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Photos of the design and construction of a modern 7-storey apartment by Mr. Khoa. The project has just been put into use a few days ago. If you are in Da Nang, please refer to the following interesting information

Information on design and construction of a modern 7-storey apartment with a frontage of 5m

Modern apartment model has a time of design, construction and put into use 7 months. By Da Nang Construction Architectural Joint Stock Company, I built the package. Here are some typical actual pictures

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  • Design project to build 7-storey apartment with 5m frontage, modern style
  • Investor: Mr. Tran Dang Khoa
  • Address: 155 – 30.4 Street – Hai Chau District – City. Danang
  • Year of implementation: 2020
  • In charge of the profile: Architect Nguyen Thanh Phong
  • Joint Stock Branch: Da Nang is in charge of the Central region
  • Construction time to complete: 7 months
Design and construction company for apartments in Da Nang
Image of construction of a 7-storey apartment for rent in combination with a hotel in Hai Chau Da Nang, Vietnam

Design message to build a business hotel apartment

Note whether this is a 7-storey apartment designed and constructed on April 30, Hai Chau district. But if you live in Quang Ngai, Dong Ha or the central provinces. Even Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City if you like the style of apartments with a 5-meter-wide semi-basement. Or the same size as a joint stock company architect, I can also work at the place. See more ways to connect hotel design motels or high-rise apartments with 36 different models in Binh Duong. Saigon and Hanoi

Good luck
A close-up view of the apartment building for rent combined with the hotel business in Hai Chau Da Nang Mr. Khoa

3D image of modern 7-storey apartment construction design compared to reality

Design documents for apartments for rent in combination with this hotel and motel made within 2 months. Includes permitting procedures and fire protection drawings. Architectural profile as well as interior design of Da Nang apartments. Due to the construction design documents of a 7-storey building, there are many pictures. So in this article, I only mention the actual 3D perspective of the modern apartment design compared to the one built above. Along with that are some pictures of interior construction. The overview view of this green architecture open space rental building

Construction of office building in Danang
Perspective design of modern 7-storey apartment for rent 5m wide in Da Nang compared to the reality above

Actual picture of building 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 5 floors apartment for rent & hotel

Beautiful 7-storey modern apartment model invested by Mr. Khoa. Designed to build on land 200m2 wide, 5m wide, 40m long. But the idea behind the design is to leave 2m for the atrium and the exit. Outside the front of the apartment for rent 5m 7 floors take advantage of the corridor plus the remaining 3m as a yard. Here is another view of the rental apartment model. Combined with mini hotel 1 ground 1 mezzanine 5 floors 7 floors in Hai Chau district Da Nang

Danang hotel design and construction company
Actual image of building 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 5 floors apartment for rent & hotel after 7 months of construction at night Mr. Khoa

Utilities inside the Apartment & 7-storey hotel in Da Nang

In addition to the exterior architecture of the building for rent 7 floors above. There are also other interior amenities such as hotel business. Swimming pool, reception.. The rooms of the 3-star hotel are 20m2 to 22m2 wide. The Apartment has 1 and 2 bedrooms full of other furniture. Each 40m2 apartment for rent is fully furnished with modern interior design facilities. Standard 3-star mini hotel or more. Here are some actual pictures of the beautiful interior finishing. The 7-storey building inside Mr. Khoa has been put into use. The apartment construction company has just handed over

Interior design and construction company in Danang
The interior of the 7-storey Apartment & hotel in Da Nang has some remarkable views

Contract for interior design and construction of a package apartment in Da Nang

Contract for interior design and construction of an apartment for rent in combination with a 7-storey hotel. Signed by director of Architects Phong with investor Mr. Khoa at 155 Hai Chau for 7 months. Particularly, the exterior construction according to the design of the 7-storey building for rent is done for 5 months. Particularly, processing and closing the interior according to the drawings of the design documents is 2 months. Some timeline information for you to grasp. And below are the actual pictures handed over

Contract for design and construction of apartment hotel, apartment interior
Actual picture of interior design and construction of a package apartment in Da Nang

See more pictures of apartment interior construction in Da Nang

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In addition, we invite you to view & admire the interior space of the 7-storey house with 5m frontage. Floor area 170m2 building 1 ground 1 mezzanine 5 floors Mr. Khoa. Recently put into use. See reality Da Nang interior construction Mr. Khoa performed by the branch of a joint stock company in 2020

Interior construction of apartments in Danang apartments
Pictures of modern style interior construction for Mr. Khoa Da Nang’s 2-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor behind
Interior construction of cheap apartments in Danang
Another view of the interior of the 50m2 2-bedroom apartment of the investor Mr. Tran Dang Khoa in Hai Chau district

