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Nhà cấp 4 mái thái ở nông thôn 160m2 đẹp kiểu vườn châu âu

Model garden villa 160m2 3 bedrooms 1 beautiful worship room later built for Mr. Ky. There is concrete roof architecture. If you have a piece of land about 300m2. Can build Thai roof house level 4 in this countryside. Beautiful model of 1-storey house with European-style garden, modern Japanese roof, 14m wide, very impressive

Level 4 Thai roof house in the countryside
A picture of a beautiful 4-level garden house model, a beautiful 1-storey villa, 14m wide, Mr. Ky

The trend of building beautiful level 4 garden houses in the new countryside

In the past, people often wanted to build large flat-roofed houses. Even a 1-storey house with a spacious mezzanine. Then now the samples Beautiful rural level 4 garden house is taking the throne. Architecture gradually dominates up to 63% of garden house types.

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Beautiful level 4 garden house in the countryside
Picture of a 4-level house with garden and 2 facades 160m2 modern design with 3 bedrooms 1 beautiful worship room Anh Ky view 2

Level 4 house architecture 2 facades with Thai roof 3 beautiful bedrooms view 2

Because of the advantages of aesthetics and space that customers love very much. New Beautiful House Construction Design Company will accompany the design and construction of houses. Consult with the manuals not to be missed to have a level 4 house with 2 European-style facades with tiled roofs

4-level house with Thai roof in the countryside
Corner view of 3 houses, 4 levels, 4 beautiful modern Thai roofs, 3 bedrooms in the countryside of Mr. Ky

In need of a set of drawings to build a modern 4-level Thai roof house in the countryside

The desire to build a 4-level house with modern Thai roofs is very much. But to have a drawing that fully meets the requirements of feng shui such as this beautiful 1-storey 3-bedroom model is rare. Note that when drawing a beautiful house design of level 4 in the countryside, you must balance finance and ground area. So why don’t you choose a beautiful rural level 4 house to build. Detailed dimensions and estimates for construction are available. Brothers and sisters look up and down from the living room lobby to help me

Ground level 4 rural house with 3 bedrooms
Drawing of a level 4 Thai roof house in the countryside 160m2 across 14m from top to bottom

Advantages of 4-level houses with Thai roofs in beautiful countryside

This is a beautiful 1-storey house design in the countryside based on a delicate and harmonious combination. The architecture is mixed with traditional styles of Thai roofs and European modern ones. From there, it gives the beautiful 4th floor villa houses in the countryside more advantages

Beautiful model house with 1 storey Thai roof in the countryside 160m2
Picture of a 4-level villa with beautiful Thai roof 160m2 from the 4th angle of view of Mr

Utilities when building a 3-bedroom house with 4 roofs

  • Design and construction costs are lower than other houses today. This is consistent with the majority of client income.
  • The styles and aesthetics of level 4 houses are extremely diverse, suitable for many choices.
  • Short construction time because of simple designs, easy to construct and put into use quickly, about 3 months
  • Most of the technical construction elements are not too complicated and fussy.
Drawing of a rural 1-storey tile-roofed house
Drawing of a 4-level house with Thai roof, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 14m . across

The safety of the drawing of a single-storey tile-roofed house in the countryside

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However, to ensure stability and safety, you must have a complete drawing. The model of a beautiful 1-storey rural house with tiled roofs designed by Mr. Ky, the architect, has just ensured the construction. The house with two frontages, 160 square meters, has both aesthetics and ventilation with housing space.

This model is especially popular with suburban families because of its beautiful appearance. Spacious and peaceful space with garden. In particular, to catch up with the new rural construction trend. The architecture of the 3-bedroom Thai roof house is more creatively drawn by the architects.

Overview picture of 4 corners of modern 4-level mini villa house

Model of beautiful house design level 4 always requires architects to draw not outdated. Creative layout to fulfill customer requirements.

The most beautiful model of a house with a Thai roof in the countryside
Overview of the profile of building a modern 4-level house with Thai roof 3 bedrooms 160m2 in the countryside with tiled roofs

Pay attention to the surrounding environment when designing a modern 4-level house today

Besides, when surveying, the company must always pay attention to climate characteristics. Regional weather elements are so cool all year round. Advice on the ideal living space size and harmony with nature. The modern design line is waterproof to crack the wall, iron and steel standards.. At the same time, the construction workers can easily follow the construction progress. So a modern 4-level villa house with a width of 14m in the countryside will be the right choice.

Beautiful models of ground floor houses with 3 to 4 other bedrooms

This is the design for the space plan for Ky’s own 1-storey 3-bedroom house. Construction drawing of a 4-level house with tiled roof width wider than depth.

