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Mẫu thiết kế nhà 2 tầng 4 phòng ngủ nông thôn mái thái có gara giá rẻ

Thai roof houses are always the first choice when building houses in the countryside. Sample 2 storey house design 4 bedroom 12x14m countryside with corrugated iron garage. It is also one of the simple 2-storey house models of level 4 with an economical garage. We will introduce to you from the cost of building a house about 1 billion to 2 billion respectively as follows

Picture of a 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms in the countryside

Trend 2-storey house design with Thai roof simplicity in the countryside is becoming the climax. When build a beautiful house with 2 floors cheap price save corrugated iron roof. Especially for investors in rural areas. The design of a 2-storey 4-bedroom house below is from an architect of a construction design and construction company building a new Beautiful House. Although it’s a fake 2-storey house, but beautiful model house level 4 style 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine type garden villa 12x14m.

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Model of 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms in the countryside with corrugated iron roof
The design of a 2-storey Thai roof house with a 4-bedroom modern garage 12x14m in the countryside of Anh Phuc

In which, the tiled roof will help family members relax comfortably. And get rid of the cramped and humid cramped conditions. Whether you are living in the northern countryside, the midland and mountainous region or the western part of the river.

Design message for a simple 2 storey 4 bedroom house

The design of a 2-storey house with Thai roof has a ground floor construction area of ​​140m2, including the lobby. But the second floor only has 100m2. Please see information

hurry up and set up a beautiful birthday girl 12x14m long time
Picture of 2-storey house design with 4 bedrooms 12x14m with garage roof
  • Project: Modern 2-storey house design with Thai roof 12x14m
  • Investor: Chu Dinh Phuc was born in 1976
  • Address: Hamlet 6 – Song Ray commune – Cam My district – Dong Nai
  • Land area: 20x50m garden 1000m2
  • Design and construction area: 12x14m
  • Time to design a beautiful 2-storey house and construct a 2-storey house with Thai roof 12x14m: 5 months
  • Estimated cost of design and construction: 900 million to 1 billion VND
  • Design and construction unit: New Beautiful House Construction Design and Construction Joint Stock Company
  • Address: Nguyen Cuu Dam – Tan Son Nhi Ward – Tan Phu – HCM
  • Office 2: No. 9, Duy Tan Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Request a simple 2-storey house design in the countryside

My family has 3 generations and 6 members including my parents, my wife and 2 children. Therefore, it is necessary to build according to the model of a 2-storey house with a Thai roof. The North West direction costs about 1 billion 200 million. Including garage, 1 living room, 1 office, 1 kitchen and dining space. Beautiful 2-storey house design with Thai roof tile roof with 7 car garage according to my house feng shui age 1976.

Hobbies and sketch of the design plot of a 2-storey 4-bedroom house in the countryside

I really like the designs of 2-storey Thai roof houses with garages that combine modern and traditional. The style of garden villa is beautiful because the area of ​​my garden is 20m wide, 50m deep. The frontage of Highway 764 to Xuyen Moc Ba Ria is 8m wide. The terrain is quite beautiful and airy, so it is very necessary for the company’s architect to design a beautiful house to design it in the form of Beautiful 2-storey garden villa 12x14m Thai style

hurry up and say that, 2 tangs 12x14m
2D model of 2-storey house with Thai roof 4 bedrooms in the countryside with garage

Floor area to build 2-storey Thai roof house 4 bedrooms with corrugated iron roof

The overall area for this 2-storey 4-bedroom house with garage floor is 240m2. The space helps 6 of us live comfortably. Also when 2-storey house design 12x14m On the upper floor, I can arrange an extra room for me. The 2nd floor has a common living room with a terrace combined with a drying yard, harmonious and beautiful architecture. The other is the bedroom that my wife and I designed upstairs with an office with a computer desk. Bathroom, bathroom, and laundry room in the bedroom of a modern 2-storey house.

get up soon
Floor plan of 2-storey 4-bedroom Thai roof house in the countryside 12x14m

Feng shui design 2-storey house with garage in the countryside 12x14m with 4 bedrooms

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Unlike other 2-storey house designs, Model of a 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms in the countryside This 12x14m. Our engineers designed according to the main feng shui 1976 in the Northwest direction. The worship of the moon is suitable for the Western parietal hexagram, the central kangaroo and the arrangement of the toilets. The kitchen eats in the opposite direction as well as in the bad direction. But look in the good direction because the owner believes in feng shui. And be a follower of feng shui when listening to grandparents go to see a feng shui master.

Hurry up to design a beautiful design, 2 years old 12x14m
The rear view of a simple 2-storey 4-bedroom house model with Thai roof with garage 12x14m

See a model of a beautiful 2-storey Thai roof house with 4 bedrooms in the countryside

About the exterior Front house model 2 floors Beautiful Thai roof design with an area of ​​12x14m. In front, there is a 6m wide front yard in which the 2.1m wide porch raises the foundation to 0.45m. Create an airy house with a beautiful view and help homeowners to play the rockery in the corner. Arrange fancy waterfall miniatures, elegant. There is a path around the house. Behind the large garden to grow crops or run a garden cafe if needed or a swimming pool..

Model house 15m
Image of villa with 15m frontage, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, 2 floors, tiled roof, 3D view 2

In terms of architecture, this can be considered as Simple 2-storey villa model beautiful 2021. by the tile-roofed architecture with a racing roof around. The floor is flat, the sloped roof system is A-level for the shading of the porch and the ground floor. Design many wooden windows and doors, above the roof is designed with tile roofs to avoid rain. Or the sun is very cool to shade the ground floor below.

