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Neoclassical villa architecture is a harmonious combination of East and West features. It is a blend of Renaissance and modern architecture in harmony. Both in accordance with Vietnamese traditions and European-style conventions. But at the same time must be suitable for the tropical climate of Vietnam. This article New Beautiful Home Design Architects review the outstanding villa styles 2 3 4 floors with beautiful designs for you to choose from.

Architectural style of the first Japanese roof neoclassical villa

The design file of a 2-storey full garden neoclassical villa belongs to Mr. Dan’s family. The area of ​​each building floor is 150m2, the ground floor has a terrace and a balcony on both sides. Construction size 12x18m covered vertically from outside to inside. Architects of New Beautiful House Design Joint Stock Company advised to build 1 side of the land on the left side. On the whole, the land is 20m wide and 32m deep. The plan leaves the front yard 12m behind the house 2m and the garden on the right. As well as the parking space for cars and green architectural miniatures on the right as shown in the picture

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Two-storey neoclassical villa 150m2
Architectural photo of a 2-storey neoclassical villa with an optimal area of ​​​​12x18m on land 20m wide, 32m long behind Mr. Dan
  • Need to build a classic 3-story castle-style villa, skip this article and click go to this link but choose the classic style

Description of the profile of the 2-storey neoclassical villa with Japanese roof tiled by Mr. Dan

Design function of a 150m2 neoclassical garden villa. Dan designed a 40m2 large living room. There is a side hall on the right overlooking the very cool East. The highlight of the model floor of the semi-classical European style Japanese roof villa is the connection. The kitchen is designed with a size of 20m2 with a composing table and a large dining table of 20m2 with a very open view. In addition, the first floor is an architectural design drawing of a 9x18m neoclassical villa with a vip bedroom of 30m2 and a shared toilet behind the corner.

Floor plan of 2-storey neoclassical villa 12x18m
Architectural plan of 2-storey neoclassical villa with Nhat Anh Dan roof on the 1st floor

Function of neoclassical villa house 1 ground floor 1 floor 4 bedrooms 9x18m

The first floor has a semi-classical style of architecture with 1 worship room on the left and 3 bedrooms. There is a balcony on the side of the airy lobby that can enjoy the cool breeze. The area of ​​​​the rooms on the 2nd floor of a beautiful neoclassical house model is over 20m2 or more. Very comfortable and spacious. Unlike the architectural styles of 3-storey neoclassical townhouses, the 4-meter-wide staircase is a villa spiral staircase.

Beautiful neoclassical villa
Perspective of a neoclassical villa 1 ground floor 1 floor 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 150m2 size 9x18m, the whole hall still has front and back yards and 2 sides

Semi-classical villa style with Japanese roof view 2

The viewing angle below is the view from the right side of the neighbor’s garden to the East. The purpose is to satisfy your curiosity when learning about the styles of decorating windows and side halls under the armpit. Again, this is a semi-classical Japanese-roofed villa with a frontage of 9 meters and a length of 18 meters. Built on garden land in the suburbs with a width of 20m but built 9m. The left side leaves a 2m walkway and the right side is 9m wide.

Neoclassical Japanese roof garden villa
View angle of 2 Japanese roof villa style 2 floors right angle of beautiful European architecture

Architectural image of neoclassical villa with front view 4

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The beautiful 2-storey Japanese-style villa in neoclassical style, Mr. Dan is 150m2 wide in L-shaped style. Behind is a large hall designed in the architecture of 2-storey garden villa. The main color tone combined is porcelain white and then the characteristic light lemon yellow. The optimal tile color background is very prominent with the dark blue tile. It just looks so short because the architecture is more than 10m wide. But the clear height of 4.2m from the floor to the ceiling corresponds to 25 steps of stairs leading to the 2nd floor. The height of the upper floor is 3.6m, according to Vietnamese architectural standards.

European style garden villa 2 floors
View of the architecture of the neoclassical villa with the 9x18m facade, the best view of Mr. Dan – Side view

View of garden, outdoor architecture, European-style 2-storey villa

Sending you more views of the exterior of this European neoclassical 2-storey garden villa model. Aim to help you refer more

Architectural design of 2-storey garden villa
The image of the garden in front of the designer from outside to inside has a cool house and Koi pond as well as miniatures
The most beautiful 2-storey villa architecture
Right angle view of classical villa architecture, beautiful garden, 2 floors, Mr. Dan has a garage behind

However, this is a classic European-style villa built on land 20m wide. And if you have 10m of land in front of you. New Beautiful House Design Consulting Joint Stock Company designed the house of Ms. Tram. Currently under construction for 3 months as follows

beautiful design 10x20m
Beautiful villa garden design 10×20 in the south right corner of Ms. Tram
  • Visit this link to see a 10x20m 2-storey villa with a lobby but built 8x17m European style villa Ms. Tram
Garden house design 10x20m
Use the fountain in the front yard to give off cool heat for the 10x20m neoclassical villa, Ms. Tram.

