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Mẫu hợp đồng xây nhà trọn gói 2021 chuẩn và chi tiết nhất

Construction contract is the first thing you need to do to ensure some interests of both parties. Especially for some land plots located in urban areas, it is necessary to have procedures and applications for construction permits submitted to the authorities; to be allowed to build houses, apartments or other constructions. All the information house construction contract template 2021 and 9 common construction contract templates The most that Hung Anh shares below will help homeowners understand the contract content before construction!

9 most common construction contract templates

Construction contract is a contract between the contractor and the principal. Accordingly, the contractor is obliged to perform and hand over part or all of the construction work to the principal in accordance with the requirements of the principal within a certain time limit. The principal has the obligation to hand over the data, documents, requirements on survey, design and construction ground to the contractor; construction materials and investment capital on schedule. At the same time have the obligation to take over and pay when the work is partially or fully completed.

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9 most common construction contract templates

Here are 9 most common construction contract templates :

Sample housing construction contract

Construction contract specified in Decree 37/2015/ND-CP is a document agreed upon and signed between the principal and the contractor before the commencement of work construction. This is considered a record confirming the rights and obligations of the parties, which is the basis for binding and handling when one of the parties fails to comply or violates the housing construction contract.

Package house construction contracts are built based on state regulations on commitment to work quality, construction progress, unit price of house construction, etc. package. The contract template is usually applied to companies that provide a package of consulting, design and construction packages.

Contract to build a family house

Contract construction of family housing is increasingly used by families, with the current practical demand for high construction. Although in fact, the construction of a family house is an irregular job, but if the two parties sign a contract to build a family house, it will ensure the rights and responsibilities between the parties. To avoid a dispute, the aggrieved party has grounds to request the other party to perform its responsibilities based on the provisions of the family house construction contract.

Contract to build a house level 4

A level 4 house construction contract is a type of civil contract, so it is also an agreement between the parties on the establishment, change or termination of the rights and obligations of the parties, but in construction investment activities. build level 4.

Contract to build a house with a rough part

The rough part in construction means the foundation along with the underground tank, the load-bearing structural systems of the building (frames, columns, floors, beams, concrete), the concrete roof, the system of wall coverings and walls. dividers, stairs have been poured and built steps.

Sample contract to build a house will specify the foundation, underground tanks, frames, columns, floors, beams, concrete, concrete roofs, walls and dividers, poured stairs and steps…

Contract for repair of civil housing

Contract for repair of civil housing It is essentially a civil contract. In addition to the mandatory parts according to the structure of a contract, about the content terms in the contract, the parties can consider and agree at their request. Because the home repair contract will be the basis for the parties to rely on when a dispute arises, if any, the more detailed, clear and specific the agreed content in the contract, the more convenient it will be for making a base. for future dispute resolution.

Civil house construction contract

A work construction contract is considered similar to a type of civil contract, the information in the contract is also an agreement between the parties involved, the contract is drafted to establish, change or terminate. rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties involved. But in the contract will be more governed by the law provisions on the field of construction.

Factory construction contract template

Factory construction contract is a civil contract agreed in writing between the principal and the contractor to perform part or all of the work in the investment and construction of the factory. Construction contract is a type of civil contract. So factory construction contract templates is the agreement between the parties on the establishment; change or terminate rights; obligations of the parties are the same as other types of contracts; but in construction investment activities.

Form of contract for the construction of a fence

National standard TCVN 9411: 2012 on Townhouses – design standards are:

For houses connected to the street, the front fence must have an open, light, aesthetic and uniform architectural form according to the regulations of each area and must ensure the following requirements:

  • a) The fence is not allowed to be built beyond the boundary including the foundation and has a maximum height of 2.6 m;
  • b) When the front of the house is more than 2.4 m from the red line and the boundary with the alley/alley, only open fences or fences of shrubs are allowed;
  • c) In case the front of the house is far from the red line, the lane/alley boundary is less than 2.4 m, only light and airy fences with a height of not more than 1.2 m or flower beds can be built to separate them. boundary;
  • d) In case there are special requirements for safety protection, the fence shall be covered with light materials. The covered part is only allowed to be up to 1.8 m high.
  • e) Separating the boundary between two houses must have a high open fence equal to the front fence. The foot of the fence can be built with a maximum height of 0.6 m.”

Therefore, a specific form of a fence construction contract includes: foundation position, height, type of brick or construction material.

Turnkey house construction contract

This is the contract form that many investors are most interested in in 2021.

Package house construction contract is a basic type of contract according to the provisions of the law on package house construction unit price, work quality commitment, construction progress commitment package house construction… Package house construction contract usually applied to bidding packages providing package services in terms of consulting, design and construction of full-package houses.

