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8 kiểu nhà vườn tân cổ điển 1 tầng đẹp hấp dẫn nhất 2022

In this article, I aim at luxury single-storey villas. This is one of the European neoclassical garden house design documents with 4 ground and 2 floors for large land in the countryside with 3 to 4 bedrooms. Remember to follow the instructions of your architect

The first model of a neoclassical garden house, Uncle Phi

The model of a neoclassical Thai house with 1 floor is designed in the form of a square covering 15x15m. Suitable for beautiful European-style horizontal garden villas. That is, the land is wider than the depth measured from the facade to the horizontal rectangle. Suitable for villa garden architecture with small landscape garden. The fountain gives off cool heat when the summer is hot and the weather is uncomfortable. An overview image of a neoclassical one-story villa with Thai roof tiled in the countryside

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Neoclassical garden villa
3d picture of beautiful neoclassical garden house in the Southwest direction, building a resort in the countryside 2022 feng shui

Information about a beautiful neoclassical house model designed in October 2021

The neoclassical house of Mr. Phi was designed according to European architecture. Although it is a Thai roof, it has a bit of a French style 1-storey villa. The façade is painted in white with decorative moldings that are gently stylized. The blue tiled roof is suitable for the owners of the Moc – Kim and Thuy par. The design area including the surrounding roof is 200m2 with Thai tiled architecture, creating a unique and separate core. This neoclassical ground floor architectural drawing has a construction area of ​​180m2. Is the first choice of homeowners with better finances. And if you have mid-range finance, choose the model of a neoclassical 4-level house Mr. Tai, link below

One-storey villa with neoclassical Thai roof
A beautiful 1-storey neoclassical house model with a path around a romantic view of Mr. Phi’s night view
  • Refer to the model of a neoclassical 4-level house with 3 bedrooms 150m2 costing 1 billion Mr. Tai

Floor plan of the 1-storey neoclassical house Mr. Phi

Detailed drawing of 180m2 neoclassical garden house with attic floor. It should be called one of the eight most beautiful European-style houses with Thai roofs in Vietnam today. Unlike the garden house models with 1 floor level 4, the living room is 30m2 to 40m2 wide. The construction technique of this beautiful 1-storey villa in the countryside has a living room of 62m2. However, Mr. Phi’s land in the countryside is very spacious and comfortable. Therefore, the family often has a slow death, so it is necessary to design a separate dining room and kitchen. As well as the garage on the left side facing southwest as the top perspective.

The house is ready to die in 2022
The design of a neoclassical 1-storey garden villa with a living room up to 62m2 and a separate kitchen outside on request to build a beautiful house in the Southwest countryside 2022

Notes when building a beautiful 1-storey neoclassical house in 2022

The year 2022 will be very heavily affected by the Covid 19 epidemic. Therefore, it is very necessary to build a beautiful 1-storey neoclassical house in the countryside. However, compared to the models of 1-storey houses with flat roofs or Southern garden houses with slanted roofs. The cost of building a neoclassical one-story tile-roofed house is one and a half times higher. The second note when building a beautiful semi-classical garden house in 2022. If pouring concrete floors like the structural drawing of this Thai Anh Phi 1-storey villa house. Costs incurred over 100 million for concrete floors too. If you don’t pour the attic floor, you build a Thai roof house with the sound of a European-style garden house. As shown in the picture below, it costs about 1 billion but has a kitchen and 3 bedrooms and a complete church

Beautiful Thai-style house on the ground floor
The image of the facade of a 4-level house with beautiful Thai roof, 3-room architecture in the countryside, 15m across, covered with modern European style, Mr. Dung
  • See the smart layout of the 15m-wide neoclassical house Mr. Dung as shown in the picture

The most beautiful neoclassical garden models of all time

Send more models of 1-storey neoclassical garden villas with lofts. As well as luxury luxury villas copyrighted by the NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME design consulting joint stock company. Note to avoid confusion when referring to these beautiful 1-storey neoclassical garden villas. You should follow the instructions with an avatar and a note below the picture. Avoid the case that other companies arbitrarily take their own photos and record them in general. So it’s easy for you to choose the wrong design unit when you have already paid a deposit but the 3D design is not satisfactory. The reason is that there is no software model, how can there be such a beautiful perspective

Neoclassical 1-storey garden house 2022
1 of 8 The most beautiful neoclassical garden house models of all time copyright of NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME VIETNAM 2022

Model of 1-storey neoclassical garden villa 300m2 Mr. Hung

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The facade of this neoclassical 1-storey garden house with garage was painted for Mr. Hung. The area of ​​European-style architectural drawings is up to 300m2. This is a high-class villa style for Vietnamese giants. Inside the semi-classical villa with 4 bedrooms. The dining table and kitchen are designed near the side cushion lobby. Large living room and a very luxurious altar room. See the floor plan and another view of this beautiful 1-storey Japanese house with neo-classical style below

The most beautiful 1-storey villa in the countryside
Model of a European country house with 1 ground floor designed in the style of a resort villa in the countryside for Mr. Hung’s family 300m2
  • Visit here to see the 300m2 garden house with 4 bedrooms Mr. Hung & the beautiful 1-story houses just painted

1-storey neoclassical house with terrace and mezzanine Mr. Tho

The image of a neoclassical 1-storey garden house below has just been developed for Mr. On the ground floor, there are 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room, and a spacious kitchen. This 1.5-storey neoclassical garden house architectural drawing has 1 worship room, 1 covered terrace and drying yard upstairs. There is also 1 more spare bedroom. Thus, having 4 bedrooms is too ideal for a spacious home. Click HERE to view the beautiful neoclassical garden design profile Mr. You will definitely like this European style mezzanine-style single-storey villa

The most beautiful mezzanine house models 2021
Photo of the facade of a beautiful mezzanine house 15m across, covered with a unique neoclassical style envelope, with a leveled roof, decorated in European neoclassical and traditional styles, with Thai roofs in the style of mini resort villas.

