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6 bản vẽ nhà vườn 1 tầng 5 phòng ngủ chi tiết năm 2022

In this article, I update the designs of 1-storey 5-bedroom garden houses with eco-style land with mezzanines or lofts in the countryside in 2022. You should see

Information on the design of a 1-storey 5-bedroom garden house with Thai roof

Drawing 1 floor 5 bedroom garden villa house design completed last year. For Mr. Dung’s family, an area of ​​12 × 20 has a beautiful tiled roof. There is a ground floor construction area of ​​200m2, while the mezzanine floor on the round design is only 50m2. Thus, the total construction area of ​​a beautiful 1.5-storey house model with Thai roof in the countryside is 250m2 in the countryside, 20m across

The cost of building a 1-storey 5-bedroom garden villa house 2021

The total cost of the design of a 4-level 2-storey 5-bedroom house is about 1.5 billion with tiled roofs. Calculate the level of high-grade materials, and if you build a beautiful level 4 house with fake tile roof. The cost of about 1.3 billion materials can be adjusted. Depending on the financial or can be compactly designed around 1 billion. You can also build a beautiful garden house with a mezzanine roof. In general, depending on the purpose and financial needs of the homeowner. But our new beautiful house design company architect has a good and creative plan. Bring a cool and economical living space for your relatives.

Model level 4 garden villa 200m2 with mezzanine roof 5 bedrooms
Picture of a 1-storey 5-bedroom garden villa with a width of 15m x 12m with a mezzanine cost about 1.4 billion Mr. Dung

Design ideas for a 1-storey 5-bedroom garden villa in the countryside

Beautiful garden villa model 1.5 floors 200m2 designed on a large garden area in the countryside. More than 800m2 around 4 sides are spacious land in the countryside. In which the owner requested to design a beautiful 4-level house with a beautiful mezzanine with 5 bedrooms. There is a separate worshiping room for ancestors because the owner is the eldest son. And 1 common room is really large 50m2. Like garden villa 1 beautiful floor first. The kitchen and dining space are designed to be separate from the outside. But there is a foyer space with a roof covered with bright glass tiles above. To customize the reception space, drink tea and coffee when the house has guests.

1-storey garden house with roof terrace
Perspective of a beautiful 1-storey garden house with a cottage in the countryside 12×20 with Thai roof

Image of a level 4 garden house with a roof terrace of Thai Anh Dung

The model of a level 4 garden villa has a 12×20 tum floor, designed according to the architecture of a beautiful 1-storey Thai-style double-roof villa. Just like the beautiful U-shaped 4-level houses. Design concept drawings of our construction company architects. The design has 3 airy hallways. There is a way from the front of this beautiful 20m front level 4 villa. There is a high-level floor with 3 steps equivalent to 45 inches of feng shui Phuc Loc Tho

Floor plan size Thai roof villa 5 bedrooms 1 floor

On the side of the separate dining room space, there are 2 foyer and 1 entrance to the kitchen. And a side hall goes outside to the open courtyard combined with a window overlooking the garden. Sufficient light to escape cooking smells. The usable area of ​​a beautiful 4-storey house model with 1-storey Thai roof has a tum of 12×20 5 bedrooms. The area of ​​the rooms are connected to the outside nature. Around the house are green areca trees planted in front of the house and shaded on both sides. The back of the banana plantation features a beautiful 1.5-storey garden villa, in front of the banana tree, behind the cool, modern banana. But especially the North people are very fond of this unique traditional Vietnamese 5-room, 2-bay house.

Floor plan of garden villa 1 floor 5 bedrooms
Floor plan of a beautiful garden villa house 1 floor 20×12 Thai roof 5 bedrooms with basement Anh Dung

Floor plan of a level 4 garden villa with 5 beautiful mezzanine bedrooms

The model of the beautiful Thai roof house is horizontal, the front area is more than 20m long, the rear is nearly 12m deep, the interior space can be designed flexibly, in which the interior of the kitchen and dining room is very large up to nearly 30m2 between the kitchen cabinets and the table. The connected dining room has a bar cabinet with open walls and a high-class marble kitchen surface. The area of ​​​​the drawing rooms for the design of a 4-storey house with 2 floors of modern Thai roof is as follows

Drawing of a 1.5-storey villa with a Thai roof with a 12x20
Drawing of a garden villa with 1 floor 5 bedrooms above by Mr. Dung

Describe how to design a 1.5-storey garden house with a Thai roof with 5 bedrooms

The interior of the 50m2 large living room is located on the right with wide 4-pane windows. The design idea connected with the central main hall opposite is the church room. There is a 16m2 room, both above and below, with 5 bedrooms. In which the master bedroom is 15m2 wide and the remaining 4 rooms are 13m2. 2.5m2 wide, the smallest room is 12m2. You can observe further in the detailed floor plan and mezzanine floor. To understand more about the function of using neat arrangement

Advice on building a 5-bedroom garden villa with feng shui

Architecture model villa level 4 garden 1 floor with mezzanine of 200m2 beautiful Thai roof in the countryside. This is a modern 1.5-story house above to study the layout. The arrangement is airy and suitable for feng shui housing. Without breaking the 12 taboos when designing a beautiful home. Both air and light convection. Just welcomed prosperity for a beautiful 1-storey house with a roof terrace.

