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If you have a piece of land with a width of 7m or more. Should choose a drawing of a level 4 house with a mezzanine roof. This space with 3 rooms in Long An is built to be beautiful

Picture of a drawing of a 1-storey house with a mezzanine built on 7x25m . land

Model of a level 4 house with a French mezzanine style 7×25 beautiful Thai roof made by the company beautiful home design new. Plan for Mr. Tuan’s house in Long An with quite unique architecture. Drawing of a 1-storey house with a mezzanine with 3 A-level roofs. Below is a public arch lock with two rounded cylinders on both sides. Features in the style of building a beautiful semi-classical 4-level house, the new trend today. We invite you and your readers to read the article on building a beautiful house by our construction company staff as follows

Drawing of house 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 3 bedrooms
Drawing of a 1-storey house with a mezzanine roof Thai Anh Tuan Long An

In addition, if you need to see a 7×15 mezzanine house like Hung’s house. As shown below, the area of ​​​​8x16m is visit here see the mezzanine facade and floor plan

Thai roof house with mezzanine 3 bedrooms 2020
The facade of the beautiful mezzanine house Mr. Hung is 7.5m wide with Thai roof

Request a drawing to build a level 4 house with a mezzanine Mr. Tuan

My family has grandparents, husband and wife and 1 child, 5 members have a land area in front of National Highway 50. Passing through Ben Luc Long An, the frontage of the house is 12m wide. The land area is 7m wide, 25.5m deep, rectangular in shape. My family and I have been constantly monitoring the beautiful mezzanine houses of your company. Especially the model house level 4, 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine, beautiful French style. Profile of Mr. Sang Kien Luong town Kien Giang has a mezzanine 6×20. But my family also likes this beautiful house model, I don’t know if 800 million is enough? If the cost to build a mezzanine house with 3 bedrooms. If there are about 50 million to 100 million more, it can be managed. If there’s too much, we don’t have money.

Did you go to the house 4 with a 7x25 brother?
Construction drawing of a level 4 tiled roof house with a mezzanine 7×25 850 million

Consulting to build a house with 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine with Thai roof with 3 bedrooms

About the function to use inside after unifying Mr. Tuan and his wife. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME Architect we wish house design level 4 The mezzanine has 3 L-shaped bedrooms. The space also has 1 worship room and a large living room. Including 1 bedroom for grandparents on the ground floor with a shared bathroom in the room for convenience. Design more room for the eldest son to take care of elderly grandparents.

Detail drawing of mezzanine house
General floor plan to build a Thai roof house 1 ground 1 mezzanine on the land 7×25 Mr. Tuan

Floor plan drawing of level 4 house with 3 bedrooms above

The bedroom of Tuan and his wife is in the mezzanine. Architectural level 4 3 bedroom house with tile roof mezzanine. Beautiful Thai roof style with a modern airy mezzanine. There is a large front yard for cars and later I plant trees and small landscape gardens… The design of a beautiful 1-storey house is full of documents and architecture as well as perspective.

Drawing of a 1-storey house with a mezzanine 7x16
The mezzanine floor plan of the 4-level house with Thai roof above has 1 large bedroom and 1 altar behind the drying yard

Q&A about the drawing of a ground floor house with a mezzanine roof

Hello Mr. Tuan! We are very happy with the architectural investment joint stock company to build a new beautiful house. Being consulted to design a beautiful house at level 4 with a mezzanine for his family. In order not to waste time, we directly advise on building a level 4 house with a beautiful French mezzanine as follows

CAD file of a 1-storey house with a mezzanine
Drawing of vertical axis of ground floor house with mezzanine floor 7x16m

A drawing of a level 4 house with a beautiful mezzanine roof

His land has 1 frontage, 7m wide, 25.5m deep. So the plan we came up with is the design of an L-shaped mezzanine house with a Thai roof. One side spends 1.5m to make the front and back aisle.

It also helps the space to be naturally ventilated. Leave a 6m wide front yard as a lobby, a 7-seat car garage. Arrange dragons and trees as you like or rockeries for the old man.. In the backyard, leave 1.5m for a skylight and build a fence to grow orchids as well as a drying yard. Just got light for the bedroom space of 2 elderly grandparents behind the bedroom.

Drawing of house 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 7x16
Consulting to build L-shaped house 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine roof Thai detailed drawing file in Long An

Advice on the cost of building a beautiful tiled roof house 1 ground 1 mezzanine

Because the budget is about 800 million to 850 million only. So architectural design ideas beautiful level 4 house 7x16m tiled roof. Total construction area of ​​the ground floor is 100m2. The mezzanine floor has a construction area of ​​52m2, all 152m2 for 2 floors. The drawing uses 5×12 & 6×10 box steel tile roof trusses. The roof plan of the Thai roof has a mezzanine level like

cad file of level 4 house with mezzanine
Construction drawing of level 4 roof with mezzanine 7×16 cad file

CAD file drawing of house 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine Thai roof 3 bedrooms

Because in Ben Luc area, cross Ong Thin bridge for a section, this land is quite hard and good. So the foundation does not have to be pressed or reinforced piles, which saves a part of the cost. When building a beautiful Thai roof house level 4, there is a mezzanine for him. The ground floor core height we boldly designed 3.8m high mezzanine high 3.4m airy.

