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Các mẫu mặt tiền nhà gác lửng đẹp cấp 4 kiểu cách 2022

Facade of beautiful mezzanine house The rear Thai roof is designed with a width of 7.5mx16m. Built on land of 8m long and 20m long, there are also houses of 5m 6m or 10m. Investment cost is about 800 to 900 million to 1 billion. This house was built for Mr. Tung’s family 40 styles. If you need it, please contact 0975 945 433 for drawings to build.

Beautiful mezzanine house 100m2
The cost of building a 100m2 mezzanine roof house if roofing in 2022, Mr. Cuong is 5.5m wide with 3 bedrooms

Image of 4-level house with Thai roof with mezzanine level 1 floor 7.5m

Level 4 houses with a beautiful Thai roof mezzanine are currently very interested by many investors. How to build a new house with modern trends in 2020 for a 3 4 bedroom house. Thai roof architecture is definitely hot and not outdated in the future. Because compared to other types of house designs with tiled mezzanine floors for different land types like Mr. Tung’s house

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Level 4 house has a mezzanine with a beautiful Thai roof
Thai roof house has a beautiful mezzanine with 8m frontage with an open L-shaped corridor on the right

The design drawing of a beautiful mezzanine house 7.5×16 is the area of ​​​​the tile roof. Unique modern architecture with Thai roof. There are full drawings with the ground floor having 2 bedrooms for the elderly. This drawing promises to bring voyeurism thanks to the beautiful and spacious space. You should see more here to choose more house styles and see detailed floor plans.

Image of the front of the house at level 4 with a mezzanine view 2

The design of a level 4 house with a mezzanine Mr. Tung 7.5×16 actual floor area built. Designed according to the architecture of beautiful houses with Thai roof 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 8m. Due to the rural land on the site, the frontage is 8m wide, 33m deep. But the construction design with an area of ​​​​130m2 ground floor plus a mezzanine of 50m2. There is a larger terrace balcony than the previous beautiful mezzanine house models

Picture of a beautiful house with 1 ground floor and 1 mezzanine
Facade of mezzanine house with Thai roof 7.5×16 built on 8.5x33m land Mr. Tung

See more beautiful home form Just updated during the recent Covid 19 pandemic. To know more about the expertise of a NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME Architect that you can trust

The image of the facade of a 1-storey house with a mezzanine roof

With the image of a 1-storey house with a beautiful mezzanine, elegant architecture, tiled roof. The design plan leaves a large L-shaped front yard. There is a side door behind the orchid garden to create garden ventilation. This is a model of L-shaped mezzanine house with Thai roof 1 frontage 8m. The design has an atrium in the front. The idea of ​​​​the front of the house L-shaped to catch the cool breeze thanks to the side of the house. Layout of large windows makes the house full of light. If you have a land width of 8m, you should choose the front of the house with a width of 7m, 1 ground floor and 1 mezzanine like Tuan’s

South-west mezzanine house
Front of beautiful mezzanine level 4 house 7m wide Mr. Tuan

Cost of building a Thai roof house with mezzanine frontage 7m

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The cost of building a beautiful mezzanine house with modern Thai roof frontage 7m long 18m 3 bedrooms. With a reinforced concrete mezzanine wall 20cm, about 850 million if the wooden door is about 1 billion. Due to the current increase in raw materials, it is also unpredictable. Because of additional costs.

The front of the house has a beautiful level 4 with a mezzanine roof, 7.5m frontage Mr. Hung

The design of the facade of the house at level 4 has a mezzanine of 7.5m with Thai roof tiled with Anh Hung’s tiles. Architects designed on 7.5m hexagonal land in front. But after blooming after 8.2, the plan to take advantage of the large land area is later. Designed according to the architecture of a beautiful L-shaped 4-level house with modern tiled roof. The premises of the spacious spaces are full of light and cool wind with multi-dimensional air convection

Thai roof house with mezzanine 3 bedrooms 2020
The facade of the beautiful mezzanine house Mr. Hung is 7.5m wide with Thai roof

