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Mẫu nhà có tầng hầm để xe mặt tiền phố 5.5m đẹp anh Tiến

The model house with a beautiful basement for parking is designed according to the plan of a semi-floating basement, not a sinking floor to save money. The model of a townhouse with a facade of 5.5m 3 floors we send you has 2 different exterior stairs options for reference

  • Model of a house with a street frontage with a beautiful modern basement, Ms. Dung
  • See the 5,5×20 L-shaped mezzanine house with Thai Anh Cuong Nghe An roof
  • The design of a townhouse with a facade of 5.5m 3 floors, beautiful French style, Mr. Ly
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Front image of house design with basement for parking and stairs in the shape of Mr. Tien’s arc

=>> Admire more:

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  • 250 beautiful simple modern tube house models with different floors 2022 open space

Information on the drawing of a house with a basement for parking, street frontage 5.5m wide, 25m deep

Model of a townhouse with a facade of 5.5m 3 floors designed in the style of 3-storey French tube house, semi-classical style of Rococo school. In which, the drawing plan on the 1st floor is designed in the style of a house with a floating basement outside, with a spiral staircase with bar pillars combined with beautiful curves and milky white hyacinth railings to help make the house look clean. rough

  • The design of a townhouse with a floating basement
  • Host: Anh Tien
  • The land area is 5.5m wide, the frontage is 22.5m . long
  • Construction design: 5.4x16m = 86m2
  • Architectural scale 1 floating basement 2 floors
  • Investment cost: 1.5 billion VND
  • Construction structural engineering: Hotel Nguyen Van Chi
  • Update 2022
Cheese house 5.5m
Image of townhouse design with 5.5m frontage with beautiful floating basement night perspective

It has a beautiful semi-classical townhouse style that is similar to the French-style architecture of 1 ground 2 floors. The model house has a basement for parking and a warehouse. The front of the beautiful townhouse is 5.5m, leaving 4m for a small garden. The rear area has an exit to the back, leaving 2.5m for the backyard. Residential land area is only allowed to build 87.08m2, so in the process of designing the drawing of the house with a basement of 5.5m wide, Mr. Tien’s street frontage asked for permission to go back 1.3m. However, this is a design plan for a house with a floating basement for parking and cars, applicable to a land of 5.5m wide, but in case you build a house with a semi-submersible basement for land with a frontage of 5x20m, please refer to the drawing of my house. Citadel in Ha Nam with the following architecture

  • Townhouse design with 5x20m basement, simple tube house architecture 2022

Model of tube house with basement for parking has a construction floor area of ​​75m2. In which, the entrance on the side of the door to the stairs is 7m wide for cars and warehouses. As well as 37.5m2 wide motorbike behind the 21.6m2 wide kitchen space. Place the bad kitchen location facing the front and the sink with L-shaped kitchen design. And a common bathroom for the whole floor and the rear side door leading to the beautiful garden and small landscape. There is another point when designing the drawing of the basement stairs for the garage. The entrance to the first floor of the townhouse model has a floating basement with a 17-step high staircase.

Have you come home beg home?
Design drawing of tube house with basement for parking 5.4m wide and 14m long below

One thing that sometimes few people think about is that when building a townhouse with a 5.5m frontage with a floating basement, it will calculate the area of ​​​​one floor to help save costs. If building a tube house with a basement for parking, it is usually calculated twice as much as 1 floor for items from 2m or more. As for the plan of building models with beautiful semi-basement floors with an area of ​​​​under 1.8m, the height is usually 1.5 times more than the square meter of the construction floor.

Floor plan model house with basement for parking 5.5m x 16m

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The layout of the 2nd floor, the 5.5x16m house design is mainly for the reception space. Combined with the altar view overlooking the south façade. The living room area is relatively spacious, 30m2 with 4 square corners. Designed flexibly next to the 21-step staircase to the house and outside the stairs. In addition, the first floor plan of a 3-storey French-style house. There is also a master bedroom of 14m2 for Mr. Tien’s parents with a toilet next to it and a 1.3m balcony in the back.

  • Model townhouse with 5.5m frontage, 2 floors, 1 beautiful roof, Thai roof in Phu Tho
  • Drawing of a house with 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace with 5.5m frontage, semi-classic European, Mr. Lam, district 7
Do you have a design that you can use outside?
The layout of the 2-storey house model with a floating basement of 5.4x16m on the 2nd floor

Outside the townhouse with a frontage of 5.5m, there is also a large balcony combined with a lobby up to 8m2. With the design of a 2-storey house with a floating basement as above, you can arrange a spacious tea table to enjoy the outdoor reception if you like. Kicking over the sideline is a matter of stairs leading to your house, note that calculating the cycle of the number of stairs falling into the word Sinh corresponds to the feng shui rule in “birth – old age – illness – death” corresponding to 5 – 9 – 13 – 17 – 21 odd numbers, not the design of stairs with basements falling on even numbers or the word “Death – Illness”

3rd floor drawing of 2-storey house with basement 5.4×16

Note that the 2nd and 3rd floors have a larger construction floor area than the floating basement floor below. In which in the upper 2 floors, if you include the balcony and the lobby outside the front of the semi-classical house with 5.5m wide, the floor area is exactly 91.8m2. In which, the area of ​​​​the rooms on the 3rd floor of the 2-storey house model with a basement of 5.5m with French street frontage is as follows

