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This is a beautiful model of a French castle with a scale of 3 floors and an attic, also known as a classical European castle Baroque 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 attic built by Uncle Sanh completed last year in Hanoi. Our company briefly introduces the design of the classic French villa castle

The school of mini-villa castles in Vietnam is classical architecture

Most of the designs of 3-storey or 4-storey French castle-style villas of the giants in Hanoi or big cities today are in favor of Renaissance architecture. Before requesting the design of a 2 to 3 storey castle, usually choose the garden land with 4 open sides around at least 600m2 or more.

Thus, the idea can be to design the architecture of ancient European castles. Combined with the surrounding landscape and landscape, the facade of the new French castle villa shows all its true values, especially the old castle-style villa architecture in the Baroque style with pointed roofs like those of a French castle. Mr. Pham Ngoc Sanh below

4 storey old french castle villa
The beautiful French castle villa model of Mr. Sanh Hanoi was completed last year

Mr. Sanh’s 3-storey classic French castle design idea

The castle villa model is designed based on the idea of ​​​​European ancient castle architecture. A legacy drawing from the 17th century is called Vaux-le-Vicomte. The old idea is in the traditional classical three-room Baroque style. In which, the front of the castle-style villa is designed with a magnificent fountain.

The wide lobby on both sides has a semicircular staircase with 9 steps high falling into the word Born in the rule “Birth, Aging, Sickness, Death” according to Southwest feng shui.

Design of an ancient European 3-storey castle
Perspective of the long-term design of Mr. Sanh’s mini-villas from a 2 perspective

Design ideas in feudal French mansions castles

About the architectural block of an old European castle with a scale of 1 ground, 2 floors, 1 attic, designed in the style of three rooms. That means in the middle there is a huge tall tower with a pointed dome designed in the Gothic style.

The remaining two sides and around are small towers. Symbolizes a leader in the middle and surrounding vassals ready to serve orders when there is danger. In addition, Mini Castle Design Ideas has another meaning. That is the leader who will protect the Marquis, Countess or the palace maids when there is a storm.

Characteristic in the French castle style is the proportions of the cubes and the way to create the details of the reliefs. The cylinder has bold artistic value combined with architectural art. This depends on the expertise of each architect.

Design consultancy for French villas and castles in Vietnam

A work of a lifetime with a vision of the century is considered one of the most beautiful castles when the design needs to pay attention to the location, geology, sun and wind directions as well as the surrounding natural conditions. into a unified campus with garden landscape, rockery, stone slabs, trees, mini swimming pool.. creating a harmonious architectural complex of the castle in harmony with the natural weather, favorable conditions for children. people.

Beautiful 4 storey classic castle models
Image of beautiful 3-storey mini French castle design

Classic French castle-style villa with feng shui standards

The 3-storey castle-style villa Mr. Sanh designed around was surrounded by a solid fence. The castle is designed in the middle of the central land. House feng shui according to age 1956 Binh Than is inclined to the West four trach five elements Son Ha Hoa means fire at the foot of the mountain. Design direction of the castle 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 attic in the southwest direction. The standard of Life and Qi according to the land that his father kept for 5 generations.

The architectural styles of French castles and villas are popular

Unlike the Vietnamese castle models built by other construction companies, such as the typical betaviet architecture joint stock with cumbersome lines and shapes. It is only suitable for mansions that have not considered other improper layout or feng shui proportions when viewing the premises.

A beautiful villa and castle, in addition to the very important golden ratio, must also know how to choose the azimuths with the correct Hau Thien Ba Quai chart and how to avoid the cold wind from the West Siberian high pressure in the months September to February next year and the sun shines in. As for the summer, the French castle must be airy, with a lot of cool, pleasant light.

Model of a giant castle villa in Tam Dao Vinh Phuc, early morning perspective, misty floating

There are 5 popular French castle architectures you need to know today:

  • Chenonceau Castle, also known as Loire style, specializes in designing for aristocrats decorated with flowers in four seasons, with antique carpets like the Renaissance.
  • The 12th-century castle of Fontainebleau often hosts concerts, but is large with surrounding gardens and canals
  • Clisson Castle is often designed with unspoiled cobblestone coastal areas
  • Vesailles castle architecture designed with gilded wooden walls in French baroque style with many rooms and wide corridors surrounding from the time of King Louis 14
  • Petit Trianon Castle is a 15th-century castle with a modern, neoclassical design
  • Château de Maisons has Mansard roof architecture. The surrounding landscape has a deep anti-fouling tunnel in a classic villa. This design architecture requires the land to be large and designed with 4 or more compartments.
  • There are also other ancient European castle architectures such as Chaumont, Beoleil, Ussé, Blois.. Chamboard castle of Luxurysesign. Designed for a giant couple Miss overseas Vietnamese in Tam Dao Vinh Phuc. In the process of being built on the mountain surrounded by the ideal river, the most representative of the castles of Vietnam today

Ground floor plan of Mr. Sanh’s mini castle design

Designs villa architecture The castle style has a construction floor area of ​​245m2, which is optimal according to feng shui standards. The design of the beautiful castle facade is 18.2m wide, 16m deep. On the overall garden land, there are 4 airy fronts, the total garden land is 1638m2.

