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Mẫu thiết kế nhà 35m2 có bản vẽ xây nhà 3.5 tầng mái bằng

Sample house design 35m2 beautiful pipe 3 floors 1 tum This 3.5m x 10m facade has been designed and built for the family of Ms. Ton Nu Da Huong on Doi Cung Street, Hue City. This is an 8m wide road located opposite the dormitory gate of Hue University of Education. The edge is perpendicular to Le Loi Street and the legendary Perfume River.

Perspective of house design 35m2 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 beautiful small terrace

Owning a land frontage 3.5m wide, 10m deep, rectangular in the main direction to the northwest, the terrain is horizontal with asphalt road on both sides, and neighbors have built high-walled houses, so it’s very hot and cramped. Due to the narrow area, Ms. Huong did not hesitate to call us directly and send a drawing of the land and some surrounding landscapes and request. 3-storey townhouse design 1 tum 3.5x10m according to the architecture of a beautiful 3-storey 35m2 tube house and 1 storey terrace as an entertainment space with a small garden landscape above.

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Especially when Model design of 3-storey 1 tum tube house This 3.5x10m, she asked for a design with a skylight and according to feng shui housing according to the age of 1971 Tan Hoi. We invite you to take a look at the sample Beautiful tube house design with 3.5m frontage 10m long with townhouse design drawing 3.5x10m and some similar interior design photos below

Mr. Nha beng 3 tang 4x12m beautiful 0912
The design of a beautiful 3-storey house with a frontage of 3.5m, 10m long, welcomes the wind, the sky, and the clear blue sky

Information on the design of 3-storey tube house 1 tum 3.5x10m

  • Project: Design and construction modern 3-storey tube house model 35m2 There is a rooftop terrace
  • Investor: Ton Nu Da Huong – born 1971 Tan Hoi
  • Address: Doi Cung – Phu Hoi – Hue Ancient Capital
  • Land area 35m2 with 3.5m2 frontage
  • Design and construction area of ​​3-storey townhouse 1 tum: 3.5x10m
  • Updated time October 2021
The design of the house is beautiful 3 and 4x12m
Beautiful model house with 1 ground floor 3 floors 3.5x10m – Close-up view of the front corner 2
  • Design and construction time: 4 months
  • Chaired by: Architect Truc Phuong
  • Associate: Hotel Truong Cong Van
  • Design unit: New beautiful house design and construction company Phu An Hung
  • Address: 5/13 Nguyen Cuu Dam Tan Phu Ho Chi Minh City
  • Architecture: Model of modern 3-storey tube house + 1 tum European-style terrace

Request to design a beautiful 3-storey tube house model 1 tum 3.5m x 10m modern

Our family consists of 4 people, a husband and wife and 2 children with a Northwest facing area bordering the road 8m wide with a frontage of 3.5m. beautiful house design 3 floors If possible, design an additional floor of the roof terrace according to European modern flat roof townhouse architecture. Because the land is quite narrow, we designed 3.5m and 2m for the yard because the land is 12m long and according to the city’s plan, when building a 3-storey tube house, we have to go back 2m, so my wife and I decided to build according to the model house. flat roof pipe with each floor area is 35m2 ie 3.5x10m

The functional requirements of the 35m2 townhouse are as follows

  • Ground floor plan: Design 1 living room, 1 dining room and 1 WC, remaining stairs and traffic hall
  • Floor plan 2: Design 2 bedrooms front and back for my wife and daughter + 1 bathroom, wc, front balcony
did you design a beautiful home for 3 years 1 tum?
Preliminary design drawing of 3-storey tube house 1 tum terrace 3.5 x 10m before design adjustment

How to divide beautiful 35m2 tube house premises

  • 3rd floor plan: Design 2 bedroom furniture and 1 WC like the 2nd floor for boys and 1 room for guests.
  • Tum floor: Design a front terrace, a corner of the worship room, a laundry room and a drying yard behind.
  • Because the two sides of the neighbor’s house have been sealed, I want to design a skylight in the middle of the stairs
  • There are many doors around to get light and cool breeze.
  • In front of the 2m-wide yard, you can make an artificial frame to shade the porch and park the car later.

Design requirements for a 35m2 . tube house

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Currently, my family has about 1.3 billion, and I hope that the architect of the beautiful house design company will design the architectural perspective and make the construction documents as well as the declaration of public materials and the complete interior. Friendly with the cost of building a modern 3-storey 1-tum tube house as above, but if we have more, we don’t have it. Modern architecture is harmonious, airy and in accordance with the general planning of Hue city. Thank you

Design consultation for modern 3-storey tube house model with 3.5m frontage

First of all in the direction of feng shui modern 3-storey tube house design and this 1 tum in the main direction northwest of Dien Nien palace does not change because this direction is consistent with the hexagram of Khon Tho, Thoai Kim – West of the age of 1971, Tan Hoi, so it does not move. The rooms are arranged according to the opposite directions of the East direction and move to ensure the house is cool and convenient as well as suitable for the narrow house space.

design 35m2
Townhouse design model 3.5x10m modern 3-storey tube house architecture – 3 . view angle

About architecture 3.5m . front house model This 3 floors 1 tum is designed in a modern style with a front hall, 2nd floor balcony, on the left corner of the 3rd floor balcony there is a small area to stand in view, 1.2m high glass frame, tum floor designed terrace. Widely arranged on both sides of green pots, in this area, it is only possible to design an outdoor seating space and arrange more gardens, small waterfalls, poetic small waterfalls and increase the poetic intimacy for the whole family. The family gathers to enjoy the scenery or have a dinner party on the beautiful moonlit nights overlooking the Perfume River and Trang Tien Bridge 6 12 spans in the true manner of the friendly and lovely people of Hue.

