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Bản vẽ nhà 2 tầng 6×15 có file autocad điện nước đầy đủ 2021

Drawing of a 2-storey house 6×15 This modern 6m street frontage has already been built. The design of a Thai roof tube house 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 tum built on land 6m across, 22m long. The floor has a skylight, electricity and water drawings and a front yard. With a modern and youthful design style, airy tiled roof in accordance with urban architecture planning, new regulations of Circular 10/2014 BXD have come into effect.

Picture of a drawing of a 2-storey house 6×15 on land with a frontage of 6×20

Meeting the concerns of many families who have just bought land with a house frontage of 6m. But I don’t know how to build architecture to suit the current new trend and ask for drawings to make a dossier for a permit to build a new house as well as ask the contractor to build. New beautiful house design company staff respectfully send to you CAD drawing for beautiful house design with 2 floors, 6m frontage free of charge there is an additional small tum floor behind in the attic with details of electricity and water structure, installation of telephone, internet, floor plan and architectural perspective of this beautiful 2-storey 6x20m townhouse for you and your friends. can refer to more.

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3D perspective of beautiful 2-storey house design with Thai roof 6x22m
Drawing of a 6×15 2-storey house designed for a house 6m wide, 20m long, street frontage with Thai roof yard

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If you like a flat roof with a 6m front yard for cars because the land is longer. As for the size of the drawing to build a townhouse with a flat roof of 6x15m, choose the drawing below. Please visit to see the drawing Ky’s house this modern style

Model of a modern 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 6m
Model of a townhouse with a frontage of 6m 3 floors, reasonable cost, design is 6m wide, 15m long, with wide yard

Design drawing of a beautiful 2-storey house with a facade of 6m

Land area of ​​the sample Simple 2-storey townhouse with a frontage of 6m This is 22m long, in which the design and construction area is 5.6x17m, the rest is for the front yard 3m wide and the ground floor as a car garage. Behind the model beautiful townhouse design This leaves an additional 2m for a toilet and an integrated skylight. Design drawing of 2-storey Thai roof house This 6×15 for ground floor and floor plan is as follows

Have you visited the state of mourning?
The layout of rooms for a 2-storey townhouse with a frontage of 6m, length 22m

The function of this drawing of a 2-and-a-half storey house with 6×15 Thai roof

do you have a design for a 2nd floor plan? 6x22 0373

Beautiful 2-storey townhouse model 6x22m including 4 bedrooms at the request of the owner. Is to arrange the ground floor with 1 bedroom for guests, 1 shared bathroom. Integrating more area at the foot of the stairs, in front of the garage and living room layout. Behind the kitchen and dining table connected. Integrated near the skylight to get cool light with access to the backyard.

Perspective design of 2-storey townhouse 6x15m view 2

You went to the hospital for 2 funerals, 6x22m, the most beautiful
Picture of a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with 1 tum 6×22, ​​2 view angle

The 2nd floor design of this 6x20m 2-storey house design 1 common room and 3 bedrooms. The owner’s main bedroom is designed according to the beautiful master bedroom interior style with a closed toilet of nearly 25m2 and is quiet and polite at the end. The two bedrooms for the son are designed with a balcony and wide windows. In addition, our architects arranged an additional bathroom and toilet for the whole floor next to the common room on the right corner of the house. In addition, on request, the owner wants this 2-storey modern townhouse model to be designed in the attic floor combined with 1 tum as a worship room and another 36m2 large laundry room with an integrated skylight.

CAD drawing for designing a 2-storey townhouse with a beautiful 6m frontage

Our company sends you this 2-storey townhouse design cad drawing free of charge. Including free detailed drawings of the vertical, cross-section, horizontal.. Help you own a house equivalent to a facade area of ​​6m, length 17m or more. Free building permits can be obtained. Normally, when applying for a license, if you hire a drawing company, it usually costs 3 million to 5 million. Only editing and selling drawings, new designs, about 6 to 8 million. CAD drawing of this 2-storey townhouse 1 tum 6x17m frontage. With details of electrical and water structure, roof plan. Front, back, side.. including many drawings as follows

2nd floor cat house is beautiful 6x20
Some cad drawings of modern 2-storey townhouses 6x22m free for homeowners

