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Mẫu thiết kế nhà ống 4x20m 2 tầng 1 tum 2022

The design of a modern 4x20m 2 storey 1 tum tube house was built last year. Now my company updates the facade of the townhouse 4m wide by 20m long. Additional design drawings with skylights according to the requirements of Mr. Quoc’s activities.

Beautiful model townhouse 2.5 floors with 4m frontage modern style 80m2 4 bedrooms. Very suitable for adjacent land lots in urban planning areas. Even the beautiful 4×20 tube house design has a skylight. Also suitable for small land areas more than 4m wide. There is a street frontage on both sides of the neighbor’s house that has been built high. With the architectural design of a 4x20m townhouse, there are 2 skylights for families of 3 to 4 generations with 4 bedrooms. The modern style that the company beautiful home design new we introduce to investors. Having an equivalent land area can build a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with 1 tum 80m2 is the most reasonable

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Design of 2.5-storey house 4m . wide
The design of a beautiful 4x20m tube house with 2 floors 1 tum 80m2 combined with a drying yard with 2 skylights, the latest 2021 modern style, Mr. Quoc

The idea of ​​​​designing a 4×20 tube house to get the wind from the sky

This modern 3-storey 4×20 townhouse design idea is based on a 4.2m horizontal plot of land. In which, according to the plan, it is mandatory to build beautiful house 2 floors above. The front yard must be reserved for 2 to 3m, so the construction area is only about 18m. To design and construct a modern townhouse with a frontage of 4m. With a plot of land like this when consulting to build a house 4×20. Forcing us architects to design rooms in the interior of townhouses. Air must be convection for natural light and cool wind. Bring a comfortable life for a large family of 5 to 8 people or more

Perspective image of a 4m wide tube house model with 2 and a half floors, another view angle

Below is a design of a house with a width of 4m and a length of 20m with a bird’s eye view

Tube house 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 4x20m
Architectural design of tube house 4x20m 2 floors 1 tum frontage 4m with front yard and back construction area 80m2 following the crow’s flight

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The land area is 4.2m wide and 25m long. But the house design 4×20 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 4 bedrooms in the heart. Construction area is 80m2 including the balcony on the tarmac side. Beautiful modern design of a 2.5-storey 80m2 tube house to spend 2m as a skylight. Behind, the front yard takes 3m combined with 2m front corridor. According to regulations, it is mandatory to leave the front yard 4.8m wide. Just for a 7-seater car and a motorbike to park comfortably.

See more townhouses with beautiful 4.5m wide skylight in 2022

In addition, a 2.5-storey 4x20m townhouse model with beautiful architecture of 2-storey 1 tum tube house with 4m frontage UK. Also design 1 more skylight in the middle of the house next to the stairs of the lobby. Help the house get light and cool wind from the roof. Suggest another 4.5m wide house of Mr. Hai and Ms. Duyen. Brothers and sisters look at the drawing townhouse design to find more about

3-storey neoclassical townhouse architecture
Overview of the beautiful neoclassical townhouse model 80m wide by 4.5m long by 18m Mr. Hai

Information on the design of a modern townhouse 4x20m 2 floors 1 tum frontage 4m

The design of a 4×20 tube house with 2 floors 1 tum modern street frontage 80m2 by the company’s architect. New beautiful house design company designed for Mr. Muoi’s family was born in 1977 Dinh Ty. According to feng shui, the direction of the West is the direction of Thien Y and the direction of Doai. In accordance with the hexagram of Khon Tho Tay Tu Trach, the five elements are Sa Trung Tho, which means “Earth in the sand”. Suitable for modern land with beautiful terrain. Rooms beautiful tube house interior 4m are designed according to the bad arcs. Aim to deflect bad direction and bring health when living comfortably

4x20 townhouse design 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace
Front of modern townhouse 4×20 open space elegant white tone color integrated with green space
  • Design project of beautiful 2-storey tube house 1 tum 4×20 4m frontage with 4 bedrooms
  • Investor: Mr. Nguyen Van Muoi was born in 1977 Dinh Ty in Bao Loc City, Lam Dong
  • Front land area 4.2 x 26
  • Construction design area 80m2 = 4×20 in the heart
  • 20 days design time
  • Construction time for modern 3-storey townhouse with 4m frontage is 3 months
  • In charge of international architect records
  • Cost of design and construction 900 million raw parts
  • Finishing: 1.2 billion VND
  • Functional use includes 1 living room, 4 bedrooms,
  • 1 kitchen and dining table, 2 skylights, worship room, laundry room, drying yard, 3 wc and bathroom
  • Beautiful townhouse architecture 2 floors 1 tum frontage 4m open space

Floor plan of modern 3-storey 4×20 3-storey house design 80m2

The ground floor design of a modern house with 4×20 facade has 1 bedroom for Mr. Muoi’s parents. A large living room and a connecting kitchen space and a shared bathroom. The rear is set aside 2m as a small landscape for planting green trees to create ventilation for the architecture of the 2-storey 1-tum tube house. At the same time, it is combined with a skylight and the ground floor drying yard behind. There is a small warehouse under the stairs, the floor area to build this house 1 ground 2 floors 4×20 is 80m2

Floor plan of townhouse 4x20 2.5 floors with 4 bedrooms
Floor plan design for a modern 4×20 townhouse with 4-bedroom facade

