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Các mẫu thiết kế nội thất chung cư nhỏ đơn giản rẻ mà đẹp mới 2020

Small apartment interior design completely remove the stuffy air. And wondering about how to decorate the living room of a small apartment. As well as not knowing how to arrange the space so gently. Both eye level and suitable for the area of ​​your room so that it is clean.

Interior design of a small apartment with an area from 50m2 to 60m2. Surely will satisfy you by the simple selection of cheap and beautiful furniture. Not fussy, airy and modern, best suited to the tight budget of the family.

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Simple but cool modern apartment interior model
Image of interior design of a small modern apartment, Mr. Cuong

Demand and tastes when designing the interior of a small and luxurious apartment today

In big cities as well as cities under the province is where the type of apartment building is very popular. To meet the demand for housing when construction land is not much. The space is cramped and also very expensive. Hence the need interior design small apartment 40m2 to 60m2. Your medium is very large, so today’s article we want to introduce to you for reference. The interior design plan of Mr. Cuong’s 56m2 apartment in District 9 is as follows:

The interior decoration space of the apartment is simple but romantic and airy

The need to decorate a small beautiful apartment with cheap price 2020

The cost of the apartment is the financial factor. It almost affects your decision to choose this type of housing. There are low-cost social housing apartment designs. Only about 200 million to 300 million VND or less. The needs and tastes of cheap interior design. There are also inexpensive basic sanitary ware now available. Compared with high-end apartment furniture. Costing up to billions of dong, widely used area. Beautiful view architecture is convenient for travel and materials imported from abroad. The interior is more luxurious.

Information on interior decoration design of a small apartment 50m2 60m2 Mr. Cuong

This beautiful small apartment interior design company advises us on how to decorate and construct. Owner of a 56m2 apartment building for Mr. Cuong’s family in Sen Hong apartment in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. The space is also very suitable for most of you in other provinces to come to the city to study and work. In difficult economic conditions. This small beautiful furniture model is aimed at new owners. Beautiful apartments with small area under 50m2 to 60m2. For families with 3 to 4 members, 2 generations living together, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen + dining table. There are also 1 or 2 toilets depending on the design and there is a sightseeing loggia to dry clothes behind.

Design apartment for rent 50m2
Quotation for interior construction in Da Nang for the construction of a 50m2 apartment on the 3rd floor

Problems encountered when looking to buy or design a small apartment in a big city

When designing a cheap apartment, most investors always calculate the cost. The most optimal color space for the surface area. In the design of the apartment is simple and airy, but it is the most economical for the family of the home buyer. The price of apartments in District 9 is out of area. It is also decided quite a lot on whether the construction location is close to the center or not. Is the area convenient for commuting?

Beautiful apartment on the outskirts of the city

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The interior space welfare works for the family when moving in. Like schools, hospitals and green parks are also extremely important. The current number of apartments are often built in scattered suburban areas. Especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the working area is a few kilometers away. So you can easily search and especially compare the prices of apartment locations.

How to decorate cheap modern apartment interior
Advice on how to decorate a beautiful small apartment living room

Note when buying a beautiful and prestigious apartment

When deciding to buy an apartment, you should also carefully study the project information and the investor about the license. Sovereignty in the most general way because there are many alternatives. Avoid the case of “lost money” or carefully study social security issues. In apartment buildings, it is not convenient to have a basement for parking. Same electricity and water system, construction quality, maintenance fee.. Recently, there have been many cases that happened because the investor was not reputable to design. When handing over or poor quality construction projects.

How to decorate and design the interior of a small apartment 56m2 Mr. Cuong District 9

Interior design of a small 56m2 apartment by Mr. Cuong at Sen Hong apartment building. 3rd floor, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. We design by a beautiful home interior design company. We invite you to take a look and learn about this interior space with us.

More information about the design of a small apartment 56m2 Sen Hong

Due to the small interior decoration space of 56m2. It’s almost the same as the simple way to design cheap apartment interiors. For the common ground of the current small apartment market. To optimize the area used, the design is modern style. Reduce a lot of narrow space due to furniture.. The space layout has many colors filled with flexible light. More convenient for moving, eliminating the feeling of being cramped.

Small apartment interior decoration
Simple apartment living room, Mr. Cuong’s small apartment in District 9

How to decorate the interior of the apartment with warm tones

How to decorate a living room with white tones. K combined with neutral black design creates horizontal lines. In order to increase the space when viewing. The interior design of the small apartment is located next to the hallway. Therefore, the architect uses a small L-shaped sofa table to minimize the plane completely. On the opposite side, the TV entertainment system is arranged in a dark tone of the villain close to the wall. Highlight and also make it easier for the family to watch TV programs.