  • Mr. Tien and his wife’s bedroom: 14m2
  • Bedroom 3: 14.5m2
  • The smallest bedroom is 11.7m2 wide for children
Do you have a design for a cheese house 5.5m
Floor plan of the 3rd floor, townhouse design 5.5mx 17m with 3 bedrooms, an area of ​​​​nearly 92m2

Thus, the 2-storey house model with a floating basement for parking has all 4 bedrooms as well as each floor has a common bathroom and toilet, which is very reasonable for a family of 3 generations with 5 to 7 members full of activities. This is the most optimal option in terms of aesthetics and space. In addition, if you like the above ground, but the plan is to leave a larger yard, you can refer to option 2. If your land is wider, you should not ignore it.

  • Construction drawing of a house with a beautiful semi-basement designed at the back “Strange and Unique” 800 million VND

Option 2 house models with basement for parking with large yard

Option 2 images of house design with a beautiful basement 1 ground floor 2 floors 90m2 with stairs brought to the right hand side to leave the yard for the entrance to the garage wider. The outside design of the stairs is square, handrails are made of iron, the art is economical with PU spray or if it can be replaced with stairs and the front balcony balustrades are made of alloy cast aluminum. You can refer to the classic tube house design with a beautiful 5.5m frontage across the view from the left hand direction.

Hurry up and get rid of the car
Sample image of a semi-classical townhouse with a basement and an external staircase of 5.4m wide, option 2

Model house with 5.5m frontage with basement for parking uses wooden furniture for the main door with 4 wings for the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor for 2 solid wings of red oak wood above with a curved dome of 12mm toughened glass. French architectural townhouse frontage. The exterior of the beautiful 3-storey French-style tube house has a milky white paint tone that evokes lightness, combined with ancient Renaissance reliefs to help bring out the uniqueness.

View of townhouse model with 5.5m frontage, option 2 Mr. Tien

The highlight of the beautiful house model with 5.5m frontage with basement for parking uses Rococo-style design language but is not as sophisticated as classic townhouses, but it is dynamic with soft architectural lines but not tangled and especially less difficult in construction today. It must also be added that this is a very popular home design style today, especially for contemporary architecture for homeowners who are inherently passionate about gentle and profound antique features.

Hurry up and make money 5m
Image of 3D house design with 5.5m horizontal street side, gentle Rococo style

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The model of a townhouse with a frontage of 5.5m above the roof is built 1.6m deep from the outside to the back of the flat roof, but it is not completely built, but if necessary, it can be designed with a flat roof with a concrete attic. Anyway, it’s the homeowner’s preferred option and the drawing of the roof of the townhouse has a floating basement for the car to be 5.5m wide to handle the noise and drain the water to the back, not to let it fall freely to avoid the rain hitting the neighbor’s house. You can also refer to:

  • =>> Collection of 20 most beautiful French-style tube house facades ever

The cost of building a townhouse with a basement for parking in front of 5.5m

The design of a townhouse with a facade of 1 ground 2 floors 90m2 is currently being quoted by a beautiful house design company and 100% free of charge. Actually, this is also one of the semi-classical but economical 3-storey tube house designs thanks to the design with a floating floor, not a sunken basement, so the floor area is equal to the first floor of a townhouse with a width of 5.5m 3 single. Simply focus on the contours of the exterior facade as well as on the interior equipment.

Hurry up and get rid of the car
Two models of beautiful townhouse facades with a floating basement designed with a different external staircase
  • Click to see a house with a basement of a 5x20m flat roof, Mrs. May’s business

Model townhouse with basement frontage 7m business

Although this is a 5.5m house design with a basement for parking. But if you have an area of ​​land 5m or 6m wide. It is also possible to design a semi-classical tube house with a semi-cellar. Or a floating basement like this as well as a staircase on the side of the entrance to the private living room outside is also difficult. The estimated cost of building a 3-storey townhouse is about 1.2 billion raw parts. As for the finishing part, the beautiful house model has a frontage of 5.5, x 17m, about 1.7 billion. Due to the use of wooden furniture and stair railings from good to high-class.

The house has a beautiful basement
Front of modern 3-storey townhouse 7m designed with basement for parking 1 basement 1 ground 3 floors terrace built by my company for Ms. Dung’s family
  • See a drawing of a house with a street frontage of 7m with a basement for parking with an area of ​​​​100m2, both residential and business, Ms. Dung

Model house with semi basement for parking 5m 3 floors

Two versions of townhouse design drawings with a frontage of 5.5m 3 floors. Architectural scale 1 ground 2 floors with external stairs and 4 bedrooms above. The type of house with basement is for your reference. For example, this model of a townhouse selling a 5m basement, Mr. Hoang

Townhouses selling cellars
The model of the townhouse facade has a semi-basement with a width of 5m 3 floors, Thai roof architectural design for Mr. Hoang’s house
  • See sample house with basement selling basement 5m frontage Mr. Hoang in this article to see the floor plan

Depending on the financial ability as well as the outside of the yard, the mandatory separation corridor has the most optimal plan according to feng shui. The above model of a house with a 3-storey basement parking lot of 90m2 above of our company would also like to stop here. Explore more

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