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Các mẫu nhà biệt thự phố 2 tầng mặt tiền 10m hướng Nam mái thái

Model of 2-storey townhouse with 10m . frontage This is by architect Nguyen Van Dung. Our new beautiful home design company is in charge of designing for investors in Quang Tri. With an area of ​​160m2, the land is facing south.

Design consultancy for a townhouse with a frontage of 10m 2 floors facing the South

The model house in Dong Ha street, Quang Tri, is a land with a rather harsh climate and hot sun. In the dry season from about March to June. There are floods and storms from July to September, so when designing the model architecture 2-storey villa design 10x16m this. Our team of architects and associates propose optimal solutions. For beautiful villa model 2 floors This 160m2 with the owner. Such as restrained fussy details in classic French and Western villas.

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In which, after discussing and deciding to choose a beautiful architectural design of a 2-storey house with a frontage of 10m. According to 2-storey mini villa with Thai roof Asian style. Combined with typical modern cylinders with a slight direction Beautiful modern 2-storey villa Japanese roof style 2021. Just simplifying the shape but still ensuring the sharpness. Harmonize with the planning landscape of Dong Ha city. As well as the clear, coherent and dynamic layout of today’s young heroic innovation city

Beautiful 2-storey Thai roof villa design 10x16m – View angle 1
Facade of 2-storey street villa 10×16 south facing with tile roof suitable for Quang Tri land

Design message of 2-storey townhouse with 10m frontage Mr. Nam

  • Project: Design a beautiful 2-storey semi-classical villa 10x20m
  • Investor: Ta Hoai Nam was born in 1971, Tan Hoi
  • Address: Nguyen Trai – Dong Ha – Quang Tri
  • Land area: South facing 10x20m
  • Design and construction area of ​​modern villa: 10x16m = 160m2
  • Usable area: 200m2
  • Time for design, construction and construction package: 6 months
  • Year of designing a beautiful 3-storey house with Thai roof style: 2015
  • Re-updated year: 2021
  • Architecture: Thai roof 2-storey villa Asian style combined with French villas
  • Estimated cost for the design and construction of a beautiful French-style 2-storey villa: 1.8 billion 2021
Beautiful 2-storey French villa model - Perspective angle view according to the bird's flight
Perspective of a 2-storey townhouse with a 10m frontage style of 3 flying birds

Request for the design of a 10x20m 2-storey townhouse with a beautiful Thai roof facade

My family has a frontage land adjacent to Nguyen Trai street 10m wide and 20m long in the southwest direction 2-storey villa design with Thai roof frontage 10m Classical French villa style combined with Asian architecture. Nam’s wish is to have a backup plan for cars in the near future in the direction of the main gate.

Description for the drawing of a 2-storey street house with a width of 10m

Regarding the design drawing of this 10x20m 2-storey villa for the interior, Mr. Nam noted that he needs 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 worship room and 1 entertainment room combined with a gym, board room. terrace and laundry room drying yard behind.

Do you want to know that this is the most beautiful model in the world today?
Picture of a 2-storey Thai roof villa 10m across the street

Design requirements for 2-storey Thai roof villa with 10m street frontage

I was born in 1970, so I recently went to see the direction of building a house according to feng shui, and the direction of the house is good for me. Is it true that the land area is suitable for the South direction? I hope the architect can advise and design a new beautiful house according to my 1970’s feng shui. Estimated construction cost Beautiful 2 story villa about 1.8 billion for the finishing part. Thank you. Looking forward to the company’s response?

Consulting on the design of a 10m-wide townhouse with a garage

After being sent by Mr. Nam with specific information such as the drawing of the land area in the land use paper. The current landscape around and the structure of the rooms as well as the architectural preferences.. Through consultation and exchange by phone as well as the architect of our company, we send the 2-storey villa model with Thai roof and beautiful neoclassical 2-storey villa models 2021.

The area is similar, including the beautiful and strange 10x18m 2-storey mini villa with Thai roof. Designed by the architect NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME, we designed for Mr. Trong’s family last year. And he appreciates this template very much but wants a simple but unique design. Saving on flat ground like the model 2-storey mini villa design Mr. Trong

The design is beautiful with 2 sets of 10x16m
Beautiful design of a 2-storey neoclassical villa 10x16m – 4 . view angle

Design of 2-storey villa with Thai roof 10m x 16m according to feng shui

The current land is south, Nguyen Trai street is 8m wide. So the option of cornering into the garage is also taken into account. This 2-storey villa design has a frontage of 10m. We designed it in the direction of the Southern Palace of Phuc Vi, as he described. And the teacher watched because he belonged to the hexagram of Khon Tho – Thoai Kim Torus – Dong quartet. So the terrain and surrounding landscape as above is quite amazing, nothing has changed.

The direction of placing the altar of this beautiful 2-storey townhouse with a frontage of 10x16m. Design drawings according to Phuoc Duc palace. The toilet area is placed in the opposite direction. The kitchen and bedroom are placed according to the Luc close sign in the overall house.

