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8 mẫu nhà ống đẹp 3 tầng 4m có giếng trời mặt phố 2022

Model of beautiful tube house 3 floors 4m Mr. Cuong and Ms. Dung later. Also one of the beautiful townhouses 1 ground 2 floors with a terrace of about 54m2. The front width is 4m, the length is 16m, but the area is tube house design 3 floors 4x14m street surface simple and modern. Please refer to

Front of townhouse 4m beautiful 3 floors
Sample images beautiful 3rd party house 4m Mr. Cuong and Ms. Dung are simple and modern

Refer: Models of beautiful 3-storey townhouses with Thai roofs and other French styles

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Information about a beautiful 3-storey tube house with a simple 4m frontage

The front of the townhouse is beautiful 4m with a flat roof architecture, building 1 ground 2 floors with a simple terrace. Sample Beautiful house with 3 floors, 4m frontage The ground floor is covered with jet black granite. 2.4m high 4-leaf door design with wind cotton with 10mm tempered glass frame. The idea of ​​​​designing a 14m long house on the land is 4m wide, 16m long. But leave the yard 2.5m according to regulations.

  • Design project of 3-storey tube house 4m . wide
  • Investor: Mr. Cuong and Ms. Dung
  • Architectural feng shui house front street 4m beautiful south direction
  • In charge of the profile: Architect Phuc
  • Land area: width 4x16m overall street surface
  • Construction area of ​​the 1st floor 4×13.5m = 54m2 – The 2nd and 3rd floors are 59m2 because the balcony is 1.3m wide and covers the outside.
  • Architectural style of modern 3-storey tube house with flat roof
  • Year of beautiful pipe house design updated 2022
  • Estimated completion time: 4 months to put into use
  • Executing unit: New beautiful house design consulting joint stock company
Design of 3-storey tube house 4m . wide
Sample Beautiful house with 3 floors, 4m frontage A view of 2 modern styles for a house with a ground floor and two floors with a terrace

Front of beautiful townhouse 4m 3 floors with balcony

Facade model beautiful townhouse 4m 3 floors with an outside balcony designed to cover 1.3m. With 2 purposes of covering rain and sun for the ground floor. The second helps family members enjoy the street view. Exterior model of modern 4m wide tube house with 3 floors. Design of gray tangled stone tiles with size 4m x 20m. Using tempered glass frames in combination with optimally beautiful house facades in 2022 with flower pots and green plants

The facade of the beautiful tube house is 4m
Front of beautiful townhouse 4m 3 floors simple modern 3d perspective with fence and Mr. Cuong gate

In addition to this simple modern 3-storey 4-meter house design. Please refer to how to decorate the facade of the 2 3 storey tube house 4m ,4,5m or other 5m wide HERE to find more about. There are even architectural styles of two-fronted business townhouses. And now, let’s learn the design drawing of a 3-storey 54m2 tube house through the layout as follows

Design space of 54m2 3-storey tube house Mr. Cuong

The entire design of the 54m2 tube house on the ground floor, Mr. Cuong needs to have a large yard for ventilation. Outside the facade should leave 2.5m. From 3 steps of 3-storey house model 4m wide, go into the design of 22m2 living room. Next, the space to arrange the stairs in the middle of the house.

Front house design 4m
Floor plan 1 design of a 14m long tube house with a skylight that takes light from the roof of the 3rd floor

Design size 3.2m with skylight and landing in the middle to help ventilation. Behind the 14m-long townhouse design drawing, there is a west-facing kitchen and 1 bathroom. The beautiful project of the 2019 tube house has 1 skylight from the back door and the toilet.

2nd floor drawing of a 3-storey townhouse model 4x14m Mr. Cuong

Because the 2nd floor has an additional balcony outside the facade, we call it a 3-storey townhouse model 4x14m, which is not wrong. 2nd floor area of ​​simple but beautiful tube house 2019 design 2 bedrooms for husband and wife and daughter, both with spacious self-contained toilets on request

Drawing of pipe house with 4m difference
2nd floor space model 3-storey townhouse 4x14m with 4m split architecture

Note the drawing of a modern 4m townhouse 59m2 floor 2nd floor from the stairs going up 1 side is the exit to bedroom 1. If you want to enter bedroom 2, you have to go up 3 more steps. How to design a 3-storey 4x14m tube house, also known as a modern split-level house, 4m frontage, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, terrace

The floor plan of a beautiful 3 storey 4m top tube house

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The area of ​​​​the 2nd floor of a beautiful 3-storey tube house of 4m x 14m of the couple’s family with 2 children, Mr. Cuong and Ms. Dung. The design drawing has 1 worship room + 1 separate bedroom for your eldest son. The interior space has a study corner, TV, and wardrobe located next to the skylight behind. Bedroom furniture has a shared bathroom and toilet. The rest outside the front of the beautiful townhouse 4m2 has a worship room and a 16m2-wide terrace.

