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Updated drawing of a 9m wide Japanese roof house built on land in this L-shaped countryside. The purpose is for you guys who need to find a 4-bedroom rural house with about 200m2. Building on one side of the land or in the middle of the garden can choose a modern European style.

Sample photo of a 4-bedroom rural house with neoclassical roof

In the midst of the green landscape of the countryside, a beautiful European-style house at level 4 in 2021 appears massive and superficial. Showing softness has high artistic value. The garden house model of level 4 is optimally polished with neoclassical architectural style. This is a project to design a ground floor house with a beautiful garden made for Mr. Literature. The architect’s idea is towards luxury beauty. Still a unique white paint color for the exterior. Design extremely delicate pattern lines appear clearly.

Beautiful type 4 house in 2021
Model house level 4 rural 3 bedrooms neoclassical Thai roof, mini garden 200m2 Mr Van

Details of a 9m-wide house model with a garden villa in the countryside

The first impression when observing the façade is the rather massive tiled roof system. Many roof floors are combined to create a vivid European-style house image. In particular, the ionic column formula has been inherited by the architect from classical Greek architecture. But the stylized white paint is gentle. Applied to the traditional tiled roof garden villa in Vietnam. Part of creating a superficial appearance for the 9m-wide facade is both harmonious and impressive. Besides, the embossed moldings decorate the moldings. With light textures, the architecture is not outdated. The distribution covers the body of the house, making the building more lively and attractive. In addition to this 4-bedroom villa model. I have the corresponding model of the villa in Nhung’s hometown

The most beautiful country house
Neoclassical European style villa with garden 10x22m designed on large land in the countryside ms Nhung

Low cost 3 bedroom house design floor plan

Actually, this cheap 3-bedroom rural level 4 house floor plan is drawn at the request of the feng shui master. The owner of Van has consulted many teachers and closed the plan of a fourth-level villa with 3 bedrooms seamlessly arranged on one side. Because of the teacher’s feng shui, there is such a way. And if I design, I can put the whole kitchen behind. Or arranged in 3 bedrooms divided into 2 rows. At the same time, the worship room is smaller and has a wooden partition, not connected like that. Anyway, this is the design of a cheap garden house according to the wishes of the owner and the South facing feng shui master

Level 4 3 bedroom house facing south
Floor plan design of 4-level rural 3-bedroom house with low price feng shui tile roof facing the South

Description for how to build a level 4 house with three bedrooms and one bedroom in the countryside

The model of a 4-level neoclassical house of 200m2 is arranged with 3 bedrooms facing the South. The house can serve a family of 4 members while still ensuring personal privacy. Consider specifically the front garden leaving 10m more than 4m behind. There is a layout ratio corresponding to the rural style of a 4-level house with Thai roofs and 3 bedrooms painted for Mr. Dang 10m across. You can see the 10m-wide facade of Mr. Dang as mentioned in this article

pregnant woman
The image of a beautiful garden house design with a tiled roof facing the south, the perspective from the east side, looking to the side by Mr

Function drawing of a 4-level rural house with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room

The model of a beautiful 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house in the countryside with a width of 9m is a mini garden villa. Moving from the foyer to the inside is the living room area arranged adjacent to the altar. Continuing to go deeper is the common entrance to the back floor of the 3 bedrooms. In which, the master room is integrated with a self-contained private bathroom. Near the back is the kitchen space. The remaining area is used for common toilets and convenient parking. If the horizontal land is 9m long, comfortable back. I am drawing a level 4 house with a large garden outside Mr. Tai. Need a house drawing of 7.5m x 20m as shown in the picture, please tell me

4 beautiful men's house in 2021
Level 4 houses 7.5m wide and 20m long are designed with a large front yard for the long land to the back with a garden 3 bedrooms 1 worship room – Anh Tai

Front of house level 4 rural 3 bedrooms 9m . wide

Front drawing of a 4-bedroom rural house with a block ratio of 9m wide. Built on land 15m wide and 38m long. The design is built close to the left, leaving 1m and the right 5m for the entrance to the garage behind. In the front view, the garden house is quite luxurious in the style of a Mediterranean 1-storey villa. There are large-sized pillars decorated with rounded corners to decorate the classic Console. The roof system of the beautiful house model 2021 is on the typical triangular main hall column of Greek architecture. Make a difference with white accents that make a deep impression right from the start. However, do not worry about the difficulty and cost of construction. Because there are detailed embossed drawings and it only takes about 7 labors. It is also advisable to invest and build a European-style villa with a 9m frontage

Beautiful European-style 4-level house with 3 bedrooms
Front of house level 4 rural 3 bedrooms 9m . wide

See a model of a rural four-level house with 3 bedrooms and 1 other living room

The elegant beauty of the house is still very suitable for today’s modern living environment. Classic details are used rationally and harmoniously alongside modern lines. The combination of large and small roofs makes the house more lively. Large doors using wood with glass panes for light are a solution to beautify the facade, attracting fresh light energy. The New Beautiful House architect has added another, gentler second facade perspective for more reference. In this embodiment, the typical European-Greek roof is replaced with a chopped roof. Called jerky or more folk than the mother holding her child. In addition, the ionic column head has also been replaced by a more minimalist Tuscan style. The concept of a drawing of a 4-level rural house with 3 bedrooms and a large living room has a cost savings of about 18 million. If the family is on the Dao side, it would be great to have a large living room to read scriptures