The architectural styles of 2 3-storey neoclassical Thai roof villas have been built

If you are looking for a model of a 3-storey villa with a Thai roof, it has a soft architecture combined with traditional design. My company has a complete profile of the 2 to 3 storey villa painted for Uncle Phuoc’s family. Please see in this post If you like the pattern below

Beautiful neoclassical villa 2019
Architectural profile of Uncle Phuoc’s beautiful 165m2 neoclassical 3-storey villa

Architectural drawing of neoclassical flat roof villa on Uncle Hung street

This is a semi-classical British style townhouse architecture – Victorian styel. For homeowners with street frontage of 8m or 9m. Need to find neoclassical roof villa models. Architectural design documents with basement or basement for garage. Just live in and rent out an office, for example.

Semi-classical townhouse
The facade of the 4-storey European-style villa, beautiful neoclassical, Miss Ai 9m Go Vap – Saigon
  • You should explore the architectural design file of a 4-storey neoclassical villa on Uncle Hung if the house has a business front

Follow the instructions to have architectural drawings of neoclassical villas

Send more samples of beautiful neoclassical villas built. Follow the instructions, for example:

The most beautiful neoclassical 2-storey villa in Vietnam
Image of a beautiful 2-storey neoclassical villa design with a French-style terrace, Anh Hung, with 2-facade architecture.
  • View architectural profile of 3-storey French villa 1 Tu Anh Hung with terrace on 2nd floor
Beautiful 3-storey classic villa cad file
Facade of neoclassical villa 1 ground floor 2 floors 10m French architectural style on Uncle Bay street in Thu Dau Mot Binh Duong
  • See the finished 10m frontage townhouse in neoclassical architectural style, with actual pictures
  • Visit and discover the architectural styles of the 1 ground floor 2 attic villa of Ms. Linh in Ha Dong, Hanoi, pictured below
Old French villa in Hanoi 3 floors
The 3D perspective of the beautiful 3-storey French villa of Mr. Thuan and Ms. Linh is hot right now
Design of a 2-storey French villa of 10m
The image of the facade of the beautiful European-style neoclassical 2-storey villa, Ms. Trang
  • Please explore more to choose the architectural style of the neoclassical white villa of Ms. Trang
Beautiful 2-storey neoclassical house 160m2
Modern 2-storey Mediterranean style villa with garden resort in the countryside
  • Please admire the neoclassical 2-storey garden villa in the suburbs of Uncle Loc as shown above

Architectural design message to build modern neoclassical villas

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There are many reasons for you to choose classical or semi-classical European style villa architecture. However, depending on the direction of the feng shui house, the year of life.. Finance still determines the architecture of the house so that it is harmonious and beautiful. Neoclassical architecture never goes out of style. Suitable for wealthy investors who prefer a more regal nobility lifestyle. Part of it also shows its own unique features with a gentle and calm demeanor. Send you one of the latest European style villa garden style, Mr. Khanh, Hanoi as shown in the picture. If you like this type of 2-storey 1 tum suburban villa, ACCESS TO SEE THE ARCHITECTURE PROFILE of Mr. Khanh’s garden villa

European style villa design
The villa designs in European neoclassical style Mr. Khanh Hanoi

Unit price for design and construction of other neoclassical villa architecture

This architectural contemporary villa, we often call Neo Classicque architecture. It is also known as Indochina villa because it is suitable for the Vietnamese way of life. Mr. Dan’s model of a 150m2 2-storey garden villa is also the most advanced type of Japanese Fuji tile-roofed house today, up to 32,000/piece. In addition, it also decorates the motifs of the column hats, neoclassical consoles for harmony. The investment cost of classical construction is estimated at 8 million/m2, excluding the cost of filling. The rough construction of the neoclassical villa is currently the market price of 3.8 million/m2

European architecture 3-storey villa
The cost to build a neoclassical European-style villa is not less than 8 million/m2

The cost of architectural design of neoclassical villas is currently 180,000 to 200,000 VND/m2. Depending on the large or large floor area and whether there is construction or not, the design and construction joint stock company will be as friendly as possible. See more

  • Beautiful villa model 250m2 2.5 floors modern European castle style Uncle Thanh
  • 14 models of the most beautiful 3-storey neoclassical villa in Vietnam, French style
  • See more 99 models of 3 4-storey Thai roof villas with French neoclassical decoration facade architecture 2022

Please contact 0975 945 433 deputy director of our company, we will advise and send you more samples of semi-classical villas or beautiful French-style villas for you first and choose a more suitable model. Sincerely compete and decide to win.!

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