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Biệt thự nhà vườn 3 phòng ngủ phong cách mái Nhật châu âu

On the eve of the new spring of 2021, the company builds Saigon New Beautiful House. Sending you a model of a beautiful ground floor house with a bedroom in the countryside. Design drawing in the style of a ground floor garden villa with a beautiful tiled roof. Modern European style to help you who are planning to build a beautiful 4-level house with Japanese roof in the near future. Compatible with a large garden plot in your countryside or suburbs

Beautiful 3 bedroom ground floor garden house
Picture of a beautiful 3-bedroom ground floor house in the European countryside of the family of Mr. Hung and Ms. Tuyen

Information about the design of a beautiful 3-bedroom ground floor garden house in Vinh Long

On the eve of Christmas 2020, I would like to sincerely wish you and your brothers and sisters. New friends and colleagues with good health and success. May our feelings always be green and sustainable.

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Beautiful ground-floor garden villa model 2019
The design of a beautiful 3-bedroom house in European style, night view perspective, Mr. Hung and Ms. Tuyen

The information of this beautiful 3-bedroom ground floor villa model at level 4 is as follows

  • Design project to build a new package house in Vinh Long
  • Investor: Mr. Hung, Ms. Tuyen
  • Address Vinh Long Western Vietnam
  • In charge of design documents: Architect Nguyen Phuong Thanh
  • Implementation time 1 MONTH
  • Large area of ​​garden land in the countryside 600m2
  • Construction area 250m2
  • Functional design and use: Guest + 1 worship room + 3 bedrooms + Kitchen + Bar + 3 wc
  • Modern European style garden house with tile roof
  • Time for design, construction and handover: 4 months to complete
  • Application form: New Beautiful House Construction Design Company
  • Office 1: 5/13 Nguyen Cuu Dam, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District, Saigon
  • School of modern architecture 1 floor
  • Updated September 2021

=>> Reference: The most recently updated models of beautiful houses 1 2 3 floors with garden

Floor plan of beautiful 3-bedroom garden house 250m2

Detailed drawing of a European garden house with a beautiful bedroom designed according to living needs. Perspective of the husband and wife’s husband Hung and Ms. Tuyen. A family of 4 members requires a spacious and comfortable design. There are 3 large master bedrooms with private self-contained wc. They actually have comfortable finances but do not like to build houses, partly because the spacious land around has many green trees on all four sides. Moreover, if you arrange the space of the beautiful 3-bedroom ground floor garden house as below, it helps to make the space more cozy

Detailed drawing of level 4 3 bedroom house with garden 2019
Floor plan design of 3-bedroom 250m2 garden house in the southern countryside

Information about the drawing of this 3-bedroom garden house

Total planning area of ​​garden villa with 3 bedrooms, 1 beautiful church room, 15m wide, 23m long, full of lobby to welcome front garden house and east side hall. But minus the design space of the surrounding flower beds, no reinforced concrete is built.. So the floor area of ​​​​the construction site is 250m2.

garden house 160m2 3 bedrooms
Modern single-storey European house model with garden 3 bedrooms, tile roof 2022
  • You can see more drawings of European houses with 1 floor, 3 bedrooms and 8 other models that have just been compiled

Architectural message of 3-bedroom ground floor garden house

Actually sample garden villa ground floor 250m2 3 bedrooms 1 room to worship this ancestor. The drawing is based on the model of a 4-bedroom 300m2 garden house by Mr. Vinh. And is one of the 9 most beautiful garden villa architecture in Vietnam that our construction company was fortunate to sign the design of to build a package house last year. After consulting a lot of different beautiful garden house plans. In the end, he and his family decided to choose this beautiful 3-bedroom ground floor garden house with a modern roof

European-style 1-storey 3-bedroom garden villa
Picture of a 3-bedroom garden house with a beautiful garden in the countryside of European style

If you like a garden house with a Thai roof, please refer to the following

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Architectural level 4 garden villa with 3 bedrooms has an area of ​​​​12m wide and 20m long. Not including the 2 side halls. The house is designed to be built in the south direction. A beautiful garden house facing the South is also one of the best directions to build a beautiful house compared to the rest of the directions according to feng shui. Shouldn’t be missed

  • Models of beautiful 1-story THAI houses with different designs designed according to scientific feng shui

Architectural style of 1 storey 3 bedroom European style garden house

The model of a 3-bedroom house with a 1-storey garden has an architecture above the 1 slab poured floor. With 2 layers of iron 10, reinforced concrete and cement Ha Tien 1 best. Villa model level 4 garden house 250m2 Villa style. The design has a 9-step high foundation that falls under the word “Born”. Helps to make the villa’s ground floor European style roof look cool and airy. Located on a spacious garden plot with surrounding paths and a harmonious front yard

3D image of modern 1-storey garden villa
Model house garden villa 1 floor 3 bedrooms 250m2 rear view of the house with a side hall exiting to the garden

Model of a modern European-style single-storey garden villa of 250m2 designed with gentle white tones and open space. Wall skirting applied tangled stone tiles. Solid foundation construction in one direction. Beautiful 1-storey villa architecture with 3 bedrooms in the countryside. There is a garden with a blue-black tiled roof. The back roof is higher than the front roof and there are many small roofs around. Create another unique highlight with American style.