Architectural design of a neoclassical villa with a beautiful facade of 10m 2 floors

Sample beautiful villa design 2 floors This Thai roof is designed in the direction of a neoclassical villa. In which the area of ​​design and construction is 10x16m and 4m before the yard. The space of the land is divided into 3 main blocks and 2 side blocks. The main block is designed with a large terrace. And the woven roof system stretches out to the front to shade the foyer

Beautiful mini 2-storey villa model 2020
Beautiful 2-storey mini villa with 10m frontage, European tile roof architecture, Mr. Tinh

How to decorate the balcony of a beautiful two-storey street-front villa

The left side of the 2-storey street villa with 10m frontage is designed with a balcony. Has a frame and roof with white lines. Make the balcony bright and natural. In addition, we also enhance green space. Fill the floors with ornamental pots and ornamental coconuts. Help the front view space to be close and rhythmic. Join the trend neoclassical villa 2 floors more present.

The utility of using the model of a 2-storey Thai-roofed villa with a frontage of 10m

French style 2-storey villa This is similar to the design of a modern 2-storey 10x24m villa of Mr. Hai’s house in Gia Lai. Our architects arrange the living room, connected kitchen furniture in the middle of the house. And the stairs close to the wall at the foot of the stairs are designed with waterfalls and arranged in the style of skewed stairs. There is a skylight in the middle to help get light and ventilation from the top down. The two sides of the auxiliary foyer design 2 bedrooms for Mr. Nam’s parents. There is a common toilet in the room and a bedroom for the servants who are cousins ​​to help, in addition, there is a shared bathroom and toilet for the whole ground floor.

The design has 2 beautiful designs with 10x16m size
Model of modern 2-storey Thai-roof villa designed according to beautiful French architecture 160m2 – 5 . view angle

Description of the function of a 2-storey villa with a width of 10m and a length of 16m

2nd floor model french villa design This beautiful 10x16m we design 2 beautiful bedroom interiors in which we design a luxurious master bedroom for the husband and wife with a beauty desk, cabin bathroom, wc and wardrobe in a private polite room. 1 bedroom for children designed according to their preferences. 1 gym combined with music room and 1 common WC for the whole 2nd floor Beautiful villa 2 floors this.

Clarification of the purpose of building a 2-storey house with a frontage of 10m with a garage

Different from other designs Simple 2-storey villa model before. The terrace and the front balcony for the three blocks unify this house. All are arranged in front with space to sit back and enjoy the view. Just created a beautiful view architecture for this beautiful 10-meter front 2-storey townhouse. In addition, this model of 2-storey townhouse with frontage. Our architects also arrange an additional laundry room and a separate drying yard behind the utility 2nd floor house.

Overview of the architecture of a two-storey townhouse with a frontage of 10m

Basically, the sample 1 ground floor 1 floor villa design This 160 square meter. Highly responsive to the requirements of investors in big cities. Or urban areas with narrow urban areas thanks to the design with skylights to get light. The 2-storey Thai roof house is cool and convenient but costs 1.7 billion. When building a 2-storey house in the form of a townhouse, it is quite reasonable.

Villa 10m across 2 floors with garage roof
Beautiful 2-storey villa design 10x16m French style – 6 . view angle

Model house 10m across, 2 floors with Thai Anh Loi roof

Architecture 10m . wide 2-storey Thai roof villa In this design, we simplify details such as arch lock, son, turn .. but instead are strong and dynamic square blocks to eliminate fussy and heavy details in the special. Former classical mansion. The attic floor is elaborately and elegantly decorated with the A-shaped sloped roof system to help shield the ground floor from sun and rain. In the attic area, depending on the climate conditions, we can put more solar batteries, which will be more wonderful. If building a rural area, there is a model that Mr. Loi has built

house 10x16
Models of villas with a width of 10m with Thai roof 2 floors in the countryside have been completed with Thai Anh Loi roof style

Design drawing of house 10m across, 7m deep, 2 floors with Mr. Binh’s garage

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And this is a model of a house 10m wide, 7m deep, Mr. Binh. Also designed and built last year. The architecture of the house has a 3-room block with beautiful proportions, Japanese roof style. The ground floor of the beautiful house is 10m wide with a garage. Need to design a house 10m across, full design price 100k/m2 with full construction technical drawings

Hurry up 2 beautiful money
Perspective of the facade of the townhouse horizontal 10m wide, 7m deep
I'm going to be in a state of mourning
Floor plan of 1st floor model house 10m across, 7m deep, 2 floors with car garage
10m horizontal bar
Perspective perspective from above a 2-storey house model with 70m2 tile roof, beautiful horizontal L-shaped

Other beautiful models of 2-storey townhouses with 10m frontage

Sample 2-storey villa design 10x16m This beautiful neoclassical architecture is arranged quite neatly. The ratio of architectural distribution is even, the space is beautiful, bright and elegant, the colors are harmonious, the layout is coherent, helping to beautiful villa model 2 floors This French style stylized 10m façade roof is exquisite and elegant and timeless.

know how beautiful the 3rd floor is, 10m after 16m
Admire the 3-storey townhouse in the Metro urban area of ​​Buon Ma Thuot City, 10m wide and 16m long

All house model details 2-storey villa with Thai roof frontage 10m City please send to the mail box. Or contact our management directly for advice and questions. And quote the design and construction of villas with beautiful cheap prices according to today’s new trends. Believe, love and accompany our team of architects and colleagues. You want a beautiful 2-storey house 10m wide that exudes style, taste and lifestyle.. We are ready to help you to have a lovely home. Magnificent Thai roof townhouse rich in creative ideas for today and for generations to come.

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