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HOT 9 mẫu nhà 6x18m 1

Category of manuals build a cheap house Today we introduce the whole house model 6x18m. Architectural drawing of a simple and cheap modern level 4 tube house. In addition, additional models of townhouses 2 3 floors 6x18m are also introduced. As well as the model of a 4-level house with a Thai roof with a full mezzanine. Designed and built since 2011 until now

  • 3-storey townhouse with garage, modern 1 ground 2 floor tube house model Mr. Duoc
  • See the drawing of a townhouse with a Thai roof 6×20 1 ground floor 1 floor Mr. Vuong Dong Ha
modern beautiful house design 6x18m
Picture of a house 6x18m in modern style with a simple flat roof, Ms. Duyen in Dong Ha city

Beautiful modern house design model 6x18m Ms. Duyen

Beautiful modern house design 6x18m by Ms. Duyen, profile design in early 2022, is currently under construction. This model of 6x18m townhouse is one of the modern, affordable 4-level flat roof tube houses suitable for a newly independent couple and their child.

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  • The project of building a modern level 4 tube house 6x18m with flat roof
  • Investor: Ms. Duyen
  • Land area: Street frontage is 6m wide, 58m long
  • Address: Ward 5, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri
  • Design area for construction of level 4 house: 6x18m
  • In charge of the profile: Architect Le Huy Cuong
  • Branch office: Truong Chinh – Dong Ha
  • Form of contract delivery: Turnkey package
  • Finishing cost: 600 million including 120m2
Model house 6x18m
Perspective from another perspective, beautiful modern house design 6x18m 2 bedrooms 1 living room 1 kitchen and garden 30m2

Floor plan for construction of a modern house 6x18m 1 floor for 2 couples

The floor plan of the house is 6x18m, designed from the yard outside the street to about 20m. The rear has 10m and the remaining 6x18m house design area. Including the auxiliary hall in front of the modern 4-bedroom house and the back. The space is divided into 2 rows, 1 on the right is the porch and the living room. The left side is designed with a width of 1.8m, indented by 1.4m, covered with a separate path for motorbikes.

Floor plan of level 4 house 6x18m
Floor plan 6x18m modern tube house architecture level 4 for young couple, Duyen Dong Ha

Floor plan of level 4 house 6x18m designed with dining room space. Connect with another room with a way to prevent CNC in the middle. At the rear is the bathroom for the toilet and the exit to the back garden. Two bedrooms are designed next to each other with a wall of 10cm.

More information about house design drawings 6x18m2

The house model 6x18m has a simple, unfussy roof tube house architecture. According to the demand, Ms. Duyen wants to leave a large yard to open a restaurant for customers. Should be designed to spend 20m both for parking and spacious. Floor plan drawings of 6x18m townhouses of all types we provide more

House design with an area of ​​​​6x18m
Drawing of level 4 house 6x18m with flat roof cost 400 million VND

Some drawings to build houses at level 4 500 million VND

Model 4 house 400 million designed above the roof using purlin size 30×60. And use moisture-proof drainage pipe D=90mm. Built with reclaimed wall and truss rod 40×80. Above there is a glass roof to light up the skylight. Please refer to the construction company drawings we provide more

Building drawing 6x18m
Drawing of a 1-storey tube house 6x18m with flat roof with 2 bedrooms for the building part of the upper roof

Some other detailed design drawings of 1-storey 2-bedroom tube houses. Please refer to it for more information 1 storey 2 bedroom house model modern 5x20m area of ​​Ms. Diep Bien Hoa Dong Nai

1 floor 2 bedroom tube house design
Drawing of house facade 6m 1 floor 2 bedrooms
Drawing of 1-storey 3-bedroom tube house
Design drawing of a 1-storey 2 bedroom house 6x18m

Picture of building a beautiful ground floor house 6x18m with flat roof Ms. Diem

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When we wrote this article, it was also the time when the beautiful house model was 6x18m. The street surface is 6m long, 58m long, the total construction area is 120m2 with 30m2 of garden. Also going in to build a recovery wall and shoot a corrugated iron roof. Please see the actual image of the construction of a 1-storey tube house with a Thai roof 6x18m under construction later

The company builds cheap level 4 houses
Picture of building a house 6x18m level 4 modern flat roof 2 bedrooms Ms. Duyen Phuong 5 Dong Ha Quang Tri

Models of 1-storey tube houses 6x18m with simple modern flat roofs

The model of a 4-level house with a flat roof of 6x18m, Ms. Duyen has a depreciated handover time of about 2.5 months. In addition to the model house 1 floor 2 bedrooms 6x18m. Our construction company also has other 6m front ground house models such as:

Hurry up to cover 4 beautiful 6x20 men 2018
Pictures of beautiful 6x20m house, level 4 with skewed roof, style of 1-storey, airy, cheap house, Mr. Ha Bien Hoa
Model house level 4 100m2 3 bedrooms
Model of modern 4-level house with 3 bedrooms, Ms. Ngoc, 6x17m

Model of 4-level house with Thai roof, 3 bedrooms, 6m wide and 20m long, Mr. Ton Tuyen Quang

Model of a 4-level house with Thai roof 6x20m with 3 bedrooms, Mr. Ton built quite beautifully, finishing cost 800 million. Please refer to the design of a beautiful level 4 house 6x20m with Thai roof. European-style L-shaped architecture. via the path beautiful 4th grade house model 6×20 Mr. Ton we draw