Sample contract to build a house in 2021

With the development of the construction field in general as well as architecture in particular. The construction plan of building a package house is increasingly trusted and chosen by more and more customers. Choosing the right reputable and professional contractor will help homeowners feel more secure with the quality and aesthetics of the project when receiving the handover. To find out more information when deciding to choose a house building service. The first step, the investor should refer to the contract for construction of a package house.

house construction contract template 2021

State regulations on package house construction contracts

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According to the provisions of the Law on Bidding 2013 then, a package house construction contract is a contract with a fixed unit price for construction of a package house during the entire performance period for all work contents in the contract. The payment for a package house construction contract is made several times during the implementation process or a one-time payment at the end of the contract. The total amount to be paid by the contractor until the end of the contractual obligations is equal to the price stated in the contract. In addition, the package house construction contract also shows the warranty policy of the package house construction company with the investor…

Contents of a package house construction contract form 2020 – 2021

In the house construction contract package includes:

  • Party A: Project investor
  • Party B: Construction contractor

Article 1: Detailed content of work, construction unit price, implementation schedule and value of house construction contract

About the content of work

Party B will start to carry out the house construction work from the beginning of signing this house construction contract until handing over the house to Party A, including the following work items: building the foundation, building the house. septic tank, underground water tank, wall construction, floor pouring in accordance with the agreed thickness of the two sides, stairs, molding, wall cladding, complete electrical and water installation.

Other arising tasks (if any).

About unit price

Party A proceeds to contract the salary for Party B calculated by square meter (m2) to build the floor.

The price includes the complete construction cost until the handover of the work.


About the construction progress

Start date of construction: From …./……/2021.

Time to finish construction, handover and complete the work to ensure technical requirements on …../…/202…

About the contract value

The contract value is determined in the following way:

Payment is based on the number of m2 completed with the unit price as shown in the quotation.

Article 2: Responsibilities of both parties

Responsibilities of the Lessee (Party A)

Responsibility of Party B

Article 3: Payment progress

The payment progress will be based on the completed work volume and accepted by Party A:

+ Finish the rough construction and pour the roof up to 40% of the total contract value, corresponding to each floor;

+ Finishing paving, painting and handing over the work to Party A will receive payment not exceeding 90% of the completed work volume;

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+ When the completed work is accepted by Party A and put into use, Party A will pay the remaining amount after deducting the advance, previous payment and the warranty for the work.

Article 4: Commitment to implementation

In the course of house construction, if problems arise, the two sides will meet to discuss and agree to ensure the progress and quality of the work; If no discussion is possible, the two parties have the right to initiate a lawsuit at the People’s Court of the city.

house construction contract template 2021

During the implementation of the house-building contract, if Party A feels that Party B does not meet the capacity and skill level as agreed, Party A has the right to suspend and terminate the contract. In this case, Party A will pay Party B 70% of the accepted work volume. For the parts that have to be dismantled because they do not meet technical standards, Party B will not receive wages and must pay compensation for damage to Party A.

Article 5. Contract duration and value

A house construction contract is valid from the date of signing until the date of liquidation of the contract. The two parties must commit to ensure their obligations and strictly comply with the terms of the contract.

The contract is made into two (02) copies with the same legal validity. The two parties each keep 01 copy to make a commitment to perform.

Download link: house construction contract template 2021 at Hung Anh

Turnkey house construction contract templates

Normally, the turnkey house construction contract forms are usually the package level 4 house construction contract form; Contract to build a 2-storey house – Contract to build a house with 1 ground floor and 1 floor – Contract to build a house with 3 floors.

Sample contract to build a house level 4 package

The contract for construction of a level 4 house is indeed an important legal basis when building a house. Finding a construction cooperation contractor is very necessary for the family. But along with that, the contract signing with the contractor also needs to be carefully examined and carefully studied. Understanding the construction contract will help you avoid being disadvantaged by the terms of construction. Let’s refer to the standard 4-level house construction contract template, the most important note you need to grasp.

Contract to build a 2-storey house – Contract to build a house with a ground floor and a floor – Contract to build a 3-storey house

Almost all of the content is similar to the house building contract template, but only the work part is slightly different:

Party A calculates construction price for Party B according to square meter (m2) of floor construction. The unit price per m2 of completed construction is calculated as follows:

  • Main floor:……………..VND/m2
  • Subfloor: …………………….VND/m2 x 50% (if any).

The above price is the price of complete construction until handing over the work, including: Building foundation (reinforcing if any); pour columns; build the wall; pour the floor according to the correct technique (the right thickness according to the agreement of the parties); make stairs; door inserts; make underground water tanks; Sump; plaster the outer and inner coat; building only moldings, ceiling mats; balcony decoration; wall cladding bathroom, kitchen; flooring in construction works; complete installation of electricity and water.

Other tasks (if any) such as: Prop up, shield to ensure safety for adjacent houses; soil transfer when digging foundation; Paint on request if agreed.

If the owner has any doubts, please contact the hotline 0932371369 for more specific advice!

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