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Mẫu nhà mái thái 500 triệu phần thô 3 phòng ngủ 8x16m

The model of a Thai roof house of 500 million with an area of ​​​​8 × 16, one-story style, has a rough roof construction cost by Architect Nhan of the New Beautiful House construction design and construction consulting company. The branch in Quang Tri designed for Lanh’s family in Khe Sanh Town, Huong Hoa. We invite you to consult the following information

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Picture of a Thai roof house with 500 million parts, Ms. Lanh

The design of a level 4 house of 130m2 was built a long time ago, and it cost 750 million to complete. But now due to the needs of many homeowners, the land area is about 10m wide and 20 to 25m deep. Or, more broadly, wonder whether to build a 4-level house with beautiful Thai roofs of about 500 million in the countryside with tiled roofs. The area is about 130m2 3 bedrooms, the architecture of the ground floor house with Thai roof is beautiful. It is suitable for the central climate with hot sun and lots of rain. So our staff post it so you can refer to building a house with 500 million parts. It is also complete with modern furniture for the family to buy by themselves

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Level 4 house with Thai roof 500 million VND
Model of a Thai roof house of 500 million in the countryside with an area of ​​​​8×16 neat modern architecture

Specifications of modern 500 million Thai roof house construction

This beautiful model of 4-level house with Thai roof of about 500 million is designed according to the A-slope roof system. The design of level 1 is larger than that of the small roof. The bottom stretches vertically from front to back, not perpendicular. Like the designs of 4-level houses with Thai roofs with a beautiful 8M frontage. Because Lanh’s 10×25 land is quite low compared to the previous road surface. It is located between the two sides of the neighbor’s house, which has been built high, so let’s leave this 8×16 Thai roof house. The design engineer is tall, so the foundation is designed to be raised to a height of more than 75 cm. Compared to the road surface and there are 5 steps to the lobby. 1.5m wide, creating a cool and airy facade for a beautiful 4th-level house of 500 million in the countryside. This clean, modern, youthful and neat

House of 500 million has 3 bedrooms with 8m width in the countryside
Functional floor plans using the interior of the beautiful Thai roof house level 4 130m2 3 bedrooms simple but beautiful

How to build a 500 million Thai roof house in the countryside

Another highlight different from the previous models of 500 million roof houses in the countryside 8×16. Then this beautiful 1-storey house in the countryside 3 BEDROOM is modern. It is the front of this level 4 house that designs the entrance to the large living room. There is an additional small roof system with curved arch lock. Below, there are two opposite sides of square cylinders. The two sides of a beautiful 3-bedroom Thai roof house model 600 million 8×16 QUANG TRI. The hotel arranged 2 flower beds to increase the natural green space to create a more harmonious architecture.

  • Free drawing of a simple but beautiful flat roof house, Mr. Yen
  • Model of a level 4 tube house with a beautiful modern mezzanine 300 million

Drawing of a 500 million Thai roof house in the countryside

If you want to build a house with a Thai roof for about 500 million, there are 3 bedrooms with a beautiful 4-roof Thai roof like above. The minimum condition is that your land must be large by a beautiful house design of level 4 500 million. Design 2 foyer to get light and cool breeze for the space inside. There’s just a side aisle. If you want to build a complete level 4 house with an interior of about 700 million as above, the roof is tiled. As for the corrugated iron roof, it is cheaper than the fluctuating cost of about 500 million fake corrugated iron roofs. Or may arise a little more because it depends on the soft ground or not.

Architectural drawing of ground floor house with Thai roof 500 million VND
Construction drawing of a Thai roof house with roof tiles of 130m2, the cost of finishing with interior is 700 million and without furniture is 500 million

Construction drawing of a 1-storey Thai roof house with a cost of 500 million, Ms. Lanh

Technical drawing for construction of a 4-level house with 8x16 Thai roofs in the countryside
Architectural cross-sectional drawing of a 1-storey house with 500 million 3 bedrooms, 8m wide and 16m long, Ms. Lanh

Beautiful house model 2021, the cost to build a house is about 550 million, including raw materials and labor. The house architecture of 500 million has the total height of this 8×16 level 4 Thai roof house is 8.3m. In which the height from the floor to the ceiling is 4.1m, which is very cool. Ventilation gets light thanks to the surrounding arrangement of many windows.