Model house with Thai roof, 3 bedrooms, 14m wide garden, has 3 compartments. The style of beautiful level 4 garden villas is most suitable for construction in the countryside. If in the past, people were often interested in designing a simple corrugated iron roof house. If the cost is low, what does the design cost? I repeat that: Only designed for customers who need to build beautiful villas at a reasonable cost. See other beautiful 1-story garden houses like

level 4 house with modern Thai roof
Beautiful modern Thai-style tile roof house with garden design, European-style architecture, 1 floor by Mr. Phung, 2 beautiful bedrooms in the countryside
  • See more beautiful European-style Thai-style 4-level houses at this link: BEAUTIFUL HOUSE 1 storey

Models of 1-storey houses with beautiful Thai roof 160m2 in other countryside

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In terms of form, a 4-level house with Thai roof in the countryside of 160m2 is quite easy to construct. Suitable for families with relatively new income, worth building in rural Vietnam. But if the budget is narrower, there is a budget of about 500-600 million. You should choose a beautiful 4-room house with traditional 2-wing architecture of 160m2.

Hurry up, three booths 4 tomorrow, beautiful 4 rooms
Model of building a beautiful 4-room villa with 160m2 tile roof, traditional architecture, 3 compartments and 2 wings in Mr. Tiep’s countryside

The picture of a modern Thai roof house that Ky has actually built

Model of a beautiful rural level 4 house with an area of ​​​​160m2, Mr. Ky is under construction. The drawing has a total height from the floor to the top of the 4-level Thai roof house, nearly 7m high. In which the foundation is 75 cm high, using tangled stone for the base of the wall. The ceiling height is 3.8m in the heart with plaster ceiling decoration. see more

Quang Binh beautiful house construction company
Actual picture of a beautiful Thai roof house in a modern rural area, in fact, Ky Quang Binh just finished building it as a perspective

You need to build a beautiful Thai roof garden house in the countryside with different styles

After all, he and his family liked this villa-style Japanese tiled house. With size drawings built on natural land. With the context of 4 airy sides with walkways. With over 11 years of experience, our company also has more than 500 types of beautiful Thai roof houses in the countryside. Type of villa level 4 garden 10m wide or 16m wide. You choose these facade images to save to your computer. Connect zalo 0975 945 433 handsome Ban – Deputy Director will send the floor plan and other view. At the same time, advise you on the cost of building: “Preparation is never superfluous”

know how beautiful it is, beautiful and slim
The cost of building a European-style garden villa house 3.5 million/m2 – finishing 6 million/m2 price in 2021
Design of a 3-room house with a worship room
Model of a 3-room house with tiled roofs designed with a worship room looking at the vital energy in the Southeast direction of Mr. Thuc
Level 4 house is 12m wide with worship room
Model house level 4 with 3 tiled roofs with a beautiful worship room in Mr. Thuc’s countryside
300m2 square meter
Photo of a 300m2 garden villa with a modern Thai roof with a darker paint color corresponding to the color of Sinh – Moc Hoa, feng shui age 1964 gradually borders
Model level 4 house with beautiful garden 2021
Model of a 4-level house with a beautiful modern garden in the countryside 150m2 across 15m x 10m Ms. Sinh
Model house level 4 is 10m . across
Model of 4-level garden house with Thai roof with 3 bedrooms and 1 room worshiping Mr. Thuan
Modern 4-level house with 5 bedrooms 180m2
Model of a 4-level house with 5 bedrooms, 1 worshiping room with Thai roof 180m2 width 11m x 17m
Model of a beautiful garden house in the countryside 2021
The latest model of a beautiful 4-bedroom house in a modern suburban area is now drawn for Mr. Noi

Beautiful models of 4-level garden houses with beautiful tiled roofs in the countryside for 2022

Above are the 4 level house type garden villa with large area from 160m2 or more. In case you need to find the design of a beautiful level 4 house in 2022 to build. Both simple and feng shui, my company has 50 other styles. Click below

Beautiful Thai-style house on the ground floor
Image of the facade of a 4-level house with beautiful Thai roof, 3-room architecture in the countryside, 15m across, covered with modern European style, Mr. Dung
Pictures of beautiful level 4 houses 8x20
Picture of the design of a 4-level house with a width of 8m, facing the South, facing the East with white and blue paint according to feng shui par Moc age 1988 – East of Trach Mau Thin built a beautiful house in 2021
Country house level 4 garden villa with 4 bedrooms
Design drawing of Thai roof house 1 floor 4 bedrooms 1 room worshiping Mr. Manh, width 18m, depth 12m, construction area 180m2, style 1 podium 3 indent

This is the design file of a beautiful house Quang Binh built last year, built by Mr. Only detailed drawings and designs are needed. However, from Ha Tinh poured in if necessary, the whole package includes interior design. Architectural Joint Stock Company builds his NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. There is a branch office Dong Ha Quang Tri Hue Da Nang Quang Ngai also built. If you are busy and trust. Happy day!

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