Hurry up 5 beautiful rooms
Beautiful model of 1-storey house with 5 bedrooms, L-shaped horizontal, European style, beautiful Mr. Viet

The model of the Thai-roof house has a mezzanine 12×20 above due to the 20m-wide rural tiled roof. So the architecture of this beautiful 1-storey house has a mezzanine of 5 bedrooms and 1 church. The cost of building a house is higher than that of a 4-storey house with 1 and a half floors with a conventional 1-storey corrugated iron roof. Because the structure poured on the top is 2 layers of iron wide. The side looking over the kitchen area has a balcony to enjoy the view. With high-class furniture, the cost to build a beautiful Thai roof house with a mezzanine floor is 1.5 billion to complete. As described above, and the kitchen and dining area outside connecting the lobby, do you think it’s reasonable?

Have you returned to the end of the year? 4 5 rooms in 2021
Architectural drawings of the 5-bedroom roof show that the implementation is not like the random pictures on the internet
Drawing of Thai roof house with 5 bedrooms and 1 floor
Architectural copyright of modern 1-storey villa with 5 bedrooms with tile roof 02
House one and a half floors with 5 bedrooms
Drawing of 1.5-storey Thai roof house with 5 bedrooms in the countryside 20m
Drawing of a house with 5 bedrooms
Detailed drawing of a one-and-a-half-storey house with 5 bedrooms with Thai Anh Dung roof
Beautiful house design 1.5 floors 5 bedrooms with Thai roof
Side view of 1-and-a-half-storey garden villa with 5 bedrooms, modern Thai roof, Mr. Dung

Warning arbitrarily taking the copyright to build this 1-storey 5-bedroom villa

Due to copyright issues, this beautiful 5-bedroom level 4 garden villa has a beautiful mezzanine. Under construction, we keep the information confidential for the owner. On request because the host doesn’t like online pomp. Besides, there are now many websites of other cheap home design companies. Or arbitrarily stole the design copyright, so we forced the construction company to delete the size. And dimming hope for your understanding. However, with the implementation details of construction architectural drawings as shown in the figure. You also understand. If you have a construction design need, we will send it to you.

Thai roof 1-storey villa with terrace
Perspective of 3 beautiful 1-storey villas with Thai roof, ground floor area 165m2 and mezzanine floor 60m2

If your land is narrower than the width, it is only 14m or 15m and only need 4 bedrooms and 1 church. Then why don’t you see the one-story neoclassical villa with Thai Anh Duong roof. 1-storey garden house with 5 bedrooms as shown above Here which choose more?

See more models of 1-storey 4-bedroom garden villas like this one

Because I don’t have much time to write articles, the company advises on designing my NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME. Only introduce the ground perspective and architectural drawings of the beautiful 1-storey 5-bedroom house above. For your reference to have a direction to choose to build a beautiful house in 2021 for many members who need a five-bedroom church. As well as being suitable for my family’s finances on a spacious 4-sided villa-style villa with a beautiful modern mezzanine roof

The type of garden house with the most beautiful mezzanine
We re-shop the paint color of a beautiful 1-storey garden villa house built in 2021 by Mr. Tho Binh Duong built in Hai Duong Chi Linh

Other 1 storey 5 bedroom garden house models

It is strictly forbidden to copy and arbitrarily build because there are many consequences later. Because each beautiful house model we put online has difficulty. Dimensions of column beams have constraints in them related to the structure. Sample Garden villa 1 floor 5 bedrooms Upstairs there is a beautiful Thai roof terrace in the upper countryside. Designed according to the resort needs for middle-aged people for large families. From 7 to 10 members and descendants are crowded to rest after hard working days.

Model of 4-level house with Thai roof 180m2 5 bedrooms Mr. Tu

Love! Thank you Mr. Dung for cooperating in design and construction with our new beautiful house construction joint stock company. Welcome.! There is also a model house level 4, 5 bedrooms, 1 bedroom, Thai roof, garden and yard, and the layout and perspective are as follows

building a level 4 house with 5 bedrooms
Floor plan of level 4 5 bedroom house with Thai roof on wide land Mr. Tu
house level 4 ground 5 bedrooms
Beautiful horizontal house model 1 floor Thai roof design level 4 ground level with 5 bedrooms in a simple countryside Mr. Tu

See samples of 1-storey 4-bedroom garden houses to change into another 5 bedrooms

Model of 2-storey Thai roof house with 5 bedrooms 1.2 billion VND

This is a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 5 bedrooms built for Mr. Hoang.

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Model of 2-storey square house 10x10m 5 bedrooms
Design drawing of a square house with 2 floors, Thai roof, 5 bedrooms, modern beautiful design, Mr. Hoang 10×10

If it costs about 1.2 billion, but 100m2 square land, we build an L-shaped about 85m2 with tile roof as in Mr. Hoang’s drawing. Like it see more here There is a floor plan on the first floor, full drawings, 2 bedrooms, and 5 bedrooms on 3 bedrooms.

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Note that if the land is 7m or 8m wide, even 10m wide, you can build a 5-bedroom ground floor house if the land is long. If the land is 6m 7m, then build an L-shaped house with 1 floor 5 bedrooms with loft. Building a house once in a lifetime needs a bit of space to live comfortably. The cost is not enough, you can make a simple 10cm wall toad corrugated iron roof to reduce the costs incurred. Architectural design fee I received 100k / m2 reduced 20k / m2 compared to other companies for you. It’s nice to have an estimate of materials for you to buy and call for on-site construction workers. Space science feng shui types. Close.!

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