Floor plan of a 4-level L house with a mezzanine frontage of 7.5m Mr. Hung

Ground beautiful level 4 house There is a mezzanine with Thai roof 7.5×15 designed with 3 bedrooms. There is a spacious living room on the ground floor. Arrange utility 2 wc and 1 master bedroom for husband and wife with self-contained wc. A laundry room behind, a separate kitchen and a dining table with wooden partitions arranged according to feng shui

house 1 ground 1 mezzanine
Drawing of a 4-level L house with a mezzanine on the ground floor with 1 bedroom at the request of Mr. Hung

What does Mr. Thuan have in the mezzanine space with 7.5m frontage?

The mezzanine floor of the model house at level 4 has a 7.5m L-shaped mezzanine with a large worship room design. Combined with the library to read newspapers and listen to the radio. Behind design 2 master bedrooms for children On the mezzanine, 7.5m frontage, this loft has only 1 common bathroom. Utilities for guests visiting to wash their faces. This model of a 7.5m Thai mezzanine house is also called a 3-bedroom 1.5-storey house

Drawing of a 1.5-storey house with 3 bedrooms
Mezzanine floor drawing with 2 bedrooms and 1 worship room for house with 1.5-storey Thai roof frontage Mr. Hung

Advice on interior layout for houses with mezzanine facades

Interior design plan of a beautiful 4-level house model with a mezzanine on the upper facade. Mainly wooden furniture, the ceiling is designed with bright crystal lights. Combined with Leon chandelier to make the romantic night space more cozy

Church room with beautiful facade 8m
Pictures of the interior of the mezzanine house with a beautiful 8m frontage

Interior space of modern mezzanine house 8m

The model has a modern level 4 mezzanine level 135m2 with luxurious level 4 interior. Thanks to wooden materials from tables and chairs to partitions, beds and cabinets. So the cost of interior design is very expensive. In general, depending on finances, there is a layout for a beautiful 4-level house space with the most convenient attic. For example, with modest finances, we can use materials such as aluminum and glass. Cheap steel core plastic doors. Or design the wall to increase the usable area and Vietnamese-Italian aluminum louvers to save money

Interior of mezzanine house 135m2
The living room space of the mezzanine is designed to connect with the kitchen and dining table behind

Overview of a model of a level 4 house with a beautiful 7.5m Thai mezzanine

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The drawing of a level 4 house with a mezzanine roof, facade is 7.5m wide, as wide as Mr. Hung, and 9.8m high overall. From the ground up to the roof, the roof is ideally airy. From the mezzanine ceiling to the roof 3.2m high. The drawing of the roof is covered with tiles around the decorative border. It should be expensive because this is a beautiful house model designed in the style of a 1.5-storey 3-bedroom mini villa with a worship room as shown above.

The most beautiful frontage of the 1.5-storey house with 8m wide
The facade of the mezzanine house with the most beautiful Thai roof in Vietnam currently has 2 roofs of Hung level

Thus, the new beautiful house design company we sent to Mr. Hung’s house. The architecture of the 1.5-storey house design is quite complete with this 7.5×16 area image. One of the L-shaped mezzanine houses has 3 bedrooms for your reference. If the land is 7m to 8m across, it will be a concern. How to build a beautiful level 4 house so that you can easily imagine. Don’t skip the styles beautiful level 4 house In 2020, design a mini villa with a large garden

Information about the beautiful 1.5-storey house facade, Mr. Tung

The front of the house has a 1.5-storey Thai roof with a beautiful 7.5m mezzanine above the front yard. If your land is larger than in the countryside, you need to build one side. Stamp drawing of mezzanine house in the East – Southeast direction

Model of 1-storey house with mezzanine 8x17m
Picture of a level 4 house with a mezzanine, 3 bedrooms, beautiful Thai roof, 2nd view of Mr. An

In addition to the facades of one and a half floors, the width is 7m to 8m above. Like Mr. Tung and Mr. Hung, we also have other beautiful mini-mezzanine 1-storey villa facades such as

