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Mẫu thiết kế nhà ngang 5.5m 2 tầng 1 tum đẹp trệt 2 lầu mái thái

The design drawing of the house is 5.5m wide with a construction area of ​​85m2. Built on land with a frontage of 5.5m and a length of 23m, the drawing of a pipe house with a Thai roof facade with front yard and backyard of Uncle Tuong. We invite you to consult together

Design drawing of a townhouse with a ground floor and two floors with a terrace of 5.5m wide. The modern style of Thai roof architecture has a rather unique French style. Soft decorative pattern relief details with curved arch buckle. The front façade is 5.5m wide for homeowners who love new and beautiful designs. But saving is equivalent to a horizontal land area wider than 5m to nearly 6m wide. In which, the two sides can build fences and surrounding gates. As well as plots of land in new urban planning areas.

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horizontal house design 5.5m 3 floors
Model of 3-storey Thai roof townhouse with 5.5m frontage Mr. Tuong

With a beautiful 3-storey house facade design with an area of ​​​​5.5mx 16m below. Definitely one of the beautiful house models 2021 suitable for young families. Or middle-class people who prefer the beautiful and airy space today. Gentle white tone color, neoclassical French townhouse architecture with 3 floors, Thai roof, new trend in 2021. Helps architecture not to be outdated in May. In addition, there is a plan to build a house with a ground floor and a Thai roof business

Townhouse with beautiful Thai roof frontage 6m 3 floors
Perspective of facade of 3-storey townhouse with Thai roof 6m wide and 20m long, Mr. Chinh

Detailed design information of a 5.5m 3-storey house

Compared with the beautiful 3-storey tube house designs, 5.5m frontage. Or the horizontal area is less than 6m before the horizontal roof. The model of a beautiful 3-storey house with a frontage of 5.7m with Thai roof is in charge of architect Quynh. People with seniority in design and construction work. As well as grasp the current new design styles. Very careful calculation of architectural shapes as well as construction techniques to build beautiful 3-storey townhouses 5.5x16m, the current new trend

Did you visit the 3rd floor 5.5x16 front page?
Design drawing of horizontal pipe house 5.5m side section

Facade drawing of a 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 5.5m

Due to the characteristics of the land is quite long, about 23m deep after. But the cost is about 1.5 billion, and the homeowner wants to design the most beautiful house. The cost is about 1.3 billion, only 200 million to spend for modern interior decoration. For the rooms, this beautiful 3-storey house design plan with 5.5m frontage. It is both suitable for the use function and the required purpose and is effective. And the usable area is suitable for the house feng shui according to the owner’s 1952 year of the Tiger.

Have you visited the AE content of the house? 5.5x16 tomorrow
Building drawing of 5.5m horizontal house, 3 floors, 85m2

The idea of ​​​​designing a townhouse with horizontal Thai roof 5.5m 3 floors

The owner is Uncle Tuong in Phu Tho when sharing by phone with our new beautiful house design company. Just need a new 3D model of a townhouse with a ground floor and two floors with a 5.5m-wide terrace. There are detailed drawings of the beautiful 3-storey house facade 5.5×16 including the floor plan. As well as construction technical documents and cost estimates so that I can ask my cousin. Colleagues who work at a construction company with beautiful facades directly construct. In addition, our company has a model of a neoclassical townhouse with Thai roof painted for Mr. Dung. This image of a neoclassical house with a facade of 6m on this street covers the width but builds 20cm walls on both sides and painted. The rest is also about 5.4m in the heart, need to build a 3-storey house with a horizontal roof of 5.5m to 5.7m, which can also be adjusted. See the drawing of Mr. Dung Tran’s house as shown below and choose more

House with 1 ground floor 2 floors, beautiful frontage of 6m
Picture of a neoclassical house with a 6-meter frontage, 3 floors, beautiful Thai roof, designed for Mr. Tran Dung

