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6 mẫu nhà phố 3 tầng hiện đại mặt tiền 5m 6m kiến trúc xanh

The modern 3-storey townhouse model has been built for Mr. Hung’s family in District 7 for quite some time. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE updates the roof tube house architecture with 5m frontage for your reference and choose the design

Request to build a modern 3-storey townhouse 5x16m in District 7

Owning a land frontage of 5m wide, the family has many members, Mr. Hung. Desire to design a beautiful townhouse with 6 bedrooms 5×16 for 3 generations including parents below. He and his wife and 2 children have a spare bedroom for guests. Sometimes in the countryside to go to Saigon to visit. Please refer to this modern style 3-storey 80m2 townhouse architectural design idea. Including 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 flat roof terrace. With photo information and beautiful house plan 3 panels with 5m terrace as follows

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Modern style 3-storey tube house
Model of modern 3-storey townhouse with 5m x 16m frontage Mr. Hung District 7 – HCMC

In addition to this design drawing of Mr. Hung’s house in District 7. If you need to build a townhouse with a frontage of 5m x 15m on land 5×20 with Thai roof. Scale of 4 bedrooms 1 ground 2 floors with terrace. Then see the house Hung we are building this path but choose to add a new style

Information about modern 3-storey 1 tum house 5x16m Mr. Hung

The design of a beautiful townhouse 1 ground floor 3 floors 5×16 terrace has a flat roof style. By the NEW BEAUTIFUL Architect, we have just designed for Mr. Hung’s family in District 7. Classic European romantic modern style. But inheriting Asian traditions. Help beautiful house architecture not outdated and sustainable over time. Just suitable for Vietnam’s climate.

Modern 3-storey townhouse 1 tum 5x16m
Picture of a 3-storey house with modern style 5x16m Mr. Hung

Clarification of modern style 3-storey 80m2 townhouse in District 7

Beautiful model house in District 7 with 3 floors, 5m frontage, designed on a land lot of 100m2 width 5x20m. However, the area for construction is according to the regulations of the People’s Committee of District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Only 80m2 is required to leave the front side of the road 3m and the back 1m.. So the design plan of a 3-storey house 5×16 leaves a yard of 3m with a lobby and a gate. Outside, there are cool green trees and a foyer to play and park. The rear is 1.5m airy to get convection light combined with the atrium. Make sure the beautiful townhouse model is full of natural cool wind and light.

Modern 3-storey tube house with Thai roof facade

The facade of the beautiful 4-storey 5×16 tube house in front of us is designed with a Thai roof with tiled roofs. Choose Nakamura blue, which is a durable, lightweight, high-tech Japanese tile. Both creating a traditional romantic feature and helping to make the architecture of the townhouse with 5m frontage more beautiful. You can see the beautiful tube house model HOTTEST has just launched for other customers after Covid 19

House 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace 5x20
Build a beautiful house with 2 floors 1 tum 5×20 with Thai roof roof architecture 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 Anh Hung terrace

Modern 3-storey house style with European facade

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Different from the usual beautiful modern 3-storey tube house designs last year. Beautiful model house 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace 5m wide with two opposite circular cylinders. The parallel design on both sides of the house helps the architecture to be magnificent. Featuring a semi-classical baroque style. But the stylized design eliminates fussy details to make the house look harmonious. East-West features sympathize with the contemporary trend Contemporary – one of the most popular new styles in 2020.

3 storey townhouse with modern style 5×16

Beautiful 3-storey house design 5×16 designed according to feng shui year of the Dragon of 1976. The direction is 7 degrees southwest. In accordance with the Qian Kim par, the direction of the Kun Palace Dien Nien. The restrooms and sleeping rooms are placed in opposite directions like a survey. And harm helps to create a bad direction for a beautiful house with a 5m frontage.

Construction ground floor 1 modern house 3 floors 1 tum 5x16m

The floor plan from the ground floor to the terrace has a common bathroom. Place close to the stairs to optimize the area placed in the main direction of East. The Five Demon Palace also has the kitchen in the Southeast direction of Hoa Hai Palace. Connected to the side hall and elegant atrium skylight. The utility of the floor plan of the beautiful townhouse plot of 5m. 16m long, beautiful interior layout as follows

Floor plan of modern 3-storey townhouse 1
Design plan of 3-storey 5×16 tube house in modern style in District 7 on the ground floor with bedrooms for the elderly

Floor plan & information of 3-storey townhouse with 6 bedrooms 5×16 = 80m2

drawing of house 5x16 3 floors 6 bedrooms
Floor plan of 2 townhouses with 3 floors 1 tum with 6 bedrooms, area 5×16 Mr. Hung
  • Ground floor design 1 bedroom for grandparents 10m2, 1 living room, 1 connected kitchen with bar cabinet, 1 wc
  • The first floor is designed with 3 bedrooms, 1 shared bathroom, a balcony
  • The 2nd floor is designed with 2 bedrooms, 1 shared bathroom, a worship room with a view of Phuoc Duc Palace, the southwest direction.
  • Large rooftop terrace combined with waterfall landscape to receive outdoor guests, 1 toilet, laundry room, yard to grow green vegetables behind.
Drawing of a modern 3-storey house
2nd floor plan of modern 3-storey townhouse 5×16 anh hung

Drawing of the tum floor to build a modern 3-storey house, Mr. Hung

Mr. Hung is a young businessman with a liberal lifestyle and a preference for closeness to nature. So when he asked for a design to build a townhouse in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, he wanted all floors. All must integrate friendly and harmonious green trees. Just increase the beauty of the house.

