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The drawing of a beautiful 1-storey 3-bedroom house, Mr. Dang has completed. The new era and new direction for the trend of building beautiful 4-level houses in 2021 is different. In this article, I edited, adjusted the price and updated other beautiful 3-bedroom Thai roof garden models for you to choose with different worlds.

The model of a beautiful house with 1 floor 3 bedrooms with Thai roof architecture 7×17 has been completed. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE I introduce to you and your friends to refer to the detailed drawing below. In order to have a beautiful architectural plan of a 1-storey house with Thai roof and functional floor, suitable for feng shui age. In addition, according to the hobby of building a red tile house according to his family’s financial conditions.

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Model of 4-level house facing Southeast with 3 bedrooms, simple design. According to the purpose of living for his family Dang built 650 million. With the design cost of building a low-priced 4-level house with a tiled roof in the countryside

Front of house 1 floor 3 bedrooms 7x17m
Picture of a model of a beautiful 1-storey 3-bedroom Thai roof house facing Southeast par fire 1978

However, if you need to build a beautiful house with 1 floor, the roof is 8m and 9m wide. Then see more categories house design level 4 The latest in 2021. Because Dang’s house was built last year

Information about a beautiful house model 1 floor 3 bedrooms with Thai roof

Possessing a frontage area of ​​7m wide, the rear has an additional 1m of sloping hilly land. Behind is 0.6m higher than the front facade, on the left hand side there is a small alley towards the East. Dang’s family in Dien Bien wishes simple 1 story house design which nice has 3 bedrooms. Built with an area of ​​130m2, including 1 worship room, living room, kitchen according to feng shui 1978. Beautiful architecture, 1 floor, modern tiled roof. After casually researching online about the model house level 4 rural tile roofing. Ha Anh Dang’s family needs to build to save money. Need drawings for workers in the countryside to look at and build for sure

Level 4 house with Thai roof 1 floor 3 bedrooms 1 worship room
Picture of a beautiful house with 1 floor, 3 bedrooms, 7x17m, facing Southeast in Mr. Dang’s hometown, Ms. Ha
  • Design project of 1-storey house with Thai roof
  • Modern style of house with tile roof in the countryside
  • Investor: Mr. Dang was born in Mau Ngo 1978
  • Design year completed last year
  • Update year 2021
  • Architectural Copyright: Private Architect – NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE
  • The construction cost of the raw part is 460 million VND, and the finished part is about 670 million VND

Drawing of a simple 3-bedroom 1-storey tile-roof house

4-level house with 7m frontage, beautiful Asian architecture combined with simple modern style. But in harmony and in accordance with the function of using 3 bedrooms, a complete kitchen. Designed on a relatively flat land, the front and rear hatch are more than 11.7m. The total depth of the land is 22m. So the plan beautiful house design 1 floor 3 bedrooms 7×17 the remaining 3.5m for the front yard.

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Leave 0.5m behind to ensure ventilation for the house. How to get light for bedroom space and cleaning the laundry room and drying yard in the back. This beautiful simple Thai style 3-bedroom ground floor house design profile is complete. With more than 80 detailed drawings you need to build your own

You have to go to the house 4 money, 7m don't spend 1 funeral
Detail drawing of 1-storey house with 3 bedrooms 7x17m

Sample drawing of a rural level 4 house with 3 bedrooms overall Mr. Dang

Send me other drawings of this 12x17m single-storey house

Beautiful house plan 1 floor with 3 bedrooms 7x17m
Layout for building a 130m2 1-storey house with a width of 7x17m, Mr. Dang
Design of a level 4 house with an area of ​​​​7x17m
Update more drawings of a simple 1-storey house with a Thai roof with 3 bedrooms

In addition, please refer to the drawing sets model house level 4 rural 8m to 10m wide or garden house with 3 bedrooms on large land

See more models of 4-level houses with Thai roofs with 3 bedrooms, 8x16m across

This beautiful 1-storey house in the countryside is arranged in separate rows. One row is for the living space, and the kitchen dining and living space. There is 1 row on the right to design 3 bedroom furniture. In which, a master bedroom of 16m2 has a self-contained toilet with a double bed, Mr. and Mrs. Dang. The two children’s rooms are designed to be spacious and airy, over 12m2. Also, invite you to see the drawing of Mr. Lan’s house with other feng shui south facing houses

You have returned home 4 3 rooms
Views of 120m2 house with Thai roof with detailed drawings of building a 3-bedroom house in the countryside of Mr. Lan

If building 8 sizes 8×16 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 120m2 horizontally, then look at Mr. Lan’s house and choose the same picture.

The design of a 3-bedroom 3-bedroom Thai roof garden house

Sample Level 4 house with Thai roof 7×17 3 bedrooms, modern style, frontage of this level 4 7m house. Estimated construction cost is about 670 million. Compared with other simple beautiful 1-storey house models, this beautiful 4-level house design 7×17. We design with a two-way A-slope roof system because the right hand side is left behind. Therefore, the structural plan of the 17m side roof facade has 3 types of leveling. With ventilation windows, around the roof sheds a border around. Similar to the architecture of the ground floor garden villa with 2 facades, but the area is smaller.

This 1-storey 3-bedroom house design is above a steel frame with tiled roof. From the ground up to the roof, it is higher than 8.3m from the ground floor to the ceiling higher than 3.6m, ensuring ventilation and ventilation for this 7-meter frontage 4-level house architecture.