Floor plan design of an ancient European castle with French architecture

The design of the ancient European castle is divided into three main compartments from the lobby. Going into the direction of the large courtyard, the fountain in front is the central main space. Leave the velvet carpet blank and the back is a solemn 30m2 worship room.

Floor plan of ancient French castle
Floor plan of mini castle villa 250m2 ground floor

More description of the French classic mini castle plan

In addition, the French castle villa is designed with 2 living rooms on both sides with a total area of ​​60m2. Next, the second space has a spiral staircase and a view of the dining table overlooking two cool side halls. The interior design of the castle on the ground floor has a master bedroom of 22m2 with a shared bathroom in the room, a kitchen of 30m2 connected with the dining table and a common bathroom near the stairs to the right of the standard corner that does not violate feng shui.

Drawing of the interior space of the old French castle villa, 2nd floor

The mini castle design drawing for the 2nd floor space has a construction floor area of ​​256m2 larger than the ground floor by more than 11m2 due to the racing hall on both sides and a balcony. The 2nd floor classical castle plan has 3 bedrooms and a spacious lobby outside the front of the villa. The room sizes are as follows

  • Bedroom 2 is 22m2 wide
  • Master bedroom 3 main area 35m2
  • Bedroom 4 is 36m2 wide
Castle floor plan 250m2 4 floors
Floor plan feng shui 2nd floor 4-storey castle villa 250m2

In which, 2 bedrooms are designed with shared toilets and bath tubs. In addition, the second floor space also has a sauna in the back right corner. And a shared bathroom with 12 square meters. The stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor are 25 steps high and the lobby is 35m2 wide.

How to optimize the space on the 3rd floor of a French castle-style villa.

The castle design space for the function rooms includes 1 guest bedroom. The purpose is to visit overnight on the right hand side, which is 22m2 wide like the first floor. A 36m2 wide Gym has an exit to the balcony outside the front of the villa.

Floor plan of French castle-style villa

The space on the left hand side of the floor traffic hall goes to the North. Floor plan design common room combined with karaoke room. The interior space of the master bedroom and the shared bathroom is designed like the 2nd floor. The standard bedroom design in the East and South directions according to feng shui.

The design of a classic 4-storey villa in Hanoi
Floor plan of mini castle villa on the 3rd floor

Front decoration of French architecture mini castle villa

How to design and color a classic French villa castle with pale yellow tones. Combined with gentle contrasting colors, Eurowindow glass doors are 12mm thick. Add a little dark color and dark brown marble tiles. The blue tiled roof helps to make the mini castle style villa elegant and unfussy and corresponds to the owner’s Fire par.

Notes when designing castles in Vietnam today

Architecture of baroque mansions and castles in Vietnam, also known as Baroc. Usually, it is usually chaired by famous architects of the new beautiful house architecture design company. And beta viet architecture joint stock company in particular applies selectively what is the most quintessential of world architecture. Taking advantage of the tropical monsoon climate in Vietnam. Usually not rigid stereotypes and fussy.

Notes when designing French castles in Vietnam

However, it must have a “nine” degree, both literally and figuratively when creating, but if not knowledgeable, it is very confusing and difficult to construct as well as layout and shape. that woman” is not worthy.

Russian Partyzan style classical castle
Perspective of the ancient European castle architecture of the giants in Tam Dao Vinh Phuc at night

Unique features of a beautiful classical French castle

In addition to the desired architectural art of the castle, the requirement to combine with the harmonious interior space of the castle is the need for good sculptors who are skilled in building the pillars, Console or Phiatop. bas-relief.. sign for impressive pattern.

Not only that, when designing the castle, it is also necessary to adjust a little more Rococo’s frills. Adding a few highlights in the style of Rome, Italy and Greece or the Mediterranean, for example.. Helps architecture never out of date. Mark a century creation for generations to pass on to descendants for thousands of generations.

See more beautiful mini French classical castles in Hue

Please see more Classic French villa model 1 ground floor 1 floor castle style mini of Uncle Dung in Hue. Construction area is less than 160m2, the cost is about 5 billion. Château de Maisons style drawing with the above red link of our new beautiful house design joint stock company. Pictures of Uncle Dung’s castle

Hue Classic Villa Design Company
Mr. Dung Hue’s model of a classical French villa with 160m2 floor has recently drawn an ancient villa style

In this article, we architects take advantage of the weekend break. State and explain some rudimentary descriptions of French Baroque castle design. Bringing ancient European castle architecture combined with feng shui of the year of the Year of the Monkey in 1956. The owner’s is also suitable for garden land, the financial investment is about 8 billion to 10 billion to return only.

Other design projects to build villas and garden houses of other Hanoi Office branches

Hoping for a 250m2 mini French castle with 6 bedrooms, Uncle Sanh. It is one of the old villas with 4 floors in the garden. To meet the high demand for building castles of middle and upper class people in our country. There are also projects to design garden villas in Hanoi. Like other neighboring provinces, you see

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