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9 mẫu nhà phố mặt tiền 6m đẹp mái thái thiết kế phong thủy

Beautiful 6m frontage townhouse drawing, designed in accordance with feng shui par Fire or Tho. That’s why the paint color is dark, so it’s a bit dark if you need to adjust the white and blue tone, that’s fine. It is important to design a 6m house with a garage and space suitable for families who need to build 3 4 floors of Thai roofs.

Image of a modern 4-storey Thai roof townhouse with a frontage of 6m Mr. Hai

Sample Profile 4-storey townhouse with Thai roof frontage 6m Optimally have a skylight in the middle on the roof and stairs. Facade in modern semi-classical style. Architectural design of this beautiful 6m wide house. In addition to the flexible and airy space layout factor. Also pay attention to the proportions of shapes and architectural rhythms. The third is the way to design the house and neutralize feng shui according to the destiny. The Five Elements Earth Born Metal. The layout of the beautiful home interior has spaces such as the kitchen. Design toilets, bedrooms, altars according to the size of the hole and bad direction for the house.

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6m wide Thai roof townhouse 4 floors
Design drawing of a 6×20 townhouse with a Thai roof garage with a frontage of 6m 4 floors according to feng shui par Tho direction to the Southeast

The design of a beautiful split-floor house with 1 ground floor 3 floors, Mr. Hai’s terrace. This feng shui feng shui feng shui feng shui feng shui feng shui building has a 6-meter-floor tiled roof with 4 bedrooms and 1 room. Please see samples beautiful townhouse 6m width of Mr. Tien and Mr. Chinh 2020. Design the drawing of the wall with a different paint color as shown

house 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 6x20
Pictures of 2.5-storey tube house with 6m wide frontage, beautiful and modern, Mr. Ban
3 funeral home
Beautiful model of a townhouse with a frontage of 6m 3 floors in 2020 designed for Mr. Chinh

Information about a beautiful townhouse with 4 floors, Thai roof, 6m frontage, Hanoi

  • Design project of 4-storey townhouse with beautiful Thai roof 6m wide 1 frontage
  • Investor: Anh Hai
  • Year of birth: Year of the Rooster 1969
  • Land area: nearly 6m long, the front of the house is slanted
  • Design area: 6×18
  • Total construction floor area 430m2
  • Architectural style of townhouse with modern Thai roof 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace church
  • Design unit: Construction Investment Joint Stock Company vs New Viet House Architecture
  • Chaired by: Architect Hai
  • Investment cost: 2 billion VND
Model house frontage 6m 2 floors
Beautiful house facade 6m Thai roof 2 floors 6x15m neoclassical style Mr. Lam designed and built on land 6m wide, 25m long

If I build a house with a frontage of 6m and 2 floors, I have a drawing of this profile of Mr. Lam’s house. You should refer to this drawing and choose more if you need to build a 2-storey house from 850 to 1 billion VND

Advice on building a townhouse with a Thai roof 6m wide with feng shui facades

Model of a modern 4-storey tube house with a facade of 6m designed in the Southeast direction. Phuc Vi Palace is 7 degrees away from the main direction of Thien Y Palace because of the beautiful 6m frontage of the townhouse, the location is slightly to the East. So the solution to the design for the house design area has a diagonal facade. Deviating to the direction of the main network, Ton avoids the direction of Ly to the South.

In theory, this direction is suitable but in practice it is not. Because this direction belongs to the star Cu Mon Cung Ly belongs to the negative Mars. Disobeying the Earth destiny is not good for his daughter, and it is bad for the house. Brothers and sisters who need to build a house according to feng shui can see the design consulting categories beautiful architecture at our homepage

Drawing of a beautiful townhouse with 6m frontage, Thai roof, Hai

Design options beautiful townhouse 6m frontage facing the Southeast is very good, the owner later has a lot of wealth, the descendants according to the Chu Dich Sutra are suitable for the year of birth 1969 in addition, the Rooster age is also suitable for the main North direction, and the directions such as the Northeast are also doomed. The southwest is wandering, the northwest is not good at this age to avoid.

CAD file drawing of 4-storey townhouse 6m
Technical drawing of a 4-storey townhouse with Thai roof, 6m wide, 20m long, Mr. Hai has a garage

Advice on building a Thai roof house with a facade of 6m according to feng shui

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Beautiful model of 4-storey house with Thai roof, 6m frontage, designed according to the main brown tone combined with milky white, suitable for Dai Trach Tho network – Dong Tu Trach wide garden land according to the color feng shui Tho network. Each floor has a spacious balcony to enjoy the view because the land is quite low compared to the street frontage 1.1m, so the design of the ground floor has a car garage similar to the semi-basement. Brothers and sisters for reference tube House 6m beautiful frontage Mr. Ly in Thu Dau Mot as follows

Hurry up and beautiful 6m
Beautiful tube house design with 6m wide frontage 1 ground 2 floors neoclassical style Mr. Ly in Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong

The main gate of the house has a facade of 6m, 4 floors, and is designed in the Southeast direction. The palace is divided into 2 gates and 1 entrance for a 3.5m wide car garage. On one side of the 2.2m wide side gate, there is a staircase leading to the first floor, the entrance to the main hall. The interior of the living room outside the front of the house has a modern roof, 1 ground, 3 floors, 6m wide. The architecture of 100m2 mini-villas for street construction is very popular today.

Floor plan of 4-storey tube house with Thai roof 6×14.5m with indoor garage

Ground floor plan model beautiful townhouse 6m 4 floors designed according to feng shui par Tho. The bathroom has a door facing the Northwest of Hoa Hai Palace. The kitchen is located in the southwest direction of the Five Demon Palace. That is, horizontal to the direction of the house to deflect bad. The kitchen and dining space are connected with a bar cabinet. 29.5m2 wide divider, 15.5m2 wide kitchen. The remaining space is for stairs, a 27m2 garage. The rest has a large courtyard in front of the hall combined with the roadside. The back of the house has a machined floor and an airy backyard.

