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Mẫu thiết kế khách sạn tân cổ điển đẹp 7 tầng mặt tiền 7m

Model neoclassical hotel Beautiful 3-star architectural design 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine floor 4 floors 1st floor attic terrace on land with frontage 6.8m wide, rear hatch 7.4m long, 21.5m deep on the right side. Please refer to the design file of the beautiful 7-storey boutique hotel below

Beautiful neoclassical hotel model
Image of beautiful neoclassical hotel facade design in European style Anh Bang

Architectural design of a classic 7-storey hotel with a frontage of nearly 7m and a depth of nearly 22m

Drawing boutique hotel design Beautiful exterior designed in milky white tones. Use a high-quality 3-layer paint line including a layer of putty to 1 layer of primer followed by 1 coat of top coat. The ground floor of the neoclassical hotel model on both sides of the facade is designed with 4 high-class light yellow marble blocks. The special feature of the beautiful 7-storey hotel facade is divided into 2 main spaces designed with front and back corridors in the center of the airy hotel premises.

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Neoclassical hotel design 2019
Perspective of the design of a 3-star hotel in European neoclassical style with a frontage of nearly 7m on Anh Bang following the way the crow flies

Sample beautiful hotel design European architectural design. French neoclassical style has a golden ratio cube. The exterior of the facade of a 3-star hotel from the 2nd floor and up on the 6th floor is designed with 4 fake columns with only convex and decorative patterns at the top and bottom of the column. With a 7-storey neoclassical hotel design, the facade architecture is softer.

Description of the beautiful European neoclassical hotel model

Design file of 7-storey hotel with semi-classical European architecture, Mr. Bang. Completed by our team of architects and engineers in early November to conduct appraisal and get construction permits through Tet. Architectural drawings of a classic hotel designed in European style integrate many different schools such as a bit of Roman and French Baroque. Manssard roof structure drawing. The facade on the wall is covered with reliefs, consoles, wall hats.. gently combined with soft lines.

Construction drawing of 7-storey hotel with 7m frontage
Facade drawing of main BA axis for construction of Anh Bang neoclassical hotel

Design consultancy for semi-classical 7-storey hotel Mr. Bang

Drawing for permission to build a beautiful semi-classical European-style hotel 7×22.5m. Outside the facade leaves 5.3m to design a 35m2 wide reception hall. Divided into 2 aisles, 1 for cars and motorbikes, staff and customers on the left is 3.5m wide. Use automatic rolling door security car. The right side is for the stairs leading to the mezzanine floor 17 steps high.

Architectural drawing of neoclassical hotel
Hotel floor plan 7×22 ground floor design for cars and motorbikes

Ground floor construction area of ​​3-star neoclassical hotel

Construction area of ​​the ground floor of the beautiful European-style 7-storey hotel model is 140m2. Which is designed to hold about 3 to 5 cars. The remaining space is designed for the hall, 1 common toilet and elevator with a load of up to 450kg, with a large square staircase of 2m2.

Description of the mezzanine floor space of the neoclassical hotel 7×20

The mezzanine floor is a classic 3-star hotel design, the exterior design uses 12mm thick white bright tempered glass. The remaining space is arranged inside the living room, the reception desk, the kitchen and the staff room. Dimensions are as follows

  • Living room + reception area 42m2
  • Staff bedroom 2 double beds 21m2 wide
  • Kitchen with cooking and preparation table 16.5m2
  • The remaining area is stairs and elevators
3 star hotel mezzanine
Mezzanine floor plan, construction area 108m2 of Anh Bang neoclassical hotel

Drawing of a 7-storey boutique hotel according to a beautiful 3-star standard

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Standard design of 3-star hotel today. The standard has changed a lot compared to the design standards since 1990. And recently TCVN 4391 – 2015 is the number of rooms over 40 bedrooms compared to 50 before. In addition, there are a number of state documents regulating hotel standards in 2021. 3-star evaluation with attached items. You can read the article about the regulations hotel design standards 1 2 3 4 5 stars from our staff for better understanding

3 star hotel premises
Design drawing of a 3-star hotel – Floor plan from 3rd to 6th floor

The size of the beautiful boutique hotel model rooms from the 3rd to the 6th floor

The 3rd to 6th floors are the way to call from the 1st to the 4th floor because the ground floor and mezzanine are already below. As long as we describe to match the hotel architecture and floor plans. In which the floor plan from the sample drawing of the neoclassical 7×20 hotel is divided into 5 rooms. The remaining area is stairs, elevator, skylight.

The design of the semi-classical 3-star standard hotel premises is as follows

  • Bedroom 1 23m2
  • Bedroom 2 20m2
  • Bedroom 2 16m2
  • Bedroom 4 15.6m2
  • Bedroom nearly 16m2

Rooftop and terrace area

Floor plan of neoclassical hotel 7x20
The floor plan of the top floor of the neoclassical hotel is mainly designed for the cafe entertainment business and the miniatures.