4-level house with Thai roof 3 bedrooms in the countryside
The plan of level 4 rural house 3 bedrooms 1 living room 9m wide is simpler and more economical, I send more to choose

Design company to build a 4-bedroom house with low price in the countryside

Please refer to many projects that have been implemented by New Beautiful House Architects to know the capacity of the unit. A team of experienced architects with professional knowledge and enthusiasm in the profession will bring beautiful homes for families. Not only aesthetics, but function and cost are also carefully calculated with the aim of helping you build a beautiful house in the most optimal way. Need to build a simple 4-level house in the countryside with a 3-bedroom skewed roof. Or models of level 4 houses with 3 compartments with modern Thai-style roof tiles, see the samples of level 4 houses in the countryside 1 2 floors in this article.

Drawing of a beautiful level 4 house in the countryside with three bedrooms

Detailed parameters will help the construction team to quickly and accurately deploy the project. This is the advantage of beautiful new European style semi-classical houses with beautiful tiled roofs. Every angle and detail from large to small is technically supervised by our engineer to ensure the best level of perfection. To the brothers and sisters, who have implemented the architectural design of a level 4 house 9m wide, 20m long, technical by Van

3 bedroom country house design
The drawing of a rural 4-level house with 3 bedrooms, 9m wide, 20m long, with a garage by Mr Van has just been detailed with all 102 more structural drawings.

Models of level 4 rural houses with 3 & 4 bedrooms part 1

As usual, architect Nha Dep Moi Contrustion Design introduced more than just today’s main options. And besides that, I also send you many other beautiful house models. Hopefully, the European-style 4-level house just designed by Van above will inspire inspiration. Message to build houses 8m to 10m across in the countryside. There is a large living room and 3 bedrooms facing south. For you to find the perfect solution for your family’s beautiful new home in the future. In addition, we need to find a model of a low-cost 4-bedroom 4-bedroom 9×20 rural house with a worship room on one side. I still have a drawing of Mr. Thu’s house as simple as the picture

House cap 4 4 rooms 1 room
More pictures of the front of the 4-bedroom house in the countryside, Mr. Thu 180m2

See the type of 4-level house with Thai roof 3 bedrooms, a modern 3-room style

We invite you to come to a perspective with a more traditional Vietnamese identity. The facade of the level 4 house has a relatively familiar decoration to many people. Typically, the skirting and columns are combined with embossed borders that cover the door frame. The main color is white, bringing brightness to the rural 3-bedroom house with Thai roofs. At the same time, the dark accents create a vivid contrast. On the other hand, the house also uses the roof style of mother and child. There are detailed design drawings that appeal to homeowners who prefer the beauty of traditional houses with tiled roofs.

Modern single-storey house in the countryside 150m2
Facade design of 4-level house with 150m2 Thai roof, modern corrugated iron roof, Khanh

Types of mini garden villas 1 floor 3 bedrooms in beautiful countryside

If you love modern beauty, you can refer to the 4-bedroom 3-bedroom villa below. Still has the look of a traditional house but has been modified to look younger and fresher. The blue tile roof with the dominant white color will make the house more impressive. How to build a neoclassical four-bedroom three-bedroom house is easily recognized from a distance. Besides the wooden door with pattern, the window system chooses aluminum and glass form. Improve the ability to get sunlight to improve interior space. CLICK HERE and learn more about similar homes.

Modern design of 4-level house with Thai roof
3D perspective of the design of a 4-level house with Thai roof style of a 1-storey 3-bedroom garden house, European architecture, perspective 2 of Mr. Phung

A full set of designs for level 4 houses with three bedrooms and one bedroom

Above are pictures from the perspectives of Anh Phung’s 3-bedroom 1-bedroom garden house design project. Besides many other models of level 4 houses with a width of 10m or less. There is a similar scale of building a 3-bedroom house with 9m in this article. This is a drawing of a simple 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house Mr. Son.

House has 3 bedrooms with Thai roof
Drawing of a level 4 house with 3 bedrooms, beautiful Thai roof, 9m x 20m frontage, cheap rural Mr. Son

Models of rural level 4 houses with 3 bedrooms 1 beautiful living room 2021

Send you more models of level 4 rural houses with 3 bedrooms 1 beautiful living room with Thai roof 2021. So that you can see the neoclassical European style 1-storey villa architecture. Why is there a certain predominance for large garden plots in the countryside. Thanks to the soft lines and somewhat associated with the deep memory of Vietnamese architecture.

Nha cap 4 3 rooms 1 room 10m
Picture of a rural 4-level house with 3 bedrooms, 1 modern living room, white facade, beautiful southeast direction, villa style with tiled roof in 2021, painted for Mr. Phi

After introducing the model of a 4-level house in the countryside with three bedrooms and a living room with a Thai roof, Mr. Literature. New Beautiful House hopes that you will be satisfied with the details provided. Any questions or need for advice on the design and construction of the ground floor garden house. If you call the hotline 0975 945 433, an architect will help you quickly. See more projects related to beautiful rural house styles that have been done recently

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