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Các mẫu nhà vuông 1 tầng và kiểu nhà lầu 2 3 phòng ngủ hiện đại 2020

Model of a square house with 1 floor 10×10 designed for a couple with 2 children. The most beautiful Korean style flat roof house today. The space has 3 bedrooms 1 living room. Please refer to this preliminary drawing of this young and classy modern garden house of Mr. Minh

Picture of the design of a 10x10m square house Mr. Minh

This modern 4-level square house design has a construction area of ​​100m2. The open space is optimized for construction on garden land. Architects Optimize the floor space in the most reasonable way for 4 members. Modern style in harmony with nature, close to youth. Model 1 floor 3 bedroom 10×10 square house that we introduce to you today. Drawing of the roof of a 4-level house with a concrete roof. The architecture is not too ornate in shape. Instead, you will have a beautiful, practical, sophisticated home. The cost of construction is worth the amount of money spent about 500 million. Bringing great use of 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining table and very full toilet.

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Beautiful 1 story square house model
Model of a 4-level house with a beautiful small garden 100m2 3 bedrooms with a cost of 550 million Mr. Minh Bien Hoa

Information about a beautiful 1-storey square house model of 100m2 Mr. Minh

Construction Dimensions beautiful square house model 3 bedrooms 100m2. If calculating the total length of the sides, the width of the facade is 12m. The length is up to 10m deep inside including the lobby. Some positions at the front façade expand to have more area for each room, which is more reasonable. Construction area 10×10 ie 100m2 construction. The design of a beautiful 1-storey square house is very practical when the usable area is about 100m2 including the lobby. If you have a plot of land with a frontage of 8m, 9m long, and want to build a house with 2 3 floors, see more models of Thai roof house 12x12m or house 8x9m.

Beautiful square house model
Picture of a 1-storey 3-bedroom square house, Mr. Minh, another view from the back

Picture of a house with 3 rooms, 1 floor, square roof, 3 bedrooms, level 4

Model of 4-level Korean-style garden house with square roof. Optimal design of space using feng shui in harmony with Wood – Water or Kim. Outside is a simple and harmonious decorative block with a miniature garden. Very suitable for families with an area of ​​​​about 200m2 in the countryside. The need for you to build a house about 100m2 wants to build a moderate cost but economic. See more 2 bedroom square ground floor models

Beautiful 1-storey square house model 2019
Perspective of beautiful 4-level house, 1 floor, 3 bedrooms, 1 private worship room, designed to build 12x12m, not including Mr. Hien’s hall

Consulting to build a square house with 1 floor 3 bedrooms with other Thai roofs

If you like a 3-room, 3-bedroom house with a tiled roof, see the drawing of a 12x12m square house with this additional worship room.

Drawing of a beautiful square level 4 house
The floor plan of the 1 storey house with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room, viewed from the bottom up by Mr. Hien, has 3 compartments architecture

If put into a beautiful garden space larger area. The architectural design of a 4-level house with a square roof is not inferior. Compared with other mini modern garden villas. Just need a spacious standard garden design. The design with an outdoor entertainment area and swimming pool is what makes the difference.

The highlight of the 1-storey square house model is simple but beautiful

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With simple building blocks, beautiful square house design 1 floor 100m2. There are exterior walls painted with white and blue paint in combination. Black card brick skirting makes a difference. Help the exterior exude a modern beauty, although simple but still attractive. Below the model of a square box house with an area of ​​​​100m2 has 3 bedrooms. Create cool breeze accents along the 2 main front halls. And the side foyer on the side, both halls have yellow tiles with wood grain. The height of the floor is clear and airy. Below is the interior of the house on the ground floor in the square of Mr. Minh’s living room. In addition, please refer to the beautiful home form our other 2020.

Design a living room of a square one-story house in 2020
The modern living room space of the square house is simple but beautiful

The second highlight of beautiful 1 story square house model Mr. Minh. The upper design concept thanks to the wide racing flat roof. There is a covered porch for 2 lobbies. That’s why when looking from the bottom up, people feel like Korean-style house design. Even though the size is only 10×10, there are 2 layers of concrete roofs. The separation between the two inax tiles is similar to the black base, creating a very clear division.

Explain more about the model of 4-level house, square, 3 bedrooms, 1 floor 2020

Besides beautiful model of level 4 house 100m2 with flat roof square 100m2 Mr. Minh. The design of the glass door system is very special and outstanding. The door frame creates accents with 3 accent color bands. The middle is a long white large area inside and outside is a separate black strip. That is why it is possible to create contrasting door frame colors. More prominent even though the outer wall is painted in a rather bright white color.

Beautiful square house design 1 floor
Picture of a beautiful 1-storey square house model with 3 bedrooms with an area of ​​​​100m2, Mr

You are in love with the one-story house in the countryside with a square roof. You can rest assured to build on a large plot of land that receives a lot of sunlight. But not because of that, it was hot, the wall was built with 20cm of concrete roof. The current architecture of the flat roof house is applied with smart technologies. New construction method effectively combats heat with insulation solutions. The cost of building a modern level 4 house is about 400 million raw parts. The interior is finished with a cheap price of 550 million acceptable. Beautiful model of high quality, durable and airy space. See more drawing of house level 4 beautiful square style Thai roof 2020.

