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Bản vẽ nhà cấp 4 có gác lửng 5×15 3 phòng ngủ Đà Nẵng

The drawing of a level 4 house with a mezzanine of 5×15 after is suitable for the horizontal ground position of 5m. The cost is also not too high, built for Ms. Tuyen’s family. If you need to build a tube house with 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 2 bedrooms, please refer. Also build us for free

Design sample Level 4 has a mezzanine Beauty is now very popular and chosen by many people. Especially for houses with a small area. Not only because of the beautiful design, taking advantage of more space. Besides, it also has a relatively low construction cost. The design of a 4-level mezzanine house is considered an effective way to increase the usable area. While keeping the same height of the house. Especially suitable for houses with limited space. Or have a limited height like a level 4 house.

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Therefore, today there are quite a few families, especially young couples with small children. Often choose models of level 4 mezzanine houses as a comfortable living space for themselves. This model of a low-cost 4-level house in Da Nang belongs to Ms. Tuyen’s family. Office design by Tien Architects in Da Nang. We update it for free for your reference

Da Nang cheap 4-level house space with tole roof mezzanine

Free drawing of level 4 house with mezzanine cheap simple free spacious design but lowest cost using imitation molded flooring. With the current escalating market prices, it is extremely difficult to build a beautiful 4-level house with a Thai-style roof tile roof compared to finance for workers or state employees. At present, the price of iron and steel as well as construction sand has increased rapidly due to the tightening policy of the State.

Finding an effective solution for a cad drawing of a level 4 house with a beautiful mezzanine was created by the architects of the company, a new beautiful house design company, in combination with a 5m level 4 pipe house with experience. Investment cost to build a cheap house for you and you can rest assured to build a beautiful 4-level house today

house drawing 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 75m2
Model level 4 house with mezzanine Ms. Tuyen Da Nang

Due to her advanced age, the economic conditions are at an average level and currently she is living with her youngest child, so Ms. Tuyen only wishes to build a simple 4-level house design with low investment cost, suitable for her living conditions. family as well as not causing waste because the demand for use is also low. Through consulting and consulting with architects, our company introduced and made a drawing for her house design level 4 There is a beautiful cheap mezzanine below, please refer to it with us.

Free drawing of mezzanine house 5x15
Cross-section drawing, drawing of a level 4 house with a cheap mezzanine, Ms. Tuyen 5×15

Ms. Tuyen has now turned 60 years old, is a ward civil servant. Currently living and working at Thu Bon street, Hoa Xuan ecological urban area. Da Nang city is known as the most livable city in Vietnam. When receiving a request for a design consultant to build a simple mezzanine house, Ms. Tuyen. Also the luck with our company. Through information about the land area she owns, the frontage is 5m wide, 20m deep. Thus, a spacious 100m2 design a model of a low-cost 4-bedroom house with 2 BEDROOM. It is very suitable for low-income people.

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After conducting research on the land and grasp the functional needs of use. Because of her small family, she currently lives with her youngest child. So the need only needs 2 bedrooms in addition to need an additional worship room. This is to help save money on investment in accordance with the actual needs of her single family. In the design plan of a beautiful level 4 house, there was a small and beautiful 75m2 mezzanine last year. Our architects only draw demo drawings. Free design for her to easily visualize the space and to build is also free to design. In order to reduce the cost of her construction as much as possible.

Consulting to build a townhouse with a mezzanine of 2 bedrooms 75m2 across 5m

Model level 4 has a 2 bedroom 5×15 mezzanine with a corrugated iron roof with slopes front and back. Partly because the width of the house is only 5m, the design of the steel truss roof is simpler. Not too complicated, just use horizontal steel trusses. Ensure bearing capacity, use plaster ceiling tone. Therefore, the resistance to heat is higher. The upper floor of the beautiful mezzanine house has an area of ​​​​55m2 with bedroom design positions. Architects create more combinations with large plasterboard ceilings for better insulation against heat.

Drawing of a 5x15 house with a 2 bedroom mezzanine
Mezzanine floor drawing with 1 worship room and 1 bedroom for children and 1 toilet

Unit price for building a level 4 house with a mezzanine in Da Nang

The design plan to build a package house in Da Nang has a completed price of 4.2 million/m2. In which, the construction unit price of the raw part of Da Nang townhouse is 2.9 million/m2. According to the wishes of her and her daughter, there is no need to take care of the beautiful exterior facade of the house outside. Just focus on interior decoration. Open space with lots of light is okay as well as having a large yard. To plant trees for morning exercise. Parking for a car should be the solution for a 5×20 mezzanine level 4 house model. The remaining 5m before the playground is left, the construction area is 5x15m. Equivalent to 75m2 for the ground floor floor and 50m2 for the floor of the mezzanine.

Drawing of a cheap level 4 mezzanine house in Da Nang 5x15m

In addition to the front yard of the cheap 4-level house model, there is a mezzanine of 75m2. The design has a small backyard and an extra door used for the need to get light. Ensure ventilation. The difference in area between the ground floor. And the mezzanine helps to create a large front floor space connecting the ventilation.

Architectural drawing for construction of mezzanine house with tile roof 5x15m

In the design plan of a level 4 house with a 5×15 mezzanine, Ms. Tuyen. Built in Hoa Xuan Da Nang ecological urban area. You can see between the mezzanine and the ground floor. Is an open space completely connected to each other. Stairs and mezzanine railings with 10mm tempered glass. For the best ability to get light while saving visibility from bottom to top. This makes the whole space seem spacious. Fresh air is good for health, especially for elderly people like Ms. Tuyen.