See more beautiful 35m2 townhouses

Differences in style 3-storey townhouse design This modern facade of 3.5m 35m2 is a combination and different wall paint color scheme. Compared to the sample design of 4-storey tube house 35m2 of Mr. Tu’s family in Tan Phu district – Ho Chi Minh City. With white and light yellow colors modern 3-storey townhouse model This 3.5x10m architect Truc Phuong. Our company designs with light blue color combined with brown vertical rectangular array frame. Additional embellishments with only white gaps and horizontal and vertical fringes surrounding there are gaps with openings to catch light and catch cool breezes for this 3.5m façade.

Moreover, on the 2nd and 3rd floors we reserve 1m for the front side balcony on the design of the night lights that pop up in a very shimmering and beautiful view from the street looking up mixed in the windy night and adds a close and elegant solemnity to the Beautiful 3 storey townhouse model with 3.5m frontage this modern.

Hurry up, bee 3 is now 4x12m dai
Architectural perspective of a 3-storey tube house with a beautiful 35m2 facade – 4 . view angle

See the layout of the stairs of the small house with an area of ​​3.5m

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Especially on the ground floor, after considering and designing it so that it is harmonious and cannot be cheated to add more space because according to the application for a permit to build a townhouse of Phu Hoi Ward and the city, it is mandatory. had to retreat 2m, so we designed with a small yard 2m above with a flat roof with white space and vines on both sides to help this beautiful 3-storey modern townhouse with beautiful tube house architecture fit just right. airy and as a parking place for guests by taking advantage of a little advantage of the front yard, which can be removed when needed without affecting or disrupting the structure of this beautiful modern 3-storey house model. Click view How to design and layout the stairs of a small house on the street now

How to design a 3-storey tube house with an area of ​​​​35m2

Own part of main 3.5x10m . tube house design This design follows a modern automatic rolling door system that can be used manually or by pressing the automatic button, the door will go up and down easily and safely. This 3-storey house design model terrace with 3.5m frontage is designed with an aluminum core steel frame to shield the front and arrange a cover frame with rows of white windows to catch the light and catch the natural cool wind, in the middle of the house with the bridge design. The spiral staircase in the middle has an atrium that makes a skylight intertwine with wind and light that can creep through every corner, at the foot of the stairs, depending on your preferences, you can arrange a waterfall, small aquarium, and small landscape to increase the focus. friendly and green space for this beautiful, elegant, gentle 3-storey 1-tum tube house. Need to see simple tube house living room furniture click more here that see the layout

Architectural overview of modern 3-storey 1-tum tube house model 4.5x10m

The design of a beautiful 3-storey tube house and an additional tum with terrace and laundry room, this worship room is designed with a total usable area of ​​nearly 140m2 for the whole space. With this European modern 3-bedroom 4-bedroom townhouse architecture, it is possible to design according to modern tube house interiors suitable for an area of ​​56m2 for each beautiful space plan, rooms as follows:

Hurry up and beautify 3 to 1 tum 3.5x10m - customers

quickly build a beautiful house 3 to 1 tum 3.5x10m - beep anquickly design a beautiful house 3 to 1 tum 3.5x10m - stupid 1Hurry up and be beautiful 3 to 1 tum 3.5x10m - stupid 0362say that the room is stupid, the 3 is still long, 3.5x10m

Interior design of a beautiful 3-storey 1-tum tube house with a modern facade of 3.5x10m

Due to the modern 3-storey tube house architecture and depending on the preferences and needs, there is a way to decorate the interior for the function rooms. Accordingly, with large space requirements, when designing for this beautiful 3-storey townhouse with 3.5m frontage, this small area, the interior design plan is mainly to take advantage of the interior with elegant colors. Light blue white and light blue colors make the interior beautiful and elegant, both evoking a larger and more airy space thanks to modern sofa tables, wooden shelves, combined with wall decoration with wallpaper, blankets Korean bedding according to your preferences as well as neater and more beautiful arrangement.

Other 5×10 house designs with street faces

Summary, Model house 3 floors 1 tum 3.5m frontage with modern townhouse design area above is one of the Beautiful townhouse model with a narrow area Full convergence of elements such as modern architectural structure, skylights to welcome natural light and cool breeze around, integrated green space, spacious interior of rooms and especially positive and negative elements. The sound harmonizes with the urban landscape. From 2010 to now, after more than 10 years, the beautiful house design company has designed and constructed more than 500 models of modern and neoclassical townhouses. Or level 4 houses, factories and schools, apartments .. nice. Highly responsive to customer requirements. Just go online and press the tax code at the bottom of the website to find our company and reliable address. Click view Sang’s house, but choose an extra model if it’s 35m2 readjust

house 30m2 4 tang
Perspective of the design of the 30m2 4-storey house of Mr. Sang’s family in the middle with a mezzanine floor

This is also a good tip for finding reputable construction companies and contractors. Please credit our source when copying the company image and contact 0975 945 433 Mr Ban for design advice and construction quote or you can go directly to the corporation to design and build a beautiful new house. at 176 Le Van Sy, Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City for further advice.

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