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7 mẫu thiết kế nhà đẹp 3 tầng 6×11 năm 2022 mới

Sample beautiful house design 3 floors 6x11m This modern style. Designed on a land with 2 frontages in a small town. There are also beautiful house models 6×11 street.

Picture of beautiful house design with 2 floors 6×11 Thai roof

One of the potential trading ports in the future connecting with the North Central provinces. Something worth mentioning when designing a template 3-storey townhouse 6x11m this modern. It is the climate in the Central region that is very harsh with frequent floods. And the hot summer is influenced by the southwesterly wind from Laos.

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Moreover, the family is very large, including Mr. and Mrs. Load, elderly parents, 2 children and 2 younger siblings. Due to not having a family, there are 8 members in 3 generations. At the same time, it is required to design a house of 6x11m with 3 floors with a garage. So after researching 3 storey townhouse design 6×11 in this small central town. Our brothers and sisters carefully researched the options to optimize the area for a large and fresh space as follows

Hurry up to design a beautiful 3rd floor 6x11m 66m2 display
Picture of a beautiful house design with 3 floors 6×11 with modern roof 1 ground 2 floors to suit finance

Information on the design of a beautiful 3-storey 6x11m house

This is information about a construction project that has been around for a long time

  • Project: Design of modern 3-storey townhouse 66m2 with Thai roof
  • Investor: Nguyen Van Tai was born in 1977
  • Land area: 300m2 2 frontages
  • Construction design area: 6x11m = 66m2
  • Construction design unit: Design and construction company to build a beautiful new house
  • Construction time: 4.5 months

Request a beautiful modern house design with 3 floors 6×11

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My family consists of 8 people, but there is a land with 2 frontages with an area of ​​​​6x11m in the southwest direction. In front of the main facade, it borders on Xuyen A asphalt road with a width of 6m. The land is level with the road surface, want townhouse design with frontage of 6m 3 floors There is a 4-door WOODEN door. Dining room, 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room and wc combined with bathroom. In addition, an ancestor worship room is designed with a balcony according to traditional Thai roof architecture.

Hurry up to design a beautiful house 3 times 6x11m 66m2 show great beauty
Picture of a beautiful 3-storey house with horizontal roof 6x11m Southwest

Need to design house facade 6×11 feng shui 1977

Drawingsmodern 3-storey townhouse design 66m2 According to feng shui house 1977 – My Dinh Ty. The direction of the West is in line with my hexagram. Because I just went to see the direction of feng shui to build a house, heard the teacher say so. My family’s current budget is about 1.3 billion materials to build a 3-storey 4-bedroom house. Is it okay for 8 people to stay? Expect the architect of the company to design and construct a NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE in 2022. Design consultancy with modern Thai roof townhouse architecture 6×11. There is a beautiful, spacious and harmonious house space for my family.

Design message for a beautiful 3-storey house 6×11 with Thai roof

About feng shui: After conducting a survey of the land and soil. As well as based on the surroundings and age of the host. So solution 3-storey house design 66m2 This is skewed to the west. Phuc Vi Palace according to the feng shui requirements of the owner born in 1977 Dinh Ty. The five elements are the upper land of the earth, the land in the sand, the hexagram of Khon Tho – West of the four par.

Hurry up, beautiful living room 66m2 3 Tang
Design plan of Thai roof house with an area of ​​​​6×11 3 floors

How to build a beautiful house with an area of ​​​​6 × 11 1 ground floor 2 floors Thai financial 1.3 billion

After obtaining approval and obtaining a building permit. So the construction design plan for Beautiful townhouse model with a narrow area of ​​​​6x11m this. We further optimize for homeowners with an increase in the area for the mezzanine. And the 2 + 3 floors add to the space slightly protruding 1.1m. The left side is L-shaped to ensure comfortable living for 8 family members. So the total area encroached and protruded out. For the 2nd floor, there is an independent roof system and shade for the lower floor. Just created more beautiful view architecture as a highlight for beautiful model house 3 floors 6x11m this.

House frontage 6m
3D design image of a house with a facade of 6m 3 floors, modern style, construction area of ​​90m2 with a gate and large front yard fence for Mr. Ky’s car

See more modern 6m 3-storey townhouses for business

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More when designing modern 3-storey townhouse model 6x11m Thai roof. Our architects also have facilities and arrange more “cheat” area. Let the 2nd and 3rd floor balconies go out. To increase the usable area for the homeowner. In addition, there is a 3-storey house with a frontage of 6m on Mr. Lam’s business street. The type with terrace on the 2nd floor is as follows

Tube house with 1 ground floor 2 floors, beautiful frontage of 6m
Picture of a beautiful house frontage 6m 1 ground 2 floors terrace both living in and running a coffee shop with 2 fronts Mr. Lam

Design plan for a modern 3-storey 6x11m townhouse

This beautiful townhouse with a small area of ​​​​6x11m is designed with 2 doors, 1 main and 1 auxiliary. The main front door has steps leading to the entrance hall. The garage for 7-seater cars we designed goes into the asphalt alley perpendicular to the house.

Optimizing a mezzanine floor with a kitchen and dining room above the garage to increase the area of ​​​​the house. The garage door platform is designed like a modern 0.45m deep underground tunnel that can accommodate more motorbikes. 6x11m . townhouse design drawing This is for the ground floor and mezzanine as follows

Do you have a design for a 6x11m 3 funeral home for the next day?
Design drawing of townhouse 6x10m 3 floors for ground floor plan

Beautiful house plan 6×11 three floors below

Ground floor premises design of a 3-storey townhouse 66m2 This layout we arrange includes: There is a living room interior, a stairwell upstairs and a garage behind and a common bathroom for the whole floor.