The idea of ​​​​designing a house with a width of 5.5m with Thai roof

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The idea of ​​​​designing a house with a width of 5.5m, beautiful street frontage 1 ground 2 floors, terrace 5.5×16. We don’t do a lot of perspective to save money for the uncle’s family. But make sure about the architectural structure. Because the family only has 3 people and 2 generations, he wanted to design it with 3 bedrooms. In there, there is 1 bedroom on the ground floor for the husband and wife, and upstairs is a room for 2 children, 1 girl and 1 boy. In which, Lan Anh’s daughter is currently returning home to rest from time to time

You have returned to the house for 3 months, the money is beautiful
3D perspective of a tube house model with 5.5m frontage, 3-storey Thai roof, Uncle Tuong

How to design a pipe house with 5.5m frontage with Thai roof

That’s why the plan of this 5.5m front pipe house. Designed on the ground floor with a large front yard. Behind there is a nearly 1.5m wide backyard with ventilation combined with a skylight.

Drawing of 5-storey Thai roof townhouse
Design drawing of townhouse with Thai roof, 5.5m horizontal frontage, 3 floors with skylight

Consultancy on design drawings to build a house with a width of 5.5m with 3 floors in 2021

The highlight of this beautiful 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of more than 5.5m. Each floor has a terrace and a balcony. On the other side, there is a small landscape design of a green flower bed under the left window. Helps when the view from the direction up is quite eye-catching and more beautiful. At the same time, air conditioning for this beautiful house 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace 90m2

Drawing of house facade 5.5m
Construction drawing of a house with a width of 5.5m with 3 floors on MAO TII street

The floor plan of the house design is 5.5m across all floors

In terms of architecture, the design of the house is 5.5m across, with a modern 3-storey street frontage, Uncle Tuong. This is one of 29 models of 85m2 mini-villa 1 ground floor 2 floors neoclassical style with 3 bedrooms. In which, the construction area of ​​the ground floor is 85m2, the second floor is 100m2 and the third floor. Due to the modest budget, it is only designed according to the model of a beautiful 2-storey house.

mat bang 5,5x16 mat money
Floor plan of house design 5.5x16m, 1st floor

Floor plan of house design model 5.5m x 16m

The design drawing of the house is 5.5m wide, the tum floor is a terrace worshiping room. And behind is a common room, a drying yard, a laundry room, and an attic with a water tank.. And a storage room for things behind, so the construction area is 70m2.

The mat in Nha Pho is 5.5m wide
Floor plan of townhouse 5.5m wide, 16m long, 2nd floor with balcony

Floor plan of a beautiful 3-storey house with Thai roof for floors. With a number of construction technical drawings to build a beautiful modern 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 5.5m

The day is in a state of mourning for 3 cheese houses 5.5x16
Drawing of the attic floor of the house, 5.5m wide, Uncle Tuong

Drawing of 3-storey pipe house 5.5x16m construction vertical axis

The design of a house with 1 ground floor 2 floors, 90m2 terrace, is designed in the direction of Doai Cung Thien Y main West. How to build a 3-storey pipe house 5.5x16m in accordance with the Bach Kim Nham Dan West Tu Trach. How to design a facade house according to the five elements of wisdom. Help your family have a lot of health, peace and luck. In which the design of the altar room as well as the main door match. Looking in one direction, the church room is located at the highest position on the 3rd floor of this beautiful 3-storey house with a terrace in front of this modern 5.5m frontage.

Drawing of townhouse 5.5m . wide
Drawing of 3-storey tube house 5.5x16m with Thai roof street surface construction

3-storey Thai roof townhouse style with French facade

The plan for a beautiful 3-storey house facade is 5.5m wide, 23m long, and 23m deep. In which, the front yard is more than 5m wide for cars and the main gate of the townhouse. As well as designing more trees to create shade and potted rock fish tanks to help him enjoy his old age. This model of 85m2 Thai roof tube house with semi-classical architecture is also one of the beautiful 5.5m house facades today.