House design 54m2 3 floors
Design drawing of 3-storey 4m wide tube house on 3rd floor, modern townhouse architecture 54m2

Modern 3-storey tube house style with 4m frontage

Beautiful 4m front house model with 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room 54m2 with flat roof. It is one of the modern 3-storey tube house models completed. The design has technical details from the architectural height section. Drawings of beams, details of main door, sliding door, chamber door, roof foundation, electricity and water.. complete. Measures against heat and lots of light. Modern floor plan architecture. This measure is also one of the beautiful 2 3 storey townhouses in 2022 that are being chosen by many to build houses

Model house with flat roof 3 floors 4m
Model of modern 3-storey tube house in 2019 with 4m frontage street architecture with flat roof

Another beautiful 2 storey 4m house facade model

In addition to the idea of ​​​​designing a 3-storey 4x14m townhouse by Ms. Dung Anh Cuong. New beautiful house design company, we also have beautiful 2-storey 4m house facade models. Outward appearance of the beveled U-shaped roof. Elaborate according to the neoclassical or semi-classical European-style townhouse architecture like

Front of house 2 floors 4m
The facade of the 2-storey 4×15 tube house design model neoclassical Mr. Long

Refer to the model of 3-storey tube house with Thai roof, 4m frontage

The model of a roof-tube house with a 4m frontage is actually the hardest part, especially in the roof. Because as you probably know, 3-storey townhouses with Thai roofs often have a horizontal A-frame. If you don’t know how to handle construction drawings, you will definitely seep into the walls and ceiling. In addition, the sloping roof system of the 3-storey tube house is 4m wide, and the roof is usually inclined from 32 degrees to 35 degrees. So it is sure to rain heavily and rain water will fall on the roof of the neighbor’s house.

Photo of the facade of the house with 4m roof Thai roof
Picture of a tube house with 4m frontage, beautiful Thai roof, Ms. Huong Thu Duc, HCMC

So the solution for the construction drawings of 4m 3-storey tube house models with Thai roof tiled roof. The drawing must have a sound trap for the water to be drained back or forth. You should see the drawing of Ms. Huong’s house if the land is 4m wide. And need to refer to the decoration and size tube house frontage 4m Beautiful 3-storey Thai roof as above

The most beautiful 4m frontage townhouses in Vietnam

Sincerely send to you the most beautiful townhouse models in Vietnam that are very popular today. With architectural styles, the facade of the house is French style 4m combined with European style. However, you must have a good budget to build a beautiful house

Model house with beautiful 4m frontage
Model of house with 4m frontage, selling classic Mr. Uy, Tan Phu district, HCMC

See the drawing of Uy’s house in Ho Chi Minh City at this link to learn more: https://thietkenhadepmoi.com/mau-nha-ong-1-tret-3-lau-san-thuong-mat-tien-4m-dep-anh-uy-tan-phu-tp-hcm.html

In addition to our company, we also have a full architectural drawing of a house with a facade of 4m with Thai roof. European style is beautiful, soft, optimal, and not too expensive

4x14m townhouse design
Model of beautiful street frontage house 4m 4 floors by Ms. Le Binh Chanh

Construction drawing of 3-storey tube house with 4.5m frontage, about 1 billion VND

If you have less modest expenses, see the drawing of this 3-storey tube house with a terrace. For land more than 4m wide or less than 5m diagonal. Please CLICK HERE to see the detailed drawing of this 1 billion house

Model townhouse 4.5m
Perspectives of Ms. Huong’s house 4.5m across the street of Ms. Huong Thu Dau Mot

Models of 2-storey tube houses with 1 tum wide frontage

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Whether you are planning to build a 2-storey 1-tum tube house with a frontage of 4m outside the main road or a plot of land with a street level of 4m in an alley. We all have a plan for you with different beautiful 2 3 4 storey house facades. Even a business or a garage

3-room design 4x14m
Simple 2 storey 1 tum townhouse design 4×14 low cost Ms. Nguyet in Can Tho

This 3-storey townhouse model 4x14m has a 2-storey architecture with a 4m frontage floor plan with a garage. Please call me to refer to this drawing of this house

Model house with 4m frontage, modern split-level architecture

The model of the tube house with 4m frontage, 3 floors, 1 tum later belongs to Mr. Phong’s family in Binh Tan district. Architectural style of townhouse with 4m off-floor is beautiful and unfussy. Construction area of ​​townhouse 3 floors 1 tum, also known as house 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace. Dimensions of the construction drawing of a 3-storey tube house 4m wide, 17m long with the following picture

Model house frontage 4m 3 floors
Designs Beautiful house with 3 floors, 4m frontage x 17m composite perspective

Brothers and sisters like the architecture of 3-storey 1-tum tube house with 4m frontage, cheap price. Please see the floor plan model house frontage 4m Is the floor plan layout suitable for you?

Overview of the facade of the beautiful townhouse 4m 3 floors Mr. Cuong and Ms. Dung

The facade of the beautiful 4-meter 3-storey townhouse is simple but beautiful by Mr. Cuong’s family for 4 members. The space layout is completely reasonable. Construction cost about 1 billion 2 complete including doors, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, toilets, electricity and water..

Beautiful tube house model 2019 4m
Image of a beautiful 4m townhouse frontage, pictures put together, overview from all angles

The design of a house with a width of 4m, length 14m, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, 54m2 above is one of the simple modern architectural styles of tube houses. Financially suitable for many families. The idea of ​​​​building horizontal houses with green architecture. The usable area of ​​​​nearly 200m2 is comfortable for a family with 2 children. Contact 0975 945 433 to make it beautiful and clarify details if you have any doubts

Message to build a modern 3-storey tube house 2022

Beautiful tube house model 2019 has many different architectural styles. Like Thai-roofed tube houses, flat-roofed tube houses, 3-storey French-style tube houses.. Even if you have a street plot of 4m to 5m across or less. It is possible to design 3-storey townhouses with French roofs, L-shaped Thai roofs. With a cost of about 1.5 billion to 2 billion. And if the cost is low, choose to build a simple 3-storey house 4m wide as follows

simple 3-storey house 4x18m
Simple 3-storey house model 4x18m designed with front yard 4m Mr. Hai

Proud to be the leading unit in the field of construction architecture in Vietnam. Brand New Beautiful House established from 2011 to present. So legal issues and complete construction. Not that young companies have to ask for stamps of other companies. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page beautiful home design of our joint stock company website. Purpose for reference more information and address. Business code before contacting engineers and creative architects for you.

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