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Mẫu nhà ống 2.5 tầng đẹp không gian mở ở Bắc Ninh

We call this a beautiful modern 2.5-storey tube house. Construction floor area 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 upper terrace with tum floor is only the worship room. Leave the simple style blank. If you think you’re going to use a fairly average amount of materials, then see and choose

  • Model of 2-storey townhouse with 5m frontage fake Thai roof, simple and beautiful
  • Simple tube house design 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 terrace for reference and choose
  • Model of a modern 3-storey 1 tum townhouse Mr. Hung

Model 5×16 house with 2.5-storey architecture in rural countryside

Sample tube house 2 floors 1 tum Modern style beautiful 5×16 area. Designed on a large garden plot on the outskirts of the city. The asphalt road has 3 open sides. In which the owner wishes to build Beautiful house with 2 and a half floors, 5m frontage There are 4 bedrooms. Above the 2 mazes, there is an additional room for worshiping the highest ancestors. Quiet and polite space as well as saving 1 part. The cost of building a cheap house with 2 and a half floors architecture 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 80m2 like

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Model of 2-storey tube house in the countryside with 4 bedrooms 80m2
Model house with 2 floors 1 tum has 4 bedrooms and 1 simple worship room in Mr. Quyet’s countryside

However, this is a simple 2-storey 1-tum tube house model in the countryside. If you like the architecture of the neoclassical street frontage, 5m wide. Then choose a 2-storey house with a Thai roof in 2020. Currently building a beautiful 75m2 for Mr. Hung 5×15 here but choose with a more classy style. Looks like the following

House 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace 5x20
Build a beautiful house with 2 floors 1 tum 5×20 with Thai roof roof architecture 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 Anh Hung terrace

Perspective of a beautiful modern 2.5-storey tube house Mr. Quyet Bac Ninh

Architectural design of a beautiful 2.5-storey 5×16 house designed in a box shape. Modern Korean style, open space with many white-tone glass and ventilation doorways. Because the land area is 12m wide, 27.5m deep, parents give 1 side. Candlestick 2 and a half storey tube house model 5×16 Mr. Quyet’s design plan is quite easy. Construction width is 5m close to 1 side, leaving 1 side 7m. In the future, you can build another beautiful house if needed or open a business building blockhouses for rent at will

  • Design drawing of 2-storey house with Thai roof 5×16 3 bedrooms Mr. An
  • Model of 2-storey townhouse with Thai roof with mezzanine 5×16 Ms. Giang Hai Phong
Simple 2.5-storey house model in the countryside
Horizontal view of a beautiful 2.5-storey tube house model built on one side of parents’ land for a simple look 4 bedrooms with a small chapel above to save money

Information about 2-and-a-half-storey house in modern countryside with 4 simple bedrooms

Ground floor construction area sample modern house 2 and a half floors with an area of ​​80m2 with 2 foyer. On the east side, there is an extra door to the side exiting for ventilation and light. Natural air convection from the East as well as cool breeze overlooking the garden. For the space of the kitchen and the dining table to connect.

2.5-storey tube house space with flat roof below

The living room area of ​​the 2.5-storey tube house model is beautiful and modern, designed in the heart of 23.5m2. In the back, the bedroom design for Quyet’s parents is 12m2. The shared bathroom is designed to be located at the exit at the back of the house in accordance with feng shui. The staircase space is designed in the middle of the house close to the wall to optimize the area

The floor plan of a two-story, one-tumor house is airy

Floor plan of the 2nd floor, the design of a 2.5-storey 5×16 tube house, designed to the right-hand side facing the East. Adding 1.2m and the front balcony should make the building area larger. The ground floor plan is specifically more than 6×17 covered with a side hall. That is, the construction area of ​​the model floor two-storey house design 1 tum 5×16 Quyet’s modern building is 85m2 wide

Simple 2-storey house in the countryside 85m2
The plan of a two-storey house with a simple flat roof of 85m2 was built on the ground floor of Mr. Quyet

Floor plan of the house 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 80m2 in the countryside

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The utility of the beautiful 2-storey tube house 1 tum 2nd floor is designed with 3 bedrooms above. Including 1 bedroom, Mr. and Mrs. Quyet, 19m2 wide in the front. Layout outside the front of this 2.5-storey tube house has an exit to a ventilated balcony.

Floor plan of 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms 5x16
A simple 2-storey house in the countryside with a terrace on the 1st floor

Dimensions of modern 2.5-storey house with rural flat roof

Behind the beautiful interior space of the 2.5-storey house, there is also a 16m2-wide bedroom for the eldest son. One bedroom for a daughter is 13m2 wide in the middle. The remaining space of the attic staircase takes in the light to catch the cool breeze from the roof. The 2nd floor shared bathroom is located at the rear of the house along the floor hall. In addition, the top attic floor has an additional worship room and working corner. The laundry room is surrounded by a stainless steel frame for safety. Construction area of ​​the top 42m2 attic has a worship room and a laundry behind. See more styles beautiful house 2 floors modern type. Another simple skewed roof design of Ms. Thiet like

House architecture with 2 beautiful frontages 5x17m
Image of building a townhouse with 2 frontages 5×17.5m, modern architecture, beautiful sloping roof, just designed for the new Thiet and her husband

Perspective of the facade of a beautiful 2.5-storey tube house model with modern architecture

The facade of the beautiful 2.5-storey tube house is modern, designed according to the main Southeast feng shui. That is, the direction of the palace, Phuc Vi Dong, 4 years old, the year of the Rooster 1969, 2002. Build a beautiful house with 2 floors and 1 tum without getting in the way. The color tone of the beautiful 2.5-storey tube house model 80m2 is in favor of Brown. Combined with white, it goes well with the wall paint colors of Tho Ton Moc, the five elements of the Great Earth.