Beautiful 5.5m horizontal house model
Model house with beautiful frontage 5.5m 3 floors, neoclassical style Thai roof, Uncle Tuong in Viet Tri city, Phu Tho

Beautiful 5.5m front house models with different styles

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We now have 4 more beautiful house designs with 5.5m frontage like Mr. Lam’s in District 7. Or Mr. LY’s house model with neoclassical townhouse style with a business ground floor. Please refer to other types of houses with 5.5m wide 3 floors with Thai roofs from high-class to simple as follows

Model house 1 ground floor 2 floors Mr. Lam’s terrace in District 7 Ho Chi Minh City

This is a model house with 5.5m2 frontage, 3 floors, 1 roof terrace. The ground floor design has a garage and a spacious semi-classical 4-bedroom space. Please refer to the model house with a frontage of 5.5m. There is a garage 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace in Saigon via this link:

Hurry up to know about the 1st floor 3 of the first 6m beautiful beauties
Beautiful model of a house with a ground floor and two floors with a terrace, 5.5m street frontage Mr. Lam, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, semi-classical French style, beautiful and enchanting

Beautiful townhouse model with 5.5m frontage, both living and doing business, Mr. LY

Model of 3-storey house with 5.5m frontage designed for Mr. LY’s family last year. Architecture poured 3 panels and then glued the roof tiles. This is the segment of tube houses with 5.5m frontage but mini-villas on the street. Ground floor for business use

Beautiful house 5.5m
The latest picture of the beautiful townhouse last year of Mr. Nguyen Nhu Ly’s family

=>> Please refer to it fully design drawing of house front 5.5m 3 business floors

The 5.5m wide house models of Mr. Tien and Ms. Thao have been completed

Model house 5.5m across, Ms. Thao by Architect Tu is in charge of handling construction supervision documents. The house is 5.5m wide, designed in a split-level architecture. Townhouse style 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 2 floors floor area 77m2. This is a model house with a 5.5m horizontal frontage with a garage on the ground floor.

Picture of house with 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 2 floors with 5.5m frontage Ms. Thao

Quick house for 3 years, 1 room, 5.5m
Beautiful model house with 5.5m frontage, 3 floors, 1 tum, Thai style roof, Ms. Thao
  • You can refer to the detailed drawing of a simple Thai roof townhouse by Ms. Thao HERE

Model house with basement parking 5.5m neoclassical

The slight difference is that the model of the house Mr. Tien designed and built has a staircase outside the entrance to the 2nd floor. There are 2 different options. This is a 3-storey French tube house model with a basement for parking. The construction area is 5.4m x 16m, leaving the yard. Please refer to the image of a unique and slightly different house style, Mr. Tien

townhouse with basement
Two models of beautiful townhouse facades with floating basements designed with additional external stairs with a difference of 5.5m

Connect the design of the house from 5.5m to 6m in advance and prepare

The entire dossier of drawings of the beautiful 3-storey 5.5m house facade, Uncle Tuong built within 5 months. Newly dissected and completely disassembled by the architects of the joint stock company. The design of a house with a width of 5.5m, Uncle Tuong, or beautiful Thai roof townhouses with 3 floors and 2 facades. There are various cost estimates for labor and materials. Sending you a model of a house 6m wide, 20m long, 2 frontages of Mr. Manh. Need drawings to build a townhouse with two frontages 5.5m wide with a 3-storey garage. Can also be adjusted like the picture

Pictures of townhouses with 2 beautiful facades
Exterior of townhouse with 2 neoclassical facades, Thai roof, 3 floors, with garage built on corner lot, two frontages, 6m wide, 25m long, Mr. Manh

In addition, there are dossiers of application for construction permits, documents of electricity, water, and architectural structures. Please contact our company to get the best price for you. There are also 5.5m wide tube houses with 1 ground floor 2 floors with Thai roof. Italian design has other green architectural skylights. Please call 0975 945 433 to send a connection and consultation form to prepare to build 2021.

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