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Mẫu nhà ống 6x15m 2 tầng 1 tum 4 phòng ngủ 1 phòng thờ hiện đại

Model of tube house 6x15m scale 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace with garage. Also known as a modern 6×15 2-storey 1 tum townhouse model. Designed by Architects and Construction Joint Stock Company, Beautiful New House is designed for a family including husband and wife and 2 children. Which requires a floor plan of the first floor of a modern townhouse to be at least for a 7-seat car and 4-bedroom motorbike.

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Front model house 6x15m 2.5 modern modern Ms. Hien

The architectural plan of a beautiful 6m-square-foot street house has many different highlights compared to other 6-meter-wide 3-storey tube houses. In order to save the cost of building a 90m2 3-storey house, we should not build an expensive Thai roof townhouse because we have to invest in Dan Tay, Rui, Me, Phong Bridge, Li To .. as well as building recovery walls and must poured around the edge of the roof edge. Idea house design 6m wide, 15m long The design of a 3-storey mini villa with a simple but modern frontage of 6m has many accents on the facade.

Hurry up 6x15m 3 tang
Picture townhouse model 6x15m 2.5 floors with an area of ​​​​6×15 6m frontage of Mrs. Hien and her husband

Advice on building a house with a beautiful 6m frontage 2 floors 1 tum

Outside beautiful tube house model 6x15m front floor of the first floor is covered with imported Italian rattan yellow marble. Using the automatic rolling door system inside, there is also a layer of 4-door security doors. For garages and garages in the house, in addition, on the left side of the beautiful house model 3.5 floors with a frontage of 6m. There is also a side door with a width of 1.2m for the entrance to a separate living room for walking. In addition, I have another 6m wide tube house model. Siblings see here but choose to build cheaper for long land with yard

Beautiful house 1 ground floor 1 floor frontage 6m
Model house frontage 6m with modern flat roof area 70m2 BUILDING ON LAND 6X15M 3 bedrooms Mr. Lam

How to build a 2.5-storey house with a street surface of 6m, beautifully decorated

2.5-storey townhouse model 6m frontage on the 2nd floor with tempered glass balcony. The construction version races to the outside of the road with an additional 1.2m wide, one side has an exit to the balcony. And one side leaves a space designed in a convex and concave style. The wall is covered with brick and painted with imitation stone in gray and brown wood colors. As well as combined with C-shaped couch with 10mm tempered glass door. We decorate the front of the townhouse 6m with a garage above. The third floor space outside has a modern tum. Combined with the roof terrace. The design integrates many ornamental plants and French climbing roses with green architecture. This is a standard green townhouse model for a 6m townhouse. See more models Beautiful 3-storey townhouse latest design 2021 trends 2022

Drawing of a 2-storey house 6x20
Model house with 2 floors and 6m with Thai roof frontage designed with 3 bedrooms and 1 room to worship Vy

How to design a 6x15m townhouse for the ground floor space of Ms. Hien’s house

Hien’s family is not doing business, just need living space and division of functions combined with layout. townhouse floor plan 6x15m for the most reasonable. After consulting a house with a frontage of 6m, 15m deep, for an architectural drawing of a beautiful house of 90m2 with a width of 6m, looking to the West to the South suitable for the age of 1980 with his wife, West Tu Trach – Pomegranate wood in Canh Thanh year. The layout direction of the ground floor space of the 6x15m tube house model is as follows

Want to design a kitchen design 6x15m
Floor plan of townhouse 6x15m with garage

Consulting on building a 2 and a half storey house with size 6x15m

Sample townhouse design 6x15m There is a garage with a kitchen space on the east side. But looking to the west according to feng shui, the house sits in the direction of the sand. The overall floor plan in this 90m2 townhouse land plan drawing. With The design of the house is 6m wide and 15m long with a skylight 2021. So behind the kts, the design and construction company of the New Beautiful House, we leave 1.2m. There is an atrium and a skylight behind. The kitchen space has a side door leading to the back of the washing area for ventilation. The size of the space on the first floor of the townhouse is 6m with a larger kitchen. About 20m2, the guest room is 22.5m2 wide and the garage is 30m2.

