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8 mẫu nhà cấp 4 đẹp 120m2 có bản vẽ cho thợ xây năm 2022

The beautiful 4-level house model 120m2 is especially affordable as well as the space to use about 3 bedrooms 1 worship room combined with kitchen and toilet guests. It is no coincidence that the company new beautiful home design We put up a full detailed drawing of a 4-bedroom house with 8x15m for your reference to build a cheap house for yourself and partly without hiring an architect to draw time and money.

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Beautiful model house level 4 120m2
Model of Thai roof house level 4 8×15 3 bedrooms 1 guest worshiping Mr. Van

Information about a beautiful 4-level house model 120m2 wide by 8m long by 15m

The model of a level 4 house with an area of ​​​​8 × 15 sent by Engineer Truong Cong Van to our construction company, thanks to promoting it, if anyone knows somewhere, please recommend it to him to do without having to draw time. Because if you draw a new design of a 3-bedroom house with a Thai roof in 2022. The engineer brothers also took at least 10 days. To research and draw “immersing” for this affordable house of about 800 million.

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Design drawing of a level 4 house with a width of 8m
Vertical axis drawing AD
Level 4 house cad drawing 8x15
CC . section

Notable design drawings of a 3-bedroom house with a Thai roof. As a homeowner, it has been in use for more than 5 months. The story is now told that the owner is very satisfied. Because engineer Van directly presides over drawing and finishing construction. In general, there are rarely any architectural construction companies. Which put up detailed drawings of building a complete level 4 house. Like our construction site. Because partly they are often afraid of exposing their weaknesses and partly professional security.

The reason to put the drawing of level 4 3 bedroom 1 living room 120m2 online

There is no reason for us to cover up or “hide” it. Because I thought from the beginning when consulting to build a level 4 house with 3 bedrooms 1 living room like a model house with a ground roof of 120m2. First of all, we engineers have to work clearly initially. From architectural design prices to application documents. And unify the function and price of the raw and finished construction. Let the investor understand and compare with other contractors in the market to save the cheapest price.

  • Interior design model of 4-level house with living room and kitchen of Ms. Linh
  • Beautiful room design with open space Mr. Quyen’s house
You have milled the house 4 120m2
1-6 . shaft vertical
Drawing of Thai roof house 8x15
Roof purlin plan
House design with an area of ​​​​8x15
Roof surface

Drawing of a house with a tiled roof of 120m2 and a floor covering part

Second, we upload the whole drawing of house level 4 8m wide, 15m long, villa-style roof has clear details for you to refer to, if you find something wrong, you can correct it or realize what is necessary to accumulate more experience in designing and building houses for people. but especially the engineers or architects who just graduated from school, the skills are not perfect, but there is no other purpose or hidden meaning.

Detailed drawing of a complete level 4 house
Floor façade of the ground floor level 4 8×15

Facade drawing of level 4 house 120m2

Drawing of a level 4 house with an area of ​​​​8x15m
6-1 . shaft vertical

Third, just look carefully at the detailed drawing of a 1-storey 3-bedroom 120m2 Thai roof house if you engineers or contractors have experience and hard expertise to build for your relatives without having to go to them. I. Besides, if it feels right, then just build it.

Architectural ideas for 4-level house with beautiful 120m2 roof

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Back to the design story Level 4 house with area 8×15 normal but beautiful area 120m2. The owner is inherently young and does not like to be fussy. Investment costs are also limited to about 700 million to 800 million above and below. But arise too much do not like to borrow to bother. I want to build Thai roof house 1 floor 3 bedrooms for husband and wife and 2 children. Designed with a space that is neither too narrow nor too wide

Construction drawing of ground floor 3 bedroom house
Section A-A

Cross section drawing of construction of ground floor house with area of ​​120m2

Beautiful model house level 4 120m2 Designed on land 12m wide, 20m deep. But you need an open front and back yard. Arrange flower beds and when you need a car, you can also leave it in the yard. So the solution to design a 3-bedroom house with 1 floor, engineer Van. Design details leave a 3.5m wide front, 1.5m rear with a sunny courtyard for ventilation. And if your land is longer and deeper, then there is an idea to design a 3-bedroom house with 8x15m wider.

Advice on building a 3-bedroom house
Section BB

Model house level 4 3 bedrooms 1 living room 120m2

The other case is if the frontage land width is only 8m. Then you should build an L-shaped house, leaving a side entrance to open the way to the front and a side hall. As for this piece of land 12m wide and 20m long, I feel quite perfect. With the requested function of the owner.

You have returned home 4 3 rooms
Views of 120m2 house with Thai roof with detailed drawings of building a 3-bedroom house in the countryside of Mr. Lan
  • Click to see the drawing of a level 4 house of 120m2 with 3 bedrooms, 8x15m across, as above

Ground floor design space 120m2 3 bedrooms Mr. Van

Drawing of a 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house with a total height of 8.05m designed in a typical Thai-style A-shaped roof. Because the land to build a 3-bedroom house on the ground floor is quite low compared to the road surface. So the plan to raise the foundation is 5 steps higher than other common beautiful 4-level house models.

