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The beautiful model of a 4-bedroom house Mr. Van in the middle was built last year. Now, I update the drawing of a four-room garden house, which Mr. Noi has drawn recently. Pictures are as follows

Model of a beautiful garden house in the countryside 2021
The latest model of a beautiful 4-bedroom house in a modern suburban area is now drawn for Mr. Noi

The construction area of ​​a modern 1-storey villa is 180m2, excluding the lobby, which is 20m wide and 10m deep. This is a house plan with 4 generations of design with four 4 bedrooms for children and grandchildren to die from time to time. Or come back to visit on holidays and have a place to rest. If you need a width of 16m, click to see a simple drawing of Mr. Huu’s house about 1 billion with 4 bedrooms

Beautiful 1 floor 4 bedroom house plan 2022
How to design a beautiful house with 1 floor, 4 bedrooms, 1 Japanese-style worship room with four rooms for a family of 3 to 4 generations in Vietnam feng shui

Note that this is a design drawing of a modern 1-storey garden house according to feng shui. The way to build a spacious house has a solemn ancestral altar nearly 13m wide. This area can be arranged with a coffee table to read books. The living room has an interior of nearly 32m2 with a complete TV wooden wall. You need to see the facade of the 4-room Japanese 1-storey villa and the drawing of the facade, please scroll down to the bottom of the article. And this is the sequel to Mr. Van’s 4-room house with simpler drawings and more cost-effective

How to design a beautiful 4-room horizontal house with 4 bedrooms Mr. Van built last year

Beautiful horizontal house model in the countryside with Japanese roof 4 bedrooms 1 beautiful worship room after 180m2 floor design and construction. Here is the model garden villa 1 floor modern European tile roof. Beautiful European house style is HOT because it is not outdated. Please refer to the drawing of this beautiful European ground-floor house with a beautiful 1-storey garden

Beautiful garden house 1 floor 4 bedrooms
Front of house level 4 4 bedrooms 1 beautiful worship room of Mr. Van’s family

Garden house style level 4 has 4 beautiful European-style bedrooms

The European-style 1-storey 4-bedroom houses have their own designed worship rooms. Construction floor 180m2 with simple but beautiful architecture. Model of 4-level house with beautiful tile roof This countryside has never been hot in recent years.

Beautiful house 1 floor 4 bedrooms 1 church
Model model of a beautiful villa with 4 bedrooms, 1 modern European-style church, view angle 2

The variety in beautiful garden designs. The decoration style of the facade of the house with different Thai roofs always brings new spaces. This article will introduce you to 4 bedroom house model popular today.

Overview of a 4-bedroom house with a beautiful garden

This beautiful house with 4 bedrooms is designed on an area of ​​​​about 1000m2 feng shui. The sophistication in modern design lines with blue tile tones is suitable for the owner’s feng shui. The lobby is decorated with 2 ladder columns to create a strong and solid feature for the home of the owner.

  • Design project of 1 floor 4 bedroom villa in the countryside
  • European style garden house level 4
Level 4 house with tiled roof 4 bedrooms
Architectural design of a level 4 house with 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 180m2 with beautiful tiled roof

Description of the garden house space level 4 4 bedrooms with tile roofs

The large yard with 2 flower pots adds a more beautiful house. Especially looking at the right direction, there will be a miniature aquarium, highlight for the house. The courtyard is also very suitable for arranging a stone table and chairs to drink tea every morning. Or if you have a car, it is also extremely comfortable.

Pictures of beautiful 4-level house design with 4 bedrooms and 1 bedroom in Southeast

Because the ground is quite low, the team of architects designed from the yard to the floor by 5 steps corresponding to about 75cm. But with that arrangement, the house becomes tall, luxurious and not afraid of storms and floods.

Modern 4 bedroom house with 4 bedrooms
Beautiful 4-bedroom garden house in the countryside designed according to 4-room architecture

Model information of a 4-bedroom house

  • Item of work: Model of 4-bedroom house with Thai roof
  • Owner: Mr. Nghiem Anh Van
  • Floor area: 180m2
  • Size: 15m wide, about 12m back long
  • Architectural functional floor: 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room, kitchen, toilet

Level 4 house plan 4 bedrooms 1 worship room 180m2

Type ground floor 4 bedroom house This is designed quite simply. Includes: 4 bedrooms, a living room, toilet and kitchen. Normally, this design space is not very large, but it creates a cozy and no less modern feeling.

Drawings for building a level 4 house in the countryside
The layout of the space of the beautiful 4-level house has 4 bedrooms and 1 worship room according to Southeast feng shui direction

From the lobby of the beautiful house, entering will be the living room. This living room will be shared with the worship room. To the right of the living room will be the bedroom, to the left will be the kitchen. The remaining three bedrooms will be built opposite the altar but an entrance hallway adjacent to the toilet.

The advantage of this house is the small design, so the cost will be low. However, that does not mean that it lacks modern elegance. The color combination creates the beauty of the house, for the owner.