Explain more about the beautiful garden house model with 3 bedrooms Villa HOT

Beautiful garden villa model 250m2 with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room of the family of Mr. The design structure has a 4m deep core, surrounded by many cool windows. The interior space has a large bar. There is a karaoke room combined with each other. The wall array is designed with many accents with concise square shapes. The proportions of the lobby columns are well-balanced and decorated with soft column tops and footers

Beautiful 3 bedroom garden house model in the countryside
Beautiful garden villa design with 3 bedrooms in 2021 with an area of ​​​​250m2

Picture of a 3-bedroom garden house with a different night view

Architecture of a 3-bedroom garden house in the countryside with an area of ​​​​250m2, 14m wide, 23m long. Using a variety of natural stones such as Spanish marble with diamond yellow tones. The front and side reception halls and the side hall leading to the back garden are designed with high-class marble tiles. All entrance halls inside the ground level 4 mansion are designed with handrails. Cylindrical design with soft rounded edges. Please refer to the picture of a level 4 garden villa with tile roofs from another night view

Beautiful ground floor villa model in Vinh Long
3D image of a beautiful 3-bedroom 250m2 garden house, night view from the Southeast, looking to the side

More description of the 3-bedroom garden villa house in Anh Hung’s countryside

Beautiful garden house model 3 bedrooms 1 worship room in the countryside with an area of ​​250m2. Behind the roof to the right of the corner is designed for water tank + solar tank. To provide hot and cold water for internal activities. The roof architecture has 1 floor and then uses 48mm 4 steel trusses with 25mm square rafters. The roof is covered with Fuji tiles of 32,000 / piece, not building a slanted roof and then glued with tiles. With this high-end Japanese technology Fuji tile blue tone. I recommend you can choose tile colors like brown. Or feng shui traditional color red rural Vietnam. They are suitable for the architecture of beautiful 1-storey garden villas in the countryside. Usable space 250m2 across 14m x 23m both front and back lobby

Garden villa 1 floor 3 bedrooms
Beautiful 3-bedroom garden villa in the Japanese countryside

The cost of building a beautiful villa with beautiful garden 250m2

Design profile of beautiful garden villa house 250m2 with 3 bedrooms with full 4 parts such as permission drawing, architecture, structure, electricity and water.. Currently, the construction design company New Nice House is in the process of developing. more interior space. We will update as soon as possible in the interior design profile of Ms. Tuyen Anh Hung’s 250m2 villa in the near future on the menu of the company website section as well as the social page system made by our staff.

The most beautiful 3-bedroom garden house in Vietnam
Beautiful European garden villa design from another perspective of Mr. Hung and Ms. Tuyen Vinh Long

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To build a beautiful garden house design in the countryside 250m2, Mr. Tuyen. Above, pour 1 sheet of this tile, you have to prepare at least 1.7 billion to 1.8 billion because the area is very large. Due to the construction of the ice foundation and 9 steps high, it costs a lot. In case you build a beautiful European-style house with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. The cost of about 1 billion to 1.2 billion can also be built, but shrinking the small area can be adjusted.

Connect to build a modern 3-bedroom garden house in Vinh Long countryside

Currently, our company has more than 200 models of modern garden houses with 1 slab attic but needs 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms. Design drawings with different architectures as well as different large and small areas. Depending on the feng shui house in East Tu Trach or West Tu Trach. But arrange the image of the corridor to the side hall to suit the position of the brothers and sisters.

Models of level 4 garden villas are available

You can connect the phone number 0975 945 433 to send your reference documents via Zalo first or Facebook. If you like this picture of Hung with a Classic-style garage, click on this link and here it is

Ground floor villa with 4 bedrooms 2021
Overview of the garden house model 1 floor 4 bedrooms villa style European style ground floor villa 300m2 Mr

But first, please refer to the beautiful level 4 house size drawings just drawn in December 2021 HERE with the latest models

  • Detailed drawing of a 4-bedroom house with a cost of 700 million VND
  • Profile of house 1 floor 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 150m2
  • One-storey garden villa model with Thai roof 300m2
  • Level 4 3 bedroom house 100m2 with Thai roof 600 million VND
  • One-storey flat roof villa 330m2 beautiful garden Mr. Thach
  • Modern ground floor villa with swimming pool
  • Ground floor garden villa with 4 bedrooms Mr. Vinh
  • French style garden villa with 1 floor…
Overview of a beautiful 3-bedroom garden house in the countryside
Views of a modern 3 bedroom garden house model in the countryside, Mr. Hung and Ms. Tuyen

Check out the beautiful 2 3 storey high-class garden houses and Anh Thang villa

The article introduces the architectural profile of a beautiful 3-bedroom garden house. Carefully optimized according to the modern European-style villa of 250m2 style U cake in 2021 is also quite long. Hope you choose the option of Villa ground level 4 with garden in the countryside, large land and beautiful construction. See more

  • 300 beautiful garden villas selected so far, designed by our team of architects
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