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Mặt tiền nhà ống 3 tầng đẹp 5m có giếng trời thông thoáng

You are looking for a 5×20 townhouse model with a beautiful 5m 3-storey tube house frontage. With modern architecture, the following 2 drawings of Huong’s house in Da Nang are the best

The image of the facade of the beautiful 5-meter 3-storey tube house, Ms. Huong

Introducing to you a beautiful 3-storey 5×20 tube house facade model with an area of ​​​​100m2. Design in a modern design style shimmering romantic nightfall. By arranging a cool façade space. Combined with decorative lighting system synchronously. Create fanciful light has 5 bedrooms altogether. Meeting families with 3 generations of grandparents, parents and children living together.

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Front model of a beautiful 3-storey tube house 5m
Perspective of architectural design of modern tube house facade 1 ground 2 floors terrace 5×20 Ms. Huong Hoa Xuan Da Nang

Model of the facade of a beautiful 3-storey modern 5m tube house with open space

Design modern 3-storey tube house model 5×20 is introduced the package construction design. In Hoa Xuan, Da Nang city, the investor is Ms. Huong. Modern design style of townhouse with 5m frontage, flat roof. Helping to change the living space the architects brought to Huong’s family. A model townhouse with 5m frontage is cool and harmonious. Italian design combined with strong shapes combined with nature. There are trees, the ability to get light and get natural wind is great.

The facade of the beautiful tube house 5m 3 floors
Architectural facade of townhouse 5×20 3 floors, modern style, romantic, simple and cool

Facade of beautiful 3-storey tube house 5m combined with light on the front yard. Behind there is an empty yard of 5m2 to open the atrium. In the middle of the interweaving rooms ensure a good amount of light. The same air is circulated and filtered through natural green plants. Construction size 5x15m on the street plot, width 5m, length 20m. It’s popular, so many of you can immediately apply the 5m townhouse frontage plan to build.

3D perspective of beautiful 3-storey tube house facade model 5x20m

Perspective 5×20 3-storey townhouse facade model divided into color arrays. The main white color is interwoven with square or rectangular color boxes painted with imitation stone. The upper part of the balcony, or the roof is painted with luxurious imitation wood. Simple steel frame railing, each floor is designed with green planting boxes. Imitation paint design, so the investment in finishing is very economical. From only decent materials such as steel frame railings. But when combined in the right proportions. Has created a completely different scene, more beautiful, more modern.

House 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 5x20
Perspective of 3D house design, side view of townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 beautiful terrace Ms. Huong

The idea of ​​​​building a house with 5m frontage, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, terrace in Hoa Xuan

As introduced the top 10 models beautiful townhouse facade 3 to 4 m across. That new beautiful home design company we had the opportunity to introduce nearly 3 years ago 5M. Then the design plan of the tube house is 5×20 floor, 1 ground floor 2 floors, terrace. Huong’s family has a different optimization. The architect adjusted according to the standard parameters of the People’s Committee of Da Nang city. Also, invite you to see more ways to decorate the front of the house in white color during the day at Cam Le. Press See the facade of this beautiful townhouse here same picture

Hurry up and be beautiful 5m 3 tang 2020
Front of tube house 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace Mr. Phong in Cam Le village

Front of 2-storey tube house, 1 tum wide, 5m wide, night view

Front of 2-storey tube house 1 tum 5m success is transparent. Part of the design has a lighting system thanks to the skylight. The bulbs spread an illuminating golden light. On the entire facade the light sections from top to bottom NIGHT VIEW. Having different levels of brightness makes a difference. It is this light that highlights the positions painted with imitation stone at night. During the day these beautiful shots become a decorative detail in the facade.

How to design the facade of a 2-storey 1-tum 5m tube house simply

Architecture simple 3-storey tube house facade 5m lobby canopy design. The architecture is widened in front of the large size, the 2nd floor. Using the reinforced concrete roof itself as a balcony. The size is equivalent to a terrace. Synchronized from outside the modern fence gate. Beautiful minimalist house gate design, eliminating the entangled roof design. Suitable for modern style, creating coolness. For the front of the townhouse 1 ground floor 2 floors modern 5×20 terrace

Beautiful model house 1 ground floor 2 floors 5x20
Perspective view of 3 slanted views from the right side of a 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 5m and a depth of 20m

Beautiful 3-storey tube house facade model, each floor has a different floor area. The ground floor is designed according to the licensed construction size of 5x15m. Leaving the front yard 5m long is a playground enough for cars and motorbikes. The 2nd floor is designed with 1.5m wide frontage. There is an additional balcony area that is the roof of the ground floor courtyard. The 3rd floor area is located between the ground floor and the 2nd floor with a balcony. Race in front of the front is 2.7m wide and 1.5m long.