Note when building a 2.5-storey tube house according to feng shui

Note when designing a 2.5-storey tube house for the age of the Rooster. Green should be avoided because this color corresponds to the Moc Khac par with Tho. In addition, the owner of the house in 1969 is suitable for the main direction of the South. Or the East and the North also avoid the direction of building cheap houses in the West.

Simple 2-storey house model in rural countryside
The facade of the simple 2-and-a-half-storey tube house is 5m x 16m wide, 6m wide, and 6m wide above that of Mr. Quyet in the countryside.

See more beautiful tube house models in 2020

Beautiful architectural design model 2.5 floors 5×16 designed in the style of a 2-storey house, the facade on the 2nd floor has an additional balcony with a view to the East with a spacious and airy courtyard below. The front yard of the 2-fronted tube house model is very wide, 8m wide, and the back has a garden of nearly 3.5m to grow green vegetables, ecological landscape according to the architecture of a beautiful 2-storey garden house in a resort-oriented countryside. See more styles beautiful tube house Just updated another large and small area. Like a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 850 million Mr. Lam

Model house frontage 6m 2 floors
Beautiful house frontage 6m Thai roof 2 floors neoclassical style Mr. Lam

Elements of a beautiful 2.5-story well-ventilated tube house balcony

Facade 2 and a half floors 5×16 Design of wooden stone cladding with horizontal stripes in the middle with a white glass door on the balcony facing the front of a modern 2.5-storey townhouse in Bac Ninh with a wooden frame to cover the sun and rain for the balcony with bright white tempered glass . In addition, under the balcony on the 1st floor, a beautiful 2.5-storey 5×16 model house is designed with a green flower bed to increase the highlight for the modern and more friendly 2-and-a-half-story box house architecture.

Overview of modern open space 2.5-storey tube house design

The difference compared to other modern 2-facade business townhouse designs is that the solution to get more light for the stairs in the middle of the house not only gets light from the skylight on the roof.

Simple modern beautiful 2.5-storey house design ideas

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The design of the 2.5-storey tube house is on the 2nd floor and the right attic is facing the East. Also equipped with 2 rectangular tempered glass windows with 8 bright white glasses. Help in the middle of the stairs to have more ventilation and light. Just save a part of electricity costs for lighting for the family.

Pictures of beautiful houses 2.5 floors 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 simple terrace
Overview of the views of the beautiful 2.5-storey house design with modern style Mr. Quyet

The cost of building a house of 80m2 2 floors 1 tum as a church room

Beautiful model townhouse 2.5 floors 4 bedrooms 1 modern church with a total construction floor of 230m2. If building a modern style 2.5-storey house with a good level of materials and furniture. In big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, about 1.2 billion poured into the floor. As for building a 2-storey house in the countryside, it is about 1 billion because the unit cost of labor is lower in the countryside.

Beautiful modern house architecture 2.5 floors 90m2

With beautiful Korean-style house design architecture, flat roof box. Architectural ideas combine with strong lines in the language of straight lines. Model of 2-storey tube house 1 tum 5×16. Socks are suitable for families of 2 to 3 generations and simply save money. Just cool thanks to the creative way in the design of the tube house. The scale of building 1 ground floor 1 terrace has a harmonious rhythm, proportion and neatness.

Overview of the modern 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 tum house model Mr. Quyet

Model of a beautiful 2.5-storey tube house with 4 bedrooms, 1 church, beautiful architecture, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, 1 tum 5×16. Building in the suburbs of the city is very suitable for garden plots. Or build in the countryside with the same width or larger. It is possible to build a beautiful 2-storey modern European-style house, breaking the stereotype. Similar to the model of 2-storey house with A-shaped roof, it is quite expensive. Because decorative borders require elaborate texture. In addition, if you build a 5×16 horizontal house with 2 floors 1 tum, you can see that Ms. Ly’s house has a 5×20 street frontage, built 5×16 with a yard. Attach the unit price and the calculation of the completed square meter 1.2 billion in the section modern townhouse design like this picture

How much is it to grind 2 to 1 tum?
Image of how much does it cost to build a 2-storey house with 1 tum today of Ms. Ly

The design of a modern 2.5-storey 5×16 tube house above was done by NEW BEAUTIFUL Architects. Click here to view company information Architectural construction company to learn. In addition to a simple 2-and-a-half-storey house, 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 upper terrace. Building on one side of the land, we also have other small 2-ton house models. Contact 0975 945 433 for advice and to send more design samples.

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