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Mẫu biệt thự 6 phòng ngủ 3 tầng mái thái đơn giản ở quê 2022

Designs Beautiful 3-storey villa simple L-shaped 10×13 in the countryside. There is a design in the style of a 3-room 2-storey house with a traditional roof. K combined with outdoor relaxation space such as balcony. The L-shaped house features a rooftop garden and outdoor seating space. Sample 3-storey l-shaped house with Thai roof 1 front has an extra yard with car parking. In addition to the simple design of a 6-bedroom, 1-ground, 2-floor villa, as follows:

Architectural facade of 6-bedroom 3-storey villa with Thai roof 10x13m

This is a perspective plan for a beautiful 3-storey L-shaped house in the countryside 130m2. As well as the overall plan and spatial layout of the interior rooms. L-shaped house with Thai roof 6 bedroom villa design Beautiful Thai roof 10×13. There are drawings for you to grasp more to guide choices for your family. Please continue to refer to me if you need a drawing for the builder to be sure

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Model villa with 1 ground floor 2 floors with Thai roof and tiled garden in the countryside area 130m2
Image of a 6-bedroom 3-storey l-shaped villa in the countryside with a simple Thai roof but with solid construction drawings updated in 2021

Consulting to build a 3-storey L-shaped house with 6 bedrooms 10x13m with corridors left

Design drawing of a 2-storey 6-bedroom villa with a worship room on the tum floor. 3-storey L-shaped house with 3 rooms with Thai roof or called a simple L-shaped 3-storey house. We have completed the construction for Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan’s family by the Architects of New Beautiful House Design Joint Stock Company. Currently working at Nguyen Xien Hanoi. But building a house for his wife’s parents in rural Dien Bien, the frontage is 14m long and 22m long. The plan to build a garden house with a corridor on one side

2-storey villa with neoclassical Thai roof with 6 bedrooms feng shui

In addition, I like the neoclassical 2-storey 6-bedroom Thai roof house. Then I have a detailed drawing of Chung’s house as shown in the picture

modern small villa
Image of modern mini villa design with 1 ground floor 1 floor, beautiful Southeast direction in 2021, with 6 bedrooms, Mr. Chung

You see the model of a 2-storey Thai roof villa with 6 bedrooms like Mr. Chung’s house. Downstairs there are 2 bedrooms, a large living room with a kitchen and a common room with 4 bedrooms. Solving the design of a modern mini villa house 1 ground floor 1 floor according to feng shui for homeowners facing South or Southeast on Southwest land. Please CLICK HERE to view the profile of the 2-storey 6-bedroom neoclassical villa Mr. Chung as shown in the picture

Design information for a 6-bedroom 3-storey villa with simple tiled roofs

Model drawing of a beautiful 3-storey 6-bedroom house in the countryside 10×13 with modern Thai roof above. Designed on the land front width 14m wide and 23m deep in the countryside. But the construction area of ​​the villa 1 ground 2 floors is 130m2. That is, the front area is 10m deep, 13m deep, in the shape of a L . shape

Beautiful model of L-shaped house with an area of ​​​​10x13, simple architecture, modern Asian style
Beautiful L-shaped house with an area of ​​​​10×13, simple architecture, modern Asian style

Villa house plan with 6 bedrooms, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, simple garden

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Model architecture of 3-storey garden villa with 6 beautiful bedrooms, roof garden. Designed according to the architectural block design of modern villas combined with Asian Thai roofs. The type of house with three compartments, 1 poch, 2 indents, roofed with Thai tiles. There is a garden space to the right of the letter L for parking. Around there is a clear path to a mini landscaped garden. Because the 3-storey house model with the frontage in the countryside is only built 10m wide and 6m wide on one side, the front and back yards are open

The whole house is full of knowledge, 1 tree and 2 floors, 130m2
The overall plan of the 3-storey house with a simple rural roof, 1 frontage

Drawing of 3-storey villa with 6 bedrooms 10×13 Mr. Tuan

Usability of the garden villa model 370m2 1 ground 2 floors in 2021. The floor plan includes 6 bedrooms, including 1 32m2 master vip bedroom on the 2nd floor. This is a garden house with a large living room, a kitchen and a balcony. Above the terrace, the common room.. full

Did you know that you will be able to see the 1st and 2nd floor? 10x13 tret
Floor plan of 3-storey villa 10×123 with simple tiled roof on the ground floor

Floor plan of 3-storey villa 10×13 with simple tile roof on 2nd floor

Floor plan of the 2nd floor, 3-storey L-shaped house with simple and beautiful roof tiles in Mr. Tuan’s hometown. There are 6 bedrooms with an area of ​​​​130m2, designed with 1 common room of 14.2m2. There are 3 bedrooms left, including 1 bedroom for the youngest owner and his wife. That is, his brother-in-law Tuan has a master dressing room furniture and a 32m2 bath.

know that there are 6 bedrooms
Dimensions of the interior of the house, garden, villa, 1 ground, 2 floors in the countryside, 2nd floor

The floor plan of the three-storey Thai roof villa with the top six bedrooms

The space of the 3rd floor of the 3-storey 6-bedroom villa is simply 10x13m across. There are 2 bedrooms for grandchildren and 1 room for worshiping the drying yard. The remaining terrace is left empty to enjoy the view. The construction floor area of ​​the 3rd floor is 100m2, smaller than the ground 2 of the lower floors.