How to design a 6x15m street house with another semi-basement floor?

The same ground floor space as Ms. Hien’s house, but if you need to build a house with a French-style roof architecture facade with a semi-basement and warehouse with a beautiful front yard, backyard, and skylight, please refer to the sample. The design of the house is 6m wide and 15m long with a skylight by Mr. Bui Anh Khoa at Nguyen Nghiem Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam. See Hoa’s house in Quang Ngai city built for her son Bui Anh Khoa HERE if you need to build a semi-basement floor

Design drawing of 3-storey tube house 6x15m, 2nd floor, 1st floor, Ms. Hien

The model of a 90m2 townhouse with a frontage of 6m is designed with 3 bedrooms divided equally among 3 spaces in the middle of the house. From the stairs of the living room of the house, go up to design a 15m2 bedroom for the child in the middle, if not needed, it can be replaced with a common room. Behind the design of her bedroom is 20m2 wide with a self-contained toilet. The outermost near the balcony is the bedroom of Ms. Hien and her husband, 22m2 wide. There is also a standing bathroom, Lavarbo sink cleaning on the 2nd floor common to the whole floor. Ground beautiful house model street 6×15 Floor space is as follows

Do you have a design for a 3-room 6x15m
Floor plan of the 2nd floor, beautiful house model, 6×15 street, 3 bedrooms, 1 shared bathroom

Beautiful house layout 6x15m 2nd floor

The construction floor area of ​​​​the first floor of the beautiful house model 6x15m modern style Ms. Hien is 100m2. In which, because the outside race is 1.2m more, it is temporarily calculated. Looking at the floor plan of the 6x15m townhouse on the 2nd floor, you can see that the layout is very smart for a family of 3 generations. There is a private living space. Especially the quiet comfort for the elderly behind the house. Outside is the airy master bedroom and the bedroom for the children, which is very convenient to take care of the elderly, especially the parents-in-law.

See another beautiful 6x15m horizontal house with 2 floors

In case you have a plot of land 6m wide and 20m long, the family has 2 husband and wife and 2 children. The cost is about 850 million to 1 billion, needing house space with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. Spacious floor plan with reasonable layout of modern Thai roof architecture with tiled roof. Then design of a 2-storey house with a facade of 6m of the Dong family. Definitely do not disappoint you because that article was posted by our architect with quite a complete drawing and 3D perspective.

The construction area of ​​a green townhouse model with a frontage of 6mx15m has a construction area of ​​60m2 with a floor only because the wall behind the house is only left empty for drying yards and ornamental plants for the garden of Orchids, according to the preference of Hien’s husband and In front, there is a terrace space to design a mini garden landscape. The floor plan of the house with a facade of 6m long and 15m long on the 3rd floor is arranged as follows

You have returned to the house with 6m
The space plan on the 3rd floor is designed with 1 bedroom for boys, a terrace room and a drying yard in the back

With the way house design 6m wide, 15m long 2 floors 1 tum as above. We realize that the 21m2 large worship room space can be combined with a quiet study and reading library corner. Or you can arrange a set of tables and chairs to reunite with children and grandchildren whenever the family has a slow death anniversary. Show respect with grace over politeness. There is also a bedroom for the eldest son, which has a bedroom. And a self-contained toilet in a polite room with an 11m2 inner space. And the drying yard behind the house is 25m2 wide. Can be left empty or roofed with plastic, glass tiles with dangling flowers. Depending on the preferences of each homeowner.