The floor plan of the house is 6m wide and 20m long
Drawing of a townhouse with a frontage of 6m with Mr. Hai’s garage
Design of 4-storey townhouse with 6m . wide roof
Drawing of the first floor of a townhouse with Thai roof frontage 6m
The floor plan of the tube house is 6m wide, 4 floors
Drawing of the 3rd floor of a townhouse with 6m horizontal roof, Mr. Hai
6m horizontal house design with worship room
Drawing of the attic floor of a 4-storey townhouse 6m . wide

Description of the model of a 4-storey tube house with a width of 6m with Thai roof

2nd floor plan modern townhouse design with 6m front garage. The living room space is 42 square meters. The bedroom for Mr. Hai and his wife is 23.5m2 wide with a self-contained wc. There is a balcony in the lobby outside the front and airy stairs. The 3rd floor plan is designed with a bedroom and a shared bathroom. For 2 children and parents or siblings. From time to time in the countryside to play and balcony.

Drawing of tube house 1 ground floor 1 floor 6m Mr. Lam

Land of 6×20 frontage follows you when building an open-space eco-architecture house. You should leave a front yard for cars and a sunny courtyard at the back. Because the townhouse has a beautiful 6m frontage, both sides can build the neighbor’s townhouse high. If you have a cost of 1 billion 2nd floor, then choose a model of 6m wide house with an area of ​​​​the first floor, build 90m2, 100m2 floor, as shown in the picture of the house drawn for Mr. Lam

Beautiful house 1 ground floor 1 floor frontage 6m
Model house frontage 6m with modern flat roof area 70m2 BUILDING ON LAND 6X15M 3 bedrooms Mr. Lam

All bedrooms are designed with head pillows in the direction of the North, slightly to the West. Horizontal with the main Southeast direction according to Southeast feng shui. Beautiful modern 3-storey townhouse model 6m wide Mr. Hai has red paint and balcony. The tum floor is designed with a large drying yard behind and a balcony combined with a terrace.

Drawing of a 3-storey house with a width of 6x20
Model of a beautiful 6m-front townhouse with 3 floors with a terrace suitable for feng shui 1969 par earth or dark par Hoa

In the direction of the worship room, the design of a beautiful Thai roof tube house is nearly 6m2. Designed according to Phuoc Duc Palace, facing the North. According to the theory of viewing direction for the altar of Nhat Nam. Then the yin and yang are in balance, that is, the Wood yin of Ton (Southeast direction). The way to design the floor plan of the townhouse is 6m x 19.5m. helped the householder to have fame and glory in his peaceful youth. But later on, prosperity and fortune. Children are happy, fully intelligent and well-developed.

Other beautiful models of 3 4 floors with 6m frontage in 2022

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Thus, the feng shui expert of the New Beautiful House company has just made a preliminary overview. About the design of a beautiful townhouse with 3 floors, 1 tum, 6m wide, feng shui. How to optimize modern tube house style 1 ground floor 3 floors dark tile roof. If you belong to the Kim – Moc – Thuy par, you should choose other 6m wide 2 3 4 storey house models like Mr.

House frontage 6m
3D design image of a house with a facade of 6m 3 floors, modern style, construction area of ​​90m2 with a gate and large front yard fence for Mr. Ky’s car
Floor plan of townhouse 6m long 15m
Design drawing of a house 6m across, 15m long, built on 6×22 ground, leaving the front and back yards open

Model of a classical townhouse with French architecture with 2 frontages of 6m Mr. Cuong

This is a drawing of a 120m2 street villa, 6m wide, 20m long, with a classical architectural facade. Built for Mr. Cuong in Tan Phu District, Saigon

The 4th floor plan has a total of 6m
4-storey townhouse with 6m frontage, beautiful classical style, Mr. Cuong, view angle 2
Design 6x20m
The interior of the classic townhouse villa has an indoor garage, an elevator, and a kitchen in the back

Model of a semi-classical townhouse with 3 floors, 6m frontage, Ms. Vy

This 3-storey townhouse model has a Thai roof facade. Ground floor for business

Beautiful classic townhouse
The architecture of a 3-storey French-style townhouse nearly 6m wide Mr. Vinh and Ms. Vy, District 11, HCMC

Model of 2-storey house with 1 tum 6m wide, simple frontage Mr. Thien

This is a model of a house with a ground floor and two floors with an economical terrace built for Mr. Thien in Bien Hoa City

Beautiful 2-storey house design 1 tum
Simple and airy 6m wide tube house model, Mr. Thien
Beautiful house design 6x15m
Floor plan of house design 6m wide, 20m long, building area 6×15 with garage Mr. Thien

Model house 6m wide with modern basement, Uncle Phung

This 6m street villa house has a basement, designed and built by Uncle Phung 3 years ago. Basement function for parking garage. On the first floor, there is a kitchen in front of the living room. This is a drawing of a 6m street house with an elevator

Model of a beautiful 3-storey modern townhouse
Model of a beautiful 6m-front townhouse with a basement for both living and business, Uncle Hung

Above, NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME introduces you to the 6m 2 3 4 floor house models. Profile of Mr. Hai’s house, Thai feng shui roof architecture, paint color is suitable for Fire or Tho. If you need to design a beautiful tube house according to feng shui. Please refer to the beautiful home form Another 2022 has just drawn. Good ideas for townhouses 6m across the front. Choose more by your company. Contact 0975 945 433 for free consultation through Covid 19 to build beautifully and prepare well. Close

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