Advice on decorating the interior of a cheap apartment

The interior design of the living room is almost similar to other common townhouse living room designs. But the area is smaller than decorated with ceiling lights. Combined with wall paintings at eye level, reserve a small corner for compact green plants. Suitable to create green space closer to nature more modern. The interior decoration of the 56m2 apartment Mr. Cuong is very artistic. Furniture placed close to the wall for convenient passage. Especially getting light from the loggia to the inside with a system of white glass doors and large curtains.

Pictures of beautiful 56m2 apartment kitchen decoration

Decorate beautiful kitchen interior design instead of using expensive luxury wooden furniture. If you are on a tight budget, you should choose Acrylic with a unit price of about 2.8 million. Warranty 2 years blue white in harmony with nature. Light color tones, cheap but cozy and clean, help the interior space not to be duplicated.

small apartment kitchen furniture
How to arrange the dining table and choose cheap kitchen cabinets for Mr. Cuong’s small apartment in District 9
small apartment kitchen
Picture of a small apartment kitchen inside Mr. Cuong’s apartment 50m2

Interior construction techniques for small but beautiful apartments

Interior design of a small apartment kitchen neat and tidy small area. Still the lines are just black, but the design of the 56m2 apartment apartment in the kitchen. Adding a blue tint to the lower kitchen cabinets makes a difference this blue isn’t too strong. Very youthful almost similar to white. Between the dining table and the living room should not use wooden frames or too large CMC like townhouses. Because it will obscure the light, causing cramped for an apartment design of only over 50m2.

Some notes when decorating an apartment of 40 square meters or more

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When decorating a small apartment, for example, under 40m2. If you have, please note the placement of small shelves and low height. Or a very reasonable mini bar that still creates a distinction between the two rooms. Without blocking the light, the connected area will be wider. See more beautiful small apartment 40m2 interior models. Packaged by NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME interior design and construction company. For the investor Mr. Khoa Da Nang here but has a smart design like the picture

Interior design of apartments in Danang
Find an apartment interior design company in Da Nang Prestige quality and professional way of working

How to arrange the interior of a small apartment

Due to the small interior space of the apartment, it is advisable to take advantage of the wall to place small shelves. We put bottles of wine or souvenirs. Bringing back family memories with the past and present helps instead of leaving the wall white. In addition, when designing a small apartment under 50m2, it is advisable to combine decorative paintings. Size is about 30cm to 50cm only. Do not choose pictures that are too large because when looking at it, it will be difficult to cover or the space will be thin.

Advice on choosing interior design colors for a small apartment for the bedroom of Mr. Cuong’s 56m2 apartment

The interior design of the small-area bedroom for the apartment is also used a modern design plan. Low cost laminate flooring. Although there is not much difference with the interior design of luxury apartment bedrooms. Which we have introduced to you on many occasions. It is recommended to use white tones to make the space brighter and more airy. Combine wall paint colors with a few neutral tones such as gray. Light orange or blue hues.

small apartment bedroom interior design
Bedroom for Cuong’s son
beautiful small apartment bedroom
Cuong and his wife’s bedroom design
Beautiful small apartment design
View of 2 interior models of cheap small apartments in District 9

Another beautiful apartment interior space of Mr. Cuong

The bathroom area of ​​the apartment should be decorated in the simplest way. Using non-slip ceramic tiles like Hoan My costs 120k/m2 without being fussy. The layout is neat and clean to ensure hygiene when in use. This is also the core of beautiful interior design for the bathroom space. Available layout position, mirror or shower cabin needs to be convenient for living purposes.

Normally, you should choose all white tones. Under the cheap ceramic tile floor is suitable for your pocket and easy to maintain. In general, the interior design of a small 56m2 apartment as above must be neat. Optimizing the area used, not fussy in design. Flat designs are best suited without causing entanglement for use. Or travel because the aisles will be very small and will be used in conjunction with the room space.

Small apartment bathroom
How to decorate a bathroom cheap

Overview of beautiful small apartment interior design 2020

When decorating the interior of a 56m2 apartment or buying it as a rough build. Then complete the following interior. Both of these types are currently very popular buying rates. There are small apartments that the investor has already designed furniture that is very suitable for you when handing over. But some solutions do not guarantee the speaker will not be reasonable. Typically, this 2 bedroom 50m2 serviced apartment for rent

Modern beautiful serviced apartment interior
Interior design image of 2 bedroom serviced apartment for rent with an area of ​​​​50m2 for rent on the 4th floor inside the 7-storey Happy House Danang building

You should hire small apartment interior design tailored to your preference color tone. Satisfied with his aesthetic taste to live comfortably in the home. My small apartment after a stressful working day will be a place to rest. The company specializes in interior design and construction in Ho Chi Minh City, we always listen to share your aspirations and thoughts. Please dial 0975 945 433 KTS will help you create a beautiful interior space. Youthful and airy impression with a reasonable price, the new trend of 2020 today.

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