Floor plans and design of Apartment 7 floors 5x35m in Da Nang

Location of modern 7-storey building Apartment & 3-star Happy House mini hotel. Designed on 5m frontage land at 155 street 30/4 Hai Chau Da Nang. The location is considered very ideal, facing the Southeast to Son Tra peninsula. Send more brothers and sisters the design of the 7-storey apartment 170m2 5m x 35m across in Da Nang for more confidence

Design drawing of 7-storey apartment 5x35m
Apartment floor plan 5x35m 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 5 floors 1 attic construction floor area more than 170m2 Happy House in Da Nang

Floor plan drawing of the facade and the top 2 apartments

The top 2 floors are designed for a mini hotel, each room is about 20m2 to 22m2

Floor plan of apartment for rent 1 ground 5 floors in Danang
Drawing of the facade and the top 2 floors of the building for rent Mr. Khoa’s apartment at 155 April 30, Hai Chau district, Da Nang

Construction drawing of apartment building for rent 7 floors 5×35

Construction cross-sectional drawing of a 7-storey serviced apartment building for rent 170m2 across 5m x 35 Mr. Khoa in 155 Hai Chau district, April 30, Da Nang street. Branch Joint Stock Company New Beautiful House – Da Nang BigHome we provide finished construction drawings

Consulting on building high-rise apartments for rent
Construction drawing of a 7-storey building for rent combined with a 3-star mini hotel Mr. Khoa with a vertical section

How to connect the design and construction of apartments, hotels, offices

New Beautiful House Vietnam currently has many high-rise buildings from 5 to 12 floors. Design and construction in the form of joint stock shareholders in 64 provinces. In which the form of package design and construction includes applying for permission and testing as-built drawings. Industry 4.0 era and rural modernization. The spacious asphalt concrete road is also convenient for surveying and construction consulting. Not only design and construction of office buildings for hotel rental. Or the interior of Da Nang apartments.. If you like the facade style on the corporation’s website. Architect team of NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME JSC will send autocad files for internal circulation for easy and convenient work.

Good luck
How to connect the design and construction of apartments, hotels, offices in 64 provinces easily by 4.0 technology

Method & time of payment for apartment construction contract

After receiving the quotation, you will receive information that you need to build an apartment or apartment interior. Usually there are at least 2 to 3 architects and engineers who specialize in feng shui come directly to the house. Or the current position of the land where you plan to design and build.

If the consultant to build an apartment or hotel apartment is finished,

  • Advance 30% of total design contract value in advance
  • After completing the construction quotation package according to progress, 50% of the cost of building the apartment
  • Deduct the advanced design fee if you trust the construction.
  • Procedure for payment according to 3 installments contract with attached
  • Commitment not to sell bids and regular monitoring.
  • Commitment to construction according to the code of materials and warranty products .. (Attached)
Serviced apartment for rent in danang
Pictures of the opening of the 7-storey happy house apartment for rent in Da Nang after handing over the construction

How to design and build a hotel or office apartment in Vietnam

In case you have a piece of land 4.5m wide or 6m wide, equivalent to a serviced apartment for rent in Da Nang, Mr. Khoa. Even need to design and build an open space office building as shown. But the construction location is in Saigon or Hanoi, the copyright drawing records circulating internally of the NEW BEAUTIFUL JOINT STOCK COMPANY will be transferred to my group. For convenience and ease of work. See more latest related projects

Refer to the interior construction projects of hotels and apartments

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Note in addition to the design and construction of a mini hotel or apartment. Construction Architecture Joint Stock Company also specializes in interior design and construction of apartments in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Like the provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong has an office address under the website. See the design company information NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE me

Company specializing in interior design and construction of Da Nang apartments
Pictures of the design and construction of the Happy House hotel apartment at 155 April 30, Hai Chau district, Da Nang

The company has interior processing workshops according to apartment design drawings

With the new era of industrialization – Modernization along with the explosion of information technology 4.0. Design and construction services for office buildings for rent. Or hotels, motels, construction of new apartment furniture. Even renovating and repairing furniture in aluminum and glass carpentry workshops.. It’s not as difficult as it was during the subsidy period.

New beautiful home company furniture workshop
One of the furniture factories at the address 09 Bau Nang 14 Hoa Minh, Lien Chieu, Da Nang of our joint stock company

It is completely easy for you to meet face-to-face within 24 hours. Procedures for applying for a construction or completion permit. After-sales maintenance, legal procedures according to regulations. Design standards for high-rise hotel apartments. Of the current circular No. 100/2019, the latest amendments and supplements. Wish you good health & success. Best regards.! see more

Architect, interior design apartment in Da Nang cheap Mr. Khoa

Model of interior construction in Da Nang in actual apartment Mr. Tran Dang Khoa

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