Floor plan design of a square one-story house 10x10m

Plan garden design Modern Korean style 1 floor 100m2 with kitchen and dining table. How to design a square 4-level ground floor house according to the way foreigners live. The architect optimizes the floor area very well, even though it is only 100m2, but it is still spacious enough without waste. Flexible and airy space measures for 3 bedrooms. The interior of the living room, kitchen + dining table and common toilet is enough for non-exhaustive activities. Plan square house design modern style garden style flat roof open space. The idea of ​​​​putting the bedrooms to 3 corners to create a quiet place to rest. Large kitchen area combined as a common and connected living room

Design drawing of a square house with 1 floor 10x10
Small, beautiful, 1-storey garden house with 3 bedrooms, 10×10

On the drawing of a Korean-style 1-storey house in the countryside, there are 3 bedrooms. You can clearly see the layout is very smart and flexible. Of the architect for a modern 4-level house model of 100m2 of open space receiving natural light. Helping Minh’s family of 4 to live comfortably. He and his wife will own the largest bedroom with a front view of 18m2. The other 2 children each have a separate bedroom similar to each other 12m2 to 14m2. A shared toilet area but designed up to 5m2 for 4 to 5 people is enough. Including the location of the washing machine in addition to the combined bathroom, the toilet has a large and very comfortable bathtub.

Modern 100m2 square living room space

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The model of a square 1-storey house is designed with 2 main colors, white and black. Create a modern interior space with large white square edge tempered glass panels. clearly demarcated by the black border. Sample difference 10×10 . square house design is to create flexibility. The interior space plan is simple stylized modern. But more vibrant life comes from small colorful decorative materials.

3 bedroom square ground floor living room model
Another view of the living room from the square garden house Mr. Minh
Modern 1-storey 3-bedroom square house space
Corner view of 3 minimalist living room spaces in harmony with the open space of a 100m2 1-storey house Mr. Minh

Interior of living room space beautiful level 4 house Villa style roof. Modern architecture, simple and airy. How to decorate blue and white hug pillows.. according to feng shui. The color perspective is very prominent on the white background, creating a fresh but cozy youthfulness. Beautiful square house model 100m2. Designed to connect 2 living rooms and kitchens, the interior space is very spacious. For the ability to get light for very good gas exchange. The living room area introduced to you is decorated with accents. Art porcelain vases and vases are very popular in the market. How to decorate smart home with Lumi technology is very simple and effective. More square luxury room space brings wealth and fortune.

The most beautiful one- and two-storey square house models in Vietnam

In addition to the model of a 4-level house with 3 bedrooms, a modern flat roof. Optimizing according to the Korean style space Mr. Minh. Our company also has models of square houses with Thai roofs. Model of a square ground floor house or a house with a mezzanine with more than 24 different styles

Square house 2 floors 1 tum with garage
The design of a 2-storey square house with a roof of 10m with a modern terrace of 95m2

Beautiful two-storey square house models with 3 to 4 bedrooms

Model of a 2-storey square house with beautiful Thai roof
The facade of the beautiful 2-storey Thai roof house 4 bedrooms 1 worship room is designed with a large yard
Model of 2-storey square house 10x10m 5 bedrooms
Design of a square house with 2 floors, Thai roof, 5 bedrooms, beautiful modern design, Mr. Hoang
  • The model of a square house with Thai roof 10x10m 1 ground floor 1 floor Mr. Hoang looks like in the picture see here It will be clearer
2-storey house with 12m frontage, inclined view
Picture of a beautiful 2-storey square villa with an area of ​​​​12 × 12, left side view, architecture, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, 1 attic
Model house 1 ground floor 1 floor square 10x10m
Model of a modern 2-storey square house with an area of ​​​​10 × 10 built on land 10m wide and 15m long with a yard

Models of one-story square houses with 2 to 4 bedrooms and 1 worship room

Beautiful house models of level 4 100m2
Collection of beautiful 4-level house models of 100m2 square. Drawings with 3 to 4 bedrooms with 1 ground floor style in 2019 – 2020 for your reference
1 floor U-shaped garden house
Beautiful model house, American style garden villa, beautiful south facing tile roof, Mr. Thanh is a U-shaped square

Practical with the cost to get back the function of large floor area. Is the goal for the design to be completed and built. The 3-bedroom square house model is in tune with the modern minimalist trend. Promises to bring a new style of construction in the countryside. When the construction cost of traditional house designs, Thai roofs are relatively expensive. Moreover, the beautiful square house design with the optimization of many details creates a new, fresh, and different modern small garden house. Don’t skip samples housing design Recently designed by a leading architect in Vietnam

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