Do you have a design for a 6x11m 3 funeral home for the mother of the family?
Optimal mezzanine design drawing for the interior area of ​​a beautiful kitchen and dining room in a modern townhouse 6×11

Beautiful townhouse model with a narrow area of ​​​​66m2 This is optimized with a kitchen connected to the dining table. The space is equal to the area of ​​the garage below. The two sides and back are designed with reasonable airy view windows.

Design drawing of a beautiful 3-storey house 6×11 above

2nd floor plan This beautiful 3 storey 6×11 townhouse design. OLDMainly for bedroom interior space, including a 27m2 master bedroom for Mr and Mrs. Load with a desk, stand, shelves, the remaining 2 bedrooms are 12 square meters each for parents and 2 children. shared.

Do you have a design for a 6x11m 3 funeral home for 2a?
Floor plan design drawing of the 2nd floor of a modern 3-storey townhouse with an area of ​​​​6x10m

Beautiful house space 6×11 top 3 floors

Especially in the 2nd floor space, there is also 1 bathroom combined with a shared wc. For the whole floor with an area of ​​​​more than 5m2, the rest are stairs and traffic halls. The main façade is designed with a view to the outside of 1.1m for further optimization. For larger house area. Small balcony can arrange a few orchid pots to help the view towards the front more beautiful

you have a beautiful 6x11m 3 house design for mat bang tang tret
Floor plan design drawing of 3rd floor beautiful model house 3 floors 6×11

Construction drawing of a 3-storey house with size 6×11 in accordance with the allowed residential area

Model of a beautiful 3-storey townhouse 6x11m This is on the 3rd floor, we designed an ancestral worship room 16m2. View atrophy in the main direction of the West. Interior design of a bedroom for 2 sisters in the back of an area of ​​14m2. Separate bathroom and toilet combined design next to the stairs. Outside, there is a balcony facing the side facade with a cool roof, an airy drying yard at the back next to the bedroom. In addition, your land is 6×15 street frontage. Need 3 bedrooms, CLICK HERE to see the 6m wide 2 storey house with green tube house architecture like this picture

Beautiful house 1 ground floor 1 floor frontage 6m
Model house frontage 6m with modern flat roof area 70m2 BUILDING ON LAND 6X15M 3 bedrooms Mr. Lam

Architectural overview of beautiful 3-storey house design 66m2

Beautiful house design 6x11m This Thai roof we create helps to increase the space of the house, but depending on the architectural planning of each city, it is possible to design an additional balcony with an additional view. The color of beautiful townhouse model 6x11m 3 floors This model with the main color is white tone combined with light blue to make the home space more airy.

The roof is covered with gray corrugated iron, this is a beautiful Thai-style house design with 3 floors 6x11m with a 2-way L-shaped sloped roof that combines modern and traditional to make the architectural design more sophisticated. Economical, elegant and not outdated by the years.

Hurry up, beautiful living room 66m2 3 Tang
Perspective of the facade to deploy a beautiful townhouse model with a small area of ​​​​6x11m

Other new beautiful 3 storey 6×11 house design drawing documents

Beautiful house design in Quang Tri, so the design plan to build a Thai roof. With the most carefully researched construction methods. Is the settlement in the coastal area where the pile foundation is pressed and according to the allowed residential area. If we need an architect, we can also arrange 1 bedroom for the elderly on the ground floor. Avoid climbing stairs and be more comfortable. You can see a model of a modern 6m-floor house with a yard similar to this picture HERE and choose it. Note that the façade can also be adjusted to the back, 6m long, 11m deep

3-storey townhouse with garage
3-storey tube house with floating basement garage, modern style, 6m-wide street house architecture with spacious yard Mr. Duoc

Comments on the 6×11 house model 6m wide, 11m long, with a yard

In terms of aesthetics, the model small townhouse design 6x11m This property has perspective and paint colors as well as pillars, roofs, rafters. only 66m2. In addition to the above 6×11 three-storey house model. If you need a design drawing of a beautiful house 6×15 with a garage and 1 walk-in door, SEE SAMPLE CHI HIEN with drawings

Hurry up 6x15m 3 tang
Sample image of a townhouse 6x15m 2.5 floors with an area of ​​​​90m2 with a frontage of 6m of Ms. Hien and her husband with an indoor car garage

Two house models with 6m frontage in neoclassical style with Thai roof

Architectural design and construction sample documents beautiful house design 3 floors 6×11 Thai roof. Includes 3 3D side views. Structural drawings of deployment facade, section, foundation, stairs. Details of septic tank, electricity and water, roof, toilet area… If you need to design a beautiful house with a frontage of 6m, choose this model and also design a function with a depth of 6×11 for you. Please click to see more 1 of these 2 models and choose

House with 1 ground floor 2 floors, beautiful frontage of 6m
Picture of a neoclassical house with a 6-meter frontage, 3 floors, beautiful Thai roof, designed for Mr. Tran Dung
Pictures of townhouses with 2 beautiful facades
Exterior of townhouse with 2 neoclassical facades, Thai roof, 3 floors, with garage built on corner lot, two frontages, 6m wide, 25m long, Mr. Manh

The designs of beautiful 3-storey houses 6×12 or 6x14m are available

If you have a similar land area, please contact 0975 945 433. Let the company’s architects design, construct and decorate the interior of your NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME. The first is to share the needs and interests of feng shui. Suitable for your financial condition. Addition

  • Profile of beautiful house design 3 floors 6×12
  • Drawing of 3 storey house 6×14 feng shui..

Don’t limit your unfinished dreams. In fact, it is the job of the company’s architect. Love

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