Sample drawing of a ground floor garden house with 4 beautiful bedrooms

The drawing of a beautiful 4-bedroom ground floor house was thought and designed by our architect. The drawing shows all the information about the length and width of the house as well as the layout so that it is reasonable.

drawing of a 1-storey house with 4 bedrooms and 1 church
Send me more drawings of the facade of this beautiful 4-bedroom garden house for reference

In addition, when using this drawing, you can calculate the construction cost as well as the time and progress of the project. Or from this design you will be able to change the selection of details to be able to build a space that is more suitable for the land you own. Refer to the drawing of level 4 house Simple Thai roof cheaper price

Reasons to build a 4-level house with a 1-story 4-bedroom villa

The style of a 1-storey 4-bedroom villa house with a ground-level worship room will certainly not be outdated. The white tone gives the house elegance. Simple cubic architecture, clear division, not fussy. This will make the construction process easier. The model of a 4-bedroom house with tile roofs does not have a molding, so it saves money. But the architecture still ensures many other factors.

Architectural drawing of roof level 4
Drawing of a beautiful tile-roofed villa in the countryside

In addition, if you need to build a villa with a garden of about 300m2, covered with skin. Japanese Zen style architecture. Classy but do not need to be picky blue color. I have a drawing of a 300m2 garden villa, and Mr. Tu has the floor plan and perspective as follows. You see the architectural layout of modern living. From the family of Tam Dai Dong, a beautiful modern 1-story eco-resort road

Mat state knows the house is 300m2
The 300m2 villa has 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 worship room, and an outdoor kitchen with a small landscape of outdoor space, Mr. Tu.
Hurry up 300m2
Beautiful 300m2 garden house designed according to the traditional 4-room architecture combined with modern European-style features

See more than 1000 drawings of level 4 houses from its inception to the present. Or information about 300m2 garden villa with other views HERE There are full records of last year’s construction. Now updated new and the drawing of Ms. Nhung’s house has 4 bedrooms in neoclassical style, 1 floor with European style attic floor. Much.

Other than that, this is just the basic design. If you have a hobby of growing plants, raising grass to immerse yourself in nature, there will be designs like Level 4 garden house with 4 bedrooms or is garden villa 180m2. However, the structure of the house is quite similar to the design above, except that it will add more beautifully designed gardens.

Model 1 floor 4 bedroom house
Facade of a beautiful 1-storey 4-bedroom garden house in Mr. Manh Thai Binh’s countryside

Drawing of a beautiful 180m2 Japanese roof house, Mr. Tho

This drawing of a 3-room Japanese roof garden is one of the most beautiful architectural patterns of today’s roof tiles. Especially suitable for ecological landscapes in rural areas. I send you a 3d perspective picture of a beautiful horizontal house model with a Japanese roof of level 4 built 180m2 for Mr. Tho. If you like, then you can refer to THIS ARTICLE just like the picture and choose more

Beautiful 1 storey 3 bedroom square house model 2021
Picture of a house of 180m2 facing the south, beautiful night perspective of Mr. Tho, coming in 2021 to build

Beautiful 4 bedroom ground floor garden house models with Thai roof 2022

The drawing below is designed for Mr. Can’s extended family to build a garden in the Delta. My floor plan is dark, I have 1 worship room with 4 bedrooms. Construction area is also about 180m2 with a width of 18m. However, the drawing of this 1-storey resort garden house is to neutralize the altar and living room according to the main East Phuoc Duc palace. Suitable for owners of Kim or Moc destiny. The way to catch the cool wind is the Southeast. That’s why the drawing of a beautiful tiled roof garden in Mr. Can’s hometown. There are 4 airy foyer with lots of light. See the floor plan from the bottom up on this picture

4 bedroom ground floor villa
Ground floor plan of modern 4 bedroom house in Thai roof countryside
Beautiful garden house facing Southeast
Perspective of a European-style ground floor house model with 4 bedrooms, 1 room for worshiping Mr. Can, facing South, with a 4-wing main door facing Southeast according to the above plan

Beautiful model of a four-bedroom house with Thai roof in the countryside, 12m across

In addition, I also have a 160m2 house model with four bedrooms. European style 4-level house with Thai roof with attic floor. Want to build a beautiful one-storey house in the countryside in 2023. You must have a land width of 12m or more to call.

Beautiful Thai roof house in the countryside 2022
A beautiful model of a four-bedroom house with tiled roof facing the South with feng shui for the owner of the East Tu Trach painted for Ms. Hoa’s family

Beautiful models of 4-bedroom modern Japanese-style houses

The image of a modern 1-storey villa house below is designed according to Japanese architecture. The surface definitely has a 4-leaf main door and a 2-leaf door on the right. Suitable for you to build a house in the countryside with 4 bedrooms. Note that if you want to own a beautiful four-room garden house, your land must be at least 20m wide.

Facade of beautiful 4-room house 2022
Beautiful model of 4-bedroom house with modern Japanese roof architecture style 200m2 Mr. and Mrs. Noi style garden villa 2021

Technical drawing for building a horizontal house with a beautiful 4-room garden with a total height of nearly 8.2m. That is, the optimal ventilation is higher than 4m, which is very airy. The rear roof is much higher than the front roof. On the street, it looks like a modern garden villa, not inferior to other European garden villas. However, the beautiful 1-storey mini villa is under construction. I just put it online as a development picture. If you need anything, call me 0975 945 433 I’ll show you privately

Modern 1-storey Japanese roof house - Drawing
The drawing of the front facade of the beautiful garden house has 4 bedrooms and 1 room to worship him as shown in the picture above

Above is the article introducing the hottest 4-bedroom house model today. Hopefully with the above sharing, you can choose for yourself a beautiful design drawing and own the house that you like best.

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