Floor plan of 3-storey tube house, frontage of 5m, area of ​​​​5 × 20, Ms. Huong

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Interior space of a beautiful house with 3 floors, 5m frontage, requested by Ms. Huong. Choose wooden flooring for bedrooms, stairs and some other interior positions. At the ground floor interior, living room and kitchen + dining table. Connected to each other, in the middle of 2 rooms. There is a small landscape of green trees and stairs to the 2nd floor, the appendage is placed close to the two sides of the wall. Creates a large aisle in the middle, living room area 22m2. As for the kitchen + dining table, including 2 extra parts, the area is larger than 30m2.

Floor plan of townhouse 5x20 1st floor
The layout of the space of the townhouse 5×20 on the 1st floor, Ms. Huong

Floor plan of 2-storey tube house with beautiful 1 tum 5m

Functional ground beautiful tube house model 2 floors 1 tum 75m2 built on an area of ​​5×20. In the last 5m space, the ground floor is designed as a small bedroom. There is a shared bathroom, the last 1m is the second miniature. The drawing is suitable for the location of the atrium to get the light after. On the ground floor, the positions using wood are the bedroom floor, the dining table. Stairs, middle landscape floor, TV shelf and table in the living room.

The floor plan of the house is 5m wide and 15m long
The first floor space is designed with 2 bedrooms, 1 common room, including 1 master bedroom

The layout of the size of a beautiful 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 5m

The 2nd floor floor area is almost completely wood paneled, 2 large self-contained bedrooms front and back. except the location of the common room in the middle and the restrooms. Is not clad in wood. Compared with the front of the 2-storey tube house, 1 tum 80m2. The design in Da Nang has a more spacious and separate front balcony. With the same floor area, the bedrooms have a larger area. You can clearly see 2 atriums on the 2nd floor. In particular, each bedroom has a small drying yard according to its own needs.

Floor plan of townhouse 5x15
The 3rd floor plan is designed with 2 bedrooms, 1 worship room, and a terrace

Description for 3rd floor townhouse 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace 5×20 frontage

3rd floor design 2 small bedrooms, 1 shared bathroom. Placed in the middle is the design of the drying yard, the front altar. Floor surface of the 2nd and 3rd floors of beautiful townhouse facades 5x15m. Also designed according to the modern split floor plan. In order to increase the ability to get light and airy, it is widely applied today.

The cost of building a beautiful 3-storey townhouse with 5m frontage in Hoa Xuan Da Nang

The design of a modern 3-storey 5×20 townhouse by Ms. Huong. By Architect Thanh, branch of New Beautiful House construction design company, Da Nang branch. Just completed the design documents as well as the drawings for permission to build the townhouse. According to the regulations of the People’s Committee of Cam Le District, it has the capacity to use up to 5 bedrooms. A worship room designed for a family of 8 or more members. With enough living space. In addition to the beautiful townhouse facade, 1 ground 2 floors, 5×20 terrace, Ms. Huong. The architect of my joint stock branch also Demo built 1 more beautiful view. Architectural idea of ​​a beautiful 5m 3 storey tube house facade. Other equivalents for you to refer to and choose

Sample facade of a 3-storey 5m . tube house
Pictures of modern 3-storey tube house 5×20 option 2 for your reference

Clarifying about the architectural plan of the beautiful 5m-fronted tube house, option 2

Option 2 is the architectural design of the facade of the 2-storey tube house with 1 tum 5m flat roof. Has the function of using the ground that does not change at all. The only difference is that the outside of the house is beautiful with a frontage of 5m on the 2nd floor. There is an additional sunshade and on the right hand side a balcony races further out 1.2m. There is a rectangular concrete frame in the middle with a gap. Help prevent dust for you.

Beautiful house model with 5 meter frontage 2020
Model of a modern 3-storey Thai roof townhouse with 5m frontage designed for Mr. Minh’s family

The cost of building a beautiful 3-storey house with 5m green architecture

The cost to build a modern 3-storey 5×20 tube house has a rough construction unit price of 3.2 million/m2. The interior is finished at a good level of package 2, which is 5 million/m2. Apply the price at the end of 2020 after Covyd 19. In the following years, the price will depend on the general market price of the whole country. But there is a certain adjustment to suit. When signing a contract to build a 3-storey house 5×20 from time to time.

European townhouse model
Modern beautiful European-style townhouses from 4.5m to 6m wide by Mr. Sieu, Mr. Ngan Bien Hoa, Mr. Dong, Mr. Thap

If you like other architecture, please refer to 220 4M 6M townhouse facade designs. corresponding to the frontage plots. Multi-style European architecture in the following article

See more models of the latest beautiful 3-storey 5m tube houses

The moderate construction investment cost is about 1.2 billion VND to complete the key. The economy is suitable for today’s difficult families. Large, airy, open floor plan with garden. It is the most necessary in a sample house facade 3 beautiful floors 5m in modern life. Thank you for reading the article, need advice on building a 5x20m townhouse. Please contact us at phone number 0975 945 433 with zalo to send more HOT new models. Click to see more models

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