2-storey house style 12x14m modern Thai roof

Highlights of modern 2-storey house design 12x14m this. Different from simple 2-storey house designs, it is interior with wooden doors. Tempered glass frame and utility garage door. Behind the 2nd floor, a large terrace is designed as a drying and relaxing yard with a wooden frame with a roof, so that when it rains, you can receive guests and enjoy outdoor parties on romantic moonlit nights.

Modern 2 story villa
Model of 2-storey house with beautiful tiled roof in the countryside 130m2 wide by 8m long and 16m long built on Mr. Dong’s wide land

In addition, due to the sample 2-storey house design in the countryside so beautiful when designing the homeowner wants. Behind the left corner, there is an additional cooking area with an auxiliary wood stove and herbal medicine. Make use of cashew trees, rubber trees around the garden and keep the water well. If the homeowner does not require this part when designing, we can omit it. Instead, a warehouse or outdoor breakfast table can be arranged. or the ground floor drying yard is also very simple.

Design drawing of a 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms in the countryside 12x14m

Sample ground floor plan Beautiful house design with 2 floors with tile roof Red . We arrange the living room in the direction of the front porch view. Detail drawing of a simple 2-storey house with floor peeling as above. Interior space of wooden furniture with wooden shelves and TV cabinets.. This is a backup plan for homeowners to design the interior of a 2-storey house according to beautiful Thai roof architecture.

Do you have a design for your 2nd birthday house? It's 12x14m tall
Floor plan of 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms on 1st floor

Description for the size of 2-storey house with Thai roof 4 bedrooms

Behind the design of the dining room in the center, the beautiful kitchen is designed to the left corner towards the garage next to the stairs upstairs. Designing 3 bedroom furniture for Phuc’s parents. And 2 children in it, in the bedroom of Phuc’s parents. The design area has a shared bathroom and toilet for grandparents to take care of each other. Separate boys and girls bedroom. The design is quite spacious with a study table, a beauty table, a spacious cabinet, and a nice airy window. There is also a shared bathroom for both floors and guests upon request.

Drawing space of a simple 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms in the countryside

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Floor plan design of the 2nd floor sample 2-storey house design with 4 bedrooms, simple and beautiful, Thai roof There is 1 worship room. North-west direction of Phuoc Duc palace, view to the front of highway 764. 1 common room with family karaoke. A large master bedroom with a cabin bathroom, a wc, an additional nighttime computer room for Phuc and his wife.

2nd floor drawing of 2-storey house with Thai roof 4 bedrooms 12x14m simple countryside

Behind is designed a large safe terrace with wooden frame and beautiful roof. The attic floor has an atrium to help get light and natural wind for both the 2nd floor and the ground floor to ensure adequate light. To watch

Comment on the design of 2-storey Thai roof house with garage

Here is the sample 2-storey house design with garage in the countryside simple roof. Drawing area 12x14m with 4 bedrooms. Because the owner provides wooden furniture, the part 2 storey house design 4 bedroom this. With a construction cost of about 1 billion to 1.2 billion corrugated iron roof. At the same time, if there is no racing roof or construction of this modern 2-storey Thai-style house with corrugated iron, the cost will be less expensive. Just like if the roof is tiled and wooden furniture for the floor, the cost is about 850 million. The architecture of the house is simple but very beautiful and the modern architecture is more perfect.

Hurry up, you'll be beautiful and slim
Perspective of 3D house design 2 floors L-shaped beautiful tile roof 3 bedrooms 1 church

Need to build another beautiful 4-bedroom Thai roof villa

In today’s new life, the need to design a modern townhouse with a 4-bedroom garage. Or beautiful 2-storey villas with garden architecture are always consulted and favored by investors. The company’s architect always researches and saves money. Architectural design solutions for beautiful 2-storey 4-bedroom villa houses according to the owner’s preferences and finances. As well as the function of using complete feng shui. Please see the model of a 2-storey house with a 4-bedroom garage about 1.5 billion Thai roofs of Mr. Tuyen Hai Phong

2-storey house with garage roof
The design of a house with an indoor garage 9m wide and 15m long on the land of 9x20m Mr. Tuyen

With the most beautiful but most economical 2-storey house design options in 2021. The cost of cheap beautiful house design in parallel with Full 2-storey house design documents 2021. And complete by architect. Will give you control over your supplies. Workers and track progress even without us by your side. See the sample design file 2 storey 4 bedroom villa There is a garage with a Thai roof built by Mr. Tuyen Hai Phong

Connecting to build a beautiful 2-storey 4-bedroom house in the countryside

We are pleased to introduce another beautiful 2-storey 4-bedroom house model. Architectural model of a Thai-style European-style villa with an L-shaped roof for land with a frontage of 10m or more in the countryside such as

4 beautiful house models with 2 floors with Thai roofs in the countryside
The latest beautiful modern 2-storey Thai roof house models in 2019 with garden design

Sample hope 2-storey house design with Thai roof Beautiful 12x14m with 4-bedroom garage, Mr. Phuc Dong Nai. Surely you will feel and plan accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us at 0975 945 433 for a construction quote. How to create the perfect, most convenient space. Suitable for today’s architectural model and not outdated over time. Best regards.!

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