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Các mẫu nhà 5 gian 2 chái thiết kế sân vườn đẹp 2022

We are looking for a traditional five-room house with a tiled roof. The model of a 5-room, 2-wing house with ancient mossy architecture has just been drawn in the early days of 2021. I updated the views of the old tiled roof garden at the end of the post. See if it is suitable for your land and financial situation.

Information about a beautiful house with 5 rooms and 2 wings at a reasonable cost in the countryside

Mr. Canh is an official who has lived and worked for nearly 30 years in Hanoi. Now that he is about to retire, he wants to return to Luc Yen to rest. The countryside here is also the place where he cried his first birth. Moreover, according to the earnest wishes of his parents, who are now old and weak. He wishes to return to take care of his loved ones. From the depths of the heart of an expatriate son.. He also wants to return home after nearly 30 years of dedication to the military career in the Capital. That is also the reason that this image of a design drawing of a 5-room tiled house located 60km from Yen Bai city was born.

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” If anyone does not remember homeland..

Won’t grow up to be a human..” (Do Trung Quan)

Traditional tile-roofed house with 5 compartments
A view of a model house with 5 rooms, 2 wings, traditional tiled roofs with garden in Yen Bai designed for Mr. Canh

Moreover, in addition to the above memories, when talking on the same trip back home with Architect Dung, we. On the bus from Hanoi to Yen Bai to survey the terrain. Get ideas to design a beautiful 5-room garden house. He shared that he also wanted to come back here to make incense for his ancestors. The investment cost is also moderate, so the design of a five-room, two-wing house is about 130m2.

The architecture of building a traditional 5-room house with traditional tile roofs and two wings

The model house with 5 compartments and 2 wings has a construction size of 16m wide, 8m deep behind. Ancient wooden house architecture, concrete walls, bricks, terracotta nails, combined with 3 types of decorative acacia wood. Jackfruit and truss frame are made of Tau wood. Construction area of ​​​​the design of a five-room house with tiled roof is 130m2. The way to divide the size of this traditional North Vietnamese 5-room house is

  • Main hall: Collapsed worship room
  • Left compartment: Bedroom to rest and work
  • The space to the right of the dining room and the kitchen, the toilet, comes last
building a house with 5 compartments and 2 roof tiles
The size of the house with 5 compartments in the North, the design of the construction drawing is 16m wide, 8m deep, but the construction area is 130m2, Mr. Canh Luc Yen

Pictures of garden houses with five compartments and two wings in Luc Yen – Yen Bai

Luc Yen is located in the East, 18km from Yen The sacred lobster town. The topography of the extraction site stretches along the Northwest – Southeast. On the left bank of the river, there is a peaceful and poetic flowing river. The design direction of the beautiful five-room house with two wings should look to the left bank to the south. It means looking at a branch of Truc Lau river. A place where a cool bath was from Canh’s childhood

Northern five-room house
Overview of architecture and design of beautiful 5-room garden house on rural land with a width of 2187m2 facing the South, visiting the East, cool and ecological

Architectural design ideas for a beautiful 5-room garden house, two wings of Yen Bai

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Mr. Canh’s purpose is to build a beautiful 5-room, 2-bay house, which is currently on Tet holidays or weekends. Because he still has about 2 years left before he can retire. Away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, come here to gather with your soul mates.. Enjoy traditional rustic dishes such as: Roasted Muoi Muoi, Kitchen Buffalo Meat, Banana Cake, Com Tum Le .. But perhaps the children of this land when they are far away will remember. Those traditional specialties are sipped with Van Chan honey wine. Performed a new song by musician Phung Chien “Yen Bai is back”. With lyrics and simple sentiments

Five-room garden design
The hut outside the place where the song is sung: “Down the Thao River to Au Lau Wharf – I can hear it again in the day – Listen to how much the land has changed…”

Photo album samples of the beautiful 5-room 2 wing house model of the country and the sky

Profile of construction design drawings for the garden of a 5-room house designed in the style of a Chinese roof with an aperture of 2m5 high. The distance between the borders is 2m75, the standard of traditional old house architecture. As well as the traditional five-room wooden house that we consulted in the previous article. To complete the model of a 5-room 1-storey house with ancient tile roof architecture. You must prepare yourself at least 20 cubic meters of wood. Then we will find each other again next to the blue smoke in the afternoon. Let’s listen and sympathize with the familiar “Countryside song song”. If there is less wood, my architect will design for you a model of a 5-room house with concrete imitation wood at a lower cost.

House with five compartments and two wings
A view of a beautiful 5-room wooden house model with beautiful tiled roofs designed to beautify the countryside of Luc Yen

3D image of the garden of the beautiful 5-room ancient tiled house, Mr. Canh

In terms of architecture, this is a sample level 4 house 5 traditional Thai roofs. In terms of the cost of building a 5-room house with tiled roofs to prepare, this is a model of a 1-storey garden-style villa with 2 wings in the past. Typical style of the Northern Delta. And if you are planning to build a traditional Southern house, you have a 310m2 Japanese-style garden house designed for Mr. Long. Like Sang Long An’s house, see the drawing of the most beautiful Japanese-style garden in Vietnam, Mr. Long” href=”https://bit.ly/2WGE8NR” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>Here if the design of the construction area is wider, the ground is wider

Garden landscape of 5-room house
The image of a 4-room garden house in the countryside in traditional style with red Chinese brick lining
house 5 rooms 2 bottles san vuon
Design image of a wooden hut in front of Mr. Canh’s garden

