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Mẫu thiết kế nhà phố mặt tiền đẹp hiện đại 4.5m năm 2022

The design of a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with 1 tum 4.5m is a flat roof. Architecture building 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace with a small tum above. Designed for Mr. Son’s family in Thuan An Binh Duong, outside the 3rd floor, there is a modern terrace. Do you have street land 4.5m wide or 5m wide, see information and layout below

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Image of a beautiful 2.5-storey townhouse design

Model of 2-storey tube house with 4.5m frontage designed with modern tube house scale 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace. In which, the owner has about 1.3 billion. It is recommended to design a beautiful house with 2 floors 1 tum on the terrace, only design the worship room and the drying yard. In the near future, add 1 to 2 more panels. So solution for house design model 4.5m solid structure. The design of a 4.5m 3-storey house is one of the beautiful tube house models with 4M 5M frontage. The cost of fake soft Thai roof is also modest, but the use is high.

Beautiful model house with 4.5m frontage, Mr. Son Binh Duong
Picture of 4.5m house design model 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 flat roof terrace Mr. Son Thuan An

See a beautiful model of a townhouse with a 4.5m frontage, modern style

Usable area of ​​the design modern townhouse 2 floors 1 tum frontage 4.5m up to 240m2. In which, the area of ​​​​building a 3-storey modern style tube house. The roof is covered with corrugated iron and has a wooden ceiling against heat. The facade of the 3-storey tube house is 4.5m wide, the main door is designed with a steel core plastic door. 10mm tempered glass frame and 8mm Eueowindow door design. The market unit price at this time is about 220 thousand/m2.

Parameters of building 4.5m facade tube house in Binh Duong

  • Design project of a modern 2-storey townhouse with a facade of 4.5m with Thai roof
  • Investor: Anh Son was born in 1983, Quy Hoi
  • Address: Binh Chuan Ward – Thuan An City – Binh Duong
  • Land area: 92.2m2 ie 4.5×20.5
  • Construction area: 4.5×18 total floor area 210m2
  • Investment cost: About 1.2 billion turnkey to build a package house in Binh Duong
  • In charge of construction: KS Hao
  • Architecture: Modern tube house with 4.5m frontage, scale 1 ground floor, 1 floor, 1 roof terrace, 2 panels.
  • Construction time to complete: 2.5 months – 3 months
  • Feng shui: The main direction is Northwest

A view of a simple house with a 4.5m2 facade, 2 floors, 1 tum

The facade of the beautiful 2-storey tube house is 4.5m wide, exterior design is painted white. According to the color of feng shui, the owner of the house is destined for Thuy Tay, the fourth place is Can Tho. The design direction of the house is 4.5m, the main northwest direction, which is the direction of Can Cung Thien Y, for good health and wealth, and suitable for the current land direction. Just fit the age of Quy Hoi 1983 Mr. Son.

Paint color consultation for a house 4.5m wide and 2.5 floors

The front of the townhouse is 4.5m wide, the ground floor is a beautiful 2.5-storey house, 4.5m wide, with stone cladding. The type of granite is jet black due to the relatively narrow width of the land. So the outside of the wall is painted white with horizontal stripes, evoking a larger space. In addition, the front of the townhouse is beautiful 4.5m2 2 floors 1 tum flat roof. The design of ceramic stone cladding at the bottom of the balcony creates a cubic shape. As well as the rhythm is closer and more harmonious

The design of a beautiful townhouse with 2 floors, 1 tum, 4.5m wide, 2021
Paint color consultation for 4.5m 2.5 storey house according to age 1983

Technical construction of 2-storey tube house with 1 tum wide 4.5m frontage

The design of a beautiful tube house 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 4.5m wide is optimally smart. Designed according to the townhouse architecture, the stairs are designed in the center. Layout close to the wall on one side to optimize the space and integrate the skylight. The balcony on the first floor is allowed to protrude 1.3m. Out towards the front of the townhouse. On the left, there is an exit to a large balcony with integrated green space. There is a safety bar with a sturdy steel frame.

Floor plan of house design 4.5m with 2-storey street frontage

Model townhouse with 4.5m frontage design with a construction area of ​​4.5×18 on a land area of ​​exactly 20.7m wide. In which the plan to leave the front yard and the outer fence gate is 2m. The rear end leaves nearly 0.7m as a clearance space at the rear end.

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Because there are parents in the house, family. So Mr. Son wants the ground floor to be designed with 1 bedroom for his parents about 10m2 on the ground floor. On the outside, the main lobby goes into the living room, which is nearly 23.4 square meters wide. Next is the kitchen space designed horizontally in the direction of the North of the Five Funds. The purpose of this is a bad diversion for this beautiful house model in Thuan An town, Binh Duong.

Interior plan of tube house 4.5x18m ground floor
Floor plan of house design 4.5m with 2-storey street frontage

Interior plan of 2.5-storey house 4.5m wide and 18m long upstairs

In addition, the ground floor of the beautiful 2.5-storey house model is 4.5m wide, 18m long, with cheap corrugated iron roof. There is an additional tum floor, the roof terrace of the church room above. 4.5m townhouse Mr. Son arranged a dining table next to the skylight stairs. Help the space full of light and cool wind from the roof terrace. At the rear, there is a shared bathroom with a shared bathroom and an atrium combined with a drying yard behind.