Brother Nha Cap 4 Mai Thai 3 Phong Ngo lop outside
Model house level 4 with Thai roof 6x20m Mr. Ton has 3 bedrooms
4 Mai Thai 3 Phong Ngu 6x20
Floor plan of level 4 house 6x20m 3 beautiful bedrooms Mr. Ton
4 mai Thai house 3 beautiful rooms 6x20
Model of a beautiful level 4 house 6x20m with Thai roof Ton Tuyen Quang

Beautiful models of 1-storey houses 6x16m 6x18m 6x20m with mezzanine

As mentioned above. Sincerely introduce to you the drawings of a beautiful 1-storey house 6x18m with a modern mezzanine. Beautiful Thai roof architecture with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. The floor area for construction of level 4 houses with beautiful mezzanines 2021. will be about 100m2 on the 1st floor and about 50m2 on the 2nd floor. The total area of ​​​​building a 1-storey 3-bedroom house is about 160m2 to 200m2 if larger is required

The most beautiful pictures in Vietnam in 2015
Model of 4-level house with Thai roof 6x18m with 2 fronts mezzanine
Let's go home, I have a beautiful lung in 2016
Model of a level 4 house with a mezzanine of 6x16m by Mr. Sy Dong Nai
The 4 houses have the most beautiful models
Model of a level 4 house with a beautiful mezzanine 6x20m Mr. Sang Kien Giang

Brothers and sisters for reference drawing of a level 4 house 6x20m with a French mezzanine with 3 bedrooms built by Mr. Sang as the environmental resource room in Kien Giang

Beautiful modern 2 3 storey townhouses 6x18m

In addition to the 6x18m townhouses, level 4 ground floor flat roof. and a 1-storey house with a beautiful mezzanine on our construction company. There are also about 67 or 70 houses with frontage of 6m and 14m long. Or 18m to 20m something a lot. We checked again and there were pictures of 3-storey townhouses 6x18m. And 6x18m townhouse floor plans attached to each house model.

Floor plan of Mr. Bao’s townhouse 6x18m in District 12, HCMC

Model of townhouse 6x18m Mr. Bao designed 1 ground floor 1 floor second floor, also known as 2 storey house 6x18m, modern and cool. The model house 6x18m Mr. Bao designed according to the flat roof architecture with a large garden and yard as well as a garage on the side. This is the perspective and floor plan of the 6x18m townhouse only counting the construction area

Hurry up to go home 6m 2
Design drawing of a 6m wide house with a 2 storey l-shaped garden 6×18 in front of the front yard with a flexible and airy roofed garage above
Hurry up and go home 6m2
Beautiful model of 2-storey house with 6m wide with garden and garage with beautiful modern roof with flat roof Mr. Bao

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Please refer to the model house 6m x 18m wide 1 ground floor 1 floor for more details. And another 3D view at this link to see more: https://thietkenhadepmoi.com/mau-nha-rong-6m-2-tang-don-gian-dep-o-quan-12-anh-bao.html

Model of modern townhouse 6x18m 3 floors with garage frontage

Model 6x18m 3-storey townhouse designed for the family of Mr. Le Xuan Ky. there are 5 bedrooms and 1 modern style terrace. Construction cost of the raw part is about 900 million.

House frontage 6m
Image of 3D design house facade 6m x 18m 3 floors modern style. Construction area of ​​90m2 with gate and large fence in the front yard for Mr. Ky’s car

Please refer to the model of a townhouse 6x18m 1 ground 2 floors with a yard for a garage to build 6 × 15 = 90m2. Has the same function as the 6x18m townhouse inside of Ky qua’s house beautiful model house 3 floors with frontage of 6m this 18m long

Model of 4-storey townhouse villa 6x18m built on land 6x20m 2 frontages

This can be considered as a 4-storey townhouse with a frontage of 6m. Because this is the architecture of a French mini-villa designed according to the Mansard roof with semi-classical architecture. Or called a 6x18m townhouse design with 1 ground floor 3 floors 1 attic is fine. Please refer to the architectural perspective of the image as follows

The 4th floor plan has a total of 6m
Mini villa with 4 floors, 6m frontage, beautiful classical style, Mr. Cuong, view angle 2
Design 6x20m
Floor plan of a classic townhouse 6x18m inside, with an indoor car garage, elevator, and kitchen behind.
The collection is beautiful
Model of a 4-storey townhouse with a facade of 6m x 18m, classic French, beautiful Mr. Cuong, Tan Phu district

This is a model of a 4-storey townhouse 6x18m 2 frontage of Mr. Cuong in Tan Phu district. Ho Chi Minh City designed and built last year. Please refer to the semi-classical French townhouse style with 2 facades. Have our full interior and space detailed drawings HERE

Model house frontage 6m 2 floors
Beautiful house facade 6m Thai roof 2 floors 6x17m neoclassical style Mr. Lam designed and built on land 6m wide, 25m long
  • Click to see the house with 2 floors 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 6x17m Mr. Lam as shown in the picture with the yard left

Thus, the house models 6x18m 1 2 3 4 floors HOT. Or model house level 4 with mezzanine area 6x18m 3 modern bedrooms. Full of colors, slanted soil, blooming after.. All of them. Hope to meet your financial construction needs. Please refer to The latest drawings of other beautiful level 4 houses by our architects.

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