Hurry up and have a beautiful life
Beautiful model of 1-and-a-half-storey house with ground floor area 100m2 tum floor 60m2 simple Thai roof with terrace Mr. Hai in Hue
Level 4 house models have beautiful mezzanines
The most beautiful models of houses with mezzanine floors in the countryside with 3 to 5 bedrooms are currently the most beautiful garden villas with tiled roofs

Facade drawings of level 4 tube house with beautiful mezzanine 5m 6m 7m back

Above and 1.5-storey country house models in the style of 1 storey country house garden villas. In case you have land, the width of the land is 5m to 6m, and the depth is 7m. Need to find a type of facade of a level 4 house with a beautiful mezzanine, we have the completed design documents as follows

Model house 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine beautiful 6x20
3d perspective of the facade, views of level 4 house with Thai roof with mezzanine 6x24m 3 simple bedrooms 600 million Anh Bay
House model is 5m wide and 20m long
Model house 5m across, 20m long, with a mezzanine, Thai roof, 4 beautiful bedrooms, Ms. Ngoc
L-shaped mezzanine house 6x20
Model of 4-level house with Thai roof with mezzanine 6×20 3 bedrooms Mr. Duc
house model 7x12m
Model level 4 house with mezzanine 7x12m fake frontage Mr. Sy Vung Tau
I have a beautiful 5x16 photo of me in the middle of the night
Perspective following the bird’s-eye view of a 1-storey townhouse with a mezzanine, 5m horizontal frontage, beautiful L-shaped, Thai roof, covered with gray tiles

Connecting the design of building a beautiful house with a ground floor and a mezzanine in 2022

Talking about large and small mezzanine houses, there is certainly no company with as many records as that of NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. Not a state of affairs, but a fact. You just need to connect to zalo 0975 945 433 and clearly state your information needs such as

  • The world is horizontal and deep, year of birth feng shui
  • Estimated financial expenses or hobbies
  • If you already like a certain model, even better
  • What direction is the current land direction, we will advise and send beautiful HOT models
Beautiful house 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine Thai roof
Front of house 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 8m wide with beautiful tiled roof

Front of neoclassical mezzanine house 7x20m with Thai roof 3 bedrooms

Want to build a neoclassical mezzanine house with a clear height of up to nearly 12m, on par with this 2-storey house with a frontage of 7m and 8m. You have to prepare a financial budget of about 1.2 billion because this is a classic mezzanine house with many decorative details that are very labor-intensive. If you need to build, VIEW HERE has a space structure to arrange the rooms inside. A drawing of a functional floor that you choose for feng shui to build a house from 2022 to 2023

The most beautiful neoclassical mezzanine house in Vietnam 2022
Photo of the most beautiful neoclassical Thai loft house in Vietnam with an area of ​​​​7 × 20 in 2022

Front of the mezzanine house with beautiful flat roof 6m built on one side of the land

If you build a mezzanine house with 7.5x16m corrugated iron roof, Dong Tam tile roof. Building a house with one ground floor and one mezzanine roofed with tiles has an average lifespan of over 18 years. The large space as the drawing of Mr. Tung’s house costs about 850 million. As for the beautiful 8-meter-wide tile roof of Anh Hung’s house, it is from 900 million to 1 billion. Depending on the area of ​​​​building a rural level 4 house, there is a mezzanine with a mezzanine. Or the city where the wages of workers as well as materials are different. If building a modern 3-bedroom eco-friendly garden house with a garden. Send you 2 options for the front of the mezzanine house, 6m deep, 17m deep, Ms. Nhung just drew 2022. Note that if the land is 6m wide, it can still be built.

Model house level 4 with beautiful mezzanine 6x16m
Photo of a 1-storey modern garden house with a mezzanine floor above the two sisters Nhung

In general, you need a drawing to build a house with a ground floor and a mezzanine, or a quote for a full package, call 0975 945 433. My boss will advise and send feng shui samples according to your finances. With new concept styles 2022 eco-garden. Best regards.!

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