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7 bản vẽ thiết kế xây nhà có tầng hầm phong thủy hợp lý 2022

You are looking for ideas to build a house with a beautiful 5m street frontage basement. With a professional perspective of architect, consulting joint stock company to design NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME. We recommend learning the pattern drawing of townhouse selling basement this but choose

Information about the model of a modern townhouse selling basement with a modern 5m frontage 2021

This drawing of a townhouse with a basement has a construction size of 5x16m on the ground floor. There are 3 floors above the building area 5m x 17.3m. Due to an additional part-timer, the outer cover is 1.3m. The house is built on the overall width of the land 5m wide, the frontage is 23m deep. In which, the design plan leaves 6m in front. Behind 1m sunny yard and emergency exit. Particularly, the semi-basement floor below is designed to accommodate 3 cars and motorbikes.

  • Design project to build a house with a modern Thai roof basement
  • Investor: Anh Hoang
  • Area of ​​land lot frontage 5m, overall width 115m2
  • Construction area 80m2
  • In charge of technical documents for construction design: Architect Le Tien Dat
  • Recent year of implementation
  • Update 2021
  • Design and construction time to complete: 5 months
Townhouses selling cellars
Facade model townhouse with sale floor The basement is 5m wide, 3 floors, Thai roof architectural design for Mr. Hoang’s house

Beautiful 5m townhouse model designed according to Thai roof architecture. The semi-basement floor is designed with a height of 2.86m2. The height of the ground floor is 4m and the floors for each floor are 3.6m clear according to the townhouse architecture. The total height of building a townhouse with a Thai roof of 5m is allowed to be controlled within about 17m. Blueprint townhouse with semi-basement 5m wide has the following room structure

  • Semi-basement floor 76m2
  • Ground floor: 80m2
  • 1st + 2nd floor: 85m2
  • Attic floor: Laundry room, terrace, drying yard 50m2
  • Floor plan house design with semi-basement Mr. Hoang from bottom to top is as follows
Build a house with a cheap basement
Sample drawing of a horizontal house with a semi-basement basement of 5m, modern style, 3 floors, Mr. Hoang

Samples of townhouses with basements of 5×20 . type

See more drawings beautiful townhouse design 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 flat roof terrace. Or other houses selling roof tunnels 4m to 6m across the street frontage. Design other modern drawings of your company. From there, there is a way to choose a beautiful new house suitable for today. Typically, the idea of ​​​​the house is 5m off the floor above the terrace to plant trees. The drawing of Hien’s house, Tan Phu district, Saigon is as follows

Architecture of business townhouse
The hottest 5m tube house facade has a semi-basement floor combined with modern split-level business Ms. Hien Tan phu
  • If you like townhouses with basements selling this HOT architectural business, VIEW HERE and choose

The interior space of the tube house has a semi-basement basement in front of 5m street Mr. Hoang

Drawing of a house with a semi-basement floor 5m street surface with construction scale of over 80m2. Architectural design 1 basement 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 roof terrace. Ground plan for semi-tunnel design The bottom townhouse has stairs going up and a water floor. Rear toilet and septic tank.

Modern house with semi-basement
A side view of the living room of the 5m townhouse on the ground floor of Hoang and Hoai’s family

The structure of the 80m2 semi-tunnel house space structure is as follows

  • Basement: Ram slope outside, small toilet
  • Ground floor: The owner requires a large design, so only the living room, kitchen and 1 WC behind
  • 1st floor: Design 2 large bedrooms, 1 common room, 2 wc and skylight
  • 2nd floor: 1 worship room, 2 bedrooms + skylight
  • Rooftop terrace + laundry room + drying yard
  • Here are the decorative spaces townhouse furniture for sale basement Hoang’s house
Interior of townhouse with basement 5x16m
Living room of townhouse selling basement 5m decorated with modern gray and white tone stone
Interior design of tube houses with semi-basement floors
Interior space of the living room of Mr. Hoang’s house on the ground floor 28m2

Interior design consultation for kitchen and dining room selling basement 5x16m ground floor

The interior space of the 5m basement house on the ground floor of Mr. Hoang has a simple modern design. Mainly focus on neat and clean layout. Dining space in townhouse 5m 80m2. Design lots of light thanks to the skylight behind and next to the stairs

The kitchen space of the townhouse sells a cellar
Design consultation for the kitchen on the ground floor behind the 5m tube house with a semi-basement basement for Mr. Hoang
Consulting to build a house with a basement of 80m2
Another view of the design drawing of a house with a 5m-wide basement dining room on the ground floor

Interior of a bedroom with a basement for sale Mr. Hoang

Below are the decoration colors and master bedroom space. Construction design with a self-contained WC in the room. Designed for Hoang and his wife, 24m2. We suggest more from desk perspectives. Bring a little green nature into the bedroom. Decorate photos of Tung, Cuc, Mai, Dao, Que.. add romance. But cozy for the space house with semi-basement floor 80m2 Mr. Hoang