The cost of building a model house 6x15m 3 floors 4 bedrooms 1 room to worship Ms. Hien

House type 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 6x15m Ms. Hien has a total construction floor of 90m2 + 100m2 + 60m2 = 250m2. There is a construction unit price, including labor and materials, including construction permits. And 505 design drawings for the rough part ie the foundation frame, roof, brick, floor. Stairs plastered with waterproof treatment.. our company receives from 3.3 million/m2. At a good average level and 3.2 million/m2 with good material level. We advise you to choose good materials and workmanship. Certainly the high expertise of our construction company. Due to intensive training for the rough build first. See a close-up view of a 6x15m house model on the 2nd floor + 3 architectural options for a beautiful modern house, Ms. Hien

Hurry up 5=6x15m 3 increase 90m2
Close-up image of a 6x15m townhouse frontage on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Ms. Hien

The current unit price for building a tube house with a facade of 6x15m on the street

The remaining amount depends on your financial ability, but there is a way to decorate the floor, wall, and marble facade. Or high-grade or normal granite as well as using plaster ceilings. Painting interior and exterior walls is quite good to suit your finances. If the level is quite good, we recommend using the package from 5.2 million 1/m2. To 5.7 million to complete 1/m2. And the high-end level ranges from 5.5 million to 6 million 1/m2. That’s pretty good range. The total value of the key value of the beautiful 90m2 model house with 3 floors, Ms. Hien, is 1 billion 375 million. That is, 250m2 x 5.5 million/m2 is very clear.

See other 6×15 or 6x18m house design drawings

Also, don’t miss more than 1000 beautiful home form New 2021 has just been drawn by our New Beautiful House construction design company for nearly 10 years from its establishment in 2010 to present

The most beautiful townhouse models in 2021
One of the 3 storey 6x18m townhouses, the latest modern architectural trend in 2021, Dr. Minh

Good tips to build a 3-storey 6X15 townhouse with modern style and cost-effective

In case if you build a 3-storey 90m2 tube house in the countryside or town, if you need a drawing document house design 6m wide, 15m long 2.5 floors like the above of the architect of our new beautiful house architecture company, and you can ask the labor to contract and buy the materials after being disassembled by our engineer, you will save more than 100 million to 120 million if skillful. Of course, it is required that the contract contractor you choose must have long-term experience and good expertise or more. There have been many prestigious projects where you live, executing the architect’s drawings.

How to build a simple 6×15 3-storey terrace house

If necessary, give the phone number of the contractor. We survey a few sentences to know how professional and qualified that person is. And we will call you to give you the most sincere advice. And binding the contract when giving the right to build a 6x15m townhouse model. Or equivalent to the above 6m wide tube house architectural drawing.

Hurry up to do business 6x15m
How to build a 3-storey tube house 6x15m both living and doing business with a street frontage of 6m other options

The reference architectural plan for the beautiful house model 6x15m above. Option 2 is for homeowners who need space on the ground floor for business and office leasing. Or sell goods and if necessary, you can also park your car. With a 6x15m model perspective, it is possible to arrange up to 5 6 bedrooms and a worship room if you need it.

The design of the house is 6m 3 floors across
Beautiful house design 6x15m 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace or so-called tube house 2 floors 1 tum 6m wide Mr. Thien
  • See the drawing of Mr. Thien’s house HERE and choose a 2-and-a-half-story flat roof house

Actual picture of a 6m 2.5 storey townhouse that has been built, Mr. Tien

See more houses that Mr. Tien has built at this path To know more about my company’s skills

Building a neoclassical townhouse in 2020
Actual construction image of the house with 6m frontage, Mr. Tien in 2021 has just been handed over

Hoping for a sample of a 6x15m 2.5 storey house with an area of ​​90m2. It costs about 1.2 billion to 1.375 billion to have a complete kitchen and passenger garage. And 4 bedrooms, terrace. The idea of ​​building a beautiful green townhouse architecture. There is both a free 3D perspective and a 6mx15m horizontal frontage design layout plan. Of our company architects. Meet your most demanding requirements today. see more

Hope the 6m horizontal house model with the front size of 6x15m above will help you when learning about 6x15m 2 and half storey house models with 4 bedrooms and 1 church to choose from. There are also other beautiful models of 6x15m 3 4 floors. Contact 0975 945 433 to consult and send more samples

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