Pictures of wooden garden houses with 5 compartments and 2 wings in Canh’s hometown

Below are small garden scenes around this traditional 2-gable roof house architecture. Check out the green environment of this model of a 5-room wooden house with tiled roofs in the North

Pictures of beautiful 5-room garden houses
3D view of a 5-room wooden house model with a large garden style traditional villa Mr. Canh
Cheap garden architectural design
A view of the beautiful garden of the house with 5 tiled roofs on one side facing the view from the main entrance

Picture of the garden of the house with five compartments and two wings of 130m2 Mr. Canh

The latest architectural drawing of a beautiful five-room house by the team of Hanoi architects. The profile is being developed in detail and will be built in the new year

    • Project of designing a house with 5 rooms and 2 wings of 130m2 to build
    • In charge of the profile: Architect Nguyen Van Dung
    • Branch office: Hanoi Vietnam
    • Design: 25 days
    • Construction: 3 months of 2021
Small landscape design of rural garden house 2021
Pictures of a 5-room resort surrounded by a garden with Japanese Zen-style auxiliary buildings
Ancient house with 5 rooms
The image of the gate design of the old 5-room house outside
Model of the gate of an ancient house with five compartments
A peaceful place to return to rest and receive the fresh air that is good for health when building a 5-room house in the homeland

The buildings of five-room houses are simple in the past and present style

Currently, our company has many models of 5-room houses and three-room architecture with old and modern features. With ideas, the cost of building a 5-room house is about 1 billion. Including styles like

  • Modern 5-room house of Uncle Kien
  • Profile of building a modern house with 5 compartments 2 podium 3 indented roof tiles
  • Drawing of a 5-room house with Thai roof, Mr. Tuat Thai Binh
  • Drawings of 5-room houses in Sen Nam Dan Nghe An village
  • Design consultation for a 5-room house with imitation wood and painted concrete
  • Japanese-style 5-room, 2-storey house in Thanh Hoa
  • Drawings of the Toc family church and house from the architectural street with 3 floors, ground floor
  • Drawing of a house with 3 rooms 2 bedrooms 1 mini worship room 100m2
  • Wooden house with 5 compartments and 2 wings..
  • see more beautiful 1-storey house models other
Garden of a beautiful wooden house with 2 wings and 5 compartments
Beautiful view for a large yard with areca trees planted in the very Vietnamese way of the Ruong Hue house
Image of garden level 4
Garden drawing of 5-room house, traditional country country architecture, Thuan Viet

How to build a beautiful house with 3 or 5 compartments, simple and ancient

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You need the house architecture as above with the ground dimensions. And construction drawings for building a simple 5-room house with imitation concrete and steel truss system. Or the design of the old 5-room house with terracotta walls. Or the Dinh brick combined with the beautiful 2-wing house, we draw a new one. Based on the favorite model, when viewing the actual status, the complete idea will be consulted.

Drawing of a 5-room house with the most beautiful garden
Perspective of the bird’s-eye view of a 5-room, 2-bay wooden house combined with concrete An overview from above
Garden house with 5 eco-rooms
Taking advantage of the large garden area, you can plant more fruit trees like the famous Cam Van Chan tree here
The architecture of the resort garden house with tile roof
The 5-room house space is designed with a guest house outside Mr. Canh’s garden

More information about the cost of building a beautiful house with 5 compartments and 2 wings in Yen Bai

To complete a model of a 5-room wooden house with full tile roofs like this. The investment cost you have to prepare is about 1 billion. Also plan to stock at least 17 to 25 blocks of wood or more. Actually, talking about the value in money when building an old wooden house like this is priceless. Because this is one of the wooden villa-style houses with Vietnamese cultural identity. It is difficult to give specific measurements. See more recent design drawings of a 180m2 5-room tiled house in Thai Nguyen

Drawing of a house with 5 compartments and 2 wings
Dimensions of the layout of the 5-room house, 180m2 in size, Mr. Hung Thai Nguyen

The cost of building a house with 5 rooms and 2 roofs, simple and cheap,

In general, make use of typical local green tree materials. Or the traditional tools are available, just do it wherever you go. If there is a shortage, add it gradually. For example, there are many types of good wood such as Cam, Huong, Lim, Sen.. It is difficult to calculate how much the house is worth? Usually, the designs of modern 5-room houses with imitation wood concrete can be calculated. In particular, the area of ​​​​Phu Tho has acacia wood that can be used a lot. As for Yen Bai area, Bodhi or acacia wood is used to decorate it. See more drawings Thai roof garden villa design other

See samples of beautiful house interior Yen Bai built for Ms. Giang

In addition, there is a company office in Hanoi branch, I have made the interior of a mini villa for Ms. Giang to see here but refer for more if you need to build a beautiful house interior in Yen Bai

Interior model of mini villa living room
View of 2 interior of Ms. Giang Yen Bai’s villa

See the design of the house with 3 4 compartments Tiep Hoa Binh or another 2 gable 5 compartment house

In addition to the sample documents of the 5-room house with 2 roof tiles, Mr. Canh above. In the Northern region, the company’s 6 architects specializes in designing 1-storey 4-level garden houses with Thai roofs and two wings. Architecture of garden houses in the Northern Delta. You can access the following articles

National traditional office
The model of a traditional Northern house is designed according to the architecture of five compartments and two roof tiles of Mr. Huong Hanoi
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