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The design drawing of a townhouse with 2 fronts and back has a hexagonal hexagonal curvilinear and semicircular curvilinear facade. The drawing is quite fancy designed according to the architecture of the business townhouse. This type of house design with beveled facades on both sides has a floor area of ​​​​50m2. The scale of the house is 1 ground floor, 2 floors, 1 terrace, both for living and trading, with airy and modern facilities.

Perspective of a tube house with 2 business fronts beveled Mr. Trinh

Our New Beautiful House Construction Design Joint Stock Company. Send to the design drawing of a two-front business street house that is both residential and commercial. Of 2 brothers, a 4-storey block puzzle house. Includes pictures and detailed floor plans for your reference

corner house with 2 street business fronts
The design of a house of 50m2 with two fronts, both residential and business, Mr. Trinh

Information on the design drawing of a house with 2 facades on a modern business street

  • Design project for housing and business with 2 beautiful street fronts
  • Investor: Mr. Trinh
  • Land lot area: 6×16.2m = 97.2m2
  • Area allowed to build: 50m2
  • Architectural business townhouse 1 ground 1 floor 2 floors 1 modern terrace
  • Designing townhouses with 2 fronts of business: Architect Hai
  • Total construction floor area, including foundation roof: 220m2
  • Investment cost: about 1.4 billion – 1.5 billion VND
  • Feng shui: The South direction is a little bit West
  • Updated construction design year 2022
  • Unit: New beautiful house design joint stock company
Drawing of 2-facade tube house with modern design
Model of a medium-sized house combined with a modern corner lot with 2 frontages. Scale of 1 ground floor 1 floor 2 floors 1 terrace with open floor plan architectural design with block puzzle

The design of a house that is both residential and commercial is designed for two siblings. The idea of ​​​​dividing into 2 separate areas with blocks but sharing a land area. Business living space for private rental. Designed in the style of a modern townhouse with 3 floors and 1 tum, the main color is white and brown. Use decorative horizontal lines and electrostatic steel frame. As well as the beautiful facade of the townhouse on the ground floor with cheap granite tiles. Above the 4th floor, there is a spacious playground cafe terrace, small garden landscape watching the bright moon. Model house with 2 beautiful facades of 50m2. Building a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 2 floors with terrace designed according to the architecture of a split-level townhouse. In which the stairs are close to the wall to optimize space. There are 3 lobby with open view with 3 aisles from two directions of the folded facade.

Design drawing of a townhouse with 2 business fronts of 50m2 with open floor plan

Trinh’s owner wishes to design a modern business street 2-sided house. The ground floor is divided into 2 separate areas, both for business and for rent, in the form of a kiosk with 2 separate areas. To earn more income, but the investment does not exceed 1.5 billion. So the solution to remove the volume for a beautiful house model combined with business and trade. Just living in and using the basic package 2 is equivalent to an average material of 5.3 million/m2. In which the door system uses plastic doors with steel core and white glass. The ground floor uses a simple Autodoor rolling door. The way to decorate beautiful townhouse frontage 3 floors 1 tum 2 street fronts also simple. But in harmony with the box steel frame V30 VN type 6M tree type galvanized brown paint weighing 7.2 kg/tree. The current market unit price is about 149k/tree, which is lightweight and easy to construct.

Drawing of a house on a corner of a business street
Drawing of beautiful corner lot house combined with ground floor business

Function drawing of house on street corner 2 with frontage of 50m2

The utility of the design of the house for both living and renting. Ground floor business floor space 50m2 divided into 2 business areas 2.5m2 wide. The room for rent in the back is 14m2 wide with the main entrance hall up to 4m wide with glass walls. Each room has its own separate floor-to-wall stairs. The foot of the stairs has a built-in small toilet. Mezzanine Beautiful corner house model for both residential and business 3.5 floors of architecture modern tube house Lot 2 frontage 50m2. The design has an atrium of the skylight outside and the main façade facing the south of the house. The usable space includes 2 kitchens with a size of 14m2. The rest is 11m2 wide for the 2 business areas below.

Design drawing of house with 2 facades, corner lot, 3 floors
Mezzanine floor plan model house with beveled front 2 fronts, both residential and commercial for rent

Drawing space for house design with 2 facades beveled corner of 2nd floor

Ground floor plan Architectural design of a townhouse with 2 business fronts in modern style Mr. Trinh. The design has 3 bedrooms, in which the bedroom of Trinh and his wife is large. The back of Trinh’s younger brother is 14.5m2 wide with a self-contained WC room. As for the space on the outside floor, the design of a beautiful 4-storey tube house is 50m2. The design has 2 bedrooms, each with an area of ​​9.7m2 with a common bathroom of 6m2. The floor plan of the 3rd floor ie the 3rd floor also has a sufficient layout. The interior space is similar to the downstairs size. For children and guests if staying to rest when needed.