Floor space of modern tube house 4x20m Mr. Muoi

The 2nd floor plan of a modern 2-storey townhouse with a width of 4m is designed with 3 bedrooms. Including 1 master bedroom. Inside there is a self-contained bathroom for the owner and his wife Muoi. The back end gets light and cool breeze thanks to the skylight and 2 sides of the window. There are 2 bedrooms in the front. Share 1 bathroom and toilet next to the stairs. The balcony on the front of the beautiful tube house is 1.5m wide with a side exit. See more model 4m house, two and a half floors with flat roof, Ms. Cam here and looks like this

House design model 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 4x13
Overview of the architecture of the house 1 ground floor 1 floor 4×13 above with a simple but beautiful split-floor terrace of 50m2 Mr. Cam

How to design a 2-storey townhouse with an area of ​​​​4 × 20 above?

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Rooftop terrace beautiful 3 storey house 4×20 house design completed 3.5 months. The idea of ​​​​designing a private church room with a view to the West. Located in front of the tube house. At the back, the design of the laundry room is combined with a small landscape. Compared to the sample 4×14 . townhouse design beautiful by Mr. Phan Anh Trung last year. We design and build Beautiful 3-storey house design model 80m2 with 4m2 frontage There is a garage outside. But the terrace is more spacious on the horizontal beams. Design more green landscape. You can watch white or receive private guests on the rooftop. Without annoying noise for grandparents on the ground floor. There is also a drawing of a house with 2 facades with a skylight completed

Measures to design a 4x20m tube house with an open space for air convection

Let beautiful 3 storey townhouse design 4x20M become spacious and comfortable. The architects of the new beautiful house design and construction company we have designed the interior. Combined with wall cabinets. Behind the laundry room, the drying yard is roofed with glass tiles to get light and sunlight to help clothes dry quickly. On the roof of the house in the middle of the stairs looking up, it is roofed with smart poly carbon panels.

Can change automatically open to get light for members to enjoy the view. Construction measures modern 3-storey tube house model 4×20 saves part of the cost. Electricity when the weather turns windy, change the season of the skylight cover. Can automatically close to keep the house warm, which is very good for convection for members’ health

The image of the facade of the 4m tube house
Model modern townhouse 2 floors 1 tum area 4x20M beautiful saving open space Mr. Quoc 4 bedrooms

Construction cost house 1 ground 1 floor 1 tum area 4x20m flat roof. In this modern style, we temporarily estimate the rough part about 650 million. The finishing cost, including painting the wall, electricity and water, is about 250 million more. All completed about 900 million pretty good materials or more

Design cost of 4x20m tube house and construction price 2022

May sample tube house This 1 ground 2 floors 4m can generate more depending on the weak foundation and muddy soil. Depending on the type of soil, if it is weak, it will be reinforced if drilling deeper than 1.5m. If the soil is soft, then the Cu Tram piles will be pressed 250×250, so the cost to build a 2-and-a-half-story tube house. The beautiful 80m2 modern house architecture can generate about 40 million more.

See a sample of a 4m wide tube house with a 3-storey frontage of Ms. Van in 2022

Design model of 3-storey tube house 4x20m The main gate and the fence are also included separately Beautiful design of a 2-storey townhouse with a frontage of 4m In order to prevent subsidence and make it better, about 35 million more may be generated. If you like the neoclassical style of 4m wide tube house. Please refer to the sample tube house Beautiful 2022 here, Miss Van’s house just designed last year

How to design a house with a frontage of 4m and 3.5 floors
Beautiful 4m front house model designed in the style of a neoclassical townhouse, Ms. Van is both living and doing business

Connecting the design of the current 4m 2 3 storey townhouse

Thus, through architecture 4×20 . tube house design as well as ground plan. The layout of the interior space according to feng shui Dinh Ty Anh Muoi. You somewhat understand and grasp the outline of beautiful townhouse architecture with 2.5 floors with 4m frontage, right? Depending on the feng shui age of each homeowner. Soil world partly depends on the natural and climatic conditions of the region. And when the architect advises, there will be a solution beautiful 4m wide townhouse design there is a skylight. Or samples? 4×20 . townhouse design save corrugated iron roof. The open space plan is elegant, harmonious and economical. See more beautiful 2 story house model equivalent architecture

Modern tube house 1 ground floor 1 floor 4m
Picture of 2-storey tube house with 4m frontage, simple but beautiful
Design of 2-storey tube house 60m2
Floor plan of 2-storey tube house of 60m2 with a width of 4m on the ground floor of Mr. Hai

See more beautiful 4m townhouses that have just been updated and designed

In addition, we invite you to see more models of tube houses with Thai roof facades but flat roofs above. Modern architecture built by our staff for Mr. Tien to learn more skills in the link below

Reputable townhouse construction company
The construction of the spans and ledges is very sharp enough to know how the workmanship of my company’s workers is

Advice on building a 4×20 2-storey house with 1 tum 80m2 modern style. The layout has 2 beautiful skylights designed according to feng shui. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE we also would like to stop here. All information about the design needs of 4x20m pipe houses. Or width up to 4.5m to 6m, please contact Boss Ban phone number 0975 945 433. For advice on a cost-effective construction design quote. According to the preferences and needs of his family. Thank you Mr. Muoi and his family for accepting the invitation for us. Wishing your family happiness and love.!

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