Model of garden house with Thai roof with 6 bedrooms
Interior plan of 3rd floor villa, garden, 3 floors, 6 bedrooms, rural Thai roof

The cost of building a 3-storey 6-bedroom house with Thai roofs is economical

The cost of building a beautiful 3-storey 6-bedroom villa design in the countryside. Thai roof tiles are estimated at over 1.6 billion. It is up to you to choose the construction package from the local construction company. Or depends on whether the interior is quite or high-end, medium. There is an adjustment to the market price of materials. Because there is an appendix attached when the design and construction contract of the villa is binding. I think with this type of L-shaped house with 3 floors and 6 bedrooms, this 10x13m is an area of ​​90m2. There is an empty side corridor and the cost of 1.6 billion to build is sure and cool.

Model of 3-storey villa with 1 modern Thai-style facade, beautiful open space
Model of 3-storey villa with 1 modern Thai-style facade, beautiful open space

Choose a 3-storey garden house with 6 bedrooms, about 1.5 billion VND

Design plan for beautiful home form 3 floors of Thai roof in a simple countryside. With the layout and architectural perspective of the 3-storey house with 6 bedrooms 10×13, Mr. Tuan has a tiled roof. If there is a detailed drawing of a 90m2 three-storey house for builders. If you want to buy materials, about 1.5 billion turns around, even if it is incurred, it will be enough to build.

The model of a 2-storey villa with a Nhat roof with 6 bedrooms, Anh Tien

The design of a simple 6-bedroom villa, built and completed, is 1.6 billion. Has been put into use in a mountainous district of Dien Bien province. But now costs have increased such as iron and steel, cement, bricks and tiles, sand to build a bowl.. And the difference in labor costs is about 80 million or so. Having furniture put into use for your family is recommended. So this complete 6-bedroom villa costs about 1.5 billion to 1.7 billion too beautiful for 4 generations.

beautiful house 2 floors 6 bedrooms 120m2
Picture of a 2-storey house with Thai roof with 6 beautiful bedrooms, Mr. Tien

Comment on the design file of a simple 3-storey house with 6 bedrooms

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Model of 6-bedroom villa with Thai roof 10×13 Mr. Tuan above. And the image of building a Japanese roof with 2 floors below, with 3 rooms above, with 3 bedrooms, Mr. Tien. It is also one of the beautiful 3-storey 6-bedroom house models suitable for land in the countryside. Construction of tile roof structure is in charge of construction design and construction joint stock company NEW BEAUTIFUL, branch office of Hanoi area architect. We draw for the investor first with a standard amount of over 1.7 billion floors 90m2 L.. Send you the design drawing of a 3-room Japanese 2-storey villa with 3 rooms, Mr. Dat. There is a garage for cars and storage in the back right. On the left is the connected kitchen and dining room

Model of 2-storey house with 6 bedrooms 2019
Design of a 6-bedroom 2-storey villa with beautiful European house architecture, corner of view 3 Mr. Dat

Connecting to build a 3-storey 6-bedroom house for a large family

The current translation situation is quite complicated. The construction of a garden villa with 6 bedrooms in the countryside. For the purpose of the outbreak, it is necessary to run back here to escape and rest. Sending you a model of a house 10m across, 20m long, but built 9x15m, Hung. In Vinh Long city is a local construction contractor client. Now building a modern house with Japanese roof with 6 bedrooms as shown in the picture

2-storey Japanese roof villa with 6 bedrooms
Model villa with 1 ground and 1 floor has 6 bedrooms with 10m frontage but built 9x15m by Hung

Information about architects specializing in designing and building villas with 6 bedrooms

Operating in the form of shares with headquarters in Saigon. And representative offices in the Central and the North. New Beautiful House always tries to design creatively and aesthetically. Combined with feng shui. With modern styles and classic Neo Classic castle style villa. Construction design for Vietnamese real estate giants. Or overseas Vietnamese businessmen?

2-storey Japanese roof villa with 6 bedrooms
Model villa 1 ground floor 1 floor has 6 bedrooms with 10m frontage but built 9×15

Model of 2-storey house garden villa in the countryside with neoclassical style

Architectural design ideas for a beautiful 2-storey house with 6 bedrooms below 2 of these 4 rooms. Is a plan to develop a profile for a friend in Dong Ha, Quang Tri. The design plan of a garden house on the land is 20m wide and 30m long. The architectural idea of ​​a 2-storey Mediterranean-style villa is suitable for coastal garden land. If you don’t need to build a 3-storey 6-bedroom villa because of the large land, you should choose this European garden villa style as the most classy.

The collection is 2 and 6 rooms are beautiful
If the land is 20x30m wide, you should choose this model of a 2-storey, 6-bedroom, 1-room, Mediterranean-style house with a Japanese roof, a very Vietnamese roof.

Models of 6-bedroom 3-storey villas in a classic garden town

There is also a classic 3-storey castle-style villa. I added more so that you guys know the expertise. About the classical school, not only modern Thai roofs or Japanese-style garden houses. Click HERE if you like the classic 3-storey villa style with 6 bedrooms

The design knows that there is a latent database
Perspective of the facade of classical French architecture 500m2, Mr. Vu Da Lat Vietnam

Want to know more details construction quotation, design for each detailed item of 6-bedroom 3-storey villa Mr. Tuan. Or other types of civil housing, 4m 5m square tube houses, 6 bedrooms, level 4, 1 floor or 2, 3 floors. Please contact me – Deputy managing director of the NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME design consulting joint stock company. Corporate tax code 0315636984. My phone number 0975 945 433 has zalo. To be sent a contract to design a 6-bedroom villa. For feng shui, beautiful new house architecture. For a large number of members to live with privacy and courtesy. Or translate well to build a package house for each time in different regions. Which has different ways of handling it so that it is beautiful and economical because of difficult translations. Wishing you a peaceful first day of the week

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