You have returned home 4 3 rooms
The layout of the house with 4 roofs and 3 bedrooms

Consulting on building a level 4 house 120m2 1 living room 3 bedrooms 8x16m

The beautiful 120m2 level 4 house space is 8m wide divided into 2 spaces. One side is for 3 bedrooms and the other side is for the front living room. Behind is the dining room. The reason for the layout of the level 4 house with an area of ​​​​8 × 15 is like this. The goal is to make the dining room more open. Particularly for the kitchen, it is taken to the back of the last corner. Because the owner’s request does not like the kitchen near the living room, it affects when the house has guests over.

Design of 4-level house with Thai roof 120m2
DA shaft vertical
1 storey house design 3 bedrooms
Electric floor lighting
Design of a single-storey house 8x15
Construction deployment ground
Free house construction drawings
Ceiling plan

Beautiful model house with slanted L-shaped roof 1 floor 120m2

Let the space beautiful model house level 4 120m2 3 bedrooms 1 worship room combined with a more open living room. Outside the right hand side, there is a 1.3m wide corridor. Connecting to the main hall outside the front of the house, the roof is 8m wide and 15m long. Create a cool patio to enjoy the cool breeze outdoors.

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Interior of house level 4 with Thai roof. There is a private space ie 2 bedrooms share a bathroom and toilet in the room. For husband and wife and older daughter, 1 shared bathroom in the back. And this is a modern house model of 120m2 with 1 floor mini style 8m x 16m by Ms. Oanh. After the translation is ok, I need a drawing, hello Mr. Ban – CEO of my NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME 0975 945 433

Level 4 house with slanted roof 100m2 3 bedrooms
Perspective night view of modern one-story slanted roof house design, Ms. Oanh is 8x16m across, L-shaped 120m2
  • Need documents to build Oanh’s house 120m2 above, see this link.

Other beautiful 120m2 level 4 house models

Because we don’t have much time, we only write a brief description of the construction drawing of a level 4 house with an area of ​​​​8 × 15 3 bedrooms 1 church for your reference. Beautiful house model of 120m2 with simple design using aluminum and glass doors on tiled roof.. In rural areas, it is beautiful to build this type of house but has a sustainable structure. When drawn by our brother engineers, it will certainly not leak. And according to the process of dissection, the volume is clear and transparent, the owner is looking for an agent with cheap materials to put in the warehouse to build.

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Drawing of a 1-storey L-shaped house
Beautiful 4-level house models 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 6x20m 1 floor Thai roof with fake corrugated iron roof 120m2
  • See the drawing of a 4-level house 120m2 with 3 bedrooms, 6m across as above
  • See drawings of a traditional 3-room, 2-bay house with an area of ​​​​100m2 to 120m2 like Mr. Tiep’s
Beautiful traditional house model level 4
Model of a modern 3-room house with 2 wings at the back with a 120m2 chimney Mr. Tiep

Drawing of a 3-room house of 120m2 with three bedrooms, 13m . across

beautiful house
Beautiful three-room house design 130m2 wide, 13m long, 10m behind Mr. Hoan
  • See a house model of 120m2 to 130m2 across, covered with a width of 13m, Mr. Hoan
Level 4 house 120m2 3 rooms
Level 4 house design 3 bedrooms with Thai roof 3 compartments 120m2 angle 4 along the way the birds fly Mr. Nghia
  • Click to see information about level 4 house 120m2 3 rooms with Thai roof Mr. Nghia

The design drawings of the house 120m2 1 floor Japanese style

There are many other types of 120m2 houses with flat roofs and other American style roofs. Please contact us to send more samples corresponding to your feng shui land. Click here for reference first if you need a drawing of a modern Japanese 1-storey house with 3 rooms in the countryside with a modern high foundation Mr. Tuyen

Beautiful house Thuy Nguyen Hai Phong
1 storey house design in beautiful countryside 12x10m Thuy Nguyen Hai Phong

Beautiful house model 120m2 3 bedrooms southwest direction

This is a drawing of a level 4 house with 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 worship room, for short land leaving a yard. Design to build one side of the land according to feng shui house in the west to the south. You need the profile of this house, I will send it

ground floor house with Thai roof
Type of house with ground floor 120m2 3 bedrooms 8.5mx 14m southwest of Mr. Van

Beautiful house model with 3-room Japanese roof 120m2, Mr. Hai

A drawing of a 120m2 1-storey house designed in the countryside for the elderly to care for Uncle Hai. If you like the picture below, ACCESS THIS ARTICLE for reference. What do I need to correct for you Deputy director of my company 0975 945 433

beautiful house 120m2
Model level 4 house style mini villa 1 floor 120m2 2 bedrooms beautiful roof cake U Hai Japanese style tile roof
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