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6 mẫu nhà đẹp 2 tầng 6×14 đơn giản mái thái chữ L 800 triệu

The house type 1 ground floor 1 floor L-shaped simple Thai roof costs 800 million after. Is one of the beautiful 2 storey 6×14 house models with solid construction drawings for 2 couples and 2 children. You need this drawing to build yourself

Front picture of a beautiful 2-storey house model 6×14 construction size

Drawing of a simple 2-storey townhouse with a facade of 6m designed in Asian Thai roof style. Just completed the application in July last year. Designed and supervised by Architect Hoang Van Tien in Da Nang branch office. For the family of Ms. Anh Duc Ms. Huyen in Quang Binh with an estimated investment of 800 million. Model house with 6m width, ground floor, 3 bedrooms, simple, suitable for civil servants’ families, whose land is 6m wide

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Construction area 80m2 1 floor cheap tiled roof with L-shaped side corridor. Please refer to the owner’s information and plan of functional floor plan for a 4-person family home. The drawing of the facade as well as the image of a beautiful 2-storey L-shaped house 6×14 is as follows

The front of the street house is 6m wide, 14 feet deep, and 14 Thai roofs in Quang Binh
Picture of a beautiful 2-storey house model 6×14 simple ground floor cost about 800 million by Huyen Anh Duc Quang Binh

Information on the design of a 2-storey house with a width of 6m with a simple Thai roof

The model of a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with a simple Thai roof is designed to save up to 800 million. In a modern style combined with tradition, there are 2 level roofs. The roof system has 32 slopes of A-shaped 2-way front, perpendicular to the rear. In front of the beautiful house frontage 6m x 14m, there are two opposite circular cylinders. The parallel design on both sides has the effect of supporting the roof system and bearing structure. If you have land with 2 lanes, you need to build a house with 2 sides on the street of 84m2 with a garage and a terrace. I have a design drawing of a house 6m wide, 14m long, 3 floors, Mr. Phuong looks like this

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2D image of house design 6m wide and 14m long for Mr. Phuong, Nam Dinh city

The beautiful 2-storey house model 6×14 has a slope of more than 32 degrees to help drain water quickly. Around the edge of the roof, there is a decorative border and there is a Seno to collect water. The two sides of a simple 6×14 2-storey house model are designed with elongated roofs. Each side 0.4m and 1 side 0.6m in front of the facade locks the curved arch head. The architecture of the house is 6×14 imitation of a beautiful French-style villa on Da Nang ceramic stone tiles. Light yellow and glossy brown tones evoke an ancient, wild and close look

beautiful model house 2 floors 6x14
Perspective angle view of 2 houses with Thai roofs, 2 floors, 6x14m, simple, optimal, French-style round columns, saving L-shaped corridor, but beautiful
  • Beautiful simple 2-storey townhouse design project with Thai roof
  • Investor: Anh Duc
  • Location: Dong Hoi – Quang Binh
  • Area of ​​land lot: 6×20
  • Construction area: 6×14.5 = 80m2
  • Design and construction unit for townhouses with a width of 6m : New beautiful house design joint stock company Da Nang office
  • Design and construction time: 3.5 months
  • Investment cost: 800 million VND
  • Architectural style: 2-storey townhouse with Thai roof, 6m frontage, simple and economical
  • Feng shui: The designer’s direction is in the main direction of the East Palace of Fu Wei, suitable for the age of 1979
  • That is, the destiny of Fire chooses the direction of Chan safety, the most beautiful, rich, glorious, long life.

How to design a simple 2-storey house 6×14 to build cheaply

Beautiful town house model designed in the style of a 2-storey L-shaped house, leaving one side 1.2m. The way to park the car as well as get the light through the floor. Due to the frontage of the house, the front is 6m wide, 20m deep. So the plan is to save the rear with 1.5m as an atrium. Optimizing skylights and back porches to keep the house cool.

Floor plan for construction of a simple 2 storey 3 bedroom house 6×14

In front of the yard, 4m is reserved for the lobby and arranged for planting trees and parking for motorbikes. Because the land area is higher than the road surface, the design plan of foundation ground structure. So the house model is 6m wide, 2 floors 6×14, only 45 cm high, ie 3 floors only. As for the use of a simple 2-storey beautiful townhouse model of 800 million, as follows

Ground floor plan of 2-storey house with Thai roof 800 million 6×14
Floor plan of 2-storey house with 3 bedrooms, simple L-shaped roof, 1st floor, designed to be built on land 6m across, 20m long, Ms. Huyen

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The ground floor of the house is 6m across, a beautiful street lot, with a large living room. There is a staircase designed with different floors close to the wall behind the living room. The connected kitchen space gets light through the L-side side door. And the floor from the stairs down to the natural cool breeze. The interior of the master bedroom is designed in the back of the couple and 1 WC. The last large comfortable drying yard has an exit to the back porch through the attic.

Construction drawing of two-storey Thai roof house 6×14 above

2nd floor beautiful model house 1 ground floor 1 floor simple Thai roof design includes 1 spacious worship room. And 1 common room overlooking the balcony. The drawing behind design 2 bedrooms and 1 shared bathroom with a drying yard. There is 1 large bedroom for 2 to 3 people.

