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Bản vẽ chi tiết nhà cấp 4 chữ L 2 phòng ngủ nông thôn Việt Nam

Sample 2-bedroom L 4-level house Beautifully designed with a frontage of 12m and a depth of 15m, Mr. Ngoc. Designed to be built on a large rural land with an area of ​​​​more than 1200m2. The Thai roof structure has just been handed over during Tet to Mr. Ngoc’s family. Please refer to the drawing file if there is a similar piece of land

Model of a 4-level house with beautiful L-shaped Thai roof 2019
Model of 4-level L-level house with 2 bedrooms with beautiful Thai roof of Mr. Ngoc’s family

Model information of 4-level house with L-shaped roof 12m across with 2 beautiful bedrooms

The model of a 4-level house with a beautiful Thai roof is designed on a large land suitable for the land with one frontage of the highway in the countryside. When writing this article, the company beautiful home design invite us towards the need to build a 4-level L-level 2-bedroom house with beautiful modern tile roofs for land from 12m wide, about 20m deep or more.

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In order to help you refer to the model of beautiful garden houses in rural Vietnam

  • Design project of 4-level house with L-shaped roof 2 bedrooms with tile roof
  • Investor: Mr. Luong Van Ngoc
  • Land area: Horizontal 1 frontage 12.5m long 27m
  • Construction area: 120m2, the whole hall is 124m2
  • Architectural style of ground floor garden house with beautiful tiled roof
  • Modern Vietnamese rural house motif
  • In charge of the profile: Architect Cao + Architect Manh
  • Year of updating construction design costs: 2021
  • Time 3 months to complete
  • Usage: 1 living room combined with the church, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 shared, 1 separate kitchen + 1 dining room
  • Investment cost to build a 1-storey 2-bedroom Thai roof house
  • Tiled roof architecture is about 700 to 800 million completed due to the use of good wood furniture
Thai roof house 1 floor 2 bedrooms
Picture of a model house with 4 L-shaped Thai roofs, 2 bedrooms, 120 square meters, modern, tiled, with a view of the birds flying by Ngoc and his wife

Note if building a beautiful L-shaped 4-level house in the countryside, labor is cheap

In case you build a beautiful 4-level L-shaped house in the countryside. The Southwest house has an area of ​​120m2, but the roof is fake corrugated iron. Using heat-resistant gypsum ceiling is about 650 million to 700 million. There are drawings of self-purchased construction materials called for daily work with item estimates by our engineers. Because the cost of local labor is much cheaper than in the city. You should ask the price first.

See the drawing of Mr. Ngoc’s 4-level L house with 2 bedrooms

The need to build a beautiful and beautiful 1-storey garden house of Mr. Ngoc and his wife. Reasonable scientific space design. In which, he needs to build a 4-level L-shaped house with 2 bedrooms with Thai roof. A room for a couple with a private self-contained WC. One bedroom for relatives to stay. Or his son and his wife have a house and do business in the city to visit and stay.

The floor plan of the L-shaped house with 2 bedrooms and 1 worship room is as follows

The floor plan of the L-shaped ground floor house has 2 bedrooms. The construction area is exactly 124m2, but we round it up to 120m2. The design width of the beautiful level 4 house is 12x15m. On the west side, there is a large space and a cushioned lobby as well as a water floor.

2 bedroom L-shaped house design
Drawing of a 4-bedroom house with 2 bedrooms 120m2 wide, 12m long, 15m long, L-shaped in the countryside

See more models of a 1-storey 4-bedroom villa with Thai roof, Uncle Dieu

Same space as this, but need to build a larger house about 180m2 to 185m2. Large living needs need 4 bedrooms 1 floor L-shaped villa, CLICK TO VIEW COMPLETE information about this house picture

1-storey garden house with Thai roof
Picture of a beautiful 1-storey garden villa house with Thai roof in the countryside 185m2, Uncle Dieu

Drawing of 4-level L-level house with Thai roof with 3 bedrooms 8×20

This is a drawing of a 4-level house with 8m-wide tile roofs with 3 bedrooms. Designed according to the architecture of Hoi’s rural L-shaped house in 2022. You have a piece of land that is 8m to 10m wide in front of cinnamon. Need the side to park the car or the front and back yard. Click THIS LINK if you feel satisfied and suitable for the Southeast world. Need to build Mr. Hoi’s house with a tiled roof of 8m wide

Pictures of beautiful level 4 houses 8x20
Picture of the design of a 4-level house with a width of 8m, facing the South, facing the East with white and blue paint according to feng shui par Moc age 1988 – East of Trach Mau Thin built a beautiful house in 2021

Dimensions of sample rooms of 4-level house with L-shaped roof, 12m wide, 15m long

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The L-shaped 4-level house with 2 bedrooms is designed with a kitchen space in the lobby, leaving the L-shaped corridor on the left hand side from the entrance gate with a size of 17.5m2. The remaining rooms are as follows

  • Living room + Church = 26.2m2
  • Master bedroom Mr. Ngoc and his wife: 16.2m2 + self-contained wc 4.2m2
  • Bedroom 2 for children to come and play sometimes: 13.7m2
  • Shared bathroom = 4.2m2
  • In addition, please take a few minutes to refer to the beautiful model house level 4 in contryside
  • Designed according to the architecture of modern Villa ground floor with 2 to 3 other bedrooms
  • European style, beautiful tiled roof with a different garden

Description of the drawing of the 4-level L-level roof with 2 bedrooms, 12m . across

The total area of ​​​​the roof of the detailed drawing of this L-shaped 4-bedroom 2-bedroom house is 142m2. Do flare around and 2 sides. The structure of the 1-storey roof on the outside of the beautiful 4-level house facade has 2 roofs. The A-frame system is jerked up and the side of the lobby has an L-shaped roof. The front roof tile facade is perpendicular to the rear roof. This design makes the architecture of the 4-level roof house more harmonious and unique. However, if building a 4-level L-shaped house. Drawing of a modern tile house in the countryside 120m2, note the drawing of Sika waterproofing treatment.