The design of the mezzanine house 5x15m
Detailed cross-sectional design drawing of a level 4 house with a 75m2 mezzanine free of charge on cheap 5×25 land

The unit price of building a completed tile roof mezzanine house is 550 million VND

Because the cost of building mezzanine houses from 500 million to 550 million is limited. Therefore, the price of building a level 4 house in Da Nang is cheap by Ms. Tuyen Hoa Xuan. The interior of the house with pipes of level 4 and 5m is also calculated. Designed to be the most reasonable and also to match the age of the investor with the most economical budget. There is also a profile of another beautiful level 4 mezzanine house

Design for 1 room 5x15m
Beautiful model of level 4 house 5x20m with mezzanine 3 bedrooms Mr. Dat

In which, cross-sectional drawing of level 4 house with mezzanine 5×15. Ground floor height 3.8m, mezzanine floor 2.7m. Not to mention the roof height. If counting from the ceiling of Vinh Tien hanging frame to the roof of Thai, it will add another 90cm. Each floor of the free home design drawings. Type 4 5m level tube house with simple mezzanine. There will be a shared bathroom located in the back next to the small atrium garden. Design the same bedroom position later to save space and take advantage of light.

Tuyen’s cheap grade 4 house materials in Da Nang

On the ground floor, a simple 4-level house with 2 bedrooms uses stairs to separate the kitchen and living room. In front, outside the second bedroom on the mezzanine, there is an additional worship room. There is a direction in the direction of the construction land at the location of the stairs to the floor. Fully open design.

Consulting drawings for building an economical mezzanine house

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In addition, the 2nd floor bathroom does not have a corrugated iron roof. The roof is poured with a load-bearing capacity to place a 200-liter Binh Minh water tank system. Create downward pressure to supply domestic water for the family. The space behind the level 4 house has a mezzanine of 75m2. Design the clothes drying area to get light from the top down. Behind to dry clothes for courtesy. However, your family can still dry in the front yard if needed.

ev4 version to build a 2 bedroom mezzanine house 500 million VND
Demo of interior space on the ground floor of level 4 house with mezzanine 5×15 free for Ms. Loan

See other models of mezzanine houses from 5m to 6m across with 3 bedrooms

Beautiful mezzanine house model with a small area of ​​2 bedrooms designed using white tones. Simple design combined with wood grain on the stairs. Cheap natural wood furniture helps save more. But still ensure luxurious interior decoration space. The entire floor of the living room on the ground floor and the outside lobby uses 600×600 ceramic tiles. Hoan My has the current market price of about 200k/m2. see more beautiful mezzanine house models 1 floor 3 other bedrooms

Model of 1-storey house with beautiful mezzanine 2019
Beautiful mezzanine houses with modern Thai roof architecture for land of 8m or more 1 frontage in the countryside

Interior decoration of level 4 house with mezzanine level 5×15 Ms. Tuyen

The remaining tiles in the bedrooms are covered with Kosmos laminate flooring. Has good moisture resistance 150k/m2 for cozy. Particularly, the bathroom uses 250×250 anti-slip ceramic tiles. Taicera type costs about 100k / m2 today. The outer steps and foyer are paved with luxurious Prime stone. Easy to clean anti-slip for the elderly according to the company’s proposal with a cheaper unit price of 120k/m2.

More information about the model of a level 4 house with a simple mezzanine 5×15

Ms. Tuyen is old, so we put in painting decoration. In the ancient style combined with the old and modern features of the past. How to decorate the living room outside with oil paintings. Draw simple luxuriant plants and flowers combining poetic pictures according to her taste. Design furniture with traditional bamboo and rattan tables and chairs. For the reception area in the direction of the 21st century. Please see more new beautiful house models in 2020 Update after the Corona epidemic is different as shown in the picture

Modern mezzanine house with Thai roof
Level 4 house design with a modern mezzanine rear view

Advice on a small garden corner for a ground floor house with a mezzanine of 5x15m

This drawing of a 4-level pipe house with tiled roof emphasizes the small aquarium landscape garden. Make living space more lively. The wall behind the dining table is covered with stainless steel tiles to highlight the clean and beautiful set of tables and chairs. There is a light effect from the outside that creates a comfortable sitting feeling. Rustic architecture close to the village nature. Bring the whole childhood memories of Ms. Tuyen’s family in. Create a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy old age with your children and grandchildren on the other side of the slope.

1234 hurry up with 4 beautiful pictures with 5x20 400 million
Model of a tube house with a mezzanine of 500 million 5x15m, Ms. Thu Quang Tri

The cost of building a mezzanine house with 3 bedrooms 5x15m is about 550 million VND

Free drawing of a cheap 4-level house in Da Nang with a 75m2 mezzanine. First of all, to meet the most important requirements of the investor, Ms. Tuyen. Has a nice low construction cost. Functionality to comfortably meet family needs. The interior space is simple and familiar. Gentle, simple, not too prominent, but highly effective and convenient. All towards the rationality in modern living space according to current trends. And if building 100m2 across 5×20, the cost must be 700 like Tai’s house

photo of mezzanine house 5m
Design model of a level 4 house with a mezzanine 5x20m Mr. Tai L-shaped 700 million

That is the success of creating a beautiful home design. Brothers and sisters see more 1 story house model there’s another mezzanine recently. If your land is larger. Have a nice day.!

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