In front of the mezzanine, there is a worship room, the stairs leading up to the wall are located in the living room. Optimizing more area for larger space

Drawing of a 1-storey house with a 3-bedroom mezzanine
Construction facade drawing of a house with 1 ground floor and 1 mezzanine roof, tiled roof

Description for the drawing of a 1-storey Thai roof house with a mezzanine Mr. Tuan

The ground floor plan is designed with the kitchen and dining room in the center near the stairs. Italy gets the light to catch the wind from the atrium with a skylight. There are 2 bedrooms next to each other. In which, the elderly grandparents’ bedroom is designed at the back with an exit to the backyard. In the self-contained room, there is a shared bathroom located near the bedroom of the youngest son and brother. The living room and kitchen are connected with wooden partitions.

Drawing of a house with a ground floor and a mezzanine 7x16
Extract cad file of level 4 house with 2 bedroom mezzanine on the ground floor Mr. Tuan Long An

Design drawings of level 4 houses with other Thai roof mezzanines

On the mezzanine floor, the design of a 4-level house with Thai roofs 3 bedrooms, 7×25 Mr. Tuan. It is one of the types of houses with a ground floor and a mezzanine with a neoclassical front altar. Design space combined with private reading room. There are 2 rows of chairs with atrium space, ie sitting in front of the altar room. Can look down to cover the living room and kitchen on the ground floor, which is airy and full of light.

Drawings of loft house with Thai roof
Cross-sectional drawing of a 1-storey house with attic 3 bedrooms on land 7m wide, 25m long

Behind the ground floor there is a loft designed with a drying yard

Behind the beautiful model room at level 4, there is a round column French mezzanine. Autocad file drawing according to the new trend of red tile roof. Design ideas for 1 bedroom for you 14m2. Behind there is a washroom and a large comfortable drying yard. Green vegetables can be planted.. If you don’t need it, you can see the drawings Level 4 house has a nice mezzanine modern type. Cheaper cost like

Model house with beautiful mezzanine 10m
Facade of beautiful mezzanine house with Thai roof 3 bedrooms with garage 1 side L-shaped Mr. Tuan

Our company plans to design a level 4 house with attic Thai Anh Tuan. Beautiful neoclassical round porch column architecture built on an area of ​​​​7×25. House design drawings with full plans, vertical axis, cross-section. For your reference to build a house as well as capture a part of architectural drawings. Consulting the cost of a beautiful tiled roof mezzanine house for the frontage area 6m to 7m across

South-west mezzanine house
Front of beautiful mezzanine level 4, 7m wide, Mr. Tuan Long An, if you like, contact 0975 945 433

Beautiful mezzanine houses are like mini villas. The only thing is that the space only needs 3 bedrooms. That’s why sometimes it’s enough to just build a mezzanine house as a worship room above. It is not necessary to build a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor or 2 floors. Save for expenses to buy furniture or do other things. Just like a house with a ground floor and a mezzanine level 7.5m x 12m, who said he is not beautiful

Beautiful 1st floor house
Picture of the design of a house on the 1st floor, 3rd floor, with Thai roofs, modern mini villa style Mr. Can

See more models of 1-storey Thai roof houses with 4-bedroom mezzanine

Above is a drawing of a 1-storey 3-bedroom house on 7×25 land facing South or Southwest. In case you need to build a house with 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine, 3 bedrooms, facing Southeast. Then see the drawing of a beautiful 5×20 house with 1 storey Thai roof architecture with drawing records such as

House model is 5m wide and 20m long
Model house 5m across, 20m long, with a mezzanine, Thai roof, 4 beautiful bedrooms, Ms. Ngoc
Drawing of a 4-bedroom house with a mezzanine
Floor plan drawing of 1-storey house with mezzanine 4 bedrooms 5x20m Ms. Ngoc
Model L-shaped mezzanine house with Thai roof
Perspective of a level 4 house with a simple beautiful mezzanine floor with a fence, Mr. Bay’s street frontage is nearly 6m wide, Mr. Bay
Floor plan of level 4 house 6x24m
Detail plan of level 4 house with ground floor rooms with other mezzanine floors for land 5.5m to 6m

The cost of building a level 4 house with a beautiful mezzanine in 2020

Construction cost mezzanine house French style 7×25 3 bedrooms is about 850 million. The type of turnkey materials is quite good or more applicable for 2020. However, you plan to add another 50 million to be able to generate more such as buying phase pile nails, fastening steel, young water for workers..

Mezzanine house with beautiful garage
A composite image of 3 perspectives of a French-style 1-storey villa with a mezzanine, Mr. Shop has a garage

In case you have a cost of about 600 to 700 only. So why not look at the designs beautiful house 1 floor Another modern style has just been updated a few days ago.

See the set of drawings of a 1-storey house with a modern mezzanine 6×20 Mr. Duc

Updated a drawing of a 1-storey house with a mezzanine suitable for Mr. Duc’s 6×20 horizontal land. If you need it, please contact us to send us the functional ground for you to see

L-shaped mezzanine house 6x20
Model of 4-level house with Thai roof with mezzanine 6×20 3 bedrooms Mr. Duc

Hopefully the article on building a level 4 house with a beautiful mezzanine above meets the requirements of use, a cool and harmonious space. Cost saving but still quality tile roof completed 850 million class. European neoclassical architecture is more unique than the beautiful low-cost flat roof house designs. The other modern architecture used to be cool in the summer and warm in the rainy season. No noise like 4 level houses with corrugated iron roof..

See more models house design level 4 Beautiful just updated after Covid 19 to choose. Thank you Mr. Tuan and his family for cooperating with the company over the past time.

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