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Mẫu thiết kế nhà mặt tiền 6m dài 15m mái thái chữ L đẹp

Sample design of a 2-storey house with a frontage of 6m Very suitable for street or rural land. Designed according to the architecture of the L-shaped roof tube house with open corridors. We invite you to consider building a house for yourself this year

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Design requirements for a house with a 6m2 frontage with a beautiful Thai roof

Mr. Dong called our construction company to ask for help house design facade 6m 1 ground floor 1 floor beautiful Thai roof with spacious living space. The couple’s family and 2 children with a budget of about 1 billion to 1.2 billion only. The disadvantage of the 2-storey tube house model with a beautiful 6×20 roof because the family is on Dao’s side, so it does not require the design of the worship room, but if necessary, we can also design it without difficulty.

Front house design 6m . wide
The design of a house with a facade of 6m2 with 2 floors, modern tiled roof, Mr. Dong

Perspective of house design with 6m2 facade, 2 floors, beautiful Thai roof, view 2

Because of the architectural form nice house then style design of 2-storey tube house with 6m . horizontal roof in which there is a fairway to the right of the main entrance. The design of the 2-storey house leaves 1.2m for motorbikes behind to ensure a lot of light. If leaving the motorbike from the main lobby to the living room, it will be inconvenient.

The design of a 2-storey house with a frontage of 6m, angle of view of Mr. Dong

Not only that, the layout of the empty corridor on the right for house model 6m Such 2 floors of Thai roofs will help the living room space and the sunny courtyard have more cool wind.

Model of 2-storey L-shaped house with frontage of 6m
View angle of 2 2-storey house designs with 6m frontage in light blue and white tones

Optimal for house design architecture with 6m2 facade, 2 floors, Thai roof

Exterior of the façade beautiful house The scale of the beautiful L-shaped 2-storey tile roof architecture is 6m wide. The architect designed with 8 parallel cylinders with a semi-classical style. The way to decorate the facade of the 6m townhouse is softer and more ancient. With two square cylinders on both sides of the grand hall inside, two white-painted round cylinders help the senses to be gentle.

The layout of the house model 6m, frontage design 2 floors, beautiful Thai roof

From the main hall of the house with 6m frontage, the wooden door design creates a balance and harmonious proportions. 2nd Floor 6m wide 2 floors Thai roof design with balcony combined with terrace can arrange a tea table to sit and enjoy the cool natural breeze on the road. The two sides of the design have 4 large round cylinders to make the beautiful 2-storey house architecture softer, not rough if using square pillars.

Perspective of the design of a 2-storey house with a frontage of 6m, view 3

Besides house front 6m street 2 floors Thai Anh Dong L-shaped roof. There is another balcony. The side of the l-shaped house is 6m from the second floor space on the side of the stairs. The main purpose is to help with ventilation and to further improve the lighting. For rear interior space.

Picture of 2-storey tube house with 6m frontage, L-shaped roof, 3 . view

Different highlights of design of 2-storey tube house with 6m . frontage 1 ground floor 1 floor is the space to grow vegetables. Combined with a collection of mini ornamental plants. Small garden scene that he has taken care of for a long time. Right behind the 2nd floor has just combined with the drying yard. By intention, How to Design 6m . townhouse floor plan floor. Is to receive guests outside politely separate without noise. This area if needed building a 2-storey tube house with a Thai roof with 4 bedrooms arrange more.

Model house 6m wide with 2 floors with Thai roof
Picture of 2-storey tube house with 6m frontage, beautiful Thai roof, Mr. Dong, view angle 3

Construction area of ​​house design with facade of 6m2 with tiled roof

Architecture Front house with Thai roof 6m 2 floors with tile roof blue white. There is a total construction floor area of ​​200m2, including the roof but not including the foundation. The total investment cost is about 1 billion, equivalent to the unit price of 5.2 million/m2, which is quite good. Exterior exterior Model of 2-storey house with tile roof, 6m frontage fine-tuned design. The architect refines each soft line and has many highlights. The cube is also clearly divided, gentle, simple but pure with blue roof architecture.

Layout design space model beautiful house frontage 6m 2 floors Mr. Dong

Ground design of 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house with 6m frontage has a total area of ​​200m2. That is, 6m wide and 26m long overall. In which construction design house frontage 6m There is an outside garage for the yard with a width of 6m. The remaining area is built 6×20.

Floor plan of house frontage 6m ground floor

1st floor space Beautiful 2-storey house model with an area of ​​​​6 × 20 Designed with a large living room of 28m2. The size design of the master bedroom, the owner and his wife, Mr. Dong, is designed to be 16m2. Beautiful 2-storey house model with 6x20m Thai roof with spacious and comfortable kitchen space. Parking for 3 motorbikes and at the same time, there is a sunny yard, floor to wash the skylight and the restroom is last, not in the house.