6 models of neoclassical villas with 2 floors, 1 billion for horizontal land 10m and back

If the garden is large, it is not comfortable to say anything about designing the layout of the aquarium. Or landscape architectures, gardens and miniatures such as huts, mini swimming pools, private garages outside. Recently, Canh asked a joint stock company to advise on the design of his NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME. For a 2-storey neoclassical villa with a construction cost of about 1 billion. Size 90m2 2 floors Thai roof. Pictures are as follows

Drawing of 2-storey house with 5 bedrooms 100m2
Perspective of the 2-storey neoclassical garden mini villa with about 1 billion Thai roofs. Overview of the view along the way the birds fly in my house Canh
  • Need to build a 2-storey Thai roof house 90m2 across 8.5x12m 5 bedrooms like Canh about 1 billion, please refer

20 types of facades of beautiful French neoclassical architecture townhouses in Vietnam

Perhaps what you love is the nostalgia of Renaissance architecture. Not outdated and sustainable over time. The architecture is soft with beautiful curves, but the frontage is only 4m 5m 6m across the street. With the neoclassical house construction area, the choice is this French-style tube house.

European townhouse model
Modern beautiful European-style townhouses from 4.5m to 6m wide by Mr. Sieu, Mr. Ngan Bien Hoa, Mr. Dong, Mr. Thap
  • Refer to the beautiful neoclassical house facades on European streets if your land is narrow

Models of 2-storey neoclassical garden villas with Thai roofs

Here are 2 out of 5 models of 2-storey neoclassical Thai roof garden villas in the countryside. Completed the design and construction for Ms. Hanh and Ms. Thoa last year. There are clear actual pictures when the construction is completed and handed over. There are also other Japanese-style 2-storey European-style garden villas. Integrated design with Indochina garden villa architecture and standard feng shui. Need to build a neoclassical 2-storey garden house suitable for Vietnam’s climate click here but see more actual pictures that have been completed and handed over

Two models of 2-storey garden villas with Thai roofs in neoclassical European style beautifully decorated for 2 feng shui ages of Ms. Thoa and Ms. Hanh image copyright of NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE in 2021

Other beautiful 1-storey neoclassical garden house models

Back to the beautiful neoclassical 1-storey garden house with a cost of about 900 million. The floor plan is 10x15m, with 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room and spacious and solid connected kitchen and dining table. I have a design profile of Uncle Hung’s neoclassical level 4 house as follows. Please visit here to see the complete neoclassical house with spacious front and back garden.

Beautiful model of Thai roof house 2022
Beautiful 1-storey L-shaped house in the countryside with 9×15 Uncle Hung

Model Villa 1 floor neoclassical garden house 220m2 Mrs. Nhung

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You need to build a resort garden in the suburbs of the city. About 200 to 220m2, I have a model of a neoclassical European-style country house. Designed with an area of ​​​​9 × 24, there are 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room full of furniture for Nhung last year.

The most beautiful country house
Beautiful neoclassical European style garden villa house with garden 10x22m designed on large land in the countryside ms Nhung

Having large land, it is necessary to build a neoclassical 1-storey garden villa like Nhung’s picture. Then Please visit this article to see the complete drawing. With enough sunshine, the flowers will bloom very beautifully.

Model of a ground floor villa in neoclassical style in the West

The headquarters of NEW BEAUTIFUL VIETNAM is in Saigon. And has an architect’s office in Hanoi’s Cau Giay district, specializing in designing European French style single-storey villas. And Uncle Vinh’s house in Vinh Long as shown below is also one of the European 1-storey neoclassical 4-bedroom house models with attic floor. I need my documents to be sent by post

Beautiful 1-storey garden villa model 300m2
Model of a neoclassical 1-storey garden villa with an area of ​​​​300m2 used if including the main hall and surrounding side is 300m2 of Uncle Vinh’s floor.
  • See a model of a 1-storey neoclassical house, Uncle Vinh, if you build it outside the North and Central regions, you can

How to design a garden house with 1 2 floors in neoclassical European style

With 11 years of establishment from a one-member company and a limited liability company, the design consulting joint stock company NEW BEAUTIFUL has changed to the form of a joint stock shareholder. To suit modern 4.0 technology. I think we can exchange edits via social networks like zalo facebook very easily. The final file is printed in A3 and sent by post. see more

Beautiful 2-storey Thai roof house
Beautiful 2-storey house model with Thai roof, 4 bedrooms, 1 bedroom for worshiping Hung, just designed in May 2021
  • See more models of a 2-storey Thai roof villa with 12x15m roofs that Mr. Hung drew last year as shown in the picture
  • Refer to the model of a 130m2 2-storey garden house built on one side of the land in the neoclassical Japanese style of Ms. Oanh as shown below
Garden villa 2 floors 4 bedrooms
Perspective of Japanese roof villa 1 ground floor 1 floor 8m x 17m built on garden land 1 side view 2

In case you need to survey, the corporation still sends an architect to the site to survey when the epidemic is stable. With the current advanced level of science and technology, connecting feng shui drawing design and engineering is no longer as difficult as it was during the subsidy period. What more information do you need about the 1 2 storey neoclassical garden house models I send?

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