House design with 4 spaces 7x17
Construction drawing of a detailed 3-bedroom 1-storey house
Drawing of 7m wide ground house 3 bedrooms with Thai roof
Detailed drawing of a beautiful 1-storey 3-bedroom house in the countryside 7m
Drawing of a 1-storey Thai-roof house with 3 bedrooms 7x17m
Section drawing of a level 4 house with 3 bedrooms, Mr. Dang and Ms. HA

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In addition to the modern garden house model, there are 3 bedrooms, Ms. HA and Dang above. Sincerely invite you to spend a little time to see more ground floor garden models with 3 to 4 bedrooms. The staff of the NEW BEAUTIFUL house in Vietnam has just updated yesterday by Mr. Hanh, Mr. Dieu. Style Level 4 house with Thai roof Beautiful mini garden villa style.

Describe more about the drawing of a beautiful one-storey house with 3 bedrooms, Ms. Ha

The model of a 4-level house with Thai roof area of ​​​​7 × 17 was built on the land at the back of the hill. There is a red tile color suitable for the Fire par. There are open windows on both sides of the design. If you have a rectangular piece of land with a width of 8m to 10m, it can be applied.

Beautiful one-story house with three bedrooms and one room
Beautiful one-storey house model with 3 bedrooms built on low-lying land behind level 4

This 1 storey house with 7x17m tile roof of Mr. Dang we designed with cheap price. Because he is far away, he needs to have records for the workers and he buys materials for daily work. Usage and architecture of a simple one-story house with tiled roofs according to Southeast feng shui. Wall-mounted worship room in the living room to save construction space. Also, invite you to consult Beautiful house styles skewed roof or other flat roof like Mr. Tinh’s house. The design also has 3 bedrooms, 1 private worship room with garden, small landscape, beautiful house in the South

Pictures of garden houses in the Southwest region
Beautiful house architecture in the Southwest region designed for husband and wife and 2 children Calculated in 2020

Other types of beautiful 1-storey 3-bedroom house facades in 2021

The facade of the beautiful level 4 house 7m, Mr. Dang is one of the simple one-story houses. The cost is not too high and the roof tile is cool and cheap. If you have a relative economy, you can choose to build a beautiful 1-storey 3-bedroom house for yourself. If the width of the land is wider than the depth, build a beautiful 3-bedroom horizontal house. Please see a sample of a modern three-room house Mr. Hoan has 1 floor as shown below at this path to discover more

beautiful house
Beautiful three-room house design 130m2 wide, 13m long, 10m behind Mr. Hoan

Other similar designs of 1-storey houses with 8m and 7m width

One of the modern 4-level house models suitable for the frontage areas of the inter-village road 7m 8m. Or the deep alleys in the cities or suburbs. Suggestions for more styles of 1-storey houses with fake corrugated iron roofs costing about 550 million to beautify as follows

beautiful house Hai Duong 2020
Front of house 1 floor 7m modern Thai roof architecture Mr. Sy Hai Duong

You should see more

The cost of building a beautiful three-bedroom house with tile roof and corrugated iron roof

The difference between tile roof and corrugated iron roof depends on the rural area. Or the price of materials in the city, but there is a difference because of the different cost of labor. So we can’t give details but the difference is about 40 million. When introducing a beautiful one-story house with tiled roofs to young homeowners, we often choose a modern skewed roof. Like Bui Len’s house

Drawings of houses with skewed roofs
Four angles of a beautiful modern 4-level house model with a horizontal 9m width, youthful and modern design for Uncle Bui Len’s family
Beautiful model house 1 floor 5x20 3 bedrooms
Simple 4th grade house model 5×20 3 bedrooms costs 500 million Ms. Le

Drawings to build a cheap and beautiful 1-storey 3-bedroom house

With modern and growing information technology today. You need to send full information, a few views of the land, photocopies of land ownership papers.. Send it to your favorite form zalo 0975 945 433, the team of NEW BEAUTIFUL house group can advise you. beautiful one-story house modern.

Unit price for designing a 1-storey house in the North

Design unit price and estimate if the distance is far or due to the Covid 19 epidemic. If it is close, it is better to go directly to the reference company. With more than 100 designs of level 4 houses with 2 to 3 & 4 large and small bedrooms. Currently translating, I receive 80k/m2 to 100k/m2. Depending on the architectural drawings, there is only a lot or not

Beautiful house in the West of Thailand
Picture of a ground floor house of 120m2, drawing with 3 bedrooms, 1 Thai roof worship room, 13m wide, 10m deep, covered with Mr. Thuc

See another beautiful house with 1 floor 3 bedrooms

Send you more samples of house facades, large and small in width. Has a sleek perspective that corresponds to the worlds. Just like the direction of feng shui to build a house, if you need a model, call me or send it to me for a reasonable price, then deploy

The ground floor has a church room
Picture of the design of a level 4 house with an L-shaped worship room in the countryside, Mr. Hung and Ms. Hanh
Beautiful model of Thai roof house 2022
Beautiful 1-storey L-shaped house in the countryside with 9×15 Uncle Hung
7 models of level 4 houses with beautiful corrugated iron roofs
House models with beautiful corrugated iron roofs in rural areas will cost 500 million to 800 million in 2022
Beautiful tiled roofed house in the countryside
The most beautiful models of houses with tiled roofs in the Southwest region of Vietnam

Connecting the design of a beautiful 1-storey house in the countryside to escape the epidemic

“When we stay, it’s just a place to live. When we go, the land turns into a soul.” See more Anh Thanh U-shaped American Villa in the category housing design The latest in 2021, if in 2022, it will be great to build a house and garden villa like the image below in the countryside

One-storey U-shaped garden house
Beautiful house model, American style garden villa, beautiful south facing tile roof, Mr. Thanh

Give the power to beautify your home, we are committed to being creative. How to design with enthusiasm and find the best solutions to help make the house beautiful. Both tall, modern and airy, in harmony with open space. Just right feng shui housing that you are interested in. All detailed information about the design drawings of beautiful level 4 houses above are in technical development documents. Please contact the company Architect for further advice.

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