The layout of the garden house is 8m across with Thai roof, costing 500 million VND

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Sample floor plan of Thai roof house level 4 in the countryside 130m2 3 bedrooms in Quang Tri. Arranged in 2 rows, one side is for the living room. There is a parking space, common cleaning including showering. Combined with glass walls, one side is designed to be a row of 3 bedrooms. The design of a 4-level house 8×16 has an interconnected kitchen and dining table designed at the back, especially next to the dining table, there is an extra door leading to the back garden and a large window to make the space full of light. in the morning and when you eat, you can look outside.

Interior plan of 4-level house with Thai roof 500 million in the countryside

Depending on your age and construction budget of 500 million Thai roofs. But there is a beautiful 500 million Thai roof in the countryside designed with a study corner. There is a well-furnished wardrobe in the room. The layout of the space is neat, tidy, harmonious and youthful.

beautiful design 4x16
Pictures of the garden house’s bedroom 500 million inside, not included
house design 500 million VND
The master bedroom interior model suggests more for the house of 500 million Ms. Lanh
The bedroom inside the ground floor house is 500 million VND
Interior decoration of 4-level houses with Thai roofs of 500 million bedrooms, give me more suggestions
Interior of Thai roof house 500 million VND
The picture of the kitchen and dining room suggests more ways to decorate the inside of a 500 million-sister Lanh house
Living room of 1 floor house 500 million VND
Interior design and decoration solutions for living room of 4-level house with modern Thai roof 130m2 bright white color fresh for a family of 2 young generations

500 beautiful garden decoration spaces, million more suggestions

In addition to the interior decoration materials of this beautiful house with a Thai roof of 130m2. Made of high quality leather fabrics to add a fresh touch. In accordance with the young style of our new beautiful home design company, architects. Also consulting interior design of this 500 million 1-storey Thai roof house. By combining with wallpaper pictures. Ceiling lights led and sups to add a romantic touch. For each room, it helps to make the space beautiful and comfortable. Just cozy for the family to rest and relax. You can enjoy comfort after a stressful working day.

See more how to build a Thai roof house of 500 million parts

In addition to the design drawing of a 4-level house with a roof of 500 million above. If you have better finances or larger land. But the family is smaller, for example, built for parents in the countryside. Then you can refer to it beautiful house construction drawing 9×15 wide land. By the architects of New Beautiful House Joint Stock Company, we have a branch in Hanoi. Designed for the family of Mr. Hung Bac Ninh with the following representative image. If you have a need to build a 4-level Thai roof house, please see the detailed profile 2020. Drawing of a beautiful 1-storey house design by clicking on that red link.

Building a house 500 million VND
Perspective of building a house of 500 million in rural Vietnam with a width of 9m x 16m with corrugated iron roof

The model of a 2-bedroom house with a Thai roof is also about 500 million VND

This is a model house of 120m2 with 2 bedrooms and a construction cost of about 500 million in the countryside. Due to the low cost of labor, you also chose to build Trung’s house

The latest 2016 design drawing of a beautiful level 4 house with Thai roof in the countryside.
The latest design drawing of a beautiful level 4 house with Thai roof in the countryside of Anh Trung.

The design of a beautiful 4-level house with Thai roof 8×16 has 3 bedrooms modern style. Designed for a family of about 4 people in the countryside. Cost 500 million including materials and labor. The above is very suitable for homeowners who prefer a modern lifestyle. The space is not too large to no longer feel empty when living in your house.

See beautiful recently painted 550 million and 600 million Thai roof models

Although the architecture of the beautiful 1-storey house model in the countryside 130 is a bit old. Not yet bringing new breakthroughs in design, but solid scientific structural drawings. But with a budget of about 550 to 600 million roof tiles like Thanh Anh Thang’s house below. You can completely build a beautiful, neat and elegant Thai roof house like above.

Drawing of a 1-storey L-shaped house
Models of beautiful level 4 houses 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 6x20m 1 floor
  • Ask for the file of Mr. Thang’s house at 4 level house drawing drawing It’s free here

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Presently model of Thai roof house level 4 in the countryside 8×16 3 bedrooms above construction has been completed. If you need to see the actual condition of the house. As well as consulting the owner when building, there are many or not? You can contact the design and construction company of New Beautiful House in Vietnam. To arrange staff and call to ask permission from the owner to visit this beautiful model of a 4-level Thai roof house in 2020.

And if you need to edit or buy back the copyright of the drawing of the roof of Thailand 500 million. The structure is certainly simple but beautiful. If you need to repair some rooms in the house, please contact us. To have the cheapest drawing of a level 4 house for builders and save a part of the cost for homeowners. see more

Beautiful model house 600 million with 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 120m2

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