frontage, 1st floor, Ms. Dao Hanoi built on land 4x17m

Drawings of our company’s modern split-storey house

In addition to the modern 4m off-floor tube house models of Ms. Thuong. Since its establishment in 2011, our company has about 20 different beautiful split-storey house drawings such as

  • Drawing of house with split floor 3x20m
  • Design of a split-floor house 5x18m
  • Design drawing of 2-storey house 4x20m
  • Design profile of the 80m2 split-floor house
  • Samples of townhouses with different floors of 50m 60m2
  • House split floor 4 * 17 4 floors
  • House split floor 5x20m ..

See beautiful house samples 4m wide and design depth 15m 6m

Before calling. Please see these beautiful home form Large and small area 2022 of our professional expertise first. For example, the space of this house with a 4m-wide staircase is enough for your heart to be no longer indifferent.

Interior design of townhouse 4x16m
Interior design model of 4×16 Mr. Dai townhouse another ground floor space

Overview of the modern design 4x15m split-floor tube house model

Model of a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with a width of 4m, designed by Phuong’s team of architects for Ms. Thuong’s family in 2019. Here is some basic information.

  • Design project of house 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace 60m2
  • Investor: Phan Thi Anh Thuong
  • Construction address: Da Nang city
  • Lot area: 4x17m
  • Design area of ​​street house 4x14m
  • Performed by: Architect Phuong
  • Simple modern tube house architecture with slanted floor skylight
Drawing of a house with a split floor 4x15m
Model of a modern split-level house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace, also known as 1 ground floor 2 terrace house. Even a 2-storey 1 tum tube house

The article is quite long. If you need a drawing to build a house with a floor difference of 3m to 6m for business. Or simple and cheap 4x15m split-floor tube house designs. Connect via zalo 0975 945 433 or call for advice on building a townhouse with beautiful slanted floors. Design drawing of a beautiful smart optimal 2-storey house with a well-ventilated skylight. Good luck.!

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