Drawing of a 5x16 3-storey house
Floor plan of modern 3-storey townhouse 5×16 in Ho Chi Minh City

Architectural ideas for modern 3-storey townhouses 5m . wide

Each beautiful house is a process of thinking and wondering for many homeowners. Therefore, when planning the architectural design of a beautiful 5m wide street house, it must be carefully designed. At the new beautiful home design company, we try to come up with different architectural design options. Let family members choose to avoid the “one-stop shop” style that makes it difficult to impose investors..

House 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 beautiful terrace
Front of modern 3-storey townhouse 5m wide Option 2

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Brothers and sisters see more beautiful townhouse model I just drew another European style not long ago and added it

Consulting to build a modern 3-storey house with 1 ground floor 2 terraces

Moreover, to own a beautiful modern 3-storey tube house design like this. Homeowners are very confused when choosing reputable architectural design companies and constructing townhouses at reasonable prices.. Because beautiful houses are often associated with blood and bones. The sweat and effort I put in after many ups and downs, enthusiastically working.. That’s why it is necessary to have a space to rest and relax. So the architects of construction companies BEAUTIFUL HOUSE DESIGN NEW SAIGON also does not hesitate to work hard. Typically, this modern 6-meter 3-storey house with a garage outside the yard is also a typical example

House frontage 6m
3D design image of a house with a facade of 6m 3 floors, modern style, construction area of ​​90m2 with a gate and large front yard fence for Mr. Ky’s car

Front image of modern 3-storey house 5m, option 2

On the Demo Render block, the architectural options of beautiful townhouses with strong designs. The gentle architecture is equivalent to the land so that the investor has the right to choose more designs, paint colors in harmony, open space, and save money.

The most beautiful 3-storey townhouse in Vietnam 2020
Front image of a 3-storey house with modern style 80m2 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 beautiful terrace Mr. Hung PA 3

Option 3 types of modern 3-storey house with 5m frontage for Mr. Hung to choose another

This is a 5m modern 3-storey townhouse frontage plan with a 5m rooftop terrace. Environmentally friendly green architecture design. The top floor is designed with horizontal beams painted white as shown

Quick, beautiful, beautiful 1 floor 3 cleaning the floor 5x16 at 7 cities in Ho Chi Minh City

Architectural plan of a beautiful house with 4 floors, 5m frontage, 6m length, 4th

Modern 5×20 tube house model for trading business

Four new beautiful house design options with a frontage of 5m 3 floors with an area of ​​​​5 × 16 on Mr. Hung. Help the family choose the first beautiful townhouse design plan. Because the beautiful 4-storey 5×16 townhouse model is suitable for his 50s. Bringing ancient features, soft facade, harmonious East-West architecture. However, the cost of building a 3-storey modern house above. There is a slight difference because the facade is a bit labor-intensive.

Model townhouse 5x20m 3 floors
Mix 3d photos of a modern 2.5-storey 5x20m tube house model with a simple but beautiful terrace, Mr. Huong

Comment on the model of a modern, beautiful 3-storey townhouse HOT today

Sometimes you can get a beautiful 3-storey townhouse as you like. Even if there are a few tens of millions more, try hard. To own a house with trees and open space. Scientific feng shui design. Choose a NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME Architect SAI GON – A construction design company in Ho Chi Minh City with highly qualified architects. Always be as creative as our architects because when we build, we will design 100% for you for free

Build a beautiful house in Saigon
Modern style 3-storey house model 5×16 most beautiful street frontage in 2020 up to now by Mr

Message to build a modern 3-storey house in 2022

Perhaps it is not possible to express all the ideas and creative designs in this article. But with the plan of a modern tube house with a beautiful flat roof 5×16. Construction scale includes 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace 80m2. Design of 6 bedrooms with airy front and back yards combined with skylights. Cleverly arranged in the middle of the house to catch the natural wind from above. Modern space with lots of light. In addition, you should not miss it beautiful house models 2022 HOT trend is most popular for European style

House 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace 4x16
Front of house with 2 floors, 1 tum, beautiful roof, building area 65m2 on land 4m wide, 22.5m long, with Uncle Binh’s yard

Other modern 3-storey house models with facades

Beautiful modern 3-storey tube house architecture in the above 4 samples. The idea is to design European-style 5x16m townhouses. No need to say anything more when coming to NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE Saigon branch.

Modern 4-storey townhouse
Models of 3-storey modern style tube houses HOT & Beautiful designed for business purposes or for each owner’s own living on 4m 5m wide street surface, you can refer to them recently for more information.

Hope to help you satisfy your eyes when admiring the style. But choosing for yourself the new Morden option that suits your aesthetic is not outdated.! However, you have to be handsome before coming to your company.!

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