Town house floor plan 4.5m with 3 bedrooms frontage
Interior plan of 2.5-storey townhouse, 4.5m wide, 18m long, upstairs with 3 bedrooms and 1 common living room

Beautiful house function 4.5m great design

Sample plan house design 4.5m Modern tube house architecture with beautiful street frontage design includes 3 bedrooms. There is a master bedroom of 17m2 with a common self-contained toilet. In the room for Mr. Son and his wife, a beauty dressing table, a TV, a wardrobe. Two bedroom furniture for children 12m2 wide. There is a study corner and a toilet behind and a skylight atrium. The 2nd floor of the beautiful townhouse is 4.5m2 and there is also 1 more common room combined with family Karaoke. In front of the beautiful tube house frontage, there is a balcony with an open view with a view exit door and welcomes the cool wind from the West.

The drawing of the attic floor of a 4.5m wide tube house with a church room

This is a drawing of a 4.5m wide tube house with the upper facade

Floor plan of townhouse 4.5m long 18m
The drawing of the attic floor of a 4.5m wide tube house with a church room

The tum floor of the 3-storey townhouse model has a 4.5m frontage, designed with 1 worship room. Off to the west, 6 degrees, with a view of Phuoc Duc. Behind 1 rear laundry room and empty vegetable garden. There is a roof net in front of the terrace design. Integrated with landscape green landscape with emergency exit and steel frame. Black paint design is definitely safe. In addition, the design of the feng shui split-level pipe house also has an additional warehouse for miscellaneous items.

The message of the house design model 4.5m in the northwest direction

Note that the design of a 4.5m modern split-storey house is designed according to the current main land area. And feng shui year of the Pig 1983, 2022, to build a beautiful house, so this direction is a bit sunny. Especially in the afternoon, it is necessary to pay attention to overcome the sun by planting trees in front of the house. Choose trees with wide canopy like Sake or fruit trees. Otherwise, the roof can be roofed with Polycarbonnate sheets.

Design picture of 2-storey house with 1 tum wide 4.5m frontage

In addition, the solution can be made of curtains to reduce afternoon sunlight. If you design the house in the direction of the Northwest, it cannot be changed. Or contact our experts for further clarification.

The design of the house 4.5m2 2 floors in 2021 costs 1 billion VND
Photo of a beautiful 2-storey tube house with a terrace, 4.5m wide, 18m long, 18m deep

Consulting the cost of building a townhouse 2 3 floors 80m2 for 1.3 billion VND

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Particularly in terms of architecture and design of modern townhouses 1 ground floor 1 floor Mr. Son. Then the cost to build a beautiful house is about 900 million parts of good labor. As for the additional wall and yard lining, the main gate is completed, the cost of building a two-and-a-half-story 4.5x18m tube house is 400 million. Modern style 1.2 billion turnkey package. New Beautiful Home Construction Company is committed. No extra costs if you want to build right now, the design will be 100% free. There is a cost estimate material code attached

Other models of similar 4.5m-façade tube houses

Design model of townhouse with 4.5m frontage architecture split floor tube house There are 2 skylights and 4 bedrooms. The area of ​​80m2 is one of the townhouses with 4.5m frontage. Suitable for large families from 3 to 4 generations. If necessary, you can go upstairs and arrange more bedrooms depending on the purpose of use. I sent more drawings of Huong’s house which is 4.5m wide but only 16m long. That is, 4.5x18m shorter than Mr. Son’s house

Model townhouse 4.5m
Perspectives of the horizontal house Ms. Huong built 4.5m on the street of Ms. Huong Thu Dau Mot

Just look at the Render picture, but building the wall 20cm and finishing it up is very modern. Click to see Sample tube house 1 ground floor 2 terrace Ms. Huong Binh Duong but discover more.

Unit price for building a townhouse with 4.5m2 frontage, 2 floors, 1 tum after Covid

The unit price for rough construction of a townhouse with a frontage of 4.5m is about 3.4 million/m2. Also complete the turnkey package 5.5 million/m2. Sincerely respectfully let everyone know. Note that the house is built in the 4th quarter of 2021 due to the Covyd 19 situation. Should not increase the price of materials in the future, there will be adjustments to suit your needs. You see the article Newspaper The latest price for building a 2-storey house 1 tum from A to Z in 2022 Ms. Ly Bien Hoa just updated

Construction of the rough part of the 2-storey house 1 tum
Pictures of the actual construction of a 2-storey 1 tum house, the actual rough part of Ms. Ly’s house

Advice on how to build a 4.5m2 3-storey townhouse today

Sincerely thank customers for trusting the company during the past 10 years. With thousands of beautiful home form 2022 villas, townhouses, hotels, gardens, level 4 shown. A part of our brothers’ sweat and sweat. Sincere thanks to Mr. Son’s family for cooperation. Share difficulties with fellow architects – Construction engineers of the company.

Although the price of building a house with different floors on an area of ​​4.5x18m is a bit higher. Compared with local contractors. But in return, he felt more secure. About technical quality and structural drawings and as-built permits for permanent maintenance. see more beautiful modern European-style 3-storey neoclassical townhouses Ms. Duyen

3-storey neoclassical townhouse architecture
Overview of the beautiful neoclassical townhouse model 80m wide by 4.5m long by 18m Mr. Hai

Hope the above beautiful modern facade townhouse designs will help you a lot. And if you need to build a house with a width of 4.5m 4 5 6 7 floors, please send me more samples. Because the post is too long.! Hot line 0975 945 433 has a zalo to send HOT French or European models

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