The top floor plan of the rooftop terrace is for business space and miniatures for diners. Space to arrange 1 worship room, drying yard, front desk and coffee business. Dimensions are as follows

  • Indoor front desk cafe 22.5m2
  • Outdoor coffee area 65m2
  • Church room 6.5m2
  • Drying yard 20m2
  • General cleaning 3.8m2

More information about European-style 7-story boutique hotel rooftop

The highlight of the drawing of the top attic floor is designed in the style of the French Mansard roof. Green Bitumen tiles with French hotel architecture. There is also an area for water tanks, solar panels. There are emergency exits and glass-white tiled skylights for the stair area. Longitudinal slit down to the ground floor. The atrium in the middle of the hotel architecture is also mandatory. Must have according to the new regulations of the latest 3-star hotel design standards

Construction cost of beautiful neoclassical hotel and unit price

The cost and construction of the classic hotel design is more expensive. Compared with modern hotel designs or popular motels a lot. Because there must be a team of workers specializing in the construction of special classic and neoclassical hotels. Because outside the front of the hotel there are many pavilions. So the workmanship is hard and higher. Leads to more costly

Construction drawing of 7-storey neoclassical hotel 2019
Construction drawing of 7x22m neoclassical hotel by Mr. Bang. Here are 3 out of 130 on file

Price of hotel architecture design in 2021

The unit price of hotel architectural design, our company’s architects receive prices ranging from 90 thousand/m2 to 100 thousand/m2. Profile of interior design of a classic hotel 120 thousand/m2. Depending on the hotel facade, the design of the hotel is modern or classic. Depending on your finances, you can refer to the records of our company’s 8-storey mini hotel Mr. Ky, such as:

Unit price of hotel construction in 2022 after the epidemic

The unit price for construction of a modern hotel is about 3.4 million/m2 to 3.5 million/m2. The unit price for interior finishing of package items ranges from 5.8 million to 6 million/m2. Applied for hotel construction unit price in 2022. For example, a 200m2 mini hotel model is designed with the principle of green hotel construction. One of the standards of this modern 7-storey hotel with 52 rooms and 3 stars

Hotel design with semi-basement 7 floors 200m2
200m2 mini hotel design with semi-basement basement for car Mr. Hung Binh Duong

The reason you should choose this beautifully designed boutique hotel to build

Beautiful neoclassical hotel design 2020 with 7 floors of French architecture. And European style is full of textures, permits, documents, and complete 3rd party supervision. Construction density of semi-classical hotel architectural records 82% on request. Construction time took about 6 months, divided into 10 clear specific phases.

Estimation of construction documents for 6-storey neoclassical hotel in Anh Bang tum

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The investment cost for basic construction of a beautiful hotel model 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 4 floors 1 terrace is 4 billion. The finished part put into use about 5.8 billion to 6.5 billion. Those are some basic information and reasons why you should invest in building a 3-star hotel. Standard style of 7-storey neoclassical business design as beautiful as Mr. Bang’s

The design of a beautiful 7-storey hotel
3D image of neoclassical hotel architecture 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 4 floors 1 terrace built by Mr

More information about semi-classic hotel 6 floors 1 tum 7x22m Bao Ngoc

The design file of Mr. Hoang’s 6-storey semi-classical semi-classical hotel takes the main names of his two sons, Bao and Ngoc. The name of the project under the business license is Bao Ngoc Hotel. Currently, the current legal documents and related stages have been completed. On the 10th day of the first lunar month, the ground-breaking ceremony will begin. Above is some information about the beautiful neoclassical hotel model we update for you to admire and build for yourself.

Other large and small neoclassical hotel models

=> See more profiles design drawing of 10-storey mini hotel 9x20m Paradise Hotel in Da Nang also recently. 9m modern style hotel facade. Completed construction according to the design standards of a 3-star hotel, it has been upgraded to 4-star this year. In addition, there are beautiful hotel models with professional design and construction such as

Pictures of 5-storey neoclassical mini hotel in Binh Duong

This is a picture of a 5-storey hotel built on one side of the land in neoclassical style built last year. Investor Ms. Thao built in Thuan An.

Modern mini hotel design
Drawing of a 5-storey hotel in modern semi-classical European style, Ms. Thao Thuan An

Above is the architectural image of the 6-meter hotel, a 2-star standard motel with 30 rooms, Ms. Thao. Send more brothers and sisters this European-style 4-storey 1-tum mini hotel model for prestige. You can see the design information of this budget hotel at

Hotel design model neoclassical style 8 floors 12m . frontage

This is the design of an 8-storey hotel with 12m frontage, beautiful French architecture, Mr. Binh. The name of the newest 3-star hotel in 2022 is Lac Duong Hotel. The scale of each building floor is 350m2, with 60 bedrooms and neoclassical hotel bedrooms, elevators, spacious living room lobby.

3-star 8-storey neoclassical hotel
Picture of a beautiful neoclassical hotel with 8 floors in European style, designed according to 3-star standards, later upgraded to 4 stars, Mr. Binh

The above is one of the new neoclassical hotel projects from 2 stars to 3 stars with 50 rooms. Partly to help you refer to the smokeless service business model in Vietnam. The team of architects of the New Beautiful House Architectural Consultancy Joint Stock Company. Will come directly to survey the current status and be ready to take you to visit the recent leading hotel construction projects. Thank you.!

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