Floor plan of the 2nd floor of a simple 2-storey townhouse with a width of 6m
Floor plan of the 2nd floor, drawing of a 2-storey L-shaped Thai roof house 6×14 Mr. Duc and Ms. Huyen

The facade of a 2-storey house model is 6m wide, 14m long, with Thai roof

Send you more drawings of this beautiful 2-storey house model 6×14 for this extra cost. Proving that the architectural construction part has been deployed for the section. Due to copyright issues and to avoid the case that you build it yourself without consulting a professional. So I send a picture in the drawing of the townhouse exported from this Autocad file

Drawing of the vertical axis of a simple 2-storey Thai roof house in Quang Binh
Facade drawing of a 2-storey house 6×14 with Thai roof 3 bedrooms exported from this autocad file of this 6m-wide townhouse, 20m long, L-shaped

Beautiful 2-storey house models 6×14 3 bedrooms for 2021

So our new beautiful home design company has just updated quickly. Some information about a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with Thai roof 800 million. The construction size drawing of 6×14 is simple but beautiful. Of Quang Binh’s family, 4 members, Ms. Huyen in Quang Binh. For people with financial resources of about 1 billion degrees, please refer to it. In order to have a plan to build a beautiful house suitable for your family’s land plot. In addition, we also have 6m wide house models. Designed with architectural plans for the landscape built on a large land on one side of the land. Or other drawings of the construction of a 2-storey house with a width of 5m to 6m. Please refer to these articles

What does the drawing file for building a beautiful house that saves 2 floors 6×14?

Technical profile of beautiful model house 2 floors 6×14 6m wide street. Construction drawing of 1 ground floor 1 floor with simple Thai roof. Saving floor from 80m2 to 85m2 is enough. Construction engineer our company is deploying. Added the construction technical structure and made the material cost estimate. Estimate furniture according to current market prices in 2021. To minimize the arising of investment costs for homeowners. At the same time, he and his wife, Mr. Duc and Mrs. Huyen Quang Binh, helped. Get a simple 2-storey house with a warm 6×14 roof. Super economical but best quality today.

See the construction drawing of a house with a facade of 6m 2 floors, size 6×15

Mr. Dong’s house is a 2-storey L-shaped Thai roof house facing the Southeast. On the right side, there is an optimal gate and fence for the couple’s 4-seater car to come in and out comfortably. The picture of a beautiful L-shaped house with 2 floors 6×15 with a yard of 5m, Mr. Dong is as follows

House design with a frontage of 6m
Model of a townhouse with Thai roof 1 ground floor 1 floor 6×15 built on land 6×20 with modern tiled Mr. Dong has an L-shaped corridor in the Southeast direction

Need to see a drawing of a 2-storey L-shaped house with 6×15 3 bedrooms facing Southeast. Like the picture of Dong Cu Chi’s house in Ho Chi Minh City, click here but see more detailed drawings. From there, there is a way to choose more

Models of houses with a width of 6m 2 floors designed with other ideas

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This is the 4th model of Mr. Lam’s house with detailed drawings of 3 bedrooms. The front of this house is 6m, two floors, decorated in the style of a neoclassical townhouse. But the top is fake Thai roof style. And behind the concrete roof for the water tank and solar energy

Model house frontage 6m 2 floors
Beautiful house facade 6m Thai roof 2 floors 6x15m neoclassical style Mr. Lam designed and built on land 6m wide, 25m long

Drawings of 2-storey townhouses 6×12 or dimensions for a beautiful 6m horizontal facade

Speaking of the 6m wide house, my company currently has no less than 18 records. Optimizing design according to feng shui skylights. Or the types of houses with 6m off floors, including 1 and 2 fronts. L-shaped houses also have.. All shapes and sizes. However, you should choose this house type 6×12 Mr. Lam. The reason this is a modern house on the street in the style of American Cocoon House.

6m wide townhouse model with simple ecological open space

Tropical architecture and construction ideas for the land are 6m wide but narrow but economical, simple and beautiful. See the house profile as shown below, if you like, access the computer mouse HERE to see the full set of photos of this beautiful 6m 2 storey house

Beautiful house 1 ground floor 1 floor frontage 6m
Model house frontage 6m with modern flat roof area 70m2 3 bedrooms Mr. Lam

Discover more expertise and ability to build beautiful houses 6m 2 3 4 floors of my architect

With a portfolio of over 10 years as well as experience in designing and building package houses in 63/64 provinces. The offices of VIETNAM NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE JSC are being built step by step from small sturdy bricks. We are proud and very comfortable when consulting on the design of townhouses or green architectural styles. Both residential and business combination for plots of land with 1 or 2 bevelled facades.. According to feng shui and how to solve it according to the five elements of the destiny.. See my copyrighted 6m house projects 2 3 4 floors. Learn more by CLICKING HERE if you need a drawing to build a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 6x16m with 4 bedrooms, Mr. Hong as shown below.

Model L-shaped house with 2 floors with flat roof
Model of flat roof house 6x16m L-shaped 1 ground floor 1 floor modern style cheap Mr. Hong Southeast direction

See the beautiful 6m house style with different purposes

Below are 2 3 storey house deployment profiles with different styles. Copyright my company has drawn and built for friendship families over the past 10 years. There are many more models but let’s see first

House with 1 ground floor 2 floors, beautiful frontage of 6m
Picture of a neoclassical house with a 6-meter frontage, 3 floors, beautiful Thai roof, designed for Mr. Tran Dung

The message of building a beautiful house with 2 floors 6×14 or other 3 floors

Although knowing that life’s road is bumpy and never smooth, there is a flower carpet for you to walk on. There are still days of silently dedicating and saving for his wife and children. Labor is glorious.. Try everything and then the difficulties will pass. You have a cost of about 700 million to 3 billion. Architects of our company have a simple solution to build a beautiful 2-storey 6×14 house. Or a house with 1 ground floor 2 floors with tile roof is about 1.5 billion for you.

Modern house with 6m frontage 2022
Model of 2-storey house 6x14m with pointed roof architecture, breaking away from Anh Ha street

Thank you very much and best wishes to you and your family! Thank you for your interest in following the website of the new beautiful house company. Best regards.!

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