Detail drawing of 1-storey 2 bedroom house
Detailed drawing of a 4-bedroom 2-bedroom house for the L-shaped tile roof structure Mr. Ngoc built in 2019

Description of a beautiful 4-level L house in rural Vietnam

The model of a beautiful 4-level L house in rural Vietnam last year had 2 bedrooms with an area of ​​120m2. The surrounding design has a 1.26m high wall. The 4-level garden house with beautiful Thai roof 120m2 wide, 12m deep, 15m deep is designed back 1.2m from the fence for ventilation and access. There is also a large yard outside the design of a hexagonal hut with Asian architectural style. This is the outdoor seating space or coffee breakfast..

Model house level 4 frontage 12m
Beautiful 4-level L-shaped house in rural Vietnam designed according to modern traditional architecture with tile roof Mr. Ngoc

The model of the L-shaped garden house with a beautiful Thai roof on the left hand side of the back corner from the main entrance has a fish-raising water floor design. Design mini landscape waterfall. The top has a roof decorated with pots of orchids, philippines, virgins, 5-petaled cranes or phalaenopsis.. The side hall on the side has a level entrance to the kitchen. This creative way to help the family when eating out. You can see out of the window with lots of light and cool breeze. Features a beautiful modern garden house style in the countryside.

The reason you should choose a 2-bedroom L-shaped 4-roof house model

The model of a 4-level house with L-shaped roof has 2 garden-style bedrooms with an area of ​​120m2. Very suitable for families with 2 to 4 members living comfortably. Of course, suitable for retirees living in the countryside and lonely elderly people. Reason 2 should choose this beautiful 1-storey L-shaped house with Thai roof in the countryside with this tile roof. by architecture + integrated area with multi-family finance.

Drawing of a 1-storey house with a horizontal roof of 12m
Facade drawing of the design of a level 4 12m L-shaped house with beautiful tiled roof in Mr. Ngoc’s countryside

Model of a simple 3-bedroom 4-letter L-level house

If the width of the land is narrower, about 7m to 8m, the cost is about 550 million. You need to build 3-bedroom L 4-level house Cheap Thai roofs can simply choose an L-shaped house with an East direction. However, this is a 7.5m wide house design model for your reference

Simple L-level 4-level house model
Picture of a simple 4-bedroom L-level house with 3 bedrooms, 7.5m wide and 15m long, for reference, there is a perfect choice.

Simple drawing of a 4-level L-level house with cheaper price

Ground cheap 4-level L-shaped house model with images nearly 7.5m wide. The design floor has a living room connected to the dining room. Suitable for a young couple with 2 children. The need to build a simple 4-level L-shaped house with 3 bedrooms on the land, about 7.5m to 8m across. The remaining 20m long leaves a yard on the east side for parking. Temporary floor plan beautiful house 7.5m wide with cheap Thai roof. Feng shui is suitable for the East or Southeast direction as follows:

Level 4 house with the letter L facing Southeast
Design drawing of a simple 4-bedroom L-level house with 3 bedrooms, facing East – Southeast

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=>> See more model house level 4 3 bedrooms 1 room worshiping beautiful Thai roof of Mr. Huy’s family with detailed drawing documents for beautiful new house construction has been completed

In addition, we invite you to refer to the beautiful house samples of 4 ground level. With large and small sizes corresponding to detailed profile design solutions. As a model of a 4-bedroom 2-bedroom house, the price is about 300 million to 400 million. Through the YouTube movie watching section, the entire drawing profile is introduced cheap 2 bedroom level 4 house in this link.

In the case of larger land in the countryside, you need to build a 4-level house with beautiful Thai roof. The width is 12m, the depth is 14m, the space is spacious and there is a separate worship room. Then see the construction file of Uncle Phuoc’s house with the following architectural style representative image

Hurry up 1 tang 2 feng shui 1 room
Overview of composite images with full views of a beautiful 4-level house model 2 bedrooms 1 room worshiping Thai roofs in Uncle Phuoc’s countryside

See the detailed drawing of the modern Thai roof garden house, Uncle Phuoc. At the 4th level house path, there are two bedrooms and one room to worship the article below

Connecting the design of beautiful garden houses in rural Vietnam

Above are the construction documents of Mr. Ngoc’s 4-level L-shaped 2-bedroom house. And some advice on designing beautiful Thai roof houses in rural Vietnam last year. Copyright of our construction company. Do you remember to carefully review the detailed records to see if it is suitable for the land and the needs of your house? What needs to be adjusted in terms of the area of ​​​​the rooms or the space and financial taste..

The 4th most beautiful house in Vietnam 2017 2018
Model of the most beautiful level 4 Thai roof house in Vietnam last year

See more models of beautiful L-shaped Thai roof houses in neoclassical style

Invite you and your friends to refer to the architectural documents of the house: of Mr. Thach, Mr. Hung, Mr. Ho, Mr. Binh, Mr. Tai, Ms. Huong.. Recently updated in the top 10. The most beautiful house model in Vietnam after Covid 19. Italian design has a small landscaped garden with the color of the water, the sky, the landscape. Or connect zalo to phone number 0975 945 433 for advice on sending more samples. Check out more beautiful L-shaped houses to choose from

Let our architects know and give us a free consultation, if you agree, the procedure will come to your home to help you have a beautiful garden house in a spacious modern countryside. Sincere thanks to Mr. Ngoc’s family for enthusiastically creating conditions for us to complete the profile of this beautiful house model trend in 2022.

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