Floor plan of townhouse 6m deep 20m
How to design a house 6m wide by 20m long with both the ground floor and the first floor of Mr. Dong Cu Chi’s house

Dimensions of the roof space of the 2-storey house with a frontage of 6m

2nd floor space plan Model of a beautiful townhouse with 2 floors with a frontage of 6m The design has 2 separate living bedrooms for the 2 children above sharing a large bathroom and toilet. The outermost has a 9.6m2-wide terrace, and the rear has a corner for the laundry room and a comfortable spacious skylight drying yard. See the quotation for building a house 5m 6m 2 floors 1 street block in 2021 update here for more

The design size of the 2-storey tube house is 6m wide, just enough for 5 members

Ground horizontal house design 6m long, 20m long, 2 floors with beautiful Thai roof 2021. There is enough living space for a family of 4 to 5 members to live comfortably. The children’s bedroom upstairs is spaciously designed with a comfortable spacious study corner, wardrobe, and TV. However, the L-shaped house model 6m wide by 20m long, Mr. Dong is building 90m2 on the first floor. That is, the land is 6×20 but built 6×15 backwards to leave the yard. And if the land is longer. You need a design drawing of a house 6m across, 20m long, 1 ground floor, 1 floor with Thai roof. Then tell me by the ground as follows

Drawing of a 2-storey L-shaped house 6x20
Drawing of a 2-storey house 6×20 with construction dimensions on the longer land behind the usable area is also wider than Ms. Ngat

Comment on the model of a 6m wide house with 2 floors with modern Thai roof

Hope the plan beautiful house design 2 floors 6×20 on 154m2 total land. Construction drawing of a 6m 2 storey house for Mr. Dong’s family activities with 4 lovely family members. Moreover, the cost of building a 2-storey Thai roof house with a beautiful 6m street frontage meets your reference needs. The solution to build a 6m wide tube house without an L-shaped architecture. We leave a 1.2m corridor for ventilation and leave the car behind is the most reasonable solution.

How does it cost about 1 billion to build a 6-meter 2-storey townhouse facade?

Model plan 6m 2 storey townhouse frontage model Modern has a large front yard as a gate yard. Should be able to park the car outdoors if it is necessary to make a mobile roof. We make the truss frame with white glass tile or Polycaconate to save against rain.

Depending on the needs, it is optimal for a townhouse of 6m2 with 2 floors

If you need for the future business a small shop is fine. Even the 6m townhouse plan has a basement for a car garage. Which still doesn’t break the texture structure. Sample house 1 ground floor 1 floor tile roof 6×20 L-shaped uses truss roof tiles with sloping A-shaped roofs, not beveled roofs and then glued tiles to save costs without incurring for a beautiful 1 billion house.

Design of a 2-storey house with a frontage of 6m
The image of the facade of a beautiful 6m 2-storey townhouse, combining 3 perspectives, overview of all angles

The highlight of the design of the house 6m across, 20m long, 2 floors

Second, construction style and solution Model of 2-storey tube house with Thai roof Beautiful design does not look rough. Thanks to the decoration of the house’s facade of 6m, the beautiful Thai roof has rounded columns with edges. Outside the front of the house 6m, there is a light-patterned steel frame balcony.

Connect to build other 6m house models with beautiful facades of 2 floors

Model house 6m with beautiful street frontage 2 floors to meet modern liberal lifestyle. The architectural style is light, romantic and simple, with lots of youthful light. Moreover, the design of the townhouse with a width of 6m, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, beautiful tiled roof is also suitable for the owners of the Moc par. The best Kim is par Thuy with a harmonious white and blue color.

More models of houses with 6m frontage with modern Thai roof

Pictures of the most beautiful 3-storey mini villa in modern style

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A project with a similar area, please send more for your reference. Modern architecture with bright colors puts on a 3-storey architectural block of elegant beauty. Between the white painted spaces are gray accents that create vibrancy for the exterior.

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Glass balustrades with shiny stainless steel handrails are used to replace traditional iron railings. The impressive highlight also comes from the dark painted wall on one side. Create a unique identity for the 3-storey mini villa model. See more project details HERE.

Luxury white neoclassical 6m facade house design

Front of modern Japanese roof house 6m
The front of a house with 6m 3 floors is rare because this style is usually made of flat roofs or Thai roofs

If you love luxurious classical lines, neoclassical architecture will be suitable for you. With a land width of 6m, you can refer to the housing project of Mr. Toan’s family. Total area 6×14, house 1 ground 2 floors using Japanese roof style with symmetrical layout. The balcony placed in the center has a forward reach, placed between two tall round pillars, creating a superficial appearance for the house. Perspective images and detailed floor plans can be viewed at THIS POST.

Models of houses with a width of 6m have other design drawings

Sample hope house design facade 6m Beautiful 2 floors with Thai roof 3 bedrooms with garage outside the yard of Mr. Dong’s family. The personality is liberal, simple, fun, and not stereotyped. Should contact the architect to optimize the spacious, simple and harmonious design space. The beautiful 2-storey Thai roof house has green architecture with accents, very suitable for 6×20 plots, but built 1 bit shorter, adjust the design to 6m long, 15m long or 14m according to your requirements. Thank you very much.!


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