Decorating the house for sale with a basement of 5m
The bedroom decoration space has a semi-basement basement on the 1st floor of Mr. Hoang
Interior of 3-storey house selling basement 5m
Another view of the master bedroom space of Mr. Hoang and his wife outside on the 1st floor

Unit price for design and construction of townhouses with semi-basement floors

Design drawing of a beautiful townhouse 5m by Mr. Hoang designed within 20 days to complete. Unit price for construction of the rough part of a neoclassical Thai roof townhouse model is 3.5 million/m2. Unit price for basic interior finishing such as tiling for walls and floors. Decorative ceiling gypsum lamp Vinh Tuong skeleton. Mr. Hoang chose the package of 5.8 million/m2. You need to refer to the price list for building a 3-storey townhouse with modern Thai roof, Mr. Hoang. We will send detailed materials for you to refer to and choose

Design of house selling basement 5m
3D perspective of house design selling beautiful basement 1 ground 2 floors 1 terrace 5x16m Mr. HOANG in 2020 new

Since the establishment of the company in 2011 to present. After many years of dedication and commitment, the NEW BEAUTIFUL house has implemented many beautiful projects. Typically, townhouses have basements and semi-basements. Or the 5m to 6m horizontal house models have a floating basement for business. Please refer to the beautiful house models 2020-2021 that have just been drawn and built for customers such as

Model of 2-storey house with floating basement
Mini villa model on an area of ​​100m2 2.5 floors with 6.5m wide roof Mr. Thanh view 1 has a floating basement

Model villa with basement for garage and Mr. Tung’s business

Model villa with beautiful basement selling 2 fronts
Overview of the 3-storey mini villa model with a business basement, designed by Mr. Tung, built on land 30m across, 20m long

Front model of house 5m wide, 4 floors designed with basement for sale in Thu Duc

Beautiful 4-storey tube house facade model 2019
Model of a beautiful 5m tube house facade, 1st view image with a semi-basement, modern split-level architecture of Mr. Quy in Thu Duc

In addition to the 5m high-rise tube house, Mr. Quy is above. Please refer to the models of modern flat roof townhouses tube house architecture Beautiful has just been updated in 2021. By the Architects branch offices of their own company that choose the style.

Beautiful house models with basements and other semi-basements

Know the method of collection with 4 tangs
Picture of a beautiful 4-storey old French villa with a floating basement, 2nd view of Mr
townhouse with basement
Two models of the beautiful 5.5m wide townhouse frontage with a floating basement designed with an additional staircase in addition to Mr

In addition to the above townhouse villa models. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME design consulting joint stock company we also design wedding restaurant models. Cafe bar or motel 2 star motel. Or the architectural drawings of the hotel with a 3-star standard basement. Level 2 competency profile. Can handle well signed 7-storey hotel townhouse samples. You can rest assured. See more categories on the menu of beautiful home design company leading in Vietnam. To choose the most prestigious construction design contractor today

The house model with semi-basement Beautiful casual design has stock. Or the garage below is a lot. In addition, depending on the low or high land potential, it is possible to build houses with different basements or semi-basements. When conducting survey to survey the topography and feng shui direction to build the house. The Architects & Construction Engineers department will advise on ideas. Usability and estimated cost of all items from A to Z. To give you peace of mind to prepare and build a beautiful new house that does not arise today.

Design of a house selling cellar
Model house with semi-basement 5x16m built on land 1 street frontage 5m 3 floors 80m2 Mr. Hoang style semi-classical and gentle Thai roof

There are many models of street front houses with semi-basement floors

Detailed information about interior floor plans tunnel seller 5m street frontage Mr. Hoang. Very helpful for choosing beautiful house models with land width 4m 5m 6m 7m wide. Or even 8m but the depth is short, the solution to build a house with a beautiful basement must be placed on one side. Architectural house 2 to 3 floors, the team of architects The NEW BEAUTIFUL team will wholeheartedly share the clearest advice for you and your friends.

3-storey tube house with mezzanine in the middle
Model of a split-storey house with a mezzanine business frontage 4.5m, simple ventilation Mr. Thuan

Model of a house designed and built with a street level basement for both residential and commercial use

See more drawings of a 7m house with a basement, prepared to be handed over by my company, NEW BEAUTIFUL, this year. For more information, please visit the article below

The design of the phoenix house has a lot of cars
Overview of the design of a modern townhouse with a 4-storey basement parking for both residential and rental business

Please refer to the beautiful house model 2021 Just updated to see the high reputation of NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. Have a nice day.!

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You need to build a house with a beautiful basement with a Thai roof from 2 floors to 5 floors. Please contact to send more models and styles have a lot of HOT models. But you said the land width is several meters in front. As well as long deep before connecting zalo 0975 945 433 to send the corresponding form. Have a nice day

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