Drawings for building a townhouse with 2 facades 2020
Floor plan of corner house with flat roof frontage
Floor plan of the 2nd and 3rd floors of houses and businesses with an area of ​​​​50m2
Design drawing of a tube house with 2 facades beveled at an angle of 50m2 on the 3rd floor

Floor plan drawing of a simple 2-front street corner house with a terrace

drawing of a street corner house with 2 facades, airy and cheap
Floor plan of terrace house design model beautiful corner lot 2 fronts construction area 30m2

Floor plan of the roof terrace townhouse design for both residential and business Beautiful original lot with 2 fronts. There is a total floor of 4 floors of 50m2 on the corner. Southerners often call the upper corner lot H. That is, the 4th floor is only designed for the space to place a 10m2 wide fairy altar. The rest of the rear is mainly designed with small garden gardens or small green plants. In front is a terrace area with outdoor seating space. The top has a white painted frame with open and airy compartments. Help both families reunite on cool, moonless nights. You can go up to drink coffee and tea to watch the moon or enjoy the cool breeze and admire the city street lights. Relaxing, relaxing, bustling, joyful, and happy.

Optimal solution for street house model combined with business and trade

Architectural design of a business townhouse with 2 facades. Building a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 2 floors modern terrace with harmonious architectural art. The construction cost is economical and minimalist using sunshades. Cheap electrostatic steel frame balcony. As well as how to decorate the cubes in harmony with rhythm and proportions. Asymmetrical architecture in line language, Minimalist style. But not harsh, avoid being fussy, but on the contrary, the elegant and gentle ratio. According to the purpose, the cost savings of townhouses in combination with business is about 1.4 billion in return.

Completely different from the townhouses with 1 business frontage. Or modern 50m2 split-floor tube houses with only 1 investor. The design plan of a house on the street for both commercial and residential purposes has 2 brothers. There is the same piece of land that my parents bought for me. The total area of ​​92m2 is not allowed to be sold at the intersection. The busiest area and the area of ​​residential land. Only 50m2 of construction is allowed, the rest must leave the roadside. Corridor for pedestrians according to licensing regulations of the District People’s Committee.

Street corner house with 2 frontages 50m2
Model of a townhouse with 2 facades for both living and doing business, simple and cheap, super economical

Unit price for building a house combined with 2 street fronts to save money

Unit cost of rough construction and labor of 2 fronts business street house design sample block jigsaw. Modern business combinations don’t include extra coefficients. Due to the favorable construction terrain, the rough construction unit price is 3.2 million/m2. If the cost of finishing construction is not included, it is about 1 BILLION million raw parts. Left if the cost is more modest than when modern style 3-storey tube house building cubes of harmonious proportions and ventilation. Like the model of a house with 2 fronts beveled back corner

Model house with 2 facades of simple corner lot
Design model of beveled tube house with corner 1 ground 1 mezzanine 2 floors 1 terrace Mr. Khanh and Ms. Bay Phu Nhuan

If you like, your company includes a permit to build on the land lot house design 50m2 2 frontage oblique angle flap. Up to 1 billion cheaper material reflow can be achieved with mid-level material selection solutions. To limit arising or if the budget is better, it is possible to improve good interior materials. At a high level for a more modern scale of construction. Like classic or semi-classical French architectural townhouses..

More description for the drawing of a 2-storey house with 4 floors 50m2

The design of a tube house combines two fronts of business and trading. Just to live in open living in the modern style Mr. Trinh mentioned above. Just one of the company’s 20 models of townhouses that combine 1 façade to 3 façade businesses. We are very interested in building a modern townhouse that is convenient. Suitable for use and budget build an economical house most today.

Models of houses with two fronts at a beautiful crossroads
Beautiful 2 front corner house designs in 2020

Every beautiful house 50m2 and cost-effective home design solutions in 2020. All have set aside the basic bidding package to a fairly good level and adjusted it in line with available finance. Help you avoid worrying about additional costs thanks to the professional advice of an architect. According to the purpose of living, renting, trading, and especially finance.

Note that when building a house on a street corner, you need a design drawing to be sure

Depends on whether the construction site is in the countryside or in the city. As well as the direction of house feng shui and fortune in business. As well as the relationship between the lands. Natural climatic conditions of each region. Which has beautiful home design solutions that combine different businesses. Simultaneously creative ideas and different space optimization solutions. But do not stereotype the machine applied to your land. see more

Simple cheap 3-storey house with 2 facades
Simple and economical townhouse model 1 ground floor 2 floors built on land with 2 bevelled fronts Ms Tram Bien Hoa
  • See more design drawings modern tube house ventilation has more than 341 beautiful models of my company

The design of a business street house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 2 floors 1 terrace 2020. The modern architectural style of the upper 4 floors of Mr. Trinh. Also a solution for business people, brothers and sisters to refer. With an area of ​​​​construction of a beautiful corner house with 2 fronts, saving 50m2. The cost is moderate but the above quality also meets the needs of building a 4-storey cheap house. The total cost of building tube houses is around 1.5 billion double-road utilities. There is a harmonious open space and especially in accordance with the current construction permit regulations.

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