You have returned to Nha Pho 2, but it's still very long

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Do you have a design for a beautiful 2nd floor 6x20m bed?You have been to Nha Pho 2, but it's still 6mYou have met the most beautiful cat in Nha Pho 2Can you tell me about the details of the 2nd house in the morning? 6x22mYou have returned to the hospital with 2 tangs 6x20Have you met the 2nd house 2 tang 6x22m 0934You have set up the 2nd house in Nha Pho, it's beautiful and beautiful, 6mYou have set up an internet connection for Nha Pho 2, but it's still 6mYou have returned to the hospital with 2 tangs 6x20You go to Nha Pho 2 6x22m for internet tretDid you go to the house for 2 funerals in Thailand?Did you go to the hospital with a beautiful 2nd floor 6x20Do you have design design for 2 drums 6x22mHave you ever set up a new model for Mai Nha Pho 2? 6x20Do you have a design for the 2nd floor of Nha Pho?Do you have a design for a 2nd 6x22 house for a cleaning TV?Do you have a design for a 2nd house?Do you have a design for a 2nd floor plan for a new home?Do you have a design for a 2nd floor kitchen with a width of 6m?Do you have a design for a 2nd floor building with 6m money?

A set of dossiers of application for a new house construction permit according to regulations must have at least a drawing that can be printed into a file or photocopy on an A2 sheet of paper, at least 8 drawings including architectural perspective, floor plan, If there are some difficult places in the elevation, the cross-section will require more drawings of electrical and water structures.. Depending on the requirements of the staff, it will fully satisfy you. Hope with the 2 storey house design cad drawing This 6x20m you can get to apply for a construction permit for your family and save a part of the cost when building and designing a beautiful cheap townhouse.

Consult the drawing of a beautiful 2-storey house with 6×15 tile roofs

This is a picture of a beautiful townhouse model 6×15 2 floors 1 tum different view

picture of the 2nd house phoenix 6x22m beautiful 9623
Pictures of the most beautiful simple 2-storey townhouse in Thai roof

This modern 2-storey townhouse design with a beautiful 6m frontage is designed with white tone colors combined with a large front balcony with more trees to increase closeness to nature. The ground floor façade is designed with silver gray granite tiles, aluminum doors and glass frames with strong aluminum core. The design plan of this beautiful 2-storey townhouse with Thai roof is designed according to the 2-length sloping A-roof reaching behind to help drain water quickly. The facade of this 2-storey modern townhouse is designed with 2 woven roof systems, the upper roof is larger than the lower roof, creating a unique and more reasonable architecture.

This can also be considered as a design drawing of a beautiful two-storey townhouse because the rear design has an additional 1 tum as a separate worship room and the back is a laundry room with a drying yard. The gate of this 2-storey townhouse with a facade of 6m is designed with unique pattern details painted in white to create a harmony between the neoclassical 2-storey townhouse style and Asian Thai roof. In addition, you can refer to the design drawing of a beautiful 2-storey 6x17m townhouse with architecture and other equivalent needs for a more modern 2-storey townhouse facade with other representative 3D images as follows:

Hurry up and make 2 beautiful pictures, 6m
The design of a 2-storey townhouse with 1 tum 4 bedrooms, beautiful architecture, beautiful tube house

Model of a beautiful 2-storey house with a street frontage of 6m This 17m long has a tube house architectural design, but the Thai style roof is a bit different from the model beautiful house design 1 ground floor 6x22m Above it is the facade instead of the duplex shape, but this beautiful 2-storey 6x17m tube house on the facade is clad with wooden walls and combined with the upper and left frame lines to help 2 storey townhouse facade This 6x17m becomes more friendly and airy. In addition, I also have other sets of drawings of 6x15m 3 4-storey houses such as

Models of 2-storey houses 6×15 other beautiful flat roof house architecture

Each beautiful modern tube house design has its own design style. Depending on the characteristics of the climate of each region and the direction of the land, feng shui houses according to age. There are creative solutions when designing new houses for families. Is a company specializing in design and construction with a team of architects. Enthusiastic Construction Engineers promise to bring good living values. Impressive architecture with ideas for every home with the cheapest townhouse design price. See the floor plan of the 6×15 tube house in the article about 6x15m tube house model 2 floors 1 tum 4 bedrooms 1 modern worship room Hien is like the picture

Hurry up 6x15m 3 tang
Sample image of a townhouse 6x15m 2.5 floors with an area of ​​​​6×15 with a facade of 6m of Ms. Hien and her husband

Hope with cad drawing beautiful house design with 2 floors, frontage of 6m The above meets a lot for the contractor when building and even you and your friends are still wondering about the model for your home. For any information, please contact 0975 945 433 for us to advise you on a design and construction quote for each item of today’s multi-style beautiful townhouses. In addition, we also have more than 6 house models 6x12m wide 6x18m 2 frontages. There is also